Video – For the Pope and All My English Friends By Anna Von Reitz

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I struggled for forty plus years to find all the playing pieces, stood back, looked at the history, knew what was going on and “who” was doing what in what capacity, and then logically, according to Maxim of Law —– “As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.”—–hit the reboot button. They began this process by seizing upon our Lawful Person — our Given Name — and trafficking it into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and thence into the even more foreign realm of global commerce….

So, I began the reversal by seizing up my own Given Name, and trafficking it back to the international jurisdiction of the land, permanently domiciling it on “the land and soil” jurisdiction of my State (would be the County and Province most places on Earth), Expatriating from all foreign citizenship obligations “conferred” on my Good Name, and then seizing upon all the related NAMES and issuing a Certificate of Assumed Name(s) and trafficking them back and permanently domiciling them on the land and soil of my State of the Union.

This is all a process exactly like re-flagging a vessel.

Pretend that you buy a sailboat in Greece named “The Jolly Ann” and it is registered in Spain. You can sail that boat anywhere on Earth, and it will still be under Spanish law until you change its registration. So you, coming from England, might want to change that, and take it to the British agencies in charge of registering “vessels” and you might

then “re-flag” your sailboat as a British “vessel” operating under the law of Great Britain and Presto! You are now internationally identified as a British sailboat and globally recognized as a “UK” sailboat, instead of a Spanish sailboat — and you are sailing under British law, instead of Spanish law.

This is the same kind of process. I was born as an American, one of the natural born people of Wisconsin. The Queen’s Agents operating the hospital where I was born as a disguised military facility (See Territorial Title 37 that illegally conscripted American doctors) “offered under force” to register my Given Name.

They didn’t disclose the end result of this to my Mother, and she unknowingly signed “me” over as a “ward” of their Territorial State of State commercial corporation.

So, I — my Proper Name — was misidentified almost from birth as a “U.S. Citizen” and a chattel property owned and operated (like any other “vessel” at sea) by the British Crown Corporation. They subsequently copyrighted my Given Name in Breach of Trust and subjected “me” to British Territorial Statutory Law.

So I am rightfully an American State National, a Wisconsinite, but as a result of this primary Breach of Trust and Fraud against me, I have been misidentified and “sailing around” the world as a British Territorial United States “Vessel”. My identity has been stolen, in exactly the same way that a credit card hacker steals identities.

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Video – No Such Thing As An American “Constitutional Citizen” By Anna Von Reitz

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I just got off the phone after a long and boring argument with a man who thinks there is such a thing as “Constitutional Citizenship” that applies to Joe Average American.

I am here to tell you that is nonsense.

There are two kinds of “Federal Citizenship” created under the Constitutions — Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2, and Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 — but both of these “federal citizenship” statuses created by the Constitution(s) are foreign to Joe Average and if either one is accepted, they deprive him of his natural option, which is State Citizenship — assuming that he wants to serve his actual government in some capacity.

There is also a third “Federal” citizenship status implied by the Constitutions — Municipal United States Citizenship is logically allowed under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 — you could, in theory, agree to accept Municipal Citizenship and function as a slave.

Joe Average American assumes that they are talking about his “United States” throughout the Federal Code — but they are not. They are talking about their version of “United States”.

Joe Average American also thinks that they are talking about his citizenship — in citations like 8 USC 1101 (a) (21) and 8 USC 1401— and but they are not.

They are not thinking about Joe Average American or referencing his citizenship in any part of the Federal Code. He’s not a “federal” entity. His employees have nothing to say about his citizenship.

Nothing at all about Joe Average American was created by The Constitution(s) in any form.

So it does Joe no good to try to call himself a “Constitutional Citizen” as a means to explain his political status, because his actual political status as either a State National or as a State Citizen pre-dates and exists apart from any Constitution whatsoever.

Joe Average American’s option to serve his soil jurisdiction state government as a “citizen” began in July of 1776 and his option to serve his Land Jurisdiction State as a “Citizen” began in September of 1776 and his option to serve his Sea Jurisdiction Federal State of State as a “Citizen” began in March of 1781 —- all long before any of the Constitutions were adopted.

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Video – Do We Really Have to Reconstruct the Federal States of States? By Anna Von Reitz

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Yes, we do, if we want to put the Queen and Pope back in their boxes without a fight. Simple as that. And meantime, we need to expose what skunks they’ve been to the entire rest of the world.

But I think there’s more to this question.

Our States can do whatever they want or need to do. They can conduct international trade and commerce all by themselves and we can “float our boats” in international and global jurisdiction just fine.

Our battered old “Ship of State” The United States of America— the unincorporated version— still sails the seas just fine.

Our Forefathers did exactly this same thing from 1776 to 1781 when they created the original Confederated States of States. We can, too. We don’t need any franchises from foreign governments to conduct our business.

Never did. Karen Hudes’ “presumption” that our government is now or has ever been in “abeyance” is dead wrong.

Our actual government was never vested in the commercial corporations that went haywire in the so-called Civil War. When they ceased operations, our States continued on with hardly a ripple:

“Oh, dang! My favorite Laundry Service went out of business…..”

All the “extra offers” that the British Territorial Government and the Pope’s Municipal Government lavish on us are bogus.

They don’t give us anything we need or want, and then they claim (falsely) that we owe them for the use of their “gift” franchises. It’s like a “free” magazine subscription that secretly obligates you to receive and pay for fifty unwanted subscriptions.

Or all the churches incorporating their operations to avoid taxes they never owed in the first place, or all the American workers being deliberately misidentified as “volunteer warrant officers in the British Merchant Marines” — the entire identity theft and “enfranchisement” scam is a fraud, a sleight of hand, a false offer, a Trojan Horse “gift”.

The sooner people wake up, recognize the fraud for what it is, and put an end to it, the better.

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Video – Quick Permanent Remedy By Anna Von Reitz

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I think all we really need to do is en masse declare our birthright political status as Americans and take over.

I know it’s a mind bender — but it is their (the Federales, that is) JOB to protect us — so long as we are Americans.

They have created a false legal presumption that we are NOT Americans —- and created falsified records in order to claim that we are “US Citizens” —- as if we were born in Puerto Rico or (working as) Federal Employees.

They can abuse “US Citizens”. “US Citizens” have no constitutional guarantees. “US Citizens” have no recognizable Natural and Unalienable Rights…..

Some people think they are denying us access to the Public Law and our Constitutional guarantees, but that isn’t what is going on. They haven’t touched that cheese.

What they have done is to “redefine” us as being “United States Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” or “US CITIZENS” and we are provably none-of-the-above. We have been “presumed to be” in the same political status as Puerto Ricans, and until we rebut that and provide superior evidence, we’ve got no constitutional guarantees, no rights, no call on them to defend us.

That’s how they are subverting the Constitution and getting around the Public Law to do all this crap— by stealing our identity as Americans!

So what happens when fifty million of us realize this and say— I am an American born on the land and soil of New Jersey (for example) and I have Expatriated from any form of “Federal Citizenship” and provided Notice to all you rats on your own Public Record.

Big news, rats — I am your Employer. The guy you owe all your Good Faith Service to. I am here to collect on that. You boys are on the hook to defend me, so better get busy defending me and my State and my best interests, or Bubba, it’s Pink Slip time…..

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Video – Clearing the Air By Anna Von Reitz

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The first concept that needs to hit home is that all the actual States are sovereign entities. This is a violent departure from the realm we are used to and the States of States we have grown up with. It’s a whole different world and a whole different government.

The State Jural Assemblies are part of the American Government, not the Federal Government.

Michigan has no special role or right to dictate how other States organize and operate their State Jural Assemblies, much less how they operate their State Assembly, sometimes called “State General Assembly”.

I simply recommended the Michigan General Jural Assembly template because it is basically sound and available. That doesn’t mean that it is perfect or without errors or some kind of mandate from God that all the other States have to follow.

Some members of the Michigan General Jural Assembly seem to think that it is the only State to maintain or start or use a State Assembly process — and that is far from true. They also seem to think that Michigan is the only State with standing, and that isn’t true either.

Some States are just now putting out the call and are resuming activity of their Assemblies after a long pause between meetings. Other States, especially those in the West, are meeting for the first time since they met to sign their Statehood Compacts. The point of being sovereign entities is that they can conduct their business when, where, and as often — or not — as they please.

Many States have continued to Assemble at various times in response to various threats and they have conducted their business properly and taken actions nationally, internationally, and globally ever since the Civil War. Some States, like Vermont, have been especially jealous in guarding their State sovereignty.

So any idea that all the other States have to fall in line and conduct their business just the way Michigan conducts its business is way out of line and I certainly have never knowingly promoted such an idea.

Most of us are familiar with Due Process,including Due Notice provisions, also with conducting proper and secure elections, keeping meeting Minutes, using Rules of Order to conduct meetings. etc., etc., etc.

We are also familiar with basic court functions, juries, the qualification of jurors, the number of persons on juries, the kinds of juries, etc., and if we have questions there are plenty of sources available to us to find out answers.

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Video – For All The Jural Assemblies Part 34 – Reconstruction: Your Mission By Anna Von Reitz

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Strange as it may seem to us today, the Reconstruction required as a result of the Civil War has never been finished. In truth, it was never properly started. No adequate Notice and Disclosure of the circumstance was ever given to the general populace of America. And there are obvious, self-interested reasons for that.

Let’s take a step back and look at the close of the Civil War.

We have now properly understood who the parties to the armed conflict were: commercial corporations owned and operated by the States went to war with each other. These entities operated as, for example, The State of Ohio, The State of Florida, The State of Wisconsin and so on, chose sides and fought, but this was a private sector quarrel among corporations — as if General Electric and Westinghouse hired mercenaries and solicited volunteers and got into an armed conflict in the middle of the village green.

As such, it was a patently illegal and lawless event, and by definition, there could be no actual Declaration of War, no Peace Treaty, and no actual Victory.

The idea behind The Articles of Confederation was to create an internal alliance of “capital business interests” devoted to the welfare of all the States and People. This is why The Articles of Confederation which sought to bind together the commercial corporations operating as an “instrumentality” of each State in the global municipal jurisdiction overseen by the Office of the Roman Pontiff, proposed to be a “perpetual” union.

From the very first, it was realized that if commercial interests were in conflict such that The States of States opposed each other, and this schism was allowed to spread far enough, it would endanger the entire country. So the Founders were at pains to impress upon The States of States the necessity of working together for the common good and maintaining the perpetual union of the original Confederation —and a united front in the global municipal jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, agent provocateurs — as we now know, members of the Rothschild banking cartel and other European banking interests — kept watch for an issue that might create such a schism between The State of State commercial corporations, and they found it: slavery.

The last Congress of the Federal States of States adjourned for lack of quorum when the Southern States of States walked out. The Deputies known as “United States Senators” who were essentially the CEO’s and Fiduciaries of these commercial corporations could no longer conduct business.

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Video – My Situation: February 15, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

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My Situation: February 15, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

I am still up to my shins in clearing and cleaning and reorganizing my home office — a result of the Earthquake two months ago.

We are trying to organize a National Recording Office for The United States of America (the actual unincorporated version) and working on a streamlined and online version of the crucial documents people need to record.

We are also day by day, writing out information for the Jural Assemblies so that they know their history and know the structure of their own American Government and where the State Jural Assemblies fit in the proverbial Great Scheme of Things.

There is also movement toward resolving all these inconveniences by overturning the false legal presumptions being held against us and false registration practices giving rise to them.

Then, instead of us having to prove our provenance and go through all the Turkey Trot, our employees will have to account for themselves. What a nice idea.

My work schedule continues to be brutal. I worked from six in the morning to past noon on Valentine’s Day without as much as a cup of coffee. No fun.

I’m afraid all my correspondence has fallen behind and my emails, too. There’s so much “Public Interest” work that it is impossible to answer many if any individual questions now.

The Living Law Firm Team has had a dreadful winter workload-wise and lots of other complications.

On top of all the craziness and losses caused by the November Earthquake, three of us have suffered major car repairs this month and had transportation issues above and beyond the truly nasty weather—- which is bad enough all by itself.
Health issues for people and health issues for pets, soaring fuel bills and breakdowns of equipment (besides the cars), you name it and we have had it.

We’ve gotten through it, because of you, my faithful readers — and I trust that you can tell that we are continuing to haul water for you, too. Every day we learn more, share more, and bit by bit the education people receive is making a difference. Things are spreading by word of mouth and on a worldwide basis.

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Video – Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status By Anna Von Reitz

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Since the beginning of this whole rabbit chase the goal has been to streamline the process of correcting our political status records and getting back to our original birthright status as people living on the land and soil of our country.

There is a logic to it, once you get your head wrapped around the fact that you have been kidnapped into a foreign jurisdiction and mis-identified accidentally-on-purpose by your own employees.

Okay, you have been misidentified as a Federal Citizen—- one of three different Federal Citizenship statuses are possible. You are naturally “none of the above”.

The quickest, simplest way out of this is to declare by Act of Expatriation that you are not any kind of Federal, Territorial or Municipal United States Citizen, nor Citizen of the United States nor US CITIZEN.

So you need a competent Act of Expatriation, signed, sealed, and Witnessed.

That’s Job One.

Okay, that declares what you are not and where you are not standing, but only coincidentally tells the world who you are and in what capacity you are acting and in which jurisdiction. Though this is referenced in the Act of Expatriation, it isn’t sufficient.

So, you need to formally and specifically “Acknowledge, Accept, and Re-Convey” your Given Trade Name, which your parents gave you as a gift.

This is the name that was seized upon and used to create all the other variations and permutations and “styles” of names that have been attributed to you—– so you need to say, yes, this is my property, I acknowledge and accept it as mine and I re-convey it from any presumed location at sea back to its natural and permanent domicile on the land and soil of _____________. (Maine, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.)

So that is Job Two.

Now that you have expatriated from the wrong political status and repatriated your Trade Name to the correct status, it’s time to take control of all the “Assumed Names” that have been ascribed to you based on your Trade Name, as well as any Pen Names or Performance Names or Married Names you have used.

You list all these various names like: MARILYN JONES, MARILYN A. JONES, MARILYN ANN JONES, JONES, MARILYN, JONES, MARILYN A., JONES, MARILYN ANN, Marilyn Jones, Marilyn A. Jones, Marilyn Ann Jones, Marilyn Logan (Married Name), Marilyn A. Logan (Married Name), Marilyn Ann Logan (Married Name)…… and so on, plus, if you have other names you use as Pen Names or as Performer Names, you will want to add those as well as a general claim to “all variations, permutations, punctuation variations, orderings, fonts or styles of my name and names associated with me in any way whatsoever” as part of your Certificate of Assumed Name.

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