Nyla Nguyen Interview: Navigating 3D Events to Master 5D Consciousness

Nyla Nguyen is a Twin Flame, an old soul and a Light Warrior here to assist the planet and its inhabitants in this ascension period. She helps to anchor the 5D energy, share her spiritual/metaphysical and Galactic knowledge for people going through their ascension journey. She has a Youtube channel and membership site to spread the light. She covers current events from a 5D (Galactic) perspective.

We spoke with Nyla about how to awaken to 5D consciousness and what can one do to help others join in the path. What are the big issues being missed? The answers may surprise you.

Nyla backs up her claims with lots of research and facts that she presents in her videos.

Nyla Nguyen: nylanguyen.com

YouTube: 3d to 5d consciousness


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Declaration of the Violation Against Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Rights

Was man given Free Will when he took his place on the surface of our home planet Earth? Teachings and educational accounts say “Yes” and this Prime Directive comes into play everyday in the decisions of our Society’s Co-Creative Consciousness. However, many questions arise as to the veracity of this claim. For example: Does our Earth surface Humanity allow unfettered good to happen to its inhabitants naturally? Or are our lives controlled and subjugated by fear? Do we manifest our Creator’s intended spirituality and evolution? Or, are our Birth Rights under heavy attack in attempts to control us by Dark Forces? Does all of Humanity approve of the wars we’re involved in? Or do Humanity’s wars benefit the few self-appointed “elites?” Are our elections run freely and do the masses votes count? Or, are we under the illusion of Democracy where voting is second to actual vote counting. Who then, do our politicians and government serve if not the people?

We offer up to Humanity, the Earth Alliance, the Angels, the Guardians, the Non-Terrestrial overseeing bodies, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and all other participating Galactics and concerned parties that Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Rights have been severely violated in our human history and are under intolerable attack right now. We ask that the global elite power control be ended and that Humanity be given and restored, the true Birth Right of our Creator’s intended inheritance.

Through the course of human events, it once again becomes necessary for people to dissolve the illegitimate controlling bands of power which have connected them with other persons and beings and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of the Universe and the Prime Directive of the One Infinite Creator entitle them, a profound respect to the Forces of the Universe requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be clarion among the Universe, that all Men are created to their Highest Potential, that Mankind was given certain Universal and Human Birth Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness among the Earth and in its rightful place among the Universe. That to secure these rights, PUBLIC GOVERNMENTS were to be instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the open and honest consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Birth Right of the Humanity and it’s People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Indeed, Governments should not be changed for light and transient causes; but when a long train of abuses and usurpations of Humanity reduces said Humanity to mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual enslavement under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of the Global Nations under control of the Secret Government Global Cabal. The history of the Global Elite is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over the world identified as the New World Order.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a dutiful and honorable Universe:

Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Right has been violated when:

A global financial system is allowed to enslave people through fear and the creation of “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System”

Election fraud is perpetrated on the voting masses through systematic voter purging, vote flipping, voter disenfranchisement, disallowance of whole and rightful voting tallies

Mass media portends election tampering when in collusion with party officials to support certain candidates while dissuading others or falsely announcing outcomes prior to final poll results and/or announce fabricated poll standings

The system of government is bypassed with unconstitutional Executive Orders usurping the power conferred in the Congress and right of representational rule is often abridged in exchange for money

Aggressor nations and allies like the US and NATO carry out Illegal Wars without consent of the US Congress, without Declaration of War, without authority from the UN, and without approval from the victim nation

During the ongoing “War on Terror” public discourse is bypassed, muzzled and quelled by force and perpetrated as a threat to the welfare of a free and open society through social engineered and orchestrated descent or abject opposition to peace creating a divide and rush to judgment with often biased collusion and controlled narrative through broadcast television intended to instill more fear into the masses

Crimes against nature, the environment, Gaia, food crops, our skies and oceans are committed against peaceful protest with illegitimate police forces and misinformed accomplices working against the common good and, rather, for the protection of corporate interests and greed and hidden agendas of the elite

The very existence of Humanity is threatened by further war and aggressions in the pursuit of resources, money and pursuit of material over spiritual betterment

Healthcare is not freely provided to those in need but made a profit motive and an entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is propagated on profits over patients managing people to stay sick or clinically diseased and vaccinated often harboring the very disease they are in public trust to prevent. Healing technologies are developed, paid for through taxation yet inaccessible to the masses

Free energy technology is proven and available but undisclosed under the guise of “National Security” and status quo

Electromagnetic Fields are used as weaponry over Humanity causing depression, lethargy, lack of will and vitality

Surveillance technology creates a totalitarian state of repressive, obtrusive, over-reaching intrusion into daily life of free persons

The truth of our human origins are kept hidden from Humanity thus denying us our Birth Right to knowledge and evolution

Humanity has endured these oppressions for far too long and at great cost to Human Life, sense of Safety and Security, and Prosperity. Humanity has been protesting these violations and voting for change, change that gets usurped by the global elite and not administered in earnest to the service-of-others. We have appealed to our courts and magnanimity for years to no avail. In the current times, we must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, to denounce our bonds of dissolution and demand that the truth be disclosed, and hold the Global Elite Cabal as conscious and guilty violators, murderers, and instigators of Crimes against Humanity, in Peace – as Co-inhabitants of our wondrous, rich, just and bountiful planet Earth.

We, therefore, a small band of Awakened Humans of Planet Earth on behalf of all Humanity, appealing to the Supreme Judge and Non-Terrestrial Supreme Federation currently in our Sol System via the Guardians, Resistance Movement, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and others in awareness, solemnly publish and declare, in the Name, and by the Authority of the Prime Directive on behalf of the good people of the Earth, that by Birth Right, WE ought to be Free and Held Harmless, that Humanity is Absolved from the Enslavement of the Global Elite Cabal and the extending and harming powers extended from therein. That we have by Right the ability to Ascend to Humanity’s inevitable potential along with the Earth – Gaia, with help and assistance of Higher Evolved Beings and those former oppressors who undergo supervised and qualified, celestial and Non-Terrestrial healing, and are just, righteous and solemnly repentant.

We are thankful that the planet should be going through its rightful ascension right now, but not happy that the true benefits to Humanity are being unfairly withheld from the overwhelming majority of us. Please heed the cries of the Earth’s Beings, be they Microbial Life, Mineral Life, Plant Life, Sea Life, Animal Life, Mammalian Life, Avian Life, Human Life, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Extra-Dimensional Life, Inner-Earth Life. The Universe surely hears the cries of the trees, the sickness of the ocean, the coughing of the skies, the dying of the fertility of the earth’s once bountiful food harvest, and the sorrow of our Brothers and Sisters as unified voices that need to be heard and responded to in this greatest hour of need.

We therefore submit Our plea, in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, one day hoping to join You and the Universe as a Free and Ascended Humanity, glorifying in the Power and Peace of the One Infinite Creator.

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Malawi Orphanage Summer Update

This is an update for our sponsored humanitarian project in Malawi, Africa.

Our team leader Keyason has managed to get the village through the floods and shortage of food. He continues to be a guiding light with his team that works so hard to feed, clothe, educate, and inspire several hundred in Chickwawa, Malawi.

With the limited support we offer, somehow he’s managed to find more donors that have provided to their mission. Please consider a donation to Prepare For Change to continue our main mission in Malawi.

Not only is the Malawi Orphanage covering the needs for the 530+ that are housed at the Nova Gaia Orphanage – Malawi, but Keyason and team are doing work for neighboring villages as he shared with us on June 15.

“Today we are very happy to have an opportunity of sharing and distributing some small gifts to people, orphans, widows, old aged and disabled. But our aim is to reach more people with support of food, building house, building church buying bicycle, as well as bibles and drill wells to community areas where there are no good water.”

Here’s a message given to the group. Please forgive the audio quality, it was very windy there this day.

Keyason has put trust in several orphans that now assist as team members in their ongoing mission. Here’s a video of one making an announcement to the villagers. Though hard to hear at moments, the overall impression is that the team is glad to be of service and offer gifts to share with the others. They also make mention of the need to help the orphans there. He sums up that in order to continue to help that they need encouragement.

Over the years, the team’s faith has gotten them through many difficult situations.

Keyason’s growth and leadership is an amazing example of true service-to-others. Just remember that their own village is severely underserved and in incredible need, yet, they would give of their very limited supplies to assist others. Where there is such need in this part of the world, it’s a stark contrast to people’s own actions in the US that see many recently looting for discretionary or non-essential items.

As always, it’s through the generosity of our community that we are able to provide constant financial support to the orphans, elderly and infirm. What the village really needs says Keyason is religious support. They need to be able to buy bibles and really desire to be put in touch with a faith-based outreach. Please, reach out to info@prepareforchange.net if you have any inroads in the country or this African region.

Our Malawi friends constantly encourage us. They face adversity all the time and keep a positive attitude. Though we are often world’s apart, we are joined in our hearts and mission.


For those of our members who’ve supported Prepare for Change over the years, know that the vast majority of your donations have built strength and heart in this part of the world.

To donate to our Prepare For Change/ Nova Gaia Orphanage, please find the donate button on the PrepareforChange.net website, or if you prefer just donate via PayPal directly to donations@prepareforchange.net. We are a 501(c)(3) charity, so your donations are a tax write off.

Thank you.

Top Strategic Analysis of Recent False Flags and Critical Warning

Brilliant next level presentation by Ole Dammegard who has been a crucial truth seeker and intelligence reporter that made his reputation on false flag event analysis over the years. His work is found at LightOnConspiracies.com

This discussion with Sacha Stone of New Earth Project, himself a global ambassador for critical thought and truth seeker, goes into the deep dive behind the current Agenda 21 and Operation Gladio tactics of the recent Covid-19 scheme and sets up the premise that there’s to be another false flag event. The interview took place days before the US police brutality event that lead to the current protests and riots in the US and being copied around the world.

Their conversation allows Dammegard to detail the deep state master plan based on Dammegard’s insider’s reports to him which in turn, due to his reporting, allowed some of the planned events to be stopped. What he details connects the dots to today’s happenings and threads the plan back to Wuhan and the October military games there which were to serve another purpose: spread the virus internationally through the returning military participants.

Dammegard claims that he has a special talent for connecting dots and seeing abnormalities in data and reports prior to events happening. With his acute training, he has become a resource for whistleblowers to provide him the evidence.

Most false flags have telltale signs and always a precursor or training event prior to execution. Dammegard explains the reasons why in this informative interview.


Rob Potter Interview – 5G, Ascension, Liberation & 4th Reich US

Prepare for Change co-founder Rob Potter meets up with us again and has a very lengthy conversation with us. The conversation goes into an understanding of higher realms and the solar alignment as well as preparation for the Event. We talk about planetary liberation and Rob goes through a book that he is offering for free on his website: thepromiserevealed.com


The book is about the Nazi infiltration of America through Operation Paperclip at the time of the end of WWII. The infiltration was facilitated by the OSS that became the CIA with help from the Bush family, aka, the Scherf family. The book contains many images from former Hitler bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. Find the book under the tab https://thepromiserevealed.com/books-2/

Rob also gives us a little new information from Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander, Lady Aura Rhanes.

We present this information as part of our mission to present truth and raise the planet’s consciousness. Keep on seeking the truth, rally your friends and family and expose as much disclosure as you can… every little bit helps add pressure on the powers that are no more.

News Media is Programing that “Tells a Vision.”

Often times, the truth is hidden in plain site. The way that media works is a bit like magic. In fact, Hollywood calls what they produce, “Movie Magic.”

Few know that very special wands of yore are crafted from a particular choice wood. That wood, comes from the Holly Tree which produces Hollywood. It’s a knotty, twisted wood that often bears prickly thorns. Sounds perfect huh? If you’re into that kind of thing, yes.

Of many ways that magic works is to distract you. What’s going on right now in the mainstream media is part of that massive distraction that’s designed to put the masses in a state of fear. When in fear, one is more easily controlled. But this method of control isn’t new. Nor is the Cabal’s desire to gin up fear. Nor is using viral infection new as the following images attest to.

“In a totalitarian state, it doesn’t matter what people think, since the government can control people by force using a bludgeon. But when you can’t control people by force, you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is via propaganda.”
-Noam Chomsky-

Considering the lyrics of the Bob Marley song Buffalo Soldier, “If you know your history, then you will know where you’re coming from” one could also know, where we’re heading to, as history surely repeats itself.

Travel down memory lane to recall how the election of 2016 used asymmetrical warfare and the media as it’s main weapon. What we should’ve learned was how it was used then to drive confusion both by Donald Trump to create confusion in his enemies and by the mainstream media and DNC to create confusion in the electoral primaries. These same old tactics have come back to visit us in the current coronavirus scare and democratic campaign confusion. Hint: their tactics are related.

Remember how civil, the 2016 election was? Of course not, because the whole thing was mental psychosis! Not even disguised as issues, rather, fear and a platform of, “I’m better than the other person” took center stage. Here’s a quick list of topics that made daily news for months: Mexican-bashing, Muslim-bashing, misuse of Clinton’s email server, Clinton Foundation Conflicts, Trump’s Businesses, Vote-Rigging, Russia-blaming, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resignation, angry protests, family members not off-limits to Twitter attacks, sexual assault allegations, affair allegations, build-up in Syria, and more. And those were just the ones the public saw. Are you feeling a little traumatized? You should be – that’s the purpose!

Now, think back only a few months ago as the Democratic campaign began running into problems with Hunter Biden ties to Burisma, Joe Biden ties to Ukraine and China, election campaign tampering, the MSM narrative to elevate Biden, Tara Reade sexual assault allegation against Biden, and an assortment of other fundamental breakdowns in the party and their candidates.

Doesn’t this sound a bit familiar? We deserve so much better! Is this our birthright, to be born into a world of fear?

In 2016 America was not too happy with their choices as both party presidential candidates popularity were fairly low. The public disliked both choices but the media had their Cabal marching orders and kept up the story of Clinton as the overwhelming frontrunner while playing the Pied Piper strategy of elevating Trump in the Republican primaries because democratic pollsters saw him as a flawed and easily beatable candidate.

Some polls put Clinton at 80% odds to win the election at this time. The day of the election, Huffington Post reported her as the probable victor with 99% chance of winning according to their polls. What is that saying about being conned, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?”

What the media didn’t report were the real numbers that had her in the dumps as surfaced in a leaked document from her campaign strategist the Benenson Strategy Group, citing Clinton’s popularity at fatal lows. Her health was in question as the media reported on her undeniably bad fall at the 9/11 ceremonies in New York City that amplified her questionable health – one credible New York news broadcast even reported her death! What certainly was dwindling was her crowd enthusiasm. Events began to be staged, busing in audiences, blue screening in crowds, keeping media away from the candidate in public, and the full-court offensive was on.

There were plenty of other things considered and presented in the “Salvage Report” that people weren’t so aware of and are vitally important to note, like the crazy alien invasion threat in part using Project Blue Beam – a realistic holographic technology – and chemtrails that left electromagnetic nanites in the atmosphere that would conduct particles to receive the holograph. The document is here for your review.

Also in the document was the mention of a Zika virus outbreak. How coincidental! We know there are no coincidences. At the time, the DNC and strategists shied away from the virus as they thought that it would keep women away from the polls as it was getting late in the game already and assumedly, the cycle of a pandemic virus would’ve gone into the Novemember window. Well, this time around, it looks as though the virus card was considered well in advance. The downside: deaths.

Unfortunately, one of the first rules of the Cabal is that the ends justify the means. So with their backs up against FISA declassification, threat of pending arrests, a wall that shutters out illegals from voting, poor performing candidates, and up against a sitting president with high numbers for the economy and high levels of excitement among voters, it seems that the powers-that-were deemed the reward was worth the risk this time.

With so much at stake, the casual observer should rightfully question how this could all be? The sickened public knows that they aren’t getting the straight story from the mainstream media and has turned to other sources in droves.

Controlling the narrative is one of the key ways that the elite Cabal who direct the media use their assets. Called the Mockingbird media with operatives planted deeply within, here’s the rulebook that the Cabal-ran media play by:

  1. Lying by omission – What isn’t being shown on nightly news is generally more important that what is.
  2. Controlling the debate – Who is arguing and for what cause? Most commentators are vetted with accepted points of view.
  3. Newscasters groomed to play the game – Getting a network anchor spot isn’t by merit alone, but by which narrative you will support. There’re only 6 corporations that own all media outlets – they protect themselves.
  4. Scripting and Synchronizing the News – Anchors often read the “news” verbatim from city-to-city, station-to-station. What? They don’t have reporters anymore? Not so much. Just people who read the news that look good on TV.
  5. Politicizing Everything – Everything is made to take sides. Conservative vs. Liberal. Democrat vs. Republican. Right-winger vs. Left-winger. Good vs. Bad. Left vs. Right. Right vs. Wrong. White vs. Black.
  6. Label Everyone – There aren’t just people out there, rather, everyone has a label. You are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you ask questions. Remember Bernie the Socialist, Trump the Reality Show Actor, Clinton the First Woman Presidential Candidate of a Major Party?
  7. Ask the Wrong Questions – Have an interview on ‘news’ but ask irrelevant questions and get into an argument while avoiding any real issues.
  8. Closing the Book Too Soon – The jury may still be out on an issue, but the media makes up its mind as soon as they can fit their narrative.
  9. Triviality and Distraction – a.k.a. Fear Porn. How many times is something escalated to catastrophic levels. If it bleeds, it leads. But does that really affect your life? Not so much directly, but indirectly, you will worry. During George W. Bush’s Presidency there was a banner on TV everyday called the “Terror Alert Level” programming people to live in fear for the day – at a pre-described level.
  10. Outright Lying – When all else fails, just make it up. There will be another network anchor to back you up.
  11. Attack, Attack, Attack – Your point of view isn’t so good? Accuse your opponent of what you would do. These lines of attack show just how the attacker might think.
  12. Wear ‘Em Out – Outlast your opponent.

The mainstream media is focused on first deciding which issues are to be discussed in the public forum, then by using a bagful of tricks to shape people’s perceptions of an issue, the media divides us and pits us against each other while manufacturing consent for their true underlying agenda. Refer to this article and you’ll become an astute media observer.

The first rule as a conscious media observer: the mainstream media are not your friends.

Stay well and truth shall set you free.


Abundance is Our Birthright – Interview with Miss Merrilee and Gerry of Prepare For Change Regarding Love

On March 23, Prepare for Change’s Gerry Gomez appeared on the Miss Merrilee radio show, Equally Yoked. You might recognize Merrilee as the voice of our interview messages as she supports Prepare for Change’s mission and her own mission with her work in the area of love.

Of course, if every situation was viewed through the lens of love, there’d be much more harmony on the planet. In this spirit, Gerry appeared and shared some uplifting messages that PFC members might find supportive during this difficult time.

Gerry is often co-host with Richard in our interview series with Benjamin Fulford. He’s the interviewer of the “PFC Ascension Series” and is a PFC Council member.

Find a comfortable chair and give this interview a listen for some insight with a metaphysical and spiritual perspective.

Listen to the conversation here.

Support Miss Merrilee at her show: theMerrileeshow.com/EquallyYoked and at theMerrileeshow.com

Cabal CV War Intel with Laura Eisenhower, John DeSouza, Mike Bara and Dr. Michael Salla

In these uncertain times knowledge is power. Information is vital to understanding. Becoming conscious requires asking questions.

In this discussion with some of the alternative media’s highest regarded investigators and seekers Dr. Michael Salla, John DeSouza, Laura Eisenhower and Mike Bara they go around the world with insight from intelligence sources and uncover items miles away from the mainstream media’s portrayal of the current coronavirus event.

The team discusses the trending emptiness of hospitals, the 3,000 troops that were dispatched to NYC, drone swarms, the MILCOM or Military Communications that went into effect with a 72-hour window, as well as Trump’s public statement that forces in Latin America will be dealing with human trafficking of women and children. There’s also discussion of the war to eliminate the cabal and rescue children from underground facilities in LA, New York and elsewhere.

The team also gives their take on 5G and the possibility that the described 10 Days of Darkness could be related to the underground operations currently taking place – which happens to align with the Prepare for Change info from Cobra regarding the numbers of Alliance and Resistance forces that are occupied underground.

While not intended as the absolute definition of what’s going on with the current events, this discussion is an eye-opener and adds plenty of verifiable information to the discussion. As part of his final comments, Mike Bara says, “If this isn’t the storm, there’s not going to be a storm.”

“Fall of the Cabal” Docuseries Red Pill

Prepare for Change receives a lot of questions on how to red pill friends and family. We always suggest care and patience, but it’s still a very emotional triggering topic.

In mid-February, a truth-teller named Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands posted a carefully constructed and painstakingly created docuseries titled, “Fall of the Cabal.” As one might imagine, it goes into detail regarding real events and provides clear examples with a very compassionate purpose of exposing some of the horrific crimes of the cabal.

Ossebaard explains that her purpose is to wake up people, not traumatize them. In this area of information, this is not an easy task to do, but the documentarian uses examples and poses questions that should become rhetorical to the viewer.

Fall of the Cabal speaks about false-flags with an objective perspective of time and alternative revelations, goes into human trafficking, pedophilia, media manipulation, ritual sacrifices, and finishes by offering a positive perspective of what’s being done as many awakened would attest to. One of the most under circulated events she shows in the series is the footage of a naked child who fashioned an escape rope to attempt an escape from a second story Windsor palace window. The child heartbreakingly doesn’t make the escape and is shown falling. Her effort contains thousands of hours of research and Ossebaard herself asks that annons do their own research and double-check everything she presents. As those who follow Prepare for Change know, the whole presentation aligns with the years of information this site has presented.

Please take the time – about three hours total – to view this important series and consider sharing with your loved ones.

Also, please visit Ossebaard’s website and YouTube channel. Consider supporting her work as she put over two years of effort into this piece while not working. Find her PayPal donation here: Janet Ossebaard PayPal

General Overview

This is the BEST red pill documentary expose? of the ugly truths about our world and the people who run it that’s been shared in a while. The narrator includes a lot of information in ten relatively short episodes and offers insight into the QAnon movement. Mind-blowing information for the uninitiated and some surprises even for those familiar with the topic! Alert Reader has provided summaries of all available videos.

Part 1 – The End of the World as We Know It

The narrator opens with inconvenient truths about the recent wildfires in California, mercury in vaccines, chemtrails, organ harvesting, reptilian and satanic symbols in Vatican buildings, 911, false flag victims and subliminal messages in children’s entertainment. If that isn’t enough, she goes on to expose man-made viruses, cell phones and TVs that spy on us and the poisoning of our food supply by Monsanto/Bayer. What do all of these have in common? They are completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Part 2 – Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode traces the beginnings of the QAnon movement with examples of cryptic posts and phrases revealing secret societies and political corruption. The involvement of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families in banking, the Federal Reserve and the control of conventional medicine is discussed. George Soros’ connections to NAMBLA and ANTIFA are revealed.

Part 3 – The Alien Invasion

The truth about the “migrant invasion” and its connection to George Soros is exposed. Narrator explains how MSM twisted facts to make Trump look bad, ignoring his efforts to combat human trafficking.

Part 4 – Childlovers Everywhere

This episode delves into the Haitian orphanage child trafficking scandal involving the Clinton Foundation and the misuse of charitable donations by groups like Oxfam and the Red Cross. It reveals pedophile symbolism used by organizations dedicated to “helping children” and their connection to high profile politicians. It also exposes the Hollywood connection to pedophilia and the rampant sexual abuse of children including child actors. A real eye opener.

Part 5 – Children, Art, & Pizza

Sexualization of children and normalization of paedophilia, lowering the age of consent by judges and politicians like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Theresa May amongst others. Paedophile logos used in advertisement, (Disney)films and cartoons, Child Protection Services, Adoption Agencies, in Politics etc. Pizagate, Comet Pingpong, sickening art and James Achilles Alefantes (a Rothschild) and his friends.


Part 6 – Major Media Manipulation

This episode discusses the extent of fake news and propaganda being disseminated by the major news organizations, who owns them and why choice is an illusion. It reveals how disinformation is used to drum up support for wars, shape our perceptions of people and events and promote a narrative. Events that do not support that narrative are simply never reported. Snopes is also exposed as a fraud.

Part 7 – Witches & Warlocks

The relationship of controversial artists like Maria Abramovic (known for “spirit cooking”) to high profile figures is discussed, along with satanic symbols in art and entertainment. Cannibalism is a recurrent theme. The suspicious suicides of musicians and celebrities who were victims of “death by hanging from a doorknob”, including Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are examined. The rest of the video is devoted to the Dutch and British royal families and their connections to known pedophiles and Nazis.

Part 8 – Beyond Kings & Queens

This episode delves into the dark side of pedophilia, exposing cults who engage in satanic ritual abuse and the murder of children for adrenochrome. It also investigates the association of the British royal family, the Pope and celebrities with these groups. Red shoes anyone? How about the genocide of 50,000 native Canadian children?

Part 9 – The Dawn of a New World

The rise of populist movements around the world like the Yellow Vests and QAnon are examined. While the public is becoming aware of the existence of sex cults like NXIVM, other scandals like the Rosatom affair involving the Clintons are being covered up. Get ready for some bombshells about Obama, John McCain, the Dalai Lama and the true identity of Osama bin Laden.

Part 10 – The Return of the King

The final episode is a hopeful one. It promotes the theory that JFK Jr. is still very much alive and working with Donald Trump through Q to rid the world of the cabal that killed his father. The narrator drops some tantalizing clues involving a George magazine cover and books by Ingersoll Lockwood. Who is the mysterious Vincent Fusca? Can we really go back in time? The narrator proposes that we are on the verge of a new paradigm, a beautiful new world of free energy, a new banking system and new medical system. Can it be true? I pray it is so.