Get Ready To Become A ‘Digital Asset’ Of The Globalists’ Great Reset

by Leo Hohmann

Few are aware of it but the digitalization of the human race is advancing at break-neck speed.

Don’t look now but the world is racing down a path that has been interlaid with landmines of control and surveillance and yet almost no Western politician of any party seems concerned enough to even talk about the impact this will have on personal privacy.

If you’re curious about what the near future holds, listen to technocrats like Bill Gates.

One year ago, in March 2020, as governments were shutting down their economies citing a mysterious virus, Gates did a series of media interviews calling for a globalized “digital certificate” for every human being on the planet.

He said this was the only way to keep up with who has the virus and who has been vaccinated. Note that no vaccine was known to be in the pipeline in March 2020, but Gates talked about the vaccine as if it was just around the corner. He knew.

In a March 18, 2020 “Ask Me Anything” online forum sponsored by Reddit, Gates was asked what changes needed to be made to the way businesses operate to ensure public health without ruining the economy.

Gates’ answer to the problem was digital certificates, which clearly drives once-free Western societies into a “show your papers” scenario that pre-COVID would have been considered a Nazi-like taboo [see screenshot below]:

Gates was also known at the time to be investing in the ID2020 initiative, which seeks to connect people’s vaccine history to their purchasing actions.

Instead of taking Gates seriously back in March 2020, the vast majority of folks blew off his comments as the fantasy of the world’s biggest geek.

I was one of the first last year to suggest that Gates ought to be taken seriously and that his ultimate plan was to “update” every person’s genetic code with the latest version of mRNA virus protection, similar to the way his Microsoft Windows operating system automatically updates your computer.

Gates is not just spewing techno fairy tales. He is a big-time mouthpiece for the techno-medical wing of the New World Order [there are also economic, social and religious wings to the NWO].

I believe Gates gets many of his ideas from less widely known individuals associated with the World Economic Forum [see WEF graphic on digital identity], the same folks pushing for the so-called global Great Reset. Gates also likes to work in partnership with the Rockefeller family foundations.

It was David Rockefeller who in 1973 co-founded with Zbigniew Brzezinski the Trilateral Commission [basically the Deep State], an elitist technocratic organization that promised to promote the creation of a “new international economic order.”

Some of the most prominent thought leaders driving the rapid changes in the global economy today are members of the Trilateral Commission, whose current membership roll includes representatives from central banks in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Multinational corporations, in cooperation with Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government and globalists connected to the United Nations-World Economic Forum, are using the COVID crisis to transform the way money, goods and services trade hands.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They are using the “opportunity,” presented by the pandemic, says WEF director Klaus Schwab, to transform health care, banking, industrial production, energy production and consumption systems, global land-use, even the way we socialize together as human beings.

Schwab has commented that no industry will be exempt from the Great Reset. And the United Nations states in its Agenda 2030 that no person will be “left behind” by this coming global system.

Since no vote was held and none of us were asked if we wanted to sign up for the Great Reset/ Agenda 2030, this begs the question: What will be done with dissidents who refuse to go along with this vision for the world?

The answer lies hidden in the coming cashless system.

These elites have wanted to get rid of cash for a long time. This has been a priority item on their to-do list for more than 60 years.

Cash is simply too difficult to track [despite various attempts] and the technocratic elites are obsessed with tracking, measuring and monitoring everything in real time.

They want to monetize, put a value on, every human life. To achieve this, they need to be able to track with pinpoint accuracy everyone’s spending and consumption habits.

They now believe they have found the solution: Replacing cash with a new digital currency based on blockchain technology.

What will this new digital currency be backed up by? There are several theories, none of which are likely to involve precious metals such as gold or silver.

Some believe the new world currency will be backed by the world’s major land masses and the natural resources beneath that land. This could explain why the Chinese and Bill Gates have been going on a land-buying binge which includes farmland in the United States.

Another theory is that this new global currency will be backed up by human capital, meaning the global workforce.

This would explain why they need to attribute a monetary value to every human being, based on their age, productivity and other contributions to society minus their carbon footprint.

Basically, you become a cog in their globalist wheel, a digital asset of the central banks. Of course the important people will be allowed to use up more carbon and fly around the world on jets, as John Kerry has already informed us, while the masses are relegated to bicycles and public transportation.

With the onset of COVID, whether it was accidentally or purposely released by the Chinese Communist Party, the power elites saw their opportunity and seized it.

Cash as we know it is being phased out, with more than 60 countries testing new cashless digital currencies.

China is taking the lead in this process and wants to become the world’s first cashless nation. The Chinese Communist Party has rolled out a new digital Yuan, and is testing it in several major cities within China.

Unlike bitcoin, which retains the owner’s anonymity and works independent of any governing authority, the digital Yuan will be the world’s first digital money issued by a central bank.

As CBN News reports, the new digital Chinese Yuan will be an international currency, offering a frightening specter of control over Chinese citizens and a “model” for other countries.

David Curry of Open Doors told CBN, “China is building what I think is a blueprint, a road map of persecution for other regimes around the world and they’re doing it with surveillance.”

I believe that’s at least partly why the dollar is being deliberately devalued by the U.S. government, with runaway spending soon to lead to hyper-inflation as the national debt approaches an astonishing $30 trillion.

At some point, individuals may be offered a deal in which their share of the debt, along with perhaps their personal debt, gets eliminated in return for joining the new digital system.

It’s no accident that the world’s most repressive regime is driving the world toward a cashless society.

Think of the possibilities.

You step out of line with the dictates of the state, and the central bank immediately shuts down your access to the digital money necessary to put food on your table. You refuse to vaccinate, and they shut down your account.

You violate Big Tech’s community standards in your social media accounts, and they shut down your account [this is already happening in China where Facebook works with the one-party state to punish dissidents].

Yes, it’s possible for the FBI to freeze your bank account here in America under the current cash-based system, and that is a tactic they are increasingly using against Trump supporters, but you can always fall back on cash in the current economic system.

Under the new system, you will have no such back up. Your entire livelihood will be left to the whim of big government working with Big Tech and Big Pharma.

I predict that over a period of three to five years, the transition to this new cashless system will be complete. It will start off as voluntary, with various incentives offered to join the system. Over time, those incentives will be replaced with punishments, until those using cash are totally locked out of the system, unable to buy or sell or work a job.

You will not be allowed to board planes, enter hotels, stadiums, concert halls and other large venue events, even retail stores, without showing your proof of vaccination, which will be a card or app on your phone tied into the new digital currency at your bank.

Gradually, they will add more information to the card/app, to the point where it will include all your vital information, what drugs you take, your criminal background, if you have one, your driving record, and your social score as provided by Big Tech detailing how many times you’ve run afoul of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube’s “community standards.”

This humongous data bank will be centrally controlled by a commission of some sort, appointed by the government and tagged with an Orwellian name, something like The Commission on Data Security and Privacy.

This beast system will offer the latest in convenience and security using blockchain technology.

I can hear the advertisements now: Are you tired of all the COVID rules and restrictions? Just sign up to get “the pass” and you can go back to enjoying evenings at the pub, ballgames on sunny Saturday afternoons, concerts, cruises, church services, all the benefits of your previous “normal” life!

Unlike the blockchain used for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this blockchain will be centrally controlled and anything but private.

Sadly, very few are yet aware of any of this, and if you told them about it, you would be accused of watching too many sci-fi movies.

The truth is, all of this is quietly progressing under the radar of media attention and public scrutiny. By the time it is rolled out for widespread “voluntary” enrollment, it will be too late to turn back the clock.

This was the plan all along, to use COVID to scare the masses into a whole new type of society, where every individual’s personally identifiable information is tied in with a new digital currency.

Below are just a few of the recent headlines indicating how fast we are headed into this Brave New World.

  • IBM andvaccine-maker Moderna have teamed up to produce a COVID-19 digital health pass called Excelsior Pass, an app designed to “track vaccine administration in real time through its various blockchain, artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud services.”

In a press release, IBM notes the recently unveiled pilot program for a Digital Health Pass in New York, which effectively deputizes private businesses to enforce government-imposed Covid-19 regulations, according to Raul Diego in a March 10, 2021 article for Mint Press News.

The digital pass has already been tested at an NBA game at Barclay’s Center and an NHL game March 2 in Madison Square Garden. Diego notes IBM uses clichéd industry buzzwords like “transparency,” “trust,” and even “privacy,” to promote its health pass, and IBM’s Digital Health Pass marketing literature describes the mass tracking app as a “smart way to return to society” that allows people to “return to the activities and things they love.”

Such apps are rolled out under the guise of being voluntary. But, according to IBM’s Steve LaFleche, the Digital Health Pass and similar mobile health verification apps, like CommonPass, cease to be voluntary once government guidelines and regulations force the private sector to enforce their implementation, as in the case of New York’s reopening rules for stadiums, theaters and other venues, Diego writes.

  • Amazon introduced its Amazon One digital palm reader, a biometric device that allows customers to pay at Amazon Go stores using their palm.

The company announced in February the device is being rolled out to additional Amazon stores in Seattle — an expansion that will make the system available across eight Amazon brick-and-mortar retail stores, including Amazon Go convenience stores, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star stores, reports TechCrunch. The device creates a unique palm print for each customer.

  • Israel became the first nation to roll out a digital health pass, called the Green Pass, requiring every Israeli to show their proof of vaccination before they can enter shops, libraries, events and almost any public venue or business.

Israel also recently became the first nation to have a majority of its population injected with the experimental gene therapy known as the mRNA “vaccine.”

  • Los Angeles schools, in partnership with Microsoftand Anthem Health [an affiliate of Blue Cross Blue Shield], has issued the Daily Pass QR Health Portal to track the movement of every student in the system.
  • The European Commission announced plans to introduce a joint vaccination passportto “facilitate free movement inside the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As humanity wakes up to the real agenda behind the Great Reset, there will be pushback. In fact, that pushback is already starting. Lawsuits are being prepared at both the local and international level, as we have reported on this site.

How To Prepare For Life In The Coming Control Grid

Below are my recommendations, all derived with an eye toward becoming self-sustaining. We may have two to three years, max, to figure this out, so now is the time to prepare for when the cashless surveillance society comes into full bloom:

  • Deactivate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts and don’t use Google as your search engine.

The exception might be if you are a content producer with a large reach, then you might wish to stay on these platforms as long as possible, so you can share the truth with others.

But we are quickly approaching the point where no truth of any significance will be allowed on these platforms, and there are alternatives such as Gab, Parler, MindsMeWe, BitChute and Rumble.

  • Learn how to grow your own food, get a few chickens for eggs and possibly meat [the WEF has already said meat under the Great Reset will be a luxury].

Start this spring with the garden and by next year or the year after you will have figured out what grows well in your area and how to grow it. You can also get information on this from your local agricultural extension agent or a neighbor who is already into gardening.

  • Get to know your neighbors. Find out which ones are trustworthy. Work out arrangements to share resources based on each other’s God-given talents.
  • Join a food co-op in your community. It’s not only a way to find low-cost fruits and veggies, it’s also a way to connect with like-minded people in your area.
  • Most important of all, get right with God.


COVID: If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine?

by Jon Rappoport

Answer: They can’t.

“But…but, you see, we take a piece of RNA, and we inject it into the person, and the RNA forces the cells to manufacture a protein that’s very similar to a protein in SARS-CoV-2…and then the immune system swings into gear and produces antibodies to THAT protein, and THEN the person has achieved immunity from the virus…”

Sorry, no dice.

As I’ve been demonstrating for months now, there is no proof that SARS-CoV-2 exists [1] [2]. Therefore, “the piece of RNA” that’s injected can’t be assumed to be related to “the virus.”

Therefore, the protein which the cells produce in the body is merely CLAIMED to be similar to a protein in the unproven “SARS-CoV-2.”

There is no KNOWLEDGE here.

That piece of RNA which is injected into the body—why should we assume it has anything to do with a virus called SARS-CoV-2, when no one has an isolated specimen of this “SARS-CoV-2?”

We shouldn’t assume.

Therefore, everything that happens, inside the body, after the injection, is up for grabs. What is the immune system reacting to?

Why bother, in the first place, to make a vaccine against a virus when you don’t have the virus?

There are several ways to attack this absurdity, and they all come down to the same bottom line: no provable virus, forget the vaccine.

I keep coming up with analogies to explain the insanity of the COVID virologists—

“Three trains collided last night outside Chicago. Investigators who turned up at the scene this morning failed to find a shred of wreckage. But they insist the collision occurred, resulting in a vast explosion. The public is warned to stay away from the cordoned-off zone.”

That fanciful illustrations is LESS extreme than: “We’ve just released a vaccine for a virus that we never discovered.”

As I’ve explained in other articles and interviews, “discovering” the genetic sequence, the structure of the purported SARS-CoV-2, involves all sorts of conjecture [3] [4]. Researchers aren’t looking through some sort of cosmic microscope at rows of genes lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot.

Researchers assume—on the basis of zero evidence—that certain older reference genetic sequences in libraries are contained in “the new virus.” They use a computer program to scavenge those sequences and build out the ASSUMED structure of “the new virus” and automatically smooth out any wrinkles or gaps.

This would be on the order of fabricating a hologram of a gun that the police will claim is the actual gun used in the commission of a crime.

“Yes, Your Honor, this image you see floating in mid-air IS the weapon Mr. Jones used when he held up the bank last month. It is not a ‘representation,’ as the defense counsel would have you believe. We’re talking about cutting-edge science. We have experts who will testify under oath…”

Judge: “In other words, sir, you’re telling this court that, if the bank teller had some sort of ‘anti-hologram’ program on his computer, he could have prevented the crime with a few clicks of his mouse. Very interesting. Let me ask you, which drugs are you on?”

Prosecutor: “None, Your Honor. Actually, such anti-hologram programs exist. In the area of COVID virology, they’re called vaccines, and they protect people against SARS-CoV-2…”

Above the entrances to virology institutes, they should inscribe: ALICE IN WONDERLA

we can see in this video what the Dr. Cowan says about it.






Jesus has told us

Jesus said: I want you to be the “Crystal Cup” of the Ascension consciousness of the Ascended Masters for life, so others can only obtain for themselves the feeling of security about Ascension, accept it and do a conscious effort to achieve it.

That is what I came to Earth to do. I gave the example of loving the world for the fulfillment of that Divine Plan. As I said to those who were with me in my ministry when I was about to leave, I said, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” I repeat those words tonight, if you love me, you will love each other as I have loved you; and I will pour My Love and that of the other Ascended Beings into all lives on earth, until the light becomes so bright that it dissolves all human shadow and the records of destruction until life in this universe does not retain memory and no record of humanity’s disobedience to the Divine Plan. Then the light that enters will simply dissolve everything different from itself; and his love and his happiness and perfection will take care of all beings and all things, and they will expand to bless the entire Universe of power of such magnitude that all are one with him, and his Freedom and Victory and Joy is complete

Powerful decree to do every day:”I AM” THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE! “I AM” THE ASCENSION IN THE LIGHT! I command it for all humanity with the Universal Power of Christ of his Invincible Power of Love!

¡Victory of The Light!



The desire for freedom is one of the strongest inner needs of a person. In achieving freedom, people see the chance to ensure a safe independent existence as an opportunity to build their life in comfort and happiness. The concept of “freedom” can be found in different historical epochs. It occupied the minds of many historical thinkers and was used by religious and political figures in their appeals to people. People still use it and manipulate by its means in everyday life, starting with the individual understanding of this word and up to the scale of states and society as a whole.

There are many declarations and conventions on human rights, individual freedom, as well as slogans and manifestos calling for this great goal. However, over the past 6,000 years, despite the variety of applications of this term, not a single promise of freedom for the whole society and each person in it has actually been implemented in practice.

History abounds with examples when bloody wars and revolutions began under the great slogan of “freedom”, and illegal invasion of the territories of other states took place. Numerous political conflicts were justified in this way, and anti-human actions aimed at enriching some at the expense of others were excused. Under the external pretext of good intentions, violent interference in the lives of civilians took place, threatening not only their peaceful existence but also their safety and preservation of life. The reason for this is the consumerist format of public relations.

The very desire of a person for freedom is noble and absolutely natural. But in our global society, which lives in the consumerist format of relationships, the concept of “freedom” is stained with deception, lies, and manipulation in the sordid achievement of selfish goals of individuals with the aim of their total control over the masses. Speculating on people’s noble inner need, the inhuman game in pursuit of power over them has been going on for 6,000 years already.

The laws of consumer society remain the same at all times of its existence. Let us recall the historical examples of the times of the slave-holding system. In Ancient Mesopotamia, people sold themselves into slavery due to the inability to pay off debts to their kings. From the period of the Third Dynasty of Ur, free citizens became slaves because of debts or hunger; impoverished parents were forced to sell their children. In the 1st millennium BC, there existed temple slavery in Babylonia. Among the slaves were prisoners of war, given or bequeathed to the temple, as well as free people: tramps, and children of poor parents, given to temples to be saved from starvation.

The Laws of Hammurabi are a vivid example of that time. These laws legally formalized the existence of a slave-holding system. According to the Code of Hammurabi, not only prisoners of war, but also free people could become slaves. The Code was aimed at protecting slave owners from willful slaves. Only a tiny percentage of laws gave slaves a formal opportunity to gain freedom. The procedure for challenging their slave position took place in court, but should they lose, the consequences for the slave were far from encouraging. According to the laws of the Code, the average price for a slave was 150-250 grams of silver; the same amount was paid for a hired bull.

There are many similar examples in the history of the slave-holding system. In Ancient Judea and in Ancient Egypt, a free human being became a slave as a result of inability to pay off his debts. Slavery was a natural result of poverty. Peasants sold themselves into slavery due to the need for food and shelter, as the life of slaves was valued higher than life of peasants, and was therefore often better.

In other words, extremely unbearable conditions were created for ordinary people, who had no choice but to sell themselves and their family into slavery. The population was left on their own without means for further subsistence. In a selfish society of consumption and profiteering, free existence of a human is devalued as unnecessary and unfavorable for masters. By ceasing to be dependent on his master, a person was losing his commodity value as a slave and gained freedom only technically.

The same happened during the times of indentured slavery, when the label “slave” was replaced with “hired worker”. The value of a hired employee’s life for an owner was often even lower than the life of a slave, as the employee was able to leave. But again, the social conditions for human existence of that time did not give him any guarantees of providing for his vital needs. Accordingly, he could choose either working for and being dependent on his employer, or poverty, hunger, and even death.

If we compare the life of slaves in the past centuries with the modern life of an ordinary human, we can see the same exploitation, poverty, need, oppression, chronic shortage of funds for meeting basic needs, and a constant race for survival. Debt obligations, an actual lack of the right to choose, constant restrictions, high taxes, and at the same time hard work and meager wages — these factors are seen everywhere in modern “free civilized society” for the majority of its population. Equal rights in society often exist only on paper. Freedom that every person vitally needs — something that should actually be one of the main pillars of society, in the consumerist format of relationships is nothing but a skillful tool for lucrative manipulation of the masses by a few individuals.

Despite the altered appearance and loud slogans with the words “democracy”, “freedom” and “independence”, slavery is still maintained today just as it was back in the days of the slave-holding system, only in a camouflaged form. At all times, democracy was presented as a society of free individuals with self-governance by the people, but in actual fact, the reality does not correspond to the pretty label.

The concept of “democracy” originates in Ancient Greece. In the democratic Polis of Athens, the supreme governing body was the so-called “Assembly of citizens”. At that, the ancient Greek society was strictly divided, including on the basis of gender. It had a hierarchical ladder of power. The demos consisted of free male citizens who had civil rights. They were a minority compared to others. The rest of the population was considered inferior. In the understanding of full-fledged male Hellenes, women were creatures of a lower class. Slaves were not regarded as human beings. The privileged part of society gave loans with the debtor himself or land as collateral. The development of commodity and money relations resulted in the emergence of people enslaved for debts. The political democratic system of the ancient state actually corresponded to the slave-holding system with a new pretty label.

State laws of many modern democracies are not just designed to favor the interests of the minority and serve to improve their prosperity, but are also arranged in a way that prevents the majority of the population from correcting and amending these laws. An ordinary citizen has no opportunity to take part in the formation of society and, thus, influence the improvement of his own prosperity and of society as a whole; he cannot repeal laws that are detrimental to people’ lives, safety, and health. Citizens of many countries remain brutally oppressed by high taxes and debt obligations; they have no time to participate in life of the state. Social order in the modern world is established by vigorous expression of the will of just a few individuals and inactivity of the majority of the population. Such a position of silence becomes tacit support of domination of some over others along with delegating them power.

Yet, where is our responsibility? Where is the participation of the entire society for the public benefit, and not just for the benefit of those few individuals? Where is the active position and personal responsibility of each person? Is it not us who will live in the society that we form? However, we are forming it not only by action, but also by inaction. Isn’t this inaction a tacit transfer of responsibility, and thus, a transfer of our rights and freedoms? Where is everyone’s participation? And what should it consist in? What is our alternative of getting out of the dead-end of the consumerist format of relationships?

Since freedom, equal rights and opportunities for each person are excluded in the consumerist format of relationships a priori, then it is necessary to change the very format of human relationships. To date, the only alternative for building a free and fair society peacefully for each of its citizens is building a Creative Society.

The consumerist format of relationships means inevitable division and degradation of society in its limitless consumption with its unavoidable end. The creative format of relationships is a society of unity, freedom, peace, equal rights, and vast opportunities for everyone along with evolution of humanity to an Ideal Society, a society of everyone’s dreams. A Creative society is the only way that can bring humanity out of the dead-end of consumerism and self-destruction.

The pillars of the Creative Society are the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society.

Since in this article we touch upon such a sore topic as freedom and Human rights, it is appropriate to quote the second foundation of the Creative Society — Human Freedom.

The second foundation of the Creative Society:

The Human Freedom

Every human is born with the right to be a Human being. All People are born free and equal. Everyone has the right to choose. There can be no one and nothing on Earth superior to a Human, his freedom and rights. The implementation of Human rights and freedoms must not violate the rights and freedoms of others.

The second foundation, along with the other foundations, reveals to us the entire necessary understanding of the main pillars and guidelines of a free society and the existence of a free human being in it. Slavery, coercion, oppression, humiliation, and limitation of any person have no place in the Creative Society. The life of every Human being acquires the necessary highest value as of a free and equal individual with his rights guaranteed. The value of an individual as a consumerist commodity of a slave or a thing, that has been imposed for centuries, is removed.

Every person in the Creative Society is guaranteed to gain freedom and a lot of opportunities. Nowadays, to survive, many people have to step on other people’s toes. And even if one succeeds in raising a little capital, no one has a guarantee that tomorrow he will not lose it and all his years of work will not fade into oblivion, and he will be left with nothing. This will not be the case in the Creative Society. Every person has the right at birth to have their basic needs, housing, food, high-quality medicine, and necessary education provided for. Everyone’s rights and freedoms are preserved and valued by society. If desired, everyone can take part in the governing of society, having the absolute right to do so on an equal footing with everyone else, taking on personal responsibility towards all people. All members of society will be able to take part in the formation of public laws, in their amendment or abolition.

In the age of scientific and technological progress, when such a technology as the Internet appeared, which can bring together many people from all over the world, accomplishing all of the above mentioned is absolutely realistic. The World Wide Web allows us to create the necessary conditions for making joint decisions by the whole society, informing the entire humanity, and if necessary, contributes to the rapid consolidation of people around the world.

People need freedom! It is an essential factor for their normal existence and their healthy development. The freedom and equality in society open up opportunities for internal discovery of the best qualities of every human being, for individual personal growth, and for creation for the benefit of that very society. This creates an impetus for the necessary evolutionary development of society. Only the creative vector of events development will finally allow everyone, whose oxygen supply has been interrupted by the consumerist system, taking them off the rails of balance and stability, to take a deep breath and feel solid ground under their feet.

You will say it is impossible to create such a society, right? Isn’t this opinion imposed on your thinking by those who do not benefit from your freedom? Isn’t this restriction an actual lever of controlling us? Two terrible things have been done to humankind: they have separated our united family because it is easier to manage us this way, and they have imposed slave psychology on the masses. But our strength is in unity, and it is in freedom! If people choose the Creative Society in deeds and not in words, nothing and no one can take away their freedom; their rights will never be trampled again!

Inside, everyone understands that creating such a society is possible, realistic and vitally important. Everyone dreams of such a free and beautiful life! In the Creative Society, freedom and equality will be the actual reality of all people. This will inevitably lead to evolution, thus creating necessary conditions for attaining an Ideal Society. Only consolidation of all people around one creative goal will make everyone’s dream of a happy and peaceful life real and achievable. A Creative Society is a free society with equal opportunities for all; it provides the real right of choice and guarantees a free and safe life for all of us.

In fact, building a Creative Society is absolutely simple if everyone who understands this vital necessity takes an active part in the implementation of this global initiative of all people.

We can do it together by creating, uniting and consolidating! People just need to stop shifting responsibility for their own destiny and the destiny of all humanity, to take the situation into their own hands, to stop listening to empty promises and to unite with like-minded caring people in creative positive peaceful actions already now. We are all born equal! It is in everyone’s power to make the maximum effort to restore true freedom to ourselves and to all humanity by building a new format of relationships. We are all one society, one humanity, and one family. Today, we have a real chance to revive in equality and brotherhood a universal human family which was once lost. Finding ourselves, as humankind, before the choice between life and death, the answer is obvious: everyone wants to live!

There is no life without freedom, there is no freedom without equality, and there is no equality without a Creative Society where every Human being is valuable! True equality, freedom, and individual fulfillment are possible only in a Creative Society. This is the only way for all of us.

A Creative Society is the only way for you, your friends and family and all of humanity to survive, to get rid of the burden of slavery and gain the long-awaited freedom. The choice is yours!

See this Video with the principal information from Allatra.





BLESSED people of America! the Consti­tution of these United States is the in­strument in the outer world by which the “Mighty I AM Presence” guards you, your families, your homes and your liberty. It is the Guardian Presence for our beloved United States and that is the same to you, as the house in which you live.

I plead with you to use everything in your Life and your world to defend the Constitution of the United States—to the utmost—against all at­tacks and changes, for as surely as you live, there would be no peace, protection, supply or happi­ness for you and yours, unless that Constitution remains as the Plan and Power for governing those who live within the borders of the United States.

Our Constitution is perfect enough and power­ful enough to govern the people of the United States and the whole earth forever, if government officials and the people themselves will obey the principles contained within It. The finest array of principles in the Universe compiled into any document will not produce Perfection, if no one obeys them. The trouble is not with the principles nor the document, but with the intent in the hearts of individuals to give obedience to them, and thus be blest by them.

Where there is the will to obey the Constructive Law of Life, Perfection is always experienced and the DESIRE to obey the Constitution must be generated and aroused within the hearts of the people themselves. Remember! the operating of a government is but the reflection of men’s minds and, the obedience or disobedience to Law, is the reflection of men’s feelings. When the people themselves demand that government officials obey the principles in the Constitution, only those who will obey, will be placed in positions of authority and to run the machinery of the government.

Viciousness, selfishness, dishonesty and violence will destroy themselves, if the people will insist on obedience to the principles in the Constitution and give that obedience also, in their own indi­vidual activities.

Our Constitution was designed to cover all pos­sible changes in the advance of civilization and will never be out of date. Its principles are eternal enough to govern all mankind forever, if individuals and government officials will give obedience to those principles.

There is nothing wrong with the Constitution. The trouble lies in the feelings and the lack of willingness in the individuals themselves to abide by the principles, which are recorded within the Constitution, that order may be maintained in all outer activities.

It is a Divine Instrument and a marvel of Wis­dom.—great enough to fulfill the needs of our people up to this time—and the means by which we have attained our present successful achieve­ment; for national distress has only come in our country when those principles in the Constitution have been disregarded. Distress will remain, until they are obeyed—by both government of­ficials and every individual—in his own private as well as public activities.

The Constitution will take us on forever, no matter how great our activities become, if the people will accept It and see that Its mandates are fulfilled.

As surely as you breathe, Life for human beings born in the United States, will contain no happi­ness, if they are compelled to live under a dicta­torship or autocracy—no matter whether that arrangement be openly acknowledged or subtly disguised.

The Constitution of the United States is a SUN OF LIGHT AND FREEDOM to all mankind, and was established through terrific struggle, suffer­ing and sacrifice, that we of to-day might enjoy the blessings of this country in peace. The people of the whole world, who really want the Con­structive Way of Life, love and admire the Constitution of the United States and we, who are the beneficiaries of Its Light and Protection, should surely value It most.

Therefore, it becomes the sacred obligation of every individual who wants security, peace and the blessings of Life to defend It with all he is and has, even with his Life, if need be, for existence without It would be worse than death, under the regime of anything else but that Constitution. It is the wonder and admiration of the whole earth, and the People of the United States—from the cradle up—should be taught to appreciate and value the blessings which It secures to indivi­duals, privileged to live in this Glorious Country of God.

The hour is at hand, when those who want the Constructive Way of Life must stand together as a Solid Wall of Light, to defend our Constitution of the United States with all we have. We, who live in America are to-day the beneficiaries of that, which the early patriots and pioneers gave their Lives to preserve for us. It is now our duty to preserve for our children, the priceless Gifts of Freedom and Happiness which others won for us.

There are plenty of people in America who know this, as we do, and who see clearly enough to know, that we must now give our all to pro­ject America for posterity.

Therefore, let everyone feel the necessity to guard our Constitution and have the same loyalty for America as he does for his own home and body. We ask everyone in America to arouse the people’s attention to the need of standing for our Consti­tution with determination to protect It—at all costs—and the “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” and Great Host of Ascended Masters will give help without limit and release the Invincible Power of the Legions of Light, to give us the pro­tection required.

Everything good mankind experiences in phy­sical Life comes from and depends upon the Great Light of the Universe! Out of That Light comes all that is GOOD! Out of That Light came the Constitution of the United States. If the people will look to the LIGHTcall to the LIGHTlove the LIGHTdemand the LIGHTserve the LIGHT—and bless the LIGHT—miracles un­believable will be the experience and blessing of all mankind.

The Great Ascended Masters have said that: “If it be necessary for the protection of America, the Jewel in the Heart of God, then That Light, as of a thousand SUNS, will descend into the earth and consume all selfishness from the planet; but the people themselves must reach up and make the call for THAT LIGHT.”

We decree that the LIGHT OF THE “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” and the GREAT HOST OF ASCENDED MASTERS shall bless and preserve the Constitution of these United States and we clothe It and all in America with the LIMITLESS SHADOWLESS LIGHT OF THAT “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”—FOREVER.

America! we love you. America! we love you. America! we love you. America we love you and hold you forever in THAT GREAT LIGHT.

America! we love and bless you! Your Light shall blaze forth and cover the earth with Its Dazzling Radiance and release Its Eternal Per­fection everywhere. Forever and forever we love you Our Blessed America.

Victory of the Light!

We can help the Forces of Light to protect us doing this Visualization:

Will you visualize again today everything in that intense Violet Flame—the substance of the building, the atmosphere of the room, your own bodies, everything in your being and world blazing with the Power of the Violet Flame, the Unfed Flame from the floor to the ceiling, the building held within that great Pillar of Violet Flame from the Heart of the Earth to the Great Central Sun. And also pour into that that intense Action of the Blue Flame.

We ask all those Great Beings and Powers of Light to charge and charge and charge that today with the full Cosmic Action of the Ascended Masters’ most Dynamic Concentration of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun, and blaze It everywhere throughout America and the world until It has consumed every destructive force of Earth. See that great Pillar of Violet Flame expand until It includes the entire western half of the Three Americas, and may the full Power released through that still forever all that wants destroy the Americas.

 See the three Hearts of Violet Flame over the Three Americas, the Wall of Steely White Light surrounding Them and forming the Dome-like Covering in the atmosphere above; the Wall of Blue Flame for a thousand miles in every direction, encircling the Three Americas and their possessions, charged by the Mighty Surya as that impassible Wall against which all destructive forces dash in vain and are driven back into their own center and their own cause to annihilate its cause and effect from the Universe forever.

 K-17, charge into that your Ring-Pass-Not of the Blue Flame through the Three Americas, that they may never know connection with any destructive force for any reason whatsoever. See the waters and over the landed surface of Earth become great Blazing Violet Flame also; and as the Cosmic Light descends to meet that, see It drive into all war conditions of the world that great Whirling Pillar of Blue Flame from the Central Sun that goes in and eats out every activity of war like a mighty suction, drawing it all up into that Blue Flame and freeing the Earth forever from all war—all substance that injures or destroys mankind— removes the rest of the discarnate entities, their claws and emissaries, * the rest of the discordantly qualified substance in the atmosphere of Earth, the claws and emissaries of all the black magicians, all war lords, all dictators, all spies, all strike agitators, all wholly destructive individuals, drawing them into that Great Whirling Pillar of Blue Flame and releasing the Earth from the tentacles of their creation this very instant. And make all the Powers of the Central Sun needed to do that go forth this instant and fulfill our Calls even as we speak.

 Great Divine Director! Command this into action. Set aside the action of time and space and forever release everything that is required to produce this manifestation and charge the whole world with Your Ascended Master Feeling of Its Mighty, Physical Manifestation. 

 Note: Since the end of 1939, all discarnate have been taken out of the United States of America, the three Americas and Switzerland. If the Students from other nations will make the Call for the Ascended Host to take the discarnate out of the nation from which they come, the Ascended Masters will begin their removal from the Earth.

Victory of The Light!




The lessons of 2020 just keep rolling in. Everything is being challenged, and so much that had been in the shadows forever is being illuminated by truth. Our system is totally unsustainable. It’s collapsing under the weight of its own hubris, and all of the things we thought brought us security and convenience are turning against us. It’s time to rethink all of it.

My sense is that we have drifted far from the true nature of life, and have grown dangerously out of balance, divided, and fragmented. Over time we have lost our ability to perceive life in its wholeness, and now, in the actual reality of living in a masked, socially distanced, self-isolating world of almost 8 billion people, this truth is unavoidably right in front of our faces.

Humans aren’t as mysterious as we’d like to believe. We’re creatures of habit, predictability and pattern, and we love to follow programs. By carefully observing the patterns in life, the sages and wisdom keepers of generations long gone were able to envision our current predicament.

I came across a passage from Lao Tzu’s the Hua Hu Ching, in which the venerable Lao Tzu seems to speak directly to us today in this time of great crisis. In an oration with a student, Lao Tzu explains how the human mind of the future will deteriorate into fragmentation, specifically noting that the intellectual element of the mind will take over.

“Kind prince, there is great power in an integrated and sincere mind. By keeping their minds whole and untouched, the ancient sages evolved profound mental and spiritual abilities. They understood that intellectual development by itself fragments the mind and can lead a person far from the true nature of life. In the future, humanity will overemphasize the intellectual element of the mind. Instead of recognizing the wholeness of life, people will perceive life as having a worldly aspect and a spiritual aspect that are separate and unrelated to each other. People will also lose themselves in isolated fragments of conceptual information and become the victims rather than the masters of their knowledge.” ~The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching, translated by Master Hua-Ching Ni

This sounds remarkably similar to the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor which sees the people of North America becoming dominated by the masculine, logical, intellectual mind, as represented by the eagle. The remedy for this is a reunification with the condor of South America, which represents the feminine, intuitive and empathetic qualities of the mind.

Lao Tzu goes on to comment on how we, ‘the people of the future,’ can rectify this situation, noting that we will become dependent on modern ideas which don’t serve us well, while shunning holistic knowledge which may be of great benefit to the times. He offers the following insight.

“The remedy for people of the future age of great confusion lies in the ancient knowledge of the integral way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. The holistic way of life, practiced by the ancient sages incorporated body, mind and spirit as a whole in all activities. Their clothing, diet and dwellings were in accordance with nature. They relied on their limbs for transportation. Their education was broad and comprehensive; it did not emphasize one element of their being while neglecting the others. They did not seek out special activities for recreation; their work and recreation were one and the same.

Their forms of exercise developed not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well, through the harmonization of internal energies. Their music functioned as a bridge between mind and spirit and was not just an emotional release. Their leaders were chosen because they were outstanding models of virtue, not for their financial or military capabilities. Philosophy, science and spiritual practice were incorporated as one whole.” ~The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching, translated by Master Hua-Ching Ni

Life is whole. We don’t live forever, we die. In horrible, tragic, sad, frightening and lonely ways. But we also live, and our disrupted connection from the nature of life is literally physically cutting us off from experiencing life. In this state, all we can see is the end, there is no longer a capacity to see life as a journey. The intellectual mind has framed life as something that must be protected by killing it.

In the passage from the Hua Hu Ching, the student asks Lao Tzu the very question that is on all of our minds today.

The prince replied, “Venerable Teacher, how can people in the future era of confusion deal with their greatly troubled times?

“Kind prince, the people of the future should not blindly accept the new nor reject the old. Things that were developed long ago may still have great value if they have been proven safe and effective by the test of time. The new inventions that appear may seem like shortcuts, but things of temporal convenience will bring hidden troubles later. Future generations will need to evaluate all old and new discoveries and inventions to insure that they are useful and healthy, according to the standards of a holistic way of life.”  ~ The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching, translated by Master Hua-Ching N

I interpret this as a call to rethink the way in which technology and centralized control are affecting our lives. Things that seem like good ideas always end up being used to enslave or control us, and at present, there is no pathway to review or to backtrack on any of the so-called great inventions of the time. It’s all coming at us at light speed, and the more complex the physical world becomes, the more confused and disconnected the inner world becomes.

**In a recent conversation on my podcast, I talked with film producer Sharron Rose about the practice of Qi Gong and her work with contemporary masters. Enjoy!**



Our Cosmic Brothers Words


BELOVED Ones of Light, from the Cosmic Heights of Cosmic Love, that Infinite Sustaining Power of the Universe, I come to answer your heart’s call; and to release whatever Assistance is required; to enable you to go forth and in the Great Use of the Power of the Sacred Fire, draw into outer manifestation that thru which We can work; or rather pour forth Our Out-pouring, pour forth Our Love and give Assistance, everywhere in the outer world to which you direct your attention.

I wish to think of this Outpouring as a Wide Open Door thru which tomes My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, that Power from the Great Central Sun, which is the Great Cause for Cosmic Manifestation throughout the Universe. The Cosmic Love to which I refer, is the Hub of the Universe, and in the Action of Its Flame, there flows the Mighty Out-pouring of Supply, of Substance, of Energy, of everything you require to fulfill the Divine Plan every moment of your existence.

In My Activity with the Great Lord Maitreya and the Mighty Orion, it is a Three-fold Action of the Cosmic Powers of Divine Love; that Cosmic Love to which Jesus referred. Orion and Myself in that Cosmic Love which We pour forth, both use an Intense Action of the Blue Ray. It is Cosmic Love and Cosmic Power to produce what you will in outer manifestation.

The Lord Maitreya, known as the Great Initiator, is the Out-pouring of that Divine Love, that Great Cosmic Love, which clothes any individual who is rendering service to a great many of mankind in a world-wide activity in Its Cosmic Flame. My Out-pouring of that same Cosmic Love, is from the standpoint of Cosmic  Supply, which also is part of the Cosmic Initiations thru which those must pass, who are to render service to the mass of mankind.

I do not wish to get your attention fixed upon initiations or anything of the kind, but I use that term with reference to the passing of a Great Cycle of Assistance, and the Great Out-pouring which affects the mass of mankind during that Cycle. Orion’s Activity of this Cosmic Love is rather that of Power–the Power of Cosmic Love from the standpoint of both Its Pressure and Its Protection.

In these things which you are planning to bring forth, you need Our Three-fold Action of Cosmic Love. You don’t quite realize it yet, but to bring forth these Magnificent Temples, Schools, Homes and outer activities is a creative service to the Incoming Cycle. You are providing thru them, the patterns of Beauty and Perfection which are to be followed for many centuries to come. You are laying the ground work, and producing as it were, the first model upon which the rest of mankind will build their activities of the future.

If you are to bring those models forth in their Perfection of the Divine Plan fulfilled, everything in, thru and around them, must be the Focus of Our Cosmic Love and Cosmic Light which produces Perfection. Cosmic Purity and Cosmic Peace are the Foundation upon which they rest. Cosmic Protection and Cosmic Power are the necessary Flames and Qualities which must be focused in, thru and around them, to maintain the Perfection of which they are a Cup; and to sustain and expand that, until the time when they become Self-luminous and imperishable; therefore, to last throughout the centuries.

I come to strengthen within and around each one of you, the qualities of Cosmic Love and Light and Purity. In doing that, it will enable you to have more supply in the outer world; to hold protection about it; and to  see that it is only used to fulfill the Divine Plan; and you all know that the Divine Plan never contains a single discord–It could not!

As your hearts have wanted to bring forth these manifestations to render this Mighty Service of healing, illumination and the freeing Activities of Life, then there must come both Cosmic Protection, greater Cosmic Strength and Obedience to the Divine Law; so that you are not under the strain and the struggle under which you have been in the past. We trust, with Harmony maintained, to release you from a great deal of struggle; so that when the flow of supply comes into your hands and use, you will know instantly the Divine Plan and go forth to fulfill It, with Great Joy and at the same time great protection.

In accomplishing an Activity of this sort which affects an entire Nation, the Great Cosmic Law does not just flood to an individual all of a sudden, oceans of wealth. That is not the Action of the Cosmic Law! The Action of the Cosmic Law is to keep the attention upon the Presence and the Ascended Masters, to keep the vehicle pure, the protection charged about you and the attention upon the Heart of the Presence and the Ascended Ones; calling forth the Divine Plan fulfilled; and each step of the way, calling forth the Lavish Supply Life wants to give you, in order to accomplish each thing as the time of its manifestation approaches. In that way, you do not call forth great quantities of wealth and supply, which you would have to guard in the outer world, until the time came for you to use it. There will always be an abundance of supply ahead in time for your use, but not great quantities of it, before you even start into outer action.

In that way, you will not draw upon yourselves the attention, the opinions of the outer world and their curiosity, as to what you are doing and where you are getting your supply to produce these manifestations. As  you go along and build day by day, thru your calls to your Presence, to the Ascended Host and to the Cosmic Beings, you build these manifestations and each day’s Divine Plan is fulfilled. You will be able to look back–Oh, a few years later, and realize how very wise the Great Divine Plan of Life is; and how limitless is the Out-pouring of every good thing into your hands and use, when you begin to concentrate the Power of Cosmic Love thru and around your bodies.

Now, that has nothing whatever to do with personal attachment. This Cosmic Love to which I refer, is the Power of the Sacred Fire that the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings use at the Great Cosmic Levels of Creation, to produce manifestations which you would call miraculous. Those Manifestations for which you are calling in the way of these Temples and so on, will be almost miraculous in the speed with which they will come forth; but you must draw the Great Focus of that Cosmic Love and Light and the Power of Protection to a certain point, before you go into action on the physical buildings.

It is the gathering of this Cosmic Love and acknowledgment of the Sacred Fire in, thru and around you, that keeps swept out the human qualities which would prevent your receiving the Divine Plan clearly and knowing each step–the Divine Way to bring these things thru. You might accomplish a certain amount thru just physical persistency and human will power; or the outer use of that power and pressure of force, but you would find those things are not sustained and they would always contain some discordant reaction!

Now just as Saint Germain was responsible for the bringing forth of the steam-boat, the railroads and much of your airplane activities to bless America; just as He stood back of that whole accomplishment and kept pouring to the individuals in the physical world His  Assistance thru many, or those who would co-operate, until He brought forth the outer action of those means of transportation; just as He stood back of those individuals and activities, until the outer manifestation was complete, so do We and He also, stand back of- you and those who will harmonize with you, to bring forth these Magnificent “I AM” Miracle Music Temples; the “I AM” Temples of Healing, the “I AM” Temples of Light, the “I AM” Temples to the Sacred Fire; the “I AM” Temples of art; and any particular Great Out-pouring and Manifestation that is to bless and beautify mankind and this world.

Since these things which you are desiring to bring into manifestation are the Perfection of Life and are the Divine Plan fulfilled, then all you want to bring forth, can and should be made imperishable and Self-luminous! Therefore, all must be clothed in Our Cosmic Love and Cosmic Light, Our Cosmic Purity and Cosmic Peace and Our Cosmic Protection. With Our Out-pouring the sinister force will have nothing to do. That is why, if your motives are wholly unselfish and you live for This Blessing to come forth to all in your Nation or the whole of mankind; if that is your only objective in existence, and you give Our Love, Blessing and Kindness to those around you, then you shall succeed; and that is why I have come to anchor a Cosmic Power of Supply and Our Cosmic Love which is Our Automatic Invincible Protection as well.

The Lords of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun, Who assist Me, can and will focus that Great Cosmic Action of the Sacred Fire in, thru and around everything you do; if you will call for Their Cosmic Love to take up Its Abode in and around you. If you will ask It to abide within and around you, that only the Divine Plan shall be fulfilled each moment. Then shall you see your accomplishment move forward in greater speed and irresistible Power.

       The Great Lord Maitreya before Jesus started on His Ministry gave His Blessing to the Beloved Master Jesus. He clothed Him in the Cosmic Flame of that Cosmic Love to which I referred and Our Cosmic Protection, in order to hold that about Him until His Work was completed. That has been done with every Great Being, or every unascended being rather, who went forth to render great service to the mass of mankind.

Every one, who has carried the Light in powerful ways to the outer world, before that one started on a world-wide mission, has stood within the Flame from the Heart of the Mighty Lord Maitreya and received His Love, His Blessing and His Protection, until the Divine Plan was fulfilled. Now, since your activity is concerned with that same Mighty Out-pouring to the mass of the people, so will the Lord Maitreya pour the Cosmic Flame of Love, Blessing and Protection from His Heart; but I come into the activity of your manifestations, to bring you the Power of both the Supply and Protection of Cosmic Love. Mighty Orion offers you the Cosmic Love in Its Three-fold Action–in the Power of the Three times Three within the Blue Ray. That is, as it were, a Cosmic Pressure of His Love around you.

You may or may. not comprehend all of this as I speak these words, but if you will really call to Me, if you really want to know the full Meaning of these Inner Activities of Cosmic Love, thru your attention to all three of Us from time to time, ask Us to Open Our Hearts and give you the Understanding which is within Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love. The Understanding within the Heart is a Feeling and an Anchorage of Substance and Flame within your atomic structure, within both the brain and the mental and feeling world, which stands there as an illumination to every idea that comes forth.

I think you have never quite understood what it  meant to call forth the Cosmic Power of Cosmic Love to illumine your minds. It is this energy from within the Flame in the heart, whether it be in an Ascended Being or a Cosmic Being, which is required to be anchored in the brain structure of unascended beings, in order for the Flame in the heart and the Flame in the forehead to become ONE.

Since the Seven Mighty Elohim govern the Seven fold Flame within the brain structure in the forehead, wherein the All-seeing-Eye of Mighty Cyclopea anchors Its Cosmic Power for your individual use; so is it imperative under the Action of the Cosmic Law, that you draw forth consciously of your own free will, the Illumination of Cosmic Love from within Our Hearts. It will enable you to understand the Divine Plan for which you call; because you cannot comprehend what is contained within the Divine Plan of any Life Stream or anything you choose to do, without the Cosmic Action of Cosmic Love.

The human consciousness, or rather the outer consciousness, which you use thru your atomic bodies, does not comprehend what is within the Divine Plan of Life, unless it be illumined by the Cosmic Love of the Sacred Fire; for that is the Flame which comes forth from the Hearts of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings. That Flame must pass thru your brains when It is flashed from Our Octave, in order to release to you, the Full Understanding with which the feeling in your heart will agree; and then there will no longer be any obstruction between the brain and the heart.

This never comes to individuals, until they can put the little self aside–the outer human cravings and feelings which want to -be the doer. If you could always remember, that the Divine Plan within your Life Stream, is the Release of the Flame of Love from your Presence thru the Higher Mental Body; and that as It passes thru you, It is the Fire Element which expands the Points of  Light within the cells of your body; and the Fire Element passing thru illumines the consciousness: then you will realize that it is the Flame–the Expansion of the Flame of Cosmic Love from your Presence passing thru the physical structure, which is the Illumining Protecting Presence, and therefore is the Doer of whatever constructive thing you wish to accomplish.

The moment you can understand, it is the Great Cosmic Flame of Love from the Heart of your Presence which holds your atomic structure together, releases the energy thru it, gives you these ideas, shows you how to correct wrong conditions; and that Flame is the Illumining Power and contains within Itself, the Divine Plan then will you see how necessary it is to call this Cosmic Love into all outer action!

You cannot have Absolute Dominion over the atomic structure, until you realize that you stand within the Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love; for It is the Gift of the “I AM Presence” of Itself to you. If you could always remember: “It is the Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love which enables me to even be an Individual Being! It is this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love from my Presence which takes me out of distress! It is the Power and Action of Life which enable me to-fulfill the Divine Plan and be Free.” When you really begin to FEEL that deeply, you will love your Presence with such intensity, you will feel Its Flame within you so Real, so tangible and so loving, that you will know the Great Cosmic Flame of – Cosmic Love abides within you, to give you ALL of Itself forever!

It is this comprehension that I am pouring to you today thru the Radiation of My Heart’s Love! I can draw It forth to any intensity I desire! I can anchor It permanently within and around you, if you will accept It, if you really want It! A Cosmic Momentum of that Power which is a certain Intense Action of Its Flame,  must be permanently established in and around you, if these undertakings that are now coming upon your horizon, are to come forth to fulfill your Victorious Service to Life and to bless all mankind.

You have had a slight example in the Chicago Class of what six or seven months of your decreeing every night for Purity of mind and body, etc., means! You have all felt what it has done to your atomic structure, to your world and your affairs! Well, let Me tell you, when you have six or seven months’ Momentum of as Intense Acceptance of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love–established permanently in, thru and around every cell of your bodies, and in the atmosphere in which you move, you will begin to feel what the Mastery of Life really is! When you realize this Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love will reveal to you ALWAYS the Divine Plan and Its Fulfillment; always gives you Its Cosmic Supply thru Cosmic Love; always holds you Eternally Invincibly protected within Its Cosmic Protecting Power of Cosmic Love, and you feel It established permanently and then move forward, you will know that those who come within your Radiance are to abide in the Cosmic Love which you have drawn forth! When you command It to bless them and raise them into the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan for them also, you will find greater and greater Freedom; greater and greater supply and protection; and greater victories accomplished on every hand, in the greatest ease and happiness which Cosmic Love can bring!

This is the Flame to which Saint Germain referred, when He said: “There is no barrier anywhere in this Universe to Pure Divine Love.” How could there be, when It is the Sustaining Power of the Divine Plan of the Universe? It is the Supplying Power of all that comes into outer manifestation! It is the Protecting Power of all that is of the Light; and It is the Balancing Power of that feeling which discord dare not approach!  Discord dare not approach the Flame and survive! The Flame consumes all unlike Itself!

I want you to become that Cosmic Flame! You will find there will be no antagonism from those of the outer world, when you once establish a powerful momentum of It thru your daily call, conscious acceptance and recognition of this Cosmic Power of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love! Instead of Its Tremendous Power antagonizing individuals or arousing destructive conditions or forces, rather would It act as a Soothing Power which shuts off whatever discord they want to release and makes it impossible of expression.

This is the Power that the Great Masters of India use, when They go into the jungle; because that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love about Them, burns away the vicious feelings of those wild animals before they can express. Since mankind have the same vicious feelings within them as the animals, then as you draw forth this Cosmic Power of Cosmic Love, I think you will be greatly delighted at Its Effect upon those who heretofore were antagonistic to you! Rather, will you stand insulated within It, feeling and BEING Its Out-pouring of Blessing and Assistance to all Life–the Fulfillment of Life’s Divine Plan in whatever you are doing; and that which is not of the Divine Plan will automatically stand aside and know that it dare not pass thru this Cosmic Flame! Thus you give as the Physical Sun gives Its Blessings to all Life!

This is the Great Cohesive Power of the Universe! -It is the Great Commanding Authority of the Sacred Fire and the Greater Cosmic Manifestations of Life and Life’s Perfection! You cannot have Perfection, you cannot have sustained Invincible Protection without this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love! One reason that your “I AM” Music of the Spheres is so Powerful in both Its Healing and Protective Activities, is because the Flame  can go forth on It. and there is no quality except Love that is flowing as you pour It forth!

When you sing your Love and Adoration to the Lord the Maha Chohan, there is no feeling but that of Cosmic Love which goes forth when you sing! The same thing is true of the Seven Mighty Elohim; the same thing is true in your other songs, where the adoration is given to these Great Beings. Your singing releases the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love from your own Presence. It gives an opening, an opportunity to expand Its Blessings and fulfill Its Divine Plan thru you, as you are singing or playing. That is why thru the “I AM” Music of the Spheres, you can do what you cannot do in any other way.

Do you know that thru that music, We can focus the most Intense Action of the Fire Element and nothing fears It? When the Cosmic Flame comes forth on the “I AM” Music there is no fear! That Flame consumes the fear, for destructive forces know they are helpless before the Fire Element! Therefore, when you call forth the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and you ask the Cosmic Beings to open Their Hearts to you and tell you what you wish to know–illumine any particular thing to you by that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, then you have complied with all the requirements of the Law; for no impurity, no imperfection can exist. When Their Light, when that Flame begins to surge through you, the human is helpless. Know that and FEEL It from this hour henceforth!

If your call for the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love to expand thru you Its Divine Plan fulfilled, the human goes down into the Flame and is no more. It is this Expansion of the Sacred Fire of that Cosmic Love ever before you, thru your physical forms, which has been required throughout the centuries to set mankind free; and to release into this physical world, the Greater Powers  of Life to dissolve the human qualities.

That Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love is the Great Purifying Power of the Sacred Fire, for It harmonizes all things! It balances all things! It heals all things and It protects all things! It is Cosmic Power without limit and those who render service to the many, must have It about them, else their service must fail. If people go forth to render service to the mass of mankind, and they do not understand this Inner Action of the Law, sooner or later, some destructive force touches them and they succumb to it; and the work of serving the Light is closed thru the rest of that embodiment. That has happened thousands and millions of times on this planet.

People’s hearts have wanted to reach out and do something to help others, but not knowing this Inner Law of the Sacred Fire, they have not been able to draw the Power which holds the Cosmic Protection of that which they want to give! They have not had the Illumination and the Wisdom to know what was the Divine Way to render that service and hold it protected, until it was completed.. That is why so many wonderful things have started out with such magnificent principles and with such capacity to bless, but have ultimately been turned into some vicious activity.

With this explanation, from now on, whenever anything of that little self disturbs you, will you just raise your hand and rip it out of yourselves and throw it in the Violet Flame and say: ” ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ expand Your Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love thru me! Fulfill Your Cosmic Plan and expand Your Cosmic Light thru me! Release Your Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Perfection thru me! Hold Your Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Protection, of Cosmic Love about me and give me Thy Cosmic Victory! Make me Thy Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love in full manifestation! Give me Thy Full Illumination and move me forward the Cosmic Fulfillment of Thy  Law! Make me the Law of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love in action thru this flesh form; and dissolve all unlike Thy Glory, Thy Freedom, Thy Victory and Thy Perfection!”

Gather your momentum of this and command Great Cosmic Miracles made manifest, by the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, sustained and expanded to bless all Creation! Then, the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan moves into outer action in your daily affairs, and the obstructions on your pathway will disappear in the future.

The Lords of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun are Those who wield this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love in Its Cosmic Infinite Power! Therefore, that Pressure of the Blue Flame which They draw around an individual who will persistently call for this Power to dissolve every problem, will clothe them with Itself and you will find Legions of the Mighty Beings of the Blue Flame, handling conditions ahead of you and around you, of which your intellect knows absolutely nothing.

It is imperative that you have this Explanation before much concentration of the Power of the Flame–the Sacred Fire for healing purposes is drawn forth! When the Cosmic Powers, the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Healing Power is delegated to an individual, to produce the manifestation for which you call, then the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love must be in full command! Then, as you call forth the Miracles, Perfection and Cosmic Power of Cosmic Love, you will find the Mighty Mighty Action of that Sacred Fire increasing and playing upon the atomic structure of an individual whom you wish to heal; until cell by cell, there will reappear the Full Perfection of the etheric pattern fulfilled and again the physical form stands whole; but you cannot do it without ENOUGH LOVE!

Remember the Words in those Blessed Books–“Only enough Love can draw you back into the Perfection  you once knew and may become again” and that Cosmic Love, that Love to which Saint Germain referred, is the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love from the Hearts of the Cosmic Beings who have built the world upon which you live!

        It is the Cosmic Action of your own Blessed Electronic Body who occupies Its Time and Its Activity in the Universe by creating Perfection at Cosmic Levels of manifestation; while your Higher Mental Body stands as the Silent Watcher over your outer physical activities; and supplies and directs you in what you need; but the Greater Part of yourself–your Electronic Presence, is wielding this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love in the Manifestations which It draws forth to produce Perfection for this whole System of Worlds. That is the Activity of the Electronic Presence, the “I AM Presence” of every Life Stream! That is how the Forces of the System are governed by the Individualizations of the Flame from the Central Sun which abide within the Electronic Bodies of mankind in the “Mighty I AM Presence”! With your conscious Love and call to that Presence, you may have Its Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love expanded, to render service thru your flesh forms, just as well as by Its Own Direction of It to Cosmic Levels of Activity; but you must make the call! You must open the door from this side of Life! Your Presence will not refuse you! Your Higher Mental Body will not refuse you! Neither will any Ascended Master nor Cosmic Being!

I come today, to give you this Explanation, because It must be given! You must understand It! Then draw forth Its momentum before the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan for which you call, can take place! Its momentum must be drawn forth before the Power can be delegated to you or focused within these Temples, Homes or Schools for Our Service to the mass of mankind!

Do you know, my beloved ones, to what degree you  can control that Cosmic Flame around you; and to what intensity the Lords of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun will hold Their Cosmic Blue Flame of Cosmic Purity around you? If you had a Tremendous Momentum of that under Their Guard, do you know you could walk thru some of your military camps and evil would die before it could express! I think that is a Service to Life well worth disciplining the outer self, in order to render to those Life Streams this assistance which you can give. Their Love and Gratitude will pour back to you for eternity for the Freedom given.

Those conditions cannot be purified except by the Fire Element and the Pressure of the Cosmic Light! No other thing can do it; but when you understand the Full Power within the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love of which I speak; and which “I AM” anchoring here today in and around each of you; when you know the Full Power which is within that Cosmic Flame, then will your hearts sing with joy, when you are able to go forth and undo the damage of all the human has imposed upon Life!

Supposing this Power were suddenly delegated to this Messenger; a Temple brought forth and just a few cases were healed or hundreds were restored, the eyes and the bodies perfected–supposing that Power were given to a dozen people; what do you think would be the surge of those in the outer world, to come near them within twenty-four hours? That is why you need to gather your momentum of Cosmic Protection! That is why you need to consciously call forth Cosmic Protection and Cosmic Wisdom to handle such a situation. You need to call forth the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and the Cosmic Action of the Unfed Flame, to hold the Balance everywhere!

Your opportunity to render service is almost without limit while you are yet in these atomic forms; and when I see the need of mankind; when I see what you can do;  when I see what your Life Streams will do thru you, Oh My dear ones, please don’t waste a moment on the things of the little self longer! You CAN render this Service to Life! You have the Understanding! You have been provided with a Place of Purity, into which you may come and have this Law explained to you.

Will you BE My “Crystal Cup” of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, to My Beloved Life Streams upon earth? They are all dear to Me! They are all dear to the Ascended Masters! They might not seem quite so dear to your human self; but beloved ones, remember! even the most limited of some of those in the outer world today, are the Twin Rays of some Life Stream, which might be ascended! Do you not think it a tragedy in the Universe, when one part of a Life Stream has attained the Ascension and the other one has gone perhaps to the depths of degradation?

For instance your black magicians in the Compound; some are the Twin Rays of some of those who are ascended. Oh, what a tragedy before Life, precious ones, when you see Life in Our Great Cosmic Capacity! I do not see how any one could longer desire anything for the little self; a self that is so little in comparison to the Great Service you can give, when you understand Life and know that you are a part of every atom of Life in Infinite Space. How can you dwell longer in just the carrying out of your own ideas, when this Great Service to Life stands waiting! You have the capacity to give, and We stand ready to illumine you, and tell you how to hold the Protection to help you.

Oh, live for the Freedom of the world, precious ones! Live for the Ascension of every Life Stream! Pass no judgment on what you see! If it be less than Perfection, then it is but the shadow of energy misqualified; but Life abides within it and must some day come into Perfection.

Let the Flame of Cosmic Love expand thru your  hearts today, and with that desire to render service to the many; with your determination to hold the protection and purify yourselves, I will wrap you in My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and make you the Manifestation of the Powers to do these things! The Mastery within your Life and the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Protection and Cosmic Authority, shall blaze Its Freedom wherever you move; joy beyond words to express shall flood your Beings; and you shall give forth Freedom and Blessing, as an Ocean of Love and Perfection to Life wherever you move. You shall raise your hands and those bodies shall arise whole! You shall raise your hands and the substance of earth be purified at your command! This Power is within Life and this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love is the Supreme Dominion, the Scepter of Dominion, which it is your privilege to pour forth when you love Life as We do!

The “Crystal Cup” can be full and overflowing with that Sacred Fire which harmonizes all, heals all, balances all, supplies all and protects all! That is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan! You have standing before you this afternoon, a Wide Open Door into all the Glory that Heaven contains and earth must some day become! In your constant calling for the Divine Plan to be fulfilled by that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, there is naught you cannot accomplish!

If you will stand with Me and give your Decrees, We shall one day, together with These Other Great Beings of Cosmic Love, make every military camp on this planet as Crystal clear and Pure as this room, and the rest shall have been dissolved and consumed from the memory of Life forever; from the records of the Universe and replaced by the Divine Plan fulfilled of God’s Destiny of Perfection for all! Is it not worth it, precious ones?

If you could see as We do, the heart cries from those precious ones! Their calls in the midst of that darkness  for some kind of help and protection against what they are in, my dear beloved ones, you would not spend one second ever again on anything, except the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan which Life offers you: to free those precious ones from human distress.

May you ever abide within the “Crystal Cup” of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love! You know not yet the purpose for which the Unfed Flame was brought into this Sanctuary, anchored with Pelleur’s Domain, blest and directed by your Precious Goddess of Justice and the Seven Mighty Kumaras in the atmosphere of earth; pouring forth Their Balancing Power of the Cosmic Flame of Their Cosmic Love, to bring Perfection once again upon the earth!

Beloved Frederick, you may do this thru your music and may We give you Protection until there will come forth thru the “I AM” Music of the Spheres, such Assistance as has never been given in any age on this earth!

“I AM” revealing this today, because at no time in the history of the earth have so many of mankind been at war. Therefore, Life is offering more of Itself in the Flame of Its Cosmic Love, to offset that greater destruction. Thru your “I AM” Music of the Spheres and these “I AM” Music Temples of Healing, We can hold the balance and return mankind again to the Pathway of Light and make everything the Perfection which Life intends. As you really accept and make your application to draw this Power forth to render this Service, you could never again in all eternity know one moment’s distress–never! If you are ready to discipline yourselves and compel that human to be no more, you become the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love–a “Crystal Cup” of Its Dazzling Essence and you can pour to Life everywhere that which brings Perfection.

Can there be any greater joy? This Cosmic Power,  my beloved ones, you can draw without any limit whatsoever and never anything but Perfection be the result. Is it not worthwhile to live for an Ideal so Great; so practical, so tangible, so ready to fill your world? I hope you love Life enough to do it. I shall love you and pour My Love to you ceaselessly; and may we all draw forth into the physical octave, this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love to produce these Manifestations, which will raise mankind so quickly and undo the unfortunate activities of the last few years.

Your Beloved Saint Germain, that Great Blessed Cosmic Being, was willing this morning to come to a hand full of people, to try to clear away that which binds them to distress. I am sure you are willing to go with Me to the ends of the earth and use this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love to set free all Life from human qualities. Live for the Freedom and Perfection of Life to all, and all will give you the best they have; then you shall not know one moment’s distress ever again.

I know the Power of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love! I know It is the Supreme Authority of the Universe! There is no substitute for It! Therefore, BE Its Reality! Walk as the Fulfillment of the Law and let that Flame play thru you Its Song of Life, and experience My loved ones the Thrill, the Joy, the Power of commanding the individual to arise and say: “BE thou made whole”! Jesus did it! He said all men should do it! Saint Germain told you that one day every human being would use Jesus’ Words with Fulfillment! I AM showing you His Master Power! He told you that Acknowledgment which He gave for three years: ” ‘I AM’ the Presence of Pure Divine Love that transcends every human concept, and that opens the Door to me to all the Light within Its Heart.” That was what enabled Him to be the Manifestation of His Victory!

You, today, may draw forth this Cosmic Flame of  Cosmic Love to which I refer and go forth and do as He did! You can, My beloved ones! Make your calls! Give the obedience! We will help you hold the Protection and release Our Love to amplify yours, and the human cannot stand against Us longer. I would, today, that there were enough of mankind ready to do this that in one afternoon or evening of Our Out-pouring, the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love could surge throughout your land and shut off the action of all that is not Freedom and Victory to Life!

My Beloved ones, your Beloved Saint Germain has given you so much. He is so magnificent, and this which I offer you today, will assist Him to His Cosmic Victory! Then, He can say to Those Who govern the System: “These who wield the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love are My Family of Light and are purifying the earth! Watch and see their Light expand.” As that surges and covers the earth, the Cosmic Beings who govern this System of Worlds, hold Him and His Cosmic Victory in Their Loving Embrace!

He has worked so long! He is so wonderful! He has answered your every call! Do this for Him and I will help you! It will help Him greatly in His Protection for America and the Freedom of her people, from that which wants to engulf them in the distress of the rest of the world! Come! BE My Flame, My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love! Command these things and I will help you; and time will tell what Our Devotion to the Light and Our Service together has meant for the Freedom of America and the world!

May your own Beloved “Mighty I AM Presence” open Its Heart to you, each one, and tell you all that the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love means to you and to Life everywhere! May It show you Its Divine Plan and give you Its Assistance to that Fulfillment until your Ascension!

With the Mightiest Love I know how to pour forth, I seal you now in the Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love in Its Great Cosmic Protecting Power; in Its Great Cosmic Accomplishing Power; and in Its Cosmic Supply of everything required beyond all you can even imagine. It shall go forth to bless you and give you the Freedom to render this Service, by the Power of the “Sacred Fire that none can put out.”

Not all the world can prevent My Love enfolding you! Therefore, none can put out the Flame in My Heart, nor after It has enfolded you. So that phrase means many things and to you this hour, may It be spoken eternally!

I thank you and love you and bless you for the Harmony, the Purity, the Perfection and Protection maintained here! Now may this Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love expand everything into the Perfection of the Divine Plan Fulfilled! May the Song of the Light, the “I AM” Music of the Spheres and Its Instantaneous Miraculous Healing Flames, go forth to release every Life Stream into Perfection and blaze the Ascension for all.

Throughout your beloved America this hour, may that Cosmic Flame sweep into everyone within her borders, and all concerning her destiny; and make her Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and the Divine Plan fulfilled, for the Freedom and Victory of the Light forever.

Thank you, beloved ones of the Light! May the Mighty Lords of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun, come and stand by your side to guard you, until your Momentum of this call is forever your own Protection. You may have It in whatever intensity you desire and all the Power that you require for your Victory!

In the Love of My Heart and the Cosmic Flame of Its Eternal Invincible Protection, I thank you!



Ascended Master’s Discourse

Kindness is always the conquering power, both with human beings and animals as well. Out of the fullness of patience and the application of the Pres­ence of Divine Love in all affairs, comes the sure and certain reward. There is no activity where the con­sciousness or attention is held on the “Mighty I AM Presence,” wherein the element of Divine Love is not active.

Radiant Currents and who answer all worthy de­mands. The Messengers from the “Sun behind the Sun,” which is the Heart of the Christ Power as we know it today, are the Mighty Messengers who are pressing forward in conducting this Radiance to humanity, in this radiant cycle which has now begun.

In your department stores and schools, there are heads of departments and teachers. This very grossly symbolizes the higher Activity; for in all activity where the Light is coming forth, the less advanced are always being taught by the higher. Even the Ascended Host as you know Them, have Those far in advance of Themselves who are Their Instructors. This goes on infinitely and is an important thing for the Student to understand.

I assure you that through the centuries I have never changed in the mode of giving forth the fund a ­mental Principles. To do so would be to cross cur­rents, which would bring disaster instead of the good that I, in My humble Way, have been able to do.

The most vital thing in human activity is the necessity of positively refusing to sit in judgment on the activity of another human being. To condemn, criticize, or feel curiosity about the affairs of an­other, except to wish them Godspeed and that all is well, is not permissible for the real Student or the one who sincerely wishes to reach the highest attain­ment.

Students and individuals should always remember that there is naught to say them nay in whatever they wish to do or persist in doing-for they have the right to and free use of this Mighty Energy of God, which is the Principle of Life animating them. They may use this energy as they choose, until their expe­rience causes them to face about and turn to the Light of their own volition.

At this point or conclusion, they may receive Great Assistance from Those who are more ad­vanced than themselves, which oftentimes strength­ens and enables them to hold fast to the Light. Otherwise at this point they might not have been able of themselves to do so. Thus you can see how very important it is for – the Student to understand and fully accept the Presence and Help of God’s Messengers of Light.

Spiritualism: In order that the Students may not misunderstand this, I wish here to assure you that this has not the slightest thing to do with so ­called spiritualism, as outwardly understood today. The Ascended Being who has attained to limitless Heights of Understanding through His own con­scious Effort, is as far in advance of the average in­dividual who through his lack of understanding has cast off the physical body, as Light is in advance of darkness.

One of the great stumbling blocks in the way of many earnest Students is the inclination to go to mediums, instead of looking to the “Mighty I AM Presence,” the All-wise God above, within, and around themselves. Visiting mediums is not permis­sible to the sincere Student, because it again means that he is dividing his own allegiance; for the Mighty God within us-the One and Only God-commands, “There shall be no other Gods before Me.” Whatever your attention is upon is your God, for there your energy is flowing, and your energy is your Life.

Your love is like a mantle of fragrance to Me. The love from each one of you has a different fragrance. The embracing presence to­day is very wonderful.

The Love Ray: Divine Love is the Mightiest Presence and Power in the Universe; and when one learns to pour It into every condition less than Itself, he will come to know that he is focusing the core of that Mighty Ray into Its Invincible outer Activity. This Ray of which I speak is the one which has Its own natural Quality of Impenetrability.

To make yourself absolutely invincible: Whenever there comes the idea of disturbance of any kind, no matter what the cause, it is your province as a Student of the Light to take your unyielding stand, “There is only God acting in that person, Place, or condition.” Thus you are giving power where it truly belongs; and so, you allow the full Inner Power of the Current of Divine Love to flow. To constantly practice this with joy and certain recognition of your Inner Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” will make you absolutely Invincible.

Students often say in their Application of the Law, “Oh, it didn’t work.” I say to you that it is absolutely impossible for it not to work, unless in some manner you have given power to the outer appearance.  The unfortunate thing with Students is, some­times, the failure to notice the small manifestations of that Great “Presence.” As we are ever moving from the smaller to the greater, how can we receive the greater if we are not giving recognition to the smaller? I assure you, all of God’s Activity moves forward in a perfectly logical manner. The more recognition we give to the small manifestations, the quicker will we receive the greater.

For instance in the outer world of education, if the child did not learn its letters and how to combine them, how would it ever in the world become able to form words?  There is a quality within the personal self that sometimes causes it to want to pass over the smaller things as of no value and, to use a modern phrase, “grab off the greater.” However, there is not the slightest difference in the Activity of the Mighty Law, whether it be great or small in Its accomplish­ment, if the Student is sufficiently aware of the “Mighty I AM Presence” acting.

The Student who needs, or thinks he does, some manifestation of the “Presence” to give him faith in accomplishing the greater, will find great benefit in meditating upon this humble endeavor to make clear the way. The moment a demand for a thing comes, it shows that it is forthcoming.

Raising the body: We first raise the body in con­sciousness. When we become conscious that it is possible for us to raise the body, and take the deter­mined stand to do it – that moment the Law of our being is set into motion to produce the perfected ac­complishment.

I assure you that the Mighty Law, when given a chance through your outer volition, loses, no time in utilizing the opportunity, unless at some time you change about and cease to recognize this as a certain accomplishment. If you maintain this determina­tion, you will find at some future time that the force set in motion in the beginning for that purpose, never ceased for one moment to work for that end.

If we do not utilize the Knowledge that God has already given, how can we expect to have more? This Instruction and Information is not given just to hear oneself talk, but is Ascended Master Law and Infor­mation Placed at the disposal of the Students; and if they will look to their Master Selves, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” for direction, they will be caused to use the right Application at the right time for the right thing required.

I say this: that where a great deal of Information and Application is given within a certain time, there is much given so the Student may select that which he or she needs at a specific time for a specific pur­pose. If I allowed you to look to Me, the Instruction would defeat Its own purpose. Never in the history of the World has there been a time when so much In­struction and Information has been given, for the Incoming Cosmic Christ is now in command. Never has there been such Application and Assistance given to Students; for the Cosmic Outpouring is om­nipresent, helping the Student who will give his or her attention.

Surya: Surya is a Place as well as an Individuality. It is the Name of one of the Individ­ualized Activities of the Great Central Sun. It is im­possible not to receive what comes from the “Mighty I AM Presence” as an idea, when you really know that it is God sending or giving the idea.

Affirm often: “It is impossible for anything to happen anywhere in my Life but God’s Perfect Ac­tivity.”

Note: When you give power to astrology, you are putting dynamite in your own pathway.

For a better World,

All together in the Victory of The Light!

The Most Incredible Military Operation In History Under The Cover of Covid

A Recorded Interview to Mr. Scott Kesterson from Bichop Larry Gator on Radio Chanel Global spirit revolution. You need to see this.

This interview is really important to hear…and is evolving to something very positive Now!  It involved President Trump making extremely important decisions to make American Great Again…in no small way.  Here is how the Plan is playing out now.

Incredible info.  Take time to listen.  About 52 minutes. Worth it.

Drug and human trafficking being removed behind the scenes in LA and NY especially.

Act of 1871   “for the people” was changed to “of the people” = became Corporate

Stimulus Bill:  SPV attached to treasury, creating bonds for private holdings thus taking % interest in companies, $$ funnels back into treasury. Fed has to buy US debt to backstop the $$.  ($$ was to become Yuan) Munchen hates fed.

22 countries involved, strike to Vatican, London neutralized.
Trump did hostile takeover, Chairman of Fed now reports to Trump.
Trump now controls the economy. put burden on govs to protect people.
While Keeping people out of way of FF’s.

We now back into Const. Repub.  were under Mart. law. for short time. (CV covers media)
pres seal back up. defense act of 1950 to direct Co.s to national. security.
We were mostly controlled by CCP.  bought in 40%, indirect attack.
Stim pkgs allows Munchen to put $$ back.
Have shifted the global economy, put all pow back to pres.
Military has redone supply chain. Nav Admiral brought all details back into record.

Opening back up now, retooling outside of ccp control, all in 30 days.

Pope had signed agree with ccp. Mafia was linked to London, all under global media mind control. global econ was shut down by fear. Will catch the media in its lies.

Frequency effect vs. wash everything.  We are all infected by some nano tech, smart dust.  Nano engineered virus works with smart dust.  Fear leads to willing to accept injection, all which may bond with rfid chip bonded to RNA. Can cause multiple ill effects, and dependent on socialized system. Cut u off the grid.

Agressively fight state govs!  do not allow injection, global conc. camp.

We are going back to constitution. Rewire entire system and minds. By the way your kids were being harvested by your own gov.
Trump now has global control.

1302 Pope Boniface, every soul registered to VAt.  Birth certifs.
1747 Pope Pius

RevolutionRadio:  continues on civil war, what is not known.
plan to divide US in 1/2

See all this on this link: