Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Has Disturbing Precedent: Communist China

by Kyle Becker, March 28th, 2021 Stillness in the Storm

China released the mobile app in February 2020 that “tracks people and alerts them if they have been in ‘close contact with someone infected’ with the new coronavirus,” CNBC reported at the time.

“The ‘close contact detector’ was released Saturday night, according to China’s state news agency Xinhua,” the report continued. “Users scan a QR code on popular Chinese apps like WeChat and QQ, and submit their name, phone number and government-issued ID number to request information about whether they have been in close contact with anyone infected by the virus.”

“Once users enter their name and ID number, the app will tell them whether they were in close contact with someone infected,” the report said, adding that “each registered phone number can run the search for three different ID numbers.”

On Sunday, the Washington Post broke the news that the Biden administration is planning to use similar technology to track if Americans have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine.

“The Biden administration and private companies are working to develop a standard way of handling credentials — often referred to as ‘vaccine passports’ — that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as businesses try to reopen,” the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

“The effort has gained momentum amid President Biden’s pledge that the nation will start to regain normalcy this summer and with a growing number of companies — from cruise lines to sports teams — saying they will require proof of vaccination before opening their doors again,” the report continued.

“The administration’s initiative has been driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services, including an office devoted to health information technology, said five officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the effort,” the report added.

“The initiative has emerged as an early test of the Biden administration, with officials working to coordinate across dozens of agencies and a variety of experts, including military officials helping administer vaccines and health officials engaging in international vaccine efforts,” the Washington Post report noted.

The extensive planning and  the reports about cross-agency collaboration track with that of the Communist Chinese’s contact-tracing app development.

“It is the latest effort by the Chinese government to use its sprawling surveillance system to contain the new coronavirus outbreak,” CNBC said. “The state news report, shared Monday on the website of China’s National Health Commission, does not detail how the app works, but said several government agencies collaborated ‘to ensure accurate, reliable and authoritative data’.”

New York launched its COVID passport on Friday, following a trial run on thousands of New Yorkers testing the program. The Excelsior Passport is “the first of its kind to be rolled out in United States and allows specific sites that administer COVID vaccines or test for the coronavirus to upload the data to the app,” the Gothamist reported.


COVID Denialism Now Enshrined in Case Law



  • THE STORY:So-called COVID denialism was the deciding factor in a recent case where a judge denied a father custody rights due to this perspective that COVID was a hoax.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:This sets a case law precedent in Canada, and has grave implications for inherent rights and freedom for everyone. Are we entering a world where you can lose your rights solely due to way you think?
COVID denialism

COVID denialism is now enshrined in case law in Canada. A judge denied a father custody rights due to this perspective that COVID was a hoax.

COVID denialism –

a broad term leveled at those who have seen through lies regarding the COVID scamdemic – has been enshrined in legal history and case law, at least in Canada. This is another horrendous yet sadly predictable step of the COVID agenda, which is none other than the agenda to steal your rights and freedom. MSM outlet CBC reported last week that a judge stripped a man (who remains anonymous at this stage) of his custody rights in his divorce case with his ex-wife due to his belief that COVID was a hoax, and his subsequent decision to defy social distancing and mask wearing rules. In other words, he was stripped of some of his rights due to his COVID denialism. The case was heard in late 2020 in the Ontario Superior Court, however Justice George W. King delivered the written decision at the end of January 2021, and the story was just picked up by The Free Thought Project.

Judge Considers Man’s Belief that COVID is a Hoax to be a Factor in Determining his Worthiness as a Father

I have been unable to locate the link to the original ruling, and the CBC article does not link to it, however the article reported that the judge explicitly wrote that the man’s public promotion of his opinions was affecting the health and welfare of his children:

“Ontario Superior Court Justice George W. King denied a Windsor man interim custody of his kids because the man’s fervent anti-masking beliefs means he wouldn’t take appropriate actions to keep them safe from COVID-19. The decision notes the man believes COVID-19 to be a hoax and has boasted in public about flouting health restrictions such as masking and social distancing.

“The health and welfare of the children (and by extension their principal caregiver) should not be jeopardized because of [his] public behaviour in promotion of his opinions,” he wrote.”

This is quite an astounding thing for a judge to write, since it shows how the judge has bought the official COVID narrative hook, line and sinker. The judge is saying that if you challenge the theory (i.e. brainwashing propaganda) that COVID is a highly lethal dangerous disease, that can only be contained or avoided with mandatory social distancing and masking, that therefore you are “jeopardizing” the health of your kids. Wow. It is truly shocking a judge could be so out-of-touch with scientific reality. However, it gets worse. The CBC further reported:

“I have concluded that the respondent’s behaviour is dictated by his world view. Everything else is subordinate to that view, including, but not limited to, his love for his children,” the decision by Justice King read.”

Now that is a supremely arrogant opinion. This man’s love for his children is subordinate to perspective that COVID is a hoax? WTF? I seriously doubt that is true for any parent – that any intellectual belief or world perspective would outweigh their love for their children – and even if it were, how could the judge possibly know that? Only the man himself would know. Besides, he is providing immense care for their welfare by REFUSING to put masks on his kids or allow them to be scared of ginned up COVID fear. He is proving his worth as a father by leading by example and being a good role model in showing his children that one must stand up for truth, freedom and inherent rights rather than be bullied by corrupt authorities. He would be doing great damage to the “health and welfare” of his children by forcing them to go along with the absurd, unscientific and freedom-crushing COVID dictates being foist upon the public.

Judge Blames Man for COVID Denialism When Governmental Lockdown Policies are the Real Culprit

Finally, it turns out this judicial decision will impact whether his children could get vaccinated:

“Justice King called some of what the man had posted about COVID-19 not being real as erroneous, pointing out rise in hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus as well as the effect that has had on health care providers having to delay other medical procedures because of the tax the virus has placed on the system. 

“The long-term effects of the pandemic and of delayed treatments to persons with other health conditions is currently unmeasurable,” justice King wrote.

“All of this has occurred while a percentage of our population, including [the man], continue to deny the existence, significance and/or impact of COVID-19.”

The ruling includes giving the mother the power to make decisions around vaccination. But it noted the interim custody was awarded wholly within the context of the pandemic and can be revisited once it subsides.”

This is problem when people can’t distinguish between different causes. The effect of COVID on the health system and the “significance” and “impact” of COVID are all due to governmental reactions and lockdown policies not the virus itself. As I have extensively and exhaustively documented, the virus has never been isolated nor proven to exist as a purified, separate entity. Meanwhile, judges like this ‘Justice King’ character, who being part of the judicial branch is therefore part of the government, are blaming and punishing members of the public (and depriving them of their rights) for standing for the truth and not going along with the COVID Cult, when it is the government itself that is the culprit! The virus didn’t crush small businesses; the government did. The virus didn’t throw people into poverty; the government did. The virus didn’t put a strain on hospitals and the medical treatment system; the government did by mass inculcation of fear. So-called COVID denialism is not the problem; rather, the problem is when people are so programmed they can’t see beyond their noses. It is all the more dangerous when these people occupy positions of power.

And now one potential consequence of this decision is these children may end up getting vaccinated, either in general or specifically with the COVID vaccines, which are not really vaccines but gene editing tools.

This is truly a gross and outrageous betrayal of justice. May the day come soon when the people who have orchestrated and perpetuated this colossal fraud be brought to justice. Some modern Nuremburg Trials would be appropriate.

The implications of such a decision could be far-reaching if it becomes established precedent in Canada and elsewhere. This means that we could be entering an Orwellain dystopia where your unalienable, inherent, sovereign rights can be deprived based on your ideas, theories, beliefs, opinions and world perspectives. In other words, wrongthink is a crime. This case mark another stepping stone into descent for humanity. Hopefully, the pushback against the COVID Cult – led in part by 16 US states who are re-opening – can counterbalance the betrayal of justice that has happened here.

Frequency Changes Everything: Let’s Switch Timelines

By Sahara Devi, Guest Writer for Wake Up World

You may think we are doomed to the looming climate change catastrophe, which would be dire indeed, but while the timeline in play at this moment definitely seems to be leading in the direction of a perilously devastated world—we, collectively, have the power to shift timelines, avert catastrophe, and create a happy ending. Not only in terms of our precious biosphere—but equally as important, in terms of the ‘sociosphere,’ which term I am using to indicate the condition of humanity and its societies.

Despite Greta Thunberg and her heroic efforts in challenging world governments and activating her generation, we know that governments and legislation cannot be relied upon to make the changes necessary in a timely manner. 

We have to act now, and we have to power to do so.

When I say ”Ignore the Drama—Vibrate Higher” I am suggesting, requesting, encouraging, and beseeching you to understand that you have the ability—and the responsibility—to “change yourself and change the world.”

How? Well may you ask.

Everything is energy, energy vibrates at different frequencies, and depending on the frequency in play we have Love, Joy, and Harmony—or fear, aggression, chaos and devastation.

Right now, on the surface, the collective frequency is exhibiting the effects of the latter—but what most cannot perceive is the groundswell of the former, precipitated by individuals worldwide who have lifted themselves out of the 3D static and have ascended energetically to a Higher Consciousness and Higher Reality.

The fact is, humans around the world are waking up, recognizing themselves as Light Beings in a human body, and cultivating a higher frequency in their personal energy fields, which in turn is contributing more Light to the Quantum Field and resulting in movement toward a kinder, gentler humanity.

[In case you don’t know: the Quantum Field—finally discovered and confirmed by science—is the energetic field in which we play and contains everything and everyone. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all contribute to it and are all affected by it. As conscious beings, we also have our own electro-magnetic field, and a personal frequency signature. We operate as transmitting/receiving stations: picking up signals from hither and yon, and constantly broadcasting signals based on the state of our energy field in any given moment: either emotional/mental static, or the harmony/serenity inherent in functioning as Consciousness itself.]

You have the choice—and responsibility—right now: exactly how you’d like to position yourself in terms of the quality of your contribution. Because it’s already happening either consciously or unconsciously, and simply calling yourself spiritual doesn’t cut it if you haven’t activated and embodied the Love you are, and developed sufficient self-mastery to affect the frequency you hold and emanate.

If you haven’t mastered your reactions to the thoughts that arise, if you haven’t mastered your speaking (in terms of intention, integrity and follow-through), if you haven’t integrated awareness in your actions, you are something of a pinball: bounced around willy-nilly, at-effect-of random societal or internal input, and subject to all the emotional and psychological static inherent in the 3rd dimension: Life on Earth as a mostly reactive human.

However, once you choose to activate and enhance the Love- frequency in your energy field, and cultivate the awareness necessary to become a master of thought, word and deed, you lift yourself out of that 3rd dimensional chaos and into a realm where Harmony reigns.

You have upgraded the frequency in your energy field, you are in closer alignment with the Light Being you are, and life becomes increasingly effortless as your trajectory continues on an upward path.

You are not only in sync with the Legions of Light that are doing everything in their power to uplift and inspire humanity in its transition, you are a making a definitive contribution in the focused endeavor to “transform the fabric of reality for the well- being of all.”

And that, my dears, is what we came here to do.

The above is an extract from Sahara’s new book, The Evolution Revolution.

In The Evolution Revolution: 2021, Sahara is speaking to those ready for their next step on the evolutionary ladder. She encourages us to recognize that we are individual cells in the body of humanity, and have not just the opportunity, but the responsibility, to change the world by changing ourselves—and shows us how in simple, practical steps.


EFT Tapping: What Is The Emotional Freedom Technique?


EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a popular treatment when it comes to emotional stress and physical pain.

It is an alternative to the traditional ideas of treating these conditions. It is known widely as ‘tapping.’ Due to its positions, it is also referred to as psychological acupressure.

The technique is used by several practitioners. And all of them have a belief that utilizing the tapping method can help the body in many ways. Like treating physical pain. Or even balancing out the energy system. Gary Craig founded this tapping technique.

As per the developer, an energy disruption leads to every pain or even emotions that are negative. The topic is widely researched yet. But Emotional Freedom Technique has also been under use for treating patients with mental illnesses. Like PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Or even Anxiety Disorder.

Emotional Freedom Technique: How Does It Happen?

Emotional Freedom Technique is pretty close to what acupuncture does. All of its focus remains on the body’s meridian points. Or the hot spots for energy.

This helps to bring about a balance in the body’s energy. And it is carried out with a belief system of this balancing of energies relieves one from negative emotions or symptoms.

As per Chinese medicines, the areas of a body where energy flows are called meridian points.

All of these areas help in maintaining a balanced flow of energy throughout the body. And it helps in maintaining health as well. And any sort of imbalance leads to diseases or even sicknesses.

Unlike acupuncture, the Emotional Freedom Technique does not require needles to find the points. It can be done with finger-tips. People say when the meridian points are stimulated, it helps in accessing The body’s energy.

5 Steps To Tap Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique has been divided into 5 different steps. The entire sequence can be repeated for addressing different kinds of issues:

1. Establish The Issue

It is important to identify or understand the problem or fear you are having. Otherwise, the tapping will not be as effective. The area of the issue will be where you tap. Focusing on one point will enhance the solution.

2. Test The Scale Of Intensity

Following the identification, it is time to measure the issue. How big is it? How intense and deep is your pain? This is needed to understand how you will eradicate it from your body. Start rating the intensity from 0-10. 10, of course, being the worst. When you have a benchmark, it helps you keep track of your progress.

3. You Need A Setup

The setup is a phrase or statement you make before you begin with the tapping. It must have two primary goals. One of them is to acknowledge the problem. And the other is to accept yourself with the situation. But make sure when you say the phrase, it must speak about only your problems— not any others’.

4. Tapping Sequence

Emotional Freedom Technique sequence is about tapping the 9 meridian points in a method. Out of the 12, the 9 focuses are:

  • • Small Intestine – Karate Chop
  • • The Top Of The Head
  • • Bladder – Eyebrow
  • • Gallbladder – The Eyes’ Sides
  • • Stomach – Under Eyes
  • • Under Nose
  • • Chin
  • • Kidney – Collarbone Beginning
  • • Spleen – Under Arm

After you simultaneously tap the spot for Karate Chop with repeating your phrase, follow the above sequence of tapping the body parts.

5. Final Intensity Test

After all these steps, reassess the depth of the intensity. Did the intensity reduce gradually? Keep doing the same routine until you reach 0 from the previous rate.

Does Tapping In Emotional Freedom Therapy Work?

The method is used on military personnel who have dealt with PTSD. As per a 2013 survey, veterans were responding to the tapping therapy within one month! There are several such success stories when it comes to EFT tapping.

But there are still researches to compare cognitive methods with EFT tapping. Hence, it is an alternative approach.

Consult a good doctor before you begin with this therapy.

Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies were conducted on any vaccine over thirty-two years, as was required by law

Prominent vaccine injury lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined up with Del Bigtree of the Informed Consent Action Network to hold the federal government accountable on the issue of vaccine safety. In the 1970s and 1980s, there were mounting medical reports of vaccine injury occurring in children. T

he reactions were mild to severe and sometimes deadly. The reactions were often the result of a very reactive vaccine adjuvant that caused severe allergic reaction, seizures, or autoimmune conditions. The number of vaccine injuries was so compelling, the U.S. Congress took up the issue in the mid 1980s.

Vaccine industry operates above the law, must be held accountable

In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. The law put in motion two important legal precedents. First, it established a government vaccine court to handle specific vaccine injury claims that met certain criteria. This allowed the vaccine industry to continue developing new and existing vaccines, without being sued into bankruptcy. This also protected the vaccine industry from being held criminally liable for manslaughter and causing permanent disability to people.

This immunity clause put vaccine companies above the law, allowing the industry to injure people with ineffective products without consequence. Since 1986, this vaccine court has paid out over $4 billionto select families of vaccine injury, with millions of dollars in settlements added each month. There is currently not enough money set aside to compensate all victims of vaccine injury, and multiple thousands of claims go ignored every year. This corrupt precedent also provided the vaccine industry with unlimited opportunities to expand the childhood vaccine schedule, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

After the vaccine industry got legal immunity in 1986, the childhood vaccine schedule ballooned as a result. Emboldened to profit, the vaccine industry pressured the CDC to expand childhood vaccinations to 56 or more doses by the 21st century. As federal authorities approved individual vaccines, one by one, no scientific body or government was studying the effect that multiple and compounding vaccine doses have on developing human beings. (Related: Pfizer is threatening governments around the world and demanding RANSOM to protect against future vaccine injury lawsuits.)

The government has been lying about vaccine safety for over three decades

The second part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was a more noble aspect of the law. This part required the vaccine companies to report to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Congress every two years, documenting vaccine safety studies and quality control improvements to their products. However, when Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Del Bigtree requested that the HHS provide these thirty-two years’ worth of vaccine safety studies, no response was given from the federal government. This prompted Kennedy and Bigtree to file a court order, requesting the documents.

The HHS responded, “The department’s search for records did not locate any records responsive to your request.” This means that HHS has broken the law since 1986 and refuses to hold vaccine companies accountable today. There have been no vaccine safety studies conducted in 32 years! The NIH, the FDA, the mainstream media and the CDC have been lying to the American people for over three decades about vaccine safety, for which there is no documentation. Any government official who uses their position of authority to coerce or intimidate parents to vaccinate their children must now be held accountable.

Any vaccine “mandate” or condition of entry is an act of coercion, with no regard to human rights and with no basis in science. Informed consent is essential to any and all medical interventions, especially vaccinations, which have not been tested for safety and continue to cause health issues in both children and adults.Sources include:

Unplugging from the Matrix: How to Block Darkness and Evil

By Catherine Cates Guest Writer for Wake Up World

If you read my first article about unplugging from the matrix then you’ll know there are frequency technologies that can affect your mood. There are also discarnate beings and low-level entities out there that mess with us.

Knowing that, you may be worried if these entities or evil spirits can take you over or harm you. Or if these frequency technologies can permanently hijack you. A well-known secret is they cannot without your permission. Permission doesn’t need to be explicit such as saying you give permission, but by thinking about them or using tools to conjure them you are giving them permission. It is implied consent.

For example, if you play with a Ouija board you are by default giving it permission to communicate with you. By thinking about evil or dark subjects, you are basically allowing evil to interact with you.

Therefore, even if you didn’t consciously give them permission or state it out loud or in your head, just by thinking about evil or dallying with it in some way, you are allowing evil in.

How to Block the Dark or Evil

Step One – Protection

To block any interaction with the dark side you must have protection. Protection can include energetic protection such as a bubble, fence around yourself etc. Or it can mean shining your light so bright it can’t invade you because it’s repelled by the light. Moths that get too close to the flame get burned. The same is true of the dark. If it gets too close to bright light it is repelled. Repel them with your light.

Why do you think in vampire lore they sleep during the day? The light is too strong for them and weakens them. Also, in vampire lore why do you think people wore garlic? It was a form of protection. Whether it really works or not, I don’t know. I do know you need some form of protection. Surround yourself with the white light. Put your protection up, whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you want to use crystals or stones to enhance your protection, do that too. Black stones are good for blocking energy.

When you become more awake and aware energy affects you more. That’s good and bad. Good because you can sense and intuit energy more effectively which can lead to insights or put you at an advantage somehow. Bad because all energy affects you, not just the good kind. I use the terms “good” and “bad” here for illustration purposes, realizing they are judgment terms.

Low Frequency Things Affect Your Vibration

That means when you watch TV, especially dark or scary TV shows or movies, that negative energy can affect you more than it did before you were sensitive to energy. The same is true for reading about those topics or watching videos or listening to podcasts about it.

Have you ever noticed during or after watching a scary or unsettling movie you feel bad? I have. That’s because the lower frequencies of the subject matter are now affecting you, they are now in your awareness, your energy field. Awareness, consciousness is energy.

TV is a tool or weapon really, of the matrix to keep us dumbed down, numb and quite frankly, stupid. The more TV we watch, the more the matrix loves it. TV itself emits frequency rays to keep us in a dull, mind-numbing state. It’s all designed on purpose. Feel free to research that. There’s plenty of information out there on that topic. That is why removing or limiting TV is a recommended way to unplug from the matrix.

What you consume affects your energy. Like eating sugar may lift you up, then drop you like a hot potato, watching scary things can upset you or put you in a bad mood. Whether you consume food, alcohol, or negative TV shows it all has the same result – it affects you. Whether you realize it or not.

Step Two – Be Aware

I share this with you so that you can protect yourself. If you’ve been wondering why you’re in a bad mood lately or feel unsettled, think back to what you’ve been consuming. As I said, not just food, but what have you been watching? Reading? Listening to? Like a trail of breadcrumbs, it will lead you back to the origin of your bad mood.

We often feel bad for what seems like no reason. We aren’t depressed, nothing major negative has happened in our life, yet we feel bad. Why? It’s because we are energy transmitters and receivers. We are picking up on all of the energy around us, not just our own. The more aware and awake you become, the more your antenna picks up and the more you become aware it’s picking things up. When you realize it’s not you, it’s them (meaning the negative things you consume), you can change it.

As with all things, the first step to change is awareness. Start tuning in to your energy. How do you feel today? If you wake up in a good mood, great. But if by noon or 6pm you don’t feel so great, trace your steps. What did you watch? Read? Listen to? Who did you talk to? Then you will find your answer.

Step Three – Do Not Allow It In

To add to the effectiveness of your protection, renounce and denounce all things evil and low energy. Say in your head or out load that you refuse, do not allow, denounce, renounce, these negative energy entities and low frequency vibrations whether it comes from TV or talking to a negative friend. Whatever the source may be, do not allow it to affect you.

As I said in the beginning, evil, dark or negative energy needs our permission to affect us. By not renouncing it or participating in it by watching it on TV, we are by default, giving it permission.

Step Four – Cut Contact

Step four is either remove all contact with those things or limit it. If you choose to watch a scary movie (scary is your own definition thereof), do so with the awareness it’s not real and you will not fall prey to its energies. Put your blockers up.

If it doesn’t work to put your blocks up, keep working with it. Intention is very powerful. The more you consciously intend, the more it will work. Keep putting your blocks up whether you feel them or not. Do it.

To further shift your energy, get physical – take a salt bath (Epsom salts will do). Go for a walk, put your feet in the grass. Ground yourself. Pet your dog. Whatever works for you. You will know it’s working when you start to feel better, you can breathe easier or you have a smile on your face.

Bottom line, if you choose to engage in lower frequency activities, do so with awareness. Know that it can affect you. Put your blocks up or shine your light brightly. Renounce and denounce it. Do not allow it in. Then, like a dog drying itself, shake it off!

5 Ways You Can Connect With Your Guardian Angels

From conscious

Irrespective of your faith or belief, your spiritual guides are sending messages to you.

Amongst all the spiritual guides, the guardian angels serve the most important function customized for you. They show you the right path throughout your life and give beneficial messages.

Most times we are too busy to pay attention to these subtle signs in life and lose out on significant messages given to us by the angels who are our well-wishers.

For instance, feathers are considered the favorite signals left on earth by guardian angels. Each person can choose to follow and believe them or not.

However, if you embrace these signs and the presence of guardian angels, then you can open up more ways to communicate with the divine in this physical world.

We have compiled 5 ways that might forge a connection between you and your guardian angel regularly.

I. Look out for strong physical or emotional sensations

A physical signal like a sudden breeze or goosebumps is a message. Emotional experiences like overwhelming feelings of support or love might wash over us. These strong and sudden signs must not be ignored as they can save us from forthcoming problems or show us the right paths.

II. Unique Sounds

Angels often try to send messages through buzzing sounds in our ears. It usually happens during stress. Try to find a pattern and understand the meaning. Our angels try to remind us to calm down.

III. Soothing Smells

Often we receive unexpected smells that are soothing and cannot find the source of it. This might be a sign from the guardian angels to refresh our senses and take things slowly in life.

IV. Unexpected Sweet Taste

We receive unprecedented energy from the sweet taste of nectar that suddenly comes into our mouths. This might be a sweet gift from our angels and a reminder that we must focus on the finer aspects of life at times.

V. Inner Eye Vision

Spiritually heightened moments often open our third eye chakra or inner eye and we receive visions of our angels. This is the clearest message from the guardian angels who try to send crucial signs to us.

How To Understand Who Is Our Guardian Angel?

There are several practices that might help us to tune into our own angel including meditation or indulging in creative work.

We can also take out time from our busy schedule of work and do things that we truly enjoy. This will unburden us from the stress and help us focus on the more important things rather than professional work.

Spending quiet time alone also helps in clearing our minds and understanding ourselves better.