Jim Carrey Drops Profound Truth About Idolizing ‘Icons’ At Fashion Week “It’s All Meaningless”

New York Fashion Week is upon us, and though it’s not a topic usually covered here at CE, we couldn’t help but stop in our tracks to share an interview from last night’s events.

Jim Carrey, famous for his humor and incredible acting, has been gaining quite the reputation for his deep commentary, philosophical views, and spiritual insights as of late.

So let’s review. Fashion Week is just what it sounds like; a week dedicated to all things fashion.  There are usually a number of events and shows spread across the week highlighting designers, artists, models and celebrities all around in the name of fashion. Used as a platform to showcase and set the trends for the coming months, it really is a rally of who’s who, and what will be popular and pushed for purchasing next season. And of course the mainstream media is always heavy in coverage.

With all this said, it’s rare that someone, especially someone famous, speaks out about the ‘meaninglessness’ surrounding the whole thing.

After some review and having some background experience in the industry as a former model myself, I couldn’t help but applaud the overall message. With so much going on in our world, it is difficult to put energy towards further glorifying an industry that provides little to no purpose when it comes to bettering our world or pushing humanity into higher states of consciousness.

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the artistry that goes into creating something. Whether it be clothing or a sculpture, it is a form of expression that I too can see the efforts put in. The challenge here is in an industry built around consumerism and more often than not – ego. While the week is filled with upcoming artists and true dedicated designers showcasing their works, it is also filled with huge brands no longer connected to the original love for the art – but instead an obsession with how to market and sell the ‘next big thing,’ over and over again.

As Jim Carrey stated, there’s no meaning to any of this.. you’ve gotta admit it’s completely meaningless.” And this is where it hits home.

When reflecting on what we are truly here to do not solely as individuals, but as humanity as a whole, I do find his statement to ring true. Having been to plenty of fashion week events, both as a model and as a spectator in the past, I couldn’t agree more that there is a lack of meaning to events surrounding the idea of celebrating those who happen to have made it onto our screens or into our wardrobes.

“I don’t believe in icons.. I believe that peace lies beyond personalities.. I believe that it’s deeper than that. I believe we are a field of energy dancing through itself.”

We must begin to look beyond the hollywood take on who to idolize, what to wear, or how we should appear, and look within. Begin to see that we are all beautiful in our own way and stop giving our power away. There is so much more to explore than what the mainstream media is feeding us, and it is up to us to start the shift in releasing the need for their gimmicks and greed.

When we really take the time to consider the vastness of our universe and the depths of our being, it becomes almost baffling to think we would put so much time, efforts, and energy into anything which does not serve our higher purpose or highest good.

Now, if you want to go about fashion the conscious way and still admire the fact that it is an art in and of itself – then by all means, go right ahead! My point here is that we must go about it consciously and do it for ourselves, not for others. We must be comfortable in our being first and foremost, and if you wish to dress a certain way simply because you enjoy it – it is up to you to feel & decide. Disconnect, and reconnect with what’s truly important. Tune into your inner frequency and listen to your Soul.