You Will Know Them By Their Deeds

We’ve entered a new phase of the event – Israel for last?

I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks for a couple reasons – I want to be an observer and I had some other things to tend to. Both allowed me to be neutral in the face of the new calamities that are occurring: UFO hearings, Biden impeachment proceedings, Peru alien “face eater” attacks, US bond market melt-down, US debt crisis, Speaker of the House vote, Israel offensive, off-planet intervention, Black Sun ultimatums, escalation of kinetic scuffles in the MidEast, Trump “gag” orders aka “election interference”, Ukraine aid and war status among some other things.

Rather than diving into all of these issues and others regarding climate, energy, burning Tesla batteries, food stability, immigrant armies in the US and UK, German energy issues, BRICS alliances, etc. I’ve taken the position to let things play out and observe who is saying what about any of these issues.

It has become abundantly clear that the US is under heavy Israeli influence. At least the politicians and media darlings.

You must save yourself

The overarching thing that has come up is that we have to maintain balance. As when the pandemic broke out, we knew that this was a fear tactic – False Evidence Appearing Real – we’ve come to see that there’s been a lot of false evidence in the Israel conflict. Surprisingly, there’s been a very healthy pro-Palestine movement globally. If we want to judge the ascension of the planet, that right there is a good sign that I see. But, I did wonder if it meant that both sides were being played to create a divide.

How accurate is the chart below? Just put Biden in place where HRC was going to be.

You know I’ve long talked about a desired civil war in the US. This is what the globalists or cabal want. They want to have the public fight amongst themselves and have set up a bureaucracy to support the dismantling of the Constitution. See Trump’s trial if you want to see activist judges in action.

There’s also antifa out again trying to pressure the system, and the shooting event in Maine is creating a lot of loosh for those parasitic feeders.

As the world appears to be descending into chaos, the Trump, patriots, and white hats would like to create the situation where they can come in as the rescuers. Now maybe this is what we’re creating collectively, but I don’t buy it.

I see the Trump program as selfish altruism. Yes, I always give credit to Trump as having saved us. By winning, he gave our movement and message the time it needed to wake up people and the heavy lifting some of us did to get the Zionist, Molach worshipping, sanhedrin, NWO, Black Sun messages out there is bearing fruit.

By their deeds, you shall know them. By becoming aware and awake of this Satanist cult and their horrible deeds, we can make a stand against this evil. I’ve been getting that message out that we need to stand up in this time for positivity. We are seeing a lot of people telling truth to power. That is our hope. And the hope is with us. Ourselves. It’s not with these bought and paid for schills who can’t seem to think anything other than “we must give Israel everything they need.”

Nope, sorry, we don’t. Give them love and support for a peace in the region.

And just so you get an idea of the position of Zionism in the grand scheme of things:

So, stay balanced over the next few days as it’s a cycle for more attempts at the plan. There are positive forces at play too which have by many accounts taken care of everything. But, this needs to play out still so that more can see it.

Perhaps we spend our energy praying for that.

Be well. Be blessed.

Source: NaradigmShift

Everything Is Fine. Stop Noticing.

Gaslighting is the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for one’s own advantage. We typically associate it with toxic relationships between individuals.

But there is another type of gaslighting taking place – and it’s affecting all of us.

Government and media gaslighting.

The government wants to control what we see.

Social media platforms are censoring what we see.

And, thanks to the Twitter files (and the White House press room), we know the media is taking talking points from the government and big corporations run by elites.

They are misleading us for their own purposes.

We know something isn’t right, but keep telling us everything is fine, and we shouldn’t worry.

And if one of us does report the truth, they gaslight us and call us conspiracy theorists.

The war for your mind and belief system is happening. It’s real. And they’re playing to win.

Just take a look at these 10 examples of government and media gaslighting to see what you’re up against.

Know what you’re battling so you can better listen and better prepare for what is coming.

1. Drama Surrounding Gas Stoves

In January 2023, Richard Trumka, the head of Biden’s Consumer Product Safety Commission, told Bloomberg that the CPSC would consider a ban as part of efforts to address hazards posed by gas ranges.

In the interview, Trumka called this standard household appliance a “hidden hazard” and said that “any option is on the table” when it comes to regulating gas stoves.

Trumka said, “Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” He also talked about “setting standards on emissions from the appliances.”

But then, after people raised concerns, Trumka’s story changed to only applying to new stoves.

We were told, “No. Gas stoves are not being banned.”

Numerous media outlets reported that Federal Regulators will not ban gas stoves. Then things got quiet.

Then, surprise! The Department of Energy unveiled a new rule that will make around half of the current gas stove models in stores no longer eligible for purchase.

2. Misleading Information about the Economy

We are being told “Nothing is wrong with the economy. The Fed will lower inflation.”

Desperate to reach their 2% target inflation rate, the Fed has raised interest rates 11 times in the last 18 months.

Meanwhile, the federal government keeps spending money we don’t have on the $1.7 trillion omnibus appropriations bill and Ukraine.

They don’t expect the general public to understand how the economy works, so they feed us a lie. Or they change key economic definitions to suit their narrative. And they keep spending money they don’t have.

Yet, inflation is again on the rise with September data showing it’s now up at 3.67%.

3. What’s Really Going on In the Middle East

According to The Atlantic, “National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, speaking at The Atlantic Festival, rattled off a long list of positive developments in the Middle East, developments that were allowing the Biden administration to focus on other regions and other problems. A truce was holding in Yemen. Iranian attacks against U.S. forces had stopped. America’s presence in Iraq was ‘stable.’ The good news crescendoed with this statement: ‘The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.’”


Keep in mind, he said this just weeks after Israeli forces attacked Palestinian worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem. And weeks after an outbreak of Arab-Kurdish violence left hundreds dead in Syria. And just days before the horrific Hamas attack in Israel.

4. The Infamous Laptop

We’ve been told for years now that the whole Hunter Biden laptop isn’t real. The CIA and FBI said it wasn’t.

But, wait a second, it was!

It was real, yet the New York Post was deplatformed for a long time because they broke the story.

The recently released Twitter Files prove that not only was the laptop real, but that intelligence officials and social media platforms knew it and STILL discredited the story.

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5. Mass Migration

We’ve been told our government can’t control the mass migration coming into America.

The Darien Gap, which was just recently considered a treacherous route for those escaping to Panama, is now a clearly marked route complete with ribbons and guides.

According to Fox News, “Crossing through the dense, lawless jungle not long ago was unthinkable to most people. In recent years, it became a brutal slog of a week or more. But some migrants arriving this week described an organized trek completed in as little as 2 ½ days on trails marked by colored ribbons and assisted by guides and porters, part of what officials say has become a business generating millions of dollars.”

Michael Yon, an independent journalist, has been in the Darien Gap for months and what he’s reporting is vastly different from what our government is telling us.

In fact, this mass migration is being systematically carried out by OUR government.

Daily, Yon sees migrants being put on buses headed to the US. He’s even reported Alejandro Mayorkas, Chief of Homeland Security, has visited the major camps in the area.

So, which is it? Is it out of control or is it being systematically controlled?

6. WEF and Food Control

We’ve written about the World Economic Forum and how they are targeting farmers to control what we eat.

According to the media, this is just a conspiracy theory. And anyone who believes there is a target on farmers’ backs is called crazy.

But read this and this and this.

Each of these articles contains quotes that come directly from the WEF’s website.

Still think we’re the crazy ones?

Look on WEF’s website and see how they suggest we should start eating bugs to help reduce climate change.

7. Russian Collusion

Throughout the 2016 political season and after the election, we were continuously told America had experienced Russian collusion.

Anyone who said otherwise was shut up or called a conspiracy theorist.

However, 4 years later, the Justice Department came out and said there never should have even been an investigation of Russian collusion with Donald Trump’s 2016 election because there was so little evidence.

Justice Department special counsel John Durham said, “We conclude that the Department and the FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report.”

But even now that we know it wasn’t true, people are still shut down when they speak up about it.

8. Christians and Conservatives Are Being Targeted

We’re told we have freedom of speech in America, but conservatives and Christians feel as if they have to watch their words.

When they tell someone they don’t feel safe sharing their opinions, they are told that it is nonsense.

The media tells us that conservatives and Christians aren’t being targeted.

But… the evidence suggests otherwise.

  • An April 2023 press release from the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee states, “Today, Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed that the FBI relied on information derived from at least one undercover employee and sought to use local religious organizations as ‘new avenues for tripwire and source development.’ This proposed outreach plan included contacting so-called ‘mainline Catholic parishes’ and the local ‘diocesan leadership.’”
  • The Catholic Herald shared in August 2023 that the FBI spied on traditionalist U.S. Catholics to link Catholics to “the far right nationalist movement.”
  • Chase Bank just recently debanked Mercola Market, which is owned by Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has “unacceptable” ideas about the COVID-19 vaccine. Not only did they debank the business, but they also debanked Mercola and some of his family members and employees.

9. The Russia-Ukraine War

The media isn’t sharing any other points of view regarding the Russian-Ukraine war.

Why do we only get served one side of the story?

What don’t they want us to know? Why can’t we ask questions about where the money and the weapons are going?

It could have something to do with Biden’s Executive Order 13660 – which allows the government to “deal with” any individuals who they deem a “threat” to Ukraine’s democratic processes.

Say, for instance, you post online that you are anti-war or against continuing to support Ukraine… you could be considered a threat, put under surveillance, and “dealt with.”

10. Central Bank Digital Currency Woes

We’re told, “Oh no, FedNow isn’t a precursor to CBDCs and us controlling your money.”

Then, the Anti-Surveillance CBDC Act was passed through a committee in September and the legislation said that a CBDC would do just that.

Majority Whip Tom Emmer stated after the bill was passed:

“This bill is simple: It halts the efforts of this Administrative State under President Biden from issuing a financial surveillance tool that will undermine the American way of life.

Unlike decentralized cryptocurrencies, a central bank digital currency is a digital form of sovereign currency that is designed and issued by a government and transacts on a digital ledger that is controlled by that government. In short, a central bank digital currency is government-controlled programmable money that, if not designed to emulate cash, could give the federal government the ability to surveil and restrict Americans’ transactions.

This is not just alarming – it’s downright un-American. We’ve already seen examples of governments weaponizing their financial system against their citizens.”

If we weren’t heading to CBDCs and the government controlling our money, why did our representatives need to introduce the CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act?

Chew on that for a moment.

Don’t Fall for It and Get Caught Off Guard

The time to prep for whatever is coming was yesterday. The second best time is NOW.

If you’ve had the feeling that something isn’t right, don’t ignore it. Prep now.

Stock up on emergency supplies, such as foodseeds, tools, items to barter, and satellite phones.

Develop a safe communication plan.

Make sure you have what you need should things go south…quickly.

We don’t know what’s going to happen – or when – but we need to be prepared.

Stay aware and prepare, friends.

In liberty,

Elizabeth Anderson

Preparedness Advisor, My Patriot Supply

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Morgan Vague and the Story of Plastic Eating Bacteria

Bacteria Eating Plastic

Morgan Vague isolated three bacteria-eating plastics when she was a senior in biology at Reed College in Oregon. Specifically, they ate a plastic called polyethylene terephthalates, or PET for short. The bacteria broke PET down into by-products that are harmless. PET is one of the most commonly used plastics for consumer goods. It is manufactured into plastic bottles and clothing. plastic bags and food packaging, etc.


Plastic Pollution

300 billion tons of all plastics manufactured are dumped into the oceans or landfills each year. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. And even more startling, humans use 10 billion plastic bags per day. PET amounts to 20% of all plastic made each year. It takes hundreds of years potentially thousands of years to biodegrade. Therefore it contributes to plastic pollution worldwide including the massive so-called “garbage patches” floating in the oceans. There are two floating islands of plastic waste in our oceans the size of Texas right now.

Vague comes up with a Theory

Morgan Vague was interested in the ability of bacteria to come up with food sources. Scientists estimate there are about five million trillion bacteria on the planet. And they all need a food source. Bacteria are microscopic living beings invisible to the naked eye. They live in widely diverse environments. From the human gut to soil and skin. They also thrive in vents in the ocean floor that reach 700 degrees Fahrenheit. They have to be pretty good at locating food sources to survive.

Morgan Vague’s Theory in Practice

A native of Galveston Bay, Texas Vague theorized that areas of high petroleum pollution may contain bacteria that had evolved to eat it.  In her home area, there were seven EPA-designated Superfund sites.  These were so polluted the government regarded their cleanup as a national priority. So using some creative methods she looked for bacteria eating plastic that had adapted to degrading plastic in the water.  Vague took samples of sand, soil and water from refineries near Houston. And so she took three hundred samples from these Superfund sites back to college in Oregon in her carry-on luggage.

In order for the bacteria to eat plastic, it had to be able to break down the plastic into a material called lipase. Lipase is a chemical that allows bacteria to digest plastic. Of the three hundred specimens, 20 could break the plastic down to lipase.  Vague focused on the top three bacterial producers of the material: Pseudomonas putida, Bacillus cereus, and another unknown strain Vague has dobbed Pseudomonas morgenensis as she is the first to identify it.  She put these three on a diet of PET and discovered that the bacteria ate the plastic.

Bacteria Had Evolved Naturally

Importantly, as the three bacteria had evolved naturally, there was no risk of them getting loose in the environment and eating plastics they were not supposed to.

Further Research

Even with these promising results, Morgan Vague says there is a long way to go before the bacteria eating plastic will be useful in removing the world’s plastic PET garbage.  But it may be possible to treat the plastic to make it more edible to the bacteria.  Also, it may be possible to “train” the bacteria eating plastic to consume other types of plastics as well. More research will need to be done to understand how bacteria find food sources and whether it would be an efficient way to clean up the world’s plastic waste.

Source: Craftech Industries, Inc.

Dr. Stephen Greer Makes a Call to Action

Congress and Disclosure need our help. Contact your Representatives to protect UFO/UAP whistleblowers – a calculation

By Gerry Gomez

Dr. Steven Greer has an important message for Americans and humanity. Since the US congressional UFO hearings in July which Dr. Greer played an important role behind the scenes by briefing three Congressmen and having met two of the three witnesses, he helped set the tone of the questioning. Given the results of the hearing and the high profile/spotlight on UAP and UFOs, security concerns to the planet, and the possibility of extraterrestrials, Dr. Greer finds himself in the middle of the whole hot topic.

With his disclosure project, Greer has been revealing and debriefing government officials, including presidents for the past 30 years. I met him briefly in 2018 at Contact in the Desert. With a critical eye, we know that he had met with Laurence Rockefeller along with Linda Moulton Howe in 1993, which I’ve previously reported.

However, he has been running CSETI and CE5 protocols that bring about interaction with UFOs for decades, and he has been actively running disclosure hearings for years, most recently this year on June 23.


Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI): CSETI, founded by Dr. Steven Greer, conducts research on UFOs and claims to promote peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Though we may not know his ultimate intentions – he tends to be the “good cop” saying that extraterrestrials are benevolent, whereas Howe says they’re bad. Howe reported for years on cattle mutilations and alien abductions, which Greer says were done by black op programs. Greer does present information that can be used to a positive ultimate conclusion, if that information leads to transparency regarding UFOs.

Ultimately, we all need to get involved in the effort. This requires waking up more people to the presence of extraterrestrials. And we can do this the easy way – through more revelations and support, or we can do it the hard way – through the fake alien invasion agenda.

Greer’s new plea – carpe diem

Greer in a recent push has made it his mission to ask Americans to write their Congress person and demand two things:

To urge Congress to create a Select Committee with Subpeona power for full disclosure of UAP issue.


To support extensive whistleblower protections for the UFO/UAP issue


Given the recent momentum of the hearings which also largely affect financial oversight, waste, and order of power, there are bills circulating in DC which could include protections for UFO/UAP whistleblowers. Many whistleblowers do not come forward due to persecution, ridicule, loss of wages, loss of status, loss of benefits, loss of their positions in government or military.

Dr. Greer speaks of all of this in this video presentation. He also is a very important figure because he is at the intersection of Congress, government, black op programs, military, research programs, extraterrestrials, and the public. What Dr. Greer is asking for is that the public put pressure on the newly awakened Congress. If you remember the hearings there were Congress people like Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.), Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) who made the claim that they went to Everton Air Force Base – a black operation site – and were denied entry.

We’re wasting a shit ton of money on black ops and secret governments

Dr. Greer explains that going to a black op site will be completely ineffective without police backing (I’d assume military muscle and an enforceable order) and the will of the judicial system or the military or police enforcement arm to actually enforce laws prohibiting black op programs. He also denotes a difference between black ops programs and deep black op programs and who gets read into these programs.

“Deep black ops” programs would be those kinds that are off ledger all-together or in the realms that Gary McKinnon found when he reported on documents he found hacking NASA in 2002. His hack noted payments and funding to non-terrestrial officers and it was also the first time the Solar Warden project name was mentioned. McKinnon would be just the kind of person who needs whistleblower protection – hacker protection would be another distinction.

Corey Goode refers to these programs as the ICC or Interplanetary Corporate Conglomeration. You’ll never find this incorporated anyplace, except maybe in the Akashic records, or the Hall of Records, or with the Office of the Guardian, or the archivist that Kim Goguen speaks about.

If we recall that on his departure speech in 1961 President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex being a secret black hole or opportunity for secret operations. He expressed the fear, that opportunity is there to funnel all kinds of money into black ops.

The shadow government was called out by then Senator Daniel Inouye in 1987 as Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition which held hearings on the Iran-Contra affair. The Senator of Hawaii discussed the private government who held a private police force, private military, private air force existed behind the scenes.

These public revelations of a secretive government or cartel illustrates along with trillions of dollars of debt burdened on individuals over the years, the operating hydra that requires trillions of dollars to operate. Remember Defense Secretary Rumsfield‘s admission of $2.3 trillion missing prior to 911.

NASA and Mexico getting into the act

What I find interesting about Dr. Greer coming out right now and the reporting that I have sustained recently at Naradimshift is a merging of narratives. After the US Congressional hearings, I felt compelled to pick up my coverage of the topic, as it’s really setting a new course in history. My guides also made themselves clear with nudges to report on this. The hearings were the seed to grow the tree. Of course Monday the Mexican mummified aliens were presented, but also yesterday was the debriefing from NASA about their findings concerning UAPs.

Two major things came out of NASA‘s announcement in the positive.

1.    NASA Administrator Bill Nelson admitted up to 1 trillion earth like planet scenarios exist that could sustain life similar to ours. Consider this life third density type of life. That’s a pretty big admission.

2.    The second admission was about the website which is a Pentagon run website that they will use to document reported UFO sightings. As such that website released 8 official DoD videos, which are the limited-disclosure Tik Tac kinds of imagery. I had read a report that there’s 1000 images released by the Pentagon, but I didn’t see these there. I will go into this little bit deeper overtime and see if this is a repository of disclosure or not.

Here’s a good summary of the whole NASA report:

NASA announced Thursday that it has appointed its first-ever director of UFOs, stressing that they’ve yet to find proof of alien spacecraft — while conceding they still have no idea what the mysterious objects actually are.

The space agency released the findings of a yearlong independent study in UFOs Thursday in a 33-page report and cautioned that the negative perception surrounding UFOs has long hindered their ability to collect data.

“The top takeaway from the study is that there is a lot more to learn,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said of UAPs, or “unidentified anomalous phenomenon.”

“The NASA independent study team did not find any evidence that UAP have an extraterrestrial origin.”

“But we don’t know what these UAP are,” he said.

“The mission of NASA is to find out the unknown … Whatever we find, we’re going to tell you.”

As you might note, the report was 33 pages, so they’re signaling that this is approved masonic or controlled info. Don’t ever expect something groundbreaking or useful for planetary liberation from NASA (Not a space agency).

Revelations create new opportunities for collaboration

What they do present though gives an opportunity for others to come in. In other words, they planted seeds that can be grown for those with eyes to see it. Those people are you and me.

I’d like to connect these threads with Kim Goguen and note that some recent work I’ve presented would ask that there would be more coordination between Goguen‘s team with other high-level sources that are out there. This week curiously Thomas Melville, US Deputy Director of the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) posted that they were looking to get in touch with Dr. Steven Greer.

I support this idea given Dr. Greer very specifically asked for help in providing access to the black programs facilities. He also described many conversations that he’s had with black ops operators and military personnel who feel trapped within the system behind lines.

Dr. Greer has also asked for $100 million of investment – which he is trying to get commitments to – that he would be able to set up a research facility to look into the technologies that they are aware of from black ops. If Kim has the access that she claims and if Dr. Greer’s people get together some positive results can come out of it. Dr. Greer is putting together a legal team to defend whistleblowers and protect them in their coming out as well.

Open the floodgates!

If legislation does go through that protects whistleblowers, then we possibly could see a lot more people coming out. That why is this important. It’ll provide the “proof” that naysayers are so quick to point out.

This is important because after the Mexico stunt and the NASA report that are both easily setbacks to the new interest in the serious nature of UFOs and UAPs. There’s obviously competing factions at war here: those that are supporting a disclosure and those secret government factions that stand to lose their cover. Hence, the battlefield is seeing attacks on the information that has been coming out.

Readers of this blog would note that there are sightings all over the place. From the information of Benjamin Fulford and others, the leaked videos of UFOs are designed to create the opportunity for the fake alien invasion and project blue beam type operations.

War of the Worlds – the 1938 psyop

Think of it this way: Dr. Greer also mentioned the War of the Worlds radio broadcast of 1938. If we remember how many people literally panicked and soiled their britches during the famous Orson Welles radio drama, that a similar type of psyop is being coordinated now as the pieces of the board are getting put into position.

This we know of as the false alien invasion scenario, where people will go crazy. This would be the problem and reaction in the Hegelian dialectic.

We remember that Dr. Werner von Braun said the last tool that the rulers of the world is the fake alien invasion. Unleash that operation and you’ll achieve the third phase of the Hegelian dialectic: Solution. The solution would be one world government under a unified planetary military force. But even without an invasion, the “threat” of one, which is being primed is going to allow a huge military buildup. Where’s that money going to come from? Taxes. And new global digital currency.

A counter narrative

One could say that these revelations are leading towards this scenario and the awakened experiencer community would say that the extraterrestrial presence has always been here. Given that we are going through this shift of ages, or consciousness shift that we are on the cusp of learning we are not alone in the universe. Of course, the common theme there is that our cosmic cousins and neighbors are all helping us ascend and go through this cosmic cycle fueled by the sun.

It is important to get this information out and seeded that there will be a positive path for our planet and humanity, solar system, and local star cluster because this is a natural evolution point. We stand at the cusp of the great mystery which is the change that Prepare for Change has long spoken about.

Though we are in a galactic war involving our solar system and our planet, we are in a real war for assets and control of this planet in the 3rd density. As a correspondent of this war, it is my responsibility to report these threads and issues that are springing up in real time. Hopefully we grab the opportunity and make headway in our battle of planetary liberation and human empowerment. The opportunity is there.

Here is how to reach a Congress person or senator to urge them to support UFO/UAP whistleblower protections.


Now I haven’t always been an advocate of Dr. Greer, but war creates strange bedfellows. In a sense, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Our enemy is the hidden global government that is using nefarious actions to fund and keep their hold onto power which they derive from darkness. To shine a light on them, means setting aside some of our differences and exploring how we can work together for this greater good.

As we break down the walls and break out of the chains that bind us – largely mental chains and gag orders – we can quickly turn the ship around and chart the path toward the ultimate goal: planetary liberation and human empowerment.

It would be out of integrity to not try to assist this goal. With that comes the opportunity to use the inertia Dr. Greer has built up. We never really know exactly what this freedom or war looks like, or what crazy turns it’ll take. Dr. Greer mentioned a lucid dream that he had when he was in a desert environment and first contact was covered widely by the mainstream media. I suggest that this is an event that will happen in Sedona, Arizona. Perhaps in the next few years. There’s reports out there about this. Private contact is happening as well, so it’s not far off from my perspective.



CIA and UFOers Make Strange Bedfellows

The weird revelations of intel operatives involvement in the UFO hearings

By Gerry Gomez

As the congressional UFO hearings had time to sink in and percolate over the week, I was able to look into the intel agents that were part of the Grusch team. On Saturday, PFC held a weekend awakenings call and I kicked off the conversation by reviewing the things that were now on public record through Congress via the hearings. This, I feel, is very important. It serves a purpose, but what?

In the call, and as reactions came up in the community, I noticed that UFO people aren’t understanding the deep state agenda involved in disclosure. Perhaps, their enthusiasm, colors their lens? It’s come to light that a very select, very high up intelligence community personnel are in David Grush’s legal team. Intelligence Inspector General Charles McCullough III, ex-DNI Former Director, James Clapper, and intelligence community friendlies, journalists Ross Coulthart of News Nation (who are aggressively pushing the UAP agenda), and George Knapp Chief Investigative Reporter for KLAS TV in Las Vegas. Along with Jeremy Corbell who’s cozied up to the intelligence community as a producer.

It’s important to note that all false flags always have the hidden hand, the usual suspect, the patsy, and the media beating the drum.

Add to this display that Senator Chuck Schumer had recently introduced a bill that will speciously provide a new review committee to direct the National Archives and Records Administration to create a collection of records on UAPs and UFOs to be disclosed to the public immediately unless a review board provides reasons to keep them classified.

But therein lies a new way to slow roll the intel, similar to the JFK files. Sounds good in theory, but the devil is in the details.

Whenever your government suggests they give you information on stuff that’s previously been insanely classified, you have to ask, “What’s going on here?” And that they do it with such a rush and through intel controlled assets, you gotta wonder.

Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist gives his assessment

I listened to Dark Journalist, and he had made the most cogent summaries that I had seen out there – connecting the dots between the testimonies, the players, the intel community, the role players in Congress, and the whole controlled narrative of the hearings. There is certainly a lot of boxes checked for the intel community in having the information of the hearings come out.

Nothing new was presented, but enough old information was presented to give the intel community deep state options in the future.

Dark Journalist summarized with my observations throw in:

These are CIA UFO disclosure hearings. You’ve got to see this through the deep state lens. A bunch of UFO people are being thrown in with the deep state people.

They’re running out several ET and aliens options for live data gathering while determining what operation will garner the appropriate reaction. ie – Oumuamua was an alien craft. Luis Elizando who is a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent and worked for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Pentagon was purporting the alien threat. Grusch is the latest, giving “intel” that’s been in the public forum from the 90’s (and earlier). And only touched on vague intel that provided no proof. Proof was to be done in SCIFs or private hearings.

David Grusch then
David Grusch now. Dark Journalist says that “He looks like a guy who’s spent his entire career saying, ‘Yes, Sir.'”

All the intel people are around this: Clapper is a spook and Former Director of National Intelligence of the U.S. resigned under perjury accusations regarding the NSA collecting data or spying on millions of Americans. Along with the others previously mentioned.

CIA like to deflect blame. But they also like to take credit for being the “only credible source.” The points that were developed by others who got taken out, then get redistributed years later, under their controlled narrative programs. They control both sides.

How do you get to the truth with these people? You have to understand how the ops operate. When you have knowledge on how the dots connect and what the intel modis operandi is, if that comes out, it debunks and exposes their operation. They don’t react well, and recently have been embarrassed by the lack of belief that people show early in their tactics. In essence, the emperor has no clothes. Or, if you’ve been paying attention to the theater, the performers seem to be dressing alike in their khakis, earpieces, and navy or black polo shirts.

We saw quick debunking or failures with the Chinese balloon that got shot down and UAPs over Alaska – the one that Justin Trudeau used to say he was shooting something down to never show the proof.

Who is News Nation? They are the company that got behind revealing the Grusch story. They’re an upstart news channel that’s come into being recently perhaps trying to garner a slice of the Mighty Wurlitzer that’s been eroded by the waning viewership at msm stalwarts CNN, and Fox. It seems that News Nation adds to the operation and may be controlled narrative, being given the story by intel operatives to run with.

Dark Journalist mentioned that Grusch should be asked, “Has anyone in the CIA asked you to come forward to present this UFO threat program?”

Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) were the ones spearheading the subcommittee. Burchette was pulled from being the subcommittee hearing chair the night before – at the proverbial last minute – to be replaced by another subcommittee chairman, Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.)  That was very unusual. One would have to ask why as the reason Burchette was given was that he was not the House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee chair?

Representatives Tim Burchette (R-Tenn.) and Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) taking questions post UFO congressional hearing.

“Yeah, I’m upset. I mean, you know, I’ve spent a lot of time helping put this thing together. It’s just politics,” he said.

One wonders if it’s not more than just politics as the situation encircles the intelligence community so clearly. With their interests being so visible sitting behind Grusch, it was signaling that they are in control of the narrative. And that this is a controlled operation.

Everything that the intelligence community will tell you are lies. They have an 80-year legacy to protect. They have committed too many crimes to begin revealing them now. They are going to try to pretend that they can police themselves and clean up their own mess.

They want to set up a fake enemy which works several ways:

1. There’s waste between congress and black budget programs

2. There’s malfeasance being done in relation to the information between congress and intel agencies. This became apparent in the spat between Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO – All domain Anomaly Resolution Office and Grusch’s released information

3. There’s a broach of transparency between MIC and Commercial Pilots

4. There’s lack of transparency with FAA, military and the public need to know.

The hearings and intel community releases don’t take into account any civilian sightings, but only the military ones, which they say are the most credible. Forget Phoenix lights, Florida sightings, Las Vegas UFO, or other mass sightings elsewhere in the world. They are trying so hard to control the narrative.

They don’t want to appear not in control. They will release the authoritarian position – not veer off course into accounts from the public, which is exactly where I went last week with my Top 20 List of Extraterrestrial Claims. And also followed up with my :45 min video of UFOs, UAPs, and other arial phenomenon, that they won’t ever talk about.

AARO says, through spokeswoman Sue Gough, “To date, AARO has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.” She also said the department is “committed to timely and thorough reporting to Congress.”

I’ll add that the statement is the perfect Hegalian Dialectic response, in which the problem got defined by Grusch and Congress in the hearings, the public reaction to hearing that extraterrestrial artifacts exist and are in possession of the government, can be managed or reigned in by AARO. So, they set themselves up to be heroes to the problem. Problem, reaction, solution. In other words, nothing to see here, and we can go about forgetting this for another decade, or use it for raising awareness and fear, to execute a future fear event – justifying the use of military force.

Think of the scenario, yes, they were correct and we’ve got the technology to defend ourselves, but we need to develop more, so open up your check books. This is the war that Werner Von Braun described would be their last card. Has the bluff worked? Or does the public see through it?

Dr. Werner Von Braun with Walt Disney. It’s all a show.
The deep state cabal want to play all sides of this story. They eluded somewhere to the possibility of underwater threats. Just think of the defense industry boondoggle if they get new budgets to start expanded defense programs for the waters. That might create a new branch of military?

Back to Dark Journalist:

He continued to observe that the hearings were a live focus group or beta test. If all the possibilities are thrown up in the air, what hits the general public, what’s their reaction? Based on this intel, they can formulate their next actions or operations or false flags.

“It’s getting to the point where the average person is saying, ‘this sounds crazy! What are these people doing?’”

The government people are playing the role of concerned citizens trying to get out of the government information, but, again, they are actually the government. So it’s all for show. Especially the congress people who should have little expertise or experience with the UFO arena.

There’s a weird dynamic that the public is swallowing. They are accepting that CIA operatives like Elizondo, Corbell, and Grusch are attacking the government saying we gotta find out what the government knows, when they are agents of the government. It’s insidious and plays on the people’s over eagerness to have any bit of disclosure.

It’s weird he summarizes. What are they planning, should be the question.

After the presentation, he took questions and was able to elaborate on another point.

What if this is the card to play when the election seems lost?

So, if the Biden show is so hopeless – and it’s important to note that the hearing was given as Hunter Biden’s “plea deal” was thrown out of court – then could the UFO card be getting readied for action? I observed more of this line of reasoning though some other commentators, who agree that this was likely the litmus test of this story line, and knowing as I’m often reporting that there’s a money crisis with the global rulers and controllers going on right now, the rush to advance the UFO card and the climate crisis are coming into focus. Each of these will be pushed behind the right prevailing narrative to be the reasons for a war-time economy as Covid was, and also totalitarian restrictions. If they had their way.

Another big reveal that Dark Journalist added was, that Trump is leading Biden significantly in the polls he says, so, the intelligence agencies may not even want to go there this next year? Meaning, even chance running Biden. They would have it in their backup plans, the use of the fake invasion? In their minds, I can see this as being a Plan B, C, or D. The fake invasion would create emergency use authorization like we’ve never seen before, and plays nicely into the global population reduction program. You don’t need a president when you need a military leader.

Continue on with watching the whole discussion as later he gets into more exotic technologies and travel capabilities. “When they separate it down, ‘Oh we have scary aliens, we have crash retrieval bodies and things like that,’ it’s most base level (way) of looking at the nature of the problem.”


Whichever way this story plays out, knowledge is key. The key to stopping all this madness is to take responsibility for whatever you think is the truth.

Stop giving credibility and depending on what the government says as the truth. The government of earth, because there is only one, the rest are only fractals of the same thing, has no interest in ever giving any useful truth to the people.

You are your savior – WE can create the outcome

The state of the hearings reinforces that they are losing control. Go on with your life and be the best version of yourself you can be. Let’s not manifest any of the negative path by staying proactive and knowledgeable. By being aware of their plans, it also lets you know what you don’t want.


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UFO Hearing Likely to be Limited Disclosure. Get the Real UFO Scoop Here!

The world should never go back to normal with the Congressional UFO hearings and their 3 handpicked intel providers – if key points come out: 1. Most UFOs are of off-planet origin. 2. The government already knows this, and 3. We’re not alone in the Universe and our MIC are already working with non-terrestrial beings.

As we are going through revelations now, aka as the Quickening, the end of the age, the Great Reset, or other names…once we pass the bridge that we accept we’re not alone in the universe, we need to elevate the conversation. Or it will quickly devolve into pandemonium.

The simple lesson behind the ages old UFO misinformation campaign comes down to power. If you control the message, you control the people. 1. The government will never come clean about this information as it implicates them in high crimes. 2. The revelation that we’re not alone in the Universe changes society structure regarding religion and politics.

I promised you UFO videos and there’s even a bunch of UAP stuff in here. Please circulate, as seeing is believing, even if seeing raises only your consciousness.