US govt to issue wallet-sized COVID-19 proof of vaccination cards

Releasing the image on the Department of Defense (DOD) website, the description says that they ‘will be sent out as part of vaccination kits from Operation Warp Speed.’

By Michael Haynes,

As COVID-19 vaccines prepare to be rolled out, the Department of Defense has released an image of a wallet-sized vaccination record card, which will be given to everyone who receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

Releasing the image on the Department of Defense (DOD) website, the description says that they “will be sent out as part of vaccination kits from Operation Warp Speed.”

The kit will further include “a card, a needle and syringe, alcohol wipes and a mask.”

Reporting on the news of the card, Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition which is involved in distributing the vaccine, said “Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due. Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.”

Moore also stated that people would be widely asked to volunteer their cell number, in order to “get a text message telling them when and where their next dose is scheduled to be administered.”

CNN added that “Vaccination clinics will also be reporting to their state immunization registries what vaccine was given, so that, for example, an entity could run a query if it didn’t know where a patient got a first dose.”

The Texas Department of State Health Services, in an updated instruction on their website, includes mention of the vaccine record card. Providers of the vaccine “must provide a completed COVID-19 vaccination record card to every COVID-19 Vaccine recipient.” The card will be included in the vaccine shipment.

Similar information regarding the use of the vaccine record card is contained on the Department of Health for Minnesota’s website.

document detailing the vaccination program, compiled by the CDC, consistently refers to the vaccination card. “Provide a completed COVID-19 vaccination record card to every vaccine recipient/parent/legal representative,” the document states, when listing the duties of a vaccine provider.

In an October article Dr. Michael Yeadon,who “spent over 30 years leading new [allergy and respiratory] medicines research in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies,” and retired from the COVID-19 vaccine developer, Pfizer, with “the most senior research position in this field,” dismissed the need for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Yeadon stated: “There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.”

The technology involved in administering the vaccine, as used by Pfizer and Moderna, is so novel that it has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as admitted by Pfizer itself.

It also avails of “messenger RNA,” which directly affects a person’s cells, and is “a vaccine technology that’s so new, no mRNA vaccines have ever been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Doctors from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), advising the CDC, warned that patients needed to be informed about the side-effects of COVID-19 vaccines. According to a report from CNBC, Dr. Sandra Fryhofer of the American Medical Association stressed, “We really need to make patients aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park,” she said. “They are going to know they had a vaccine. They are probably not going to feel wonderful. But they’ve got to come back for that second dose.”

Some of the immediate results from some of the vaccine trials have included “severe” complications, involving headaches, fever, body aches and symptoms similar to a “severe hangover.


To register complaints and concerns about the vaccination card, visit the U.S Department of Health and Human Services page or the Centers for Disease Control here and here.



Britons to Get ‘Vaccine Stamps’ in Their Passports Before Overseas Travel

“Pets need a vaccination passport when travelling between the UK and Europe”

By Christopher Hope,

British travellers who have been inoculated against coronavirus could have their passports stamped to show they have had the vaccine in a boost for the tourism industry, The Telegraph can disclose.

The new ‘vaccine stamps’ would allow tourists to avoid being held up at borders if the international travel industry starts to pick up in the middle of next year as the pandemic subsides.

The stamps are being considered by ministers at the Department for Transport (DfT) as a significant way to boost the aviation industry by giving a degree of certainty to travellers planning overseas holidays next summer.

The news came as the Government secured an additional 2 million doses of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, which is due to be available early next year and has been shown in trials to be 95 per cent effective.

The deal means the UK now has access to a total of 357 million doses of vaccines from seven different developers.

Airlines are likely to demand that passengers are vaccinated against coronavirus before they are allowed to board their planes.

Last week Qantas’ chief executive Alan Joyce said it would be a “necessity” for passengers to be inoculated before travelling.

The airline’s terms and conditions of travel could now be amended to say that international travelers must be vaccinated before they can board a Qantas plane.

Jill Chung, a spokesperson for Korean Air, South Korea’s largest airline, also said there was a real possibility that airlines will require that passengers be vaccinated because governments may require this as a condition for lifting quarantine for arrivals. Air New Zealand has also echoed a similar position.

Vaccine stamps as proof of being vaccinated were raised last week by Tory MP James Sunderland who asked Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, whether he had considered “the utility of having vaccination stamps in passports, or an equivalent scheme, to get our plans off the ground”.

Mr Johnson replied that his transport secretary Grant Shapps was “looking at all such schemes” and could offer an assurance that he had heard the call “loud and clear”. [What “call” LOL? The only reason there is a demand is because you’re mandating it.]

Sources confirmed that the stamps were being examined at the DfT, where Aviation minister Robert Courts is said to be “upbeat and supportive” of the plan.

Mr Sunderland told The Telegraph: “Pets need a vaccination passport when travelling between the UK and Europe and this would be a fantastic way of ensuring freedom of movement for people too. [Now you can be just like a pet! Freedom of movement!]

“We must do everything possible to boost the economy by re-opening our travel, hospitality, leisure and business sectors and how fantastic would it be to have our planes, trains and boats full again.

“A vaccination stamp is simple, would save all the hassle at either end and really boost confidence.”

The DfT was approached for comment.

The Government’s additional two million Moderna doses mean that the UK has now secured 7 million doses of Moderna vaccine, which will be available in Europe as early as the spring.

The UK now has access to enough doses of Moderna’s vaccine candidate for around 3.5 million people.

Source: The Telegraph

Vaccinated Children Are Sicker, Study Shows

by Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

Benjamin Fulford 11/30/20 Report: Troops Rally Around Trump as Final Showdown Begins

Events are coming to a head in the United States and worldwide as information warfare morphs into kinetic warfare, Pentagon, MI6, and FSB sources agree.  The U.S. military and intelligence agencies are now rallying around President Donald Trump because the citizens of the United States legally elected him, Pentagon sources confirm.

The WDS has had reservations about Trump because of quotes we found deeply disturbing (see his Twitter for source):

“I came out with vaccines that people didn’t think we would have for five years and we have them, they are going to be distributed in two weeks.”

However, it now turns out as some readers have noted, Trump, whose own son is a victim of vaccines, was playing 5D chess.  Here is the explanation from the Pentagon:

“The FDA, CDC, DOD, UK, EU, and Trump are aware that the Pfizer, Moderna mRNA vaccines may alter DNA, cause sterility, or have nano components that can be triggered by 5G.  So this may be a trap to arrest the eugenicists and nationalize Big Pharma.”

We also got confirmation from MI6 that plans for the vaccine leaked from Canada were genuine.  Here, according to MI6, is what Jesuit agent Justin Castro has planned for Canada:

“The government will get try to get all Canadians on universal basic income by mid-2021.  Huge supply chain breakdowns and economic instability will be carried out before that to force Canadians to accept basic income.

The Canadian military will be deployed in all cities to set up checkpoints and restrict movement by the second half of 2021.  Then, once Canadians are miserable and impoverished, they will be offered “total debt forgiveness.” In exchange, they will have to take the Covid (Certificate Of Vaccination ID) vaccination.  Those who accept will be given a photo identification to be called “Canada’s Health Pass” and offered basic income and freedom of travel.  Those who refuse will be put into concentration camps.”

Rember Justin Castro is the son of Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro.  He murdered his own brother in order to become Prime Minister.

Communism was invented and directed by the Jesuits making Justin Castro a communist Manchurian candidate.  That is why the Canadian military needs to cooperate with their U.S. counterparts in order to remove this threat.

We are also now certain that Pope Francis is no longer with us.  Remember, he vanished for several weeks after the Covid attack on Italy and was only seen as a hologram appearing at his balcony.  Now we have a new Pope Francis being promoted in the corporate propaganda media supporting Antifa, telling people to wear masks, and promoting vaccination.

We have tried to contact Pope Francis via the P3 Freemasons and they say they can no longer reach him.  So Catholics, understand your Pope has been replaced by a fake whose words and actions are clearly different from those of the man who we saw before the Covid attack.  The Vatican appears to have fallen to Satanic forces.

General Michael Flynn is now the leader of a joint multinational military operation against the Satanic Cabal, Pentagon sources say.  General Flynn described the situation in this way:

“We are going through a crucible of history and if we do not correct what is happening over the next couple of weeks…this country is done.”

We strongly recommend you listen to his half-hour speech that can be found here:

The counterattack against the cabal is now fully underway as “the DOJ prepares for executions by firing squad, hanging, gas chambers, and the electric chair,” Pentagon sources say.

We are also hearing from CIA and Pentagon sources that CIA Director Gina Haspell is…


“on ice, literally after being caught in the recent firefight in Germany over the election servers with the special ops going up against agency hired guns. The entire agency is being vetted globally top to bottom.  A massive change is occurring.  There are many disappearances taking place.”

We can confirm from our own direct sources that many disappearances are taking place in Japan.  Last we the White Dragon Society issued an ultimatum to the Pentagon to do something in this country and that has started.

The trigger was a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club by Ryuichi Morishita, a Japanese slave government operative.  At this conference, attended by your correspondent, Morishita said the Japanese government had bought 120 million vaccines each from Pfizer and AstraZeneca as well as another 50 million from Moderna.  He said they would be administered to the Japanese people and the Japanese government, not the pharmaceutical companies, would pay compensation for negative side effects.  Morishita also admitted he has never seen the “Covid” virus under a microscope or a genuine Covid patient.

Also last week Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko said, “We have a target of 1,000 positive COVID test results.”  She corrected herself but this is an obvious Freudian slip.  She was trying to tell the world that she was ordered to concoct at least that many fake positives per day for the capital.

Now, cabal agents in Japan such as David Atkinson (of Goldman Sachs), Heizo Takenaka, and many others are being rounded up.  This has resulted in this writer getting many personal death threats and having the cord to his Christmas lights decorations cut as a warning.  Our answer will be to continue to decapitate the cabal network in Japan The people being removed in Japan all report to either the Rockefeller or Rothschild crime families.

If you look at who so-called President-elect Joe Biden selected for his cabinet, you can see they are almost all members of the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations.

Trump is now taking them all out of action.

Here is the rest of the Pentagon report for this week:

“Trump released the Kraken as he pardoned Mike Flynn on November 25th and fired zionist Jews from the Defense Policy Board, led by former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger, former ranking member of House Intelligence committee Jane Harman and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Top Jewish banker and former World Bank head Jim Wolfensohn dead as 1,000s of military flights renditioned cabal soldiers and their leaders to Gitmo, Honduras, black sites, and U.S. military bases.

Trump at Camp David is giving the Cabal members enough rope to hang themselves as he declares Zionists, Democrats, Jewish Media, big tech, and Deep State, foreign and domestic, as enemy combatants.

The military operation will also have to remove Angela Saxe Gotha Hitler Merkel from power in Germany and send special forces to Switzerland to round up members of the Rothschild family there.  They can start by grabbing Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and getting him to sing about his puppet masters.  That is because the WEF is the central node of the vaccination-digital money plan.”

Moves such as these are important but we need to seriously consider the possibility the real enemy is, as the gnostic Illuminati have long claimed, a rogue AI.  There is a lot of evidence for this i.e. Covid-AI (1=A  9=I).  For one thing, most of the real deaths from Covid-19 came from 5G electromagnetic attacks, and not a physically existing germ or virus.

Another is that the vaccinations contain nano-RFID chips, again the sort of thing an AI would need to control humans.  An increasing number of world leaders and now Pope Francis appear in media as programmed visual effects or powerless human body double puppets reading scripts.

If we are, as is almost certainly the case, dealing with a rogue AI, then drastic action is needed.  The most important is to remove its control over the world’s monetary system.  Take a look at this cover picture for the cabal Angelli and Rothschild family controlled Economist to see what power control over finance gives you:

If you look at the picture is says, “insert stimulus funds,” which means central bank computer funny money.  What do you get for this: A Joe Biden Presidency, Mass Vaccinations, a break-up of the United States, Chinese control via “pandemic” fascism, nuclear terror, etc.

Fortunately, MI6 sources tell us the world’s military forces are on the case.  Here is what they plan for the financial system, according to MI6:

“All of the wealth of the world is intended to be used to back the new system, which will accurately make an inventory, perform the valuation, total the valuation and use that value to calculate the value of the currency and everything else essentially replacing the IMF SDR system…These all have to be verified by the world’s military.”

It is also inevitable that any reboot of the system will have to include a jubilee of some sort.  Under the current system, about 40% of Americans will have to be evicted from their homes in mid-winter because they cannot pay their rent or mortgage.  That is obviously not going to happen.

Unlike the Cabal’s Communist plan to make sure nobody ends up owning property, the White Dragon Society wants to make sure everybody has the right to own property.  Specifically, people will end up owning their current residence with no debt.  Landlords will be given the equivalent of rental income by the government.

Also, if the Western countries are not to be taken over by China, they need to completely revamp their own economic systems.

While the West continues its civil war, China is marching ahead.  In 2001 China led the world in only 61 key product categories.  However, by 2019 it had more than quintupled its share to 320 categories, many in hi-tech areas like computers.  The major R&D acquisition that went along with setting up leading international company factories in China, has given the CCP a running start.

Following the Covid attack in February this year, China’s exports jumped from 14% of the total export values of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to 24% by April, as Beijing “contained the pandemic.”  They likely dialed down the number of magnification cycles for a false-negative PCR test, while other G20 countries used a recommended 45 cycle = 95% false-positive setting to support the introduction of draconian measures.

China prepared in advance to export masks and other “pandemic” related goods.

That means that even if the West “gets the bad guys,” they will still lose in the long term to China unless they revamp and modernize their economic systems.  To this end the Russians, the Japanese, the British Commonwealth, and the Pentagon are getting ready to set up a Future Planning Agency to replace the Khazarian controlled UN, BIS, World Bank and IMF, etc.

On the esoteric side of things, tonight is a blood beaver full moon.

It was preceded by a fireball over Tokyo that was as bright as a full moon.

However, don’t wait for the heavens to fall, it is time to take direct personal action.



THE CHINA CONNECTION: Parent company of Dominion Voting Systems Received $400 million from Swiss Investment Bank — 75% owned by the Chinese Government

Dominion Voting Systems operates voting machines in 28 states and has been accused by President Trump and his supporters of being involved in deleting millions of votes for Trump in addition to switching votes to Biden on election night.

“On Oct 8, 2020, Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amount of $400,000,000 with the Sales Compensation Recipient identified as UBS Securities,” states the investigation, which also notes that another payment of $200,000,000 was received in December 2014.

“UBS Securities is a swiss investment bank which owns 24.99% of UBS Securities Co LTD, a Chinese Investment Bank. The remaining 75% of UBS Securities CO LTD is owned by the Chinese government,” states the report.

The overall owners of UBS Securities Co LTD are;

– Beijing Guoxiang (33%)
– UBS (24.99%)
– Guangdong Comm. Group [zh] (14.01%)
– China Guodian (14%)
– COFCO Group (14%)

Aside from UBS, the other four owners of UBS Securities are all Communist Chinese front groups.


More from The National Pulse:

Beijing Guoxiang is a state owned asset.

Guangdong Comm. Group 100% stakeholder is the Guangdong Provincial Government.

China Guodian is state owned enterprise administered for the SASAC for the state Council

COFCO Group is a state owned enterprise under the direct supervision of the SASAC.

SASAC The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) is a special commission of the People’s Republic of China, directly under the State Council.


Lockdown fallout: Nearly one-third of NY, NJ small businesses reportedly closed in 2020

At the on-set of the Wuhan virus, bureaucrats mandated lockdowns – except for “essential” businesses. That typically meant the big box stores: Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc.

The businesses that are “essential” for many trying to make a living were shutdown: The mom-and-pops, small businesses, restaurants and many locally-owned service provider companies.

As we enter month nine of the Wuhan virus, more lockdowns are expected. Again, big box retail that is deemed “essential” will not face any lockdowns.

The results are devastating for the lives of so many small business owners.

According to the NY Postnearly one-third of small businesses in New York and New Jersey remain closed since January amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From the NY Post story: In the Empire State, 27.8 percent of small businesses have not reopened their doors, while Jersey has lost 31.2 percent as of Nov. 16, according to, a Harvard-run database that keeps tabs on the economic impact of the virus.

More than half of small businesses in both states were forced to shut their doors in the spring at the height of the pandemic, with both hitting highs in mid-April — 52.5 percent of New York businesses and 53.9 percent in the Garden States, the stats show.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday that a new lockdown is “on the table” again, which could spell more bad news for business owners.

And New Jersey isn’t the only state suffering — the national average is 29.8 percent, The Hill reported.”

You have to wonder why the bureaucrats were/are so quick to shutdown American small businesses for a virus that has a 99%+ survivability rate (vulnerable demographics excluded). Especially when many of the bureaucrats violated their OWN Wuhan virus mandates and allowed the BLM/Antifa protests to continue throughout this pandemic.


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!



Mexico Senate Votes in Landslide To Legalize World’s Largest Cannabis Market

By Elias Marat,

Mexico is hurtling toward legalizing cannabis for a variety of uses, opening up the Latin American country to becoming the largest legal marijuana market in the world.

Just days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., Mexico’s Senate approved a bill that would put an end to prohibition measures in a landslide vote of 82 to 18, with seven abstentions.

Lawmakers in the ruling Morena party have been working hard to seal the approval of the landmark cannabis legalization bill before the current congressional session draws to a close in December. Morena, alongside its allies, holds majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The bill is designed to “improve living conditions” and “contribute to the reduction of crime linked to drug trafficking,” according to its text.

The move would amount to a huge U-turn after decades of anti-drug policies led to the explosive growth of transnational cartels – and ferocious local cartel wars – in Mexico. In recent years, violence related to drug cartels has claimed upwards of 10,000 lives.

Advocates of legalization in Mexico have long argued that legalizing the plant would allow the country to advance alternative drug policies, halt the criminalization of drug users and refocus its security efforts to better address public health.

The demands of advocates came significantly closer to being realized in 2018, when the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that recreational marijuana should be permitted. One year prior, legislators voted to legalize the plant for medical purposes.

While Mexico has a long and storied history of cannabis usage, the consumption of the plant is still not as culturally accepted on a widespread level as in the United States. However, the creation of legal commercial markets for the sale and purchase of the plan will likely displace the large systems of illicit cultivation in the country.

Socially conservative Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, popularly known by his initials AMLO, has largely shied away from vocally supporting the legalization of the plant. However, Lopez Obrador has long endorsed the need to radically reform the country’s laws to put an end to rampant drug violence in Mexico, where drug cartels still hold sway over the illicit trade of narcotics.

But while the president hasn’t been an outspoken champion of legalization efforts, members of his center-left party such as Senate leader Ricardo Monreal and senior cabinet members like Interior Minister Olga Sanchez have been clear in their calls to open the doors to legalizing and regulating the recreational usage of cannabis.

Under the proposed measures, Mexico would place strict controls on ownership and the supply chain used for domestic production and international commerce of cannabis. The trade surrounding the industry would also have to comply with various forms of financial source verification, ensuring that the business doesn’t fall into the hands of criminal syndicates, writes Forbes.

Under the bill, adults over 18 will be allowed to cultivate and possess up to 28 grams of cannabis for personal use. Possession of up to 200 grams would also be decriminalized.

Individuals would be allowed to grow up to 20 plants provided their annual yield isn’t in excess of 480 grams. Medical patients would be able to grow over 20 plants, if necessary. Public consumption of cannabis would also be allowed in all spaces besides those marked as “100 percent smoke-free.”

Cannabis sales would also be subject to a 12 percent tax, with revenue going toward drug abuse programs. The new laws and regulations would be enforced and overseen by the Mexican Institute of Regulation and Control of Cannabis.

Advocates have also expressed caution about moving forward while taking into account social equity concerns and safeguards to prevent transnational corporations from monopolizing the massive, burgeoning weed market in the North American country.

The success of these efforts would make Mexico the largest country in the world, by population, to legalize cannabis. With a population exceeding 125 million people, Mexico would quickly become the largest consumer market for cannabis products, marking a huge step forward in bringing the international cannabis marketplace out of the shadows.


Source: The Mind Unleashed

COVID-19 part of China’s ‘stealth war’ against the United States: retired USAF general

‘The coronavirus revealed an entirely new threat to Americans for the first time,’ retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding told the Truth over Fear virtual summit on the pandemic last month.

By Lianne Lawrence,

The coronavirus pandemic is part of the “stealth war” that the Chinese Communist Party has been waging against the United States by infiltrating its democratic institutions and undermining its political and social culture, a retired U.S Air Force general and China expert warned.

“The coronavirus revealed an entirely new threat to Americans for the first time,” retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding told a virtual summit on the pandemic last month.

“It’s a very subtle and it’s a completely different kind of threat to our national security,” Spalding said during the Truth Over Fear Summit, organized by Catholic broadcaster Patrick Coffin.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) views the United States as its “main adversary,” not because of its nuclear arms but because “we have a constitution … designed to separate power in the United States to ensure no one person, group or party could gain ultimate power, and to recognize that the highest form of tyranny in the world is totalitarianism,” he pointed out.

Beijing fears that the Chinese people will “someday awaken to the potential of humanity as defined by our Declaration of Independence, the preamble to the Constitution, our system of institutions and rules and protections for civil liberties,” and so is actively seeking to “erode our nation from within.”

The way in which Beijing is using the coronavirus pandemic to gain advantage over the West is of a piece with this campaign, which Spalding detailed in his 2019 book: Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elites Slept.

While America developed a strong military to defend its national interests and regards war, in the words of Prussian general and military theorist Claus von Clausewitz, as “the continuation of politics by other means,” the CCP “looks at politics as the method of war. In other words, war is politics; politics is war,” said Spalding, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Mao Zedong referred to this as the “people’s war,” and it is how the CCP “came to power in China: by using political warfare, psychological warfare, ideological warfare, economic warfare, many other capacities to motivate … the population and the society to essentially gain legitimacy and eventually overthrow the nationalist party.”

The CCP’s ability to control the narrative within China has been “primarily increased through the use of Western technology,” which has also, along with its increased ties with the West, allowed Beijing to exert control over the narrative in the outside world.

“After the end of the Cold War, and certainly when China was brought into the World Trade Organization, their ability to use business, finance, and information to extend this influence and control beyond their borders is what we are dealing with today in the coronavirus,” Spalding said.

As with the swine flu and SARS outbreaks, Beijing’s story was that a local official was at fault for not informing CCP higher-ups of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, and was then fired.

But while the West interprets this as “incompetence,” the East’s interpretation is that the CCP “deliberately obfuscates things.”

That’s why Taiwan sent researchers to China in December, who reported back that the virus was spreading through human-to-human contact. Taiwan then slammed shut its border to China while the United States hesitated, Spalding said.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping shut down domestic travel on January 7, even as six million people traveled from China to other countries. Xi then shut down Wuhan on January 23, Spalding said.

America later learned that the CCP was “putting pressure on the World Health Organization not to talk about human-to-human transmission.”

Moreover, China changed “overnight” from being a lead exporter of PPE (personal protective equipment) and masks, to a lead importer of these items, noted Spalding.

“Then subsequently, the Chinese Communist Party talks about taking advantage of the way that they’ve handled the coronavirus to advance their economy,” he told Coffin in a virtual Q&A.

Other clues that the CCP used the pandemic “as a mechanism to weaken the West and really increase its relative strength” were the “disinformation campaigns” Beijing orchestrated in the aftermath of the pandemic, the retired general said.

These included “social media campaigns” that claimed the coronavirus did not start in China, and those that stoked fear and panic and “certainly encouraged countries to lock down their economies,” Spalding observed.

“These are all components of a social media campaign that saw 40 percent of social media posts surrounding the coronavirus as bots, basically automated algorithms, that were designed to essentially throw gasoline on the fire, which was panic,” he said.

The pandemic was followed by “riots and looting” with “again, social media coming from bots that was antagonizing and adding to fuel to that fire,” he contended.

“If you go back and study the method of warfare of the Chinese Communist Party and recognize that it’s political, it’s psychological, it uses media, it uses all elements of connectedness to essentially control the narrative, then you realize that we created the perfect society, global society, to enable the spread of that narrative,” he said.

He elaborated on the “stealth war” China has been waging against America for years.

“There has been a determined effort on the part of the Chinese Communist Party and the Russians to diminish the attractiveness of liberal democratic principles and democratic societies, and this has been very effective,” Spalding said.

“Not only are our universities and schools now teaching ideas like critical race theory, like socialism, like applied postmodernism, but they’re also infiltrated by a number of Confucius Institutes,” he noted.

“When you get right down to the heart of it, critical race theory, post-modernism, applied post-modernism really has zero difference from the way the Chinese Communist Party runs their society,” Spalding told Coffin.

That is, “the narrative is what determines what you know and what you think.”

The CCP also realized that “Silicon Valley created this enormous engine for individual influence in these large tech companies.”

It has adopted these practices and “built essentially competing tech companies” to Google, Amazon and Facebook, these being BeiDou, Alibaba, and Tencent, respectively, as well as exporting such products, such as video sharing network, Tik Tok.

“Beidou, the main search engine in China, is curated for what the Chinese Communist Party wants you to see,” he told Coffin.

“What you have begun to see here in our society is a realization that our search results in Google are similarly curated for what Google wants you to see, and it’s not necessarily always purely related to economic benefit for Google, it’s also related to their social and political world view,” Spalding said.

“That’s where we are beginning to have this challenge with regard to the use of your data and censorship in the free world that mimics in a large respect what the Chinese Communist Party does.”

Moreover, the CCP is aiming to become, in Taiwanese-born American computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee’s phrase “the Saudi Arabia of data,” Spalding said, “because they understand that the data drives artificial intelligence and influence. And that’s why Facebook, Amazon and Google all have artificial intelligence research centers in China.”

America’s protections of its national sovereignty through its military power and “two big oceans” are “illusory protections,” that “actually mask the incredible threat to our democracy that comes in through corporate business practices, through Wall Street investment in China, through our academic system, through our research labs, through our lobbying and PR firms and our law firms and our political establishment,” he said.

“Essentially, the Chinese Communist Party has not only infiltrated nearly every institution in the United States, it also controls much of the United Nations, now the World Bank, many of the international institutions like the World Trade Organization,” he said.

The CCP “improved” on communism of the USSR’s Josef Stalin by “using the banking system and access to capital in conjunction with allowing a certain level of corruption and profit seeking” to “create an economy that was enticing to outside interest in a way that aligned to, say, corporate America’s profit motive,” Spalding told Coffin.

“They’ve also been very open in a geopolitical sense,” he said.

“As opposed to Khrushchev banging his shoe at the UN, Chinese leaders have been very, very open. Xi Jinping and other leaders have gone to Davos and talked about the need for globalization and openness … They have adopted the narrative of cooperation and collaboration while still maintaining the regime very much like the Soviet Union.”

These are lessons the CCP learned in the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacres that crushed a student movement for democratic reform.

The CCP’s Tiananmen Papers say that Beijing needs to “stay connected to the free world in order to extract innovation, technology, talent, and capital but we cannot allow this idea of freedom … to infect the minds of Chinese subjects.”

That Americans have been affected by China’s “stealth war” is evident in many ways, one being the breakdown in social discourse.

“I just call things the way I see them,” Spalding told Coffin, “It just incenses people and that’s something that I think is very, very dangerous for our society.”

“I think it’s something that we can turn around, but we have to confront it,” he added.

“People have been so cowed and they’re so terrified of confronting it directly when it happens that … they self-censor,” Spalding said. “We have to confront it. … Where evil exists, if you don’t confront it, it will grow, and that’s, I think, our biggest challenge today.”