Manufactured COVID Paranoia

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Thanks Chris!  Victory of the Light!

In my opinion, this COVID lockdown is a huge pile of dung. The people of this and every state should be initiating class action suits against their governors. Their civil rights are illegally being violated; there is no medical emergency. Your governor (of all people) should be expected to follow the constitution. I do not know who is worse: the governor, for going along with this manufactured crisis, or all the salivating lackeys that think blind obedience is a form of patriotism.

I thought the false flu pandemic of 2009 was the end of it. Remember that one? I was doing research for my film Deceptions at the time. I became aware of the pandemic when Sheryl Atkinson from CBS exposed the CDC for falsifying its flu numbers. Far fewer people than the CDC had claimed to have been infected with H1N1 (Swine flu) actually had an infection. The CDC Director at the time was Dr Thomas Friedmen. He was caught lying on TV about a Freedom of Information Act request at a press conference on September 19th.

What about the WHO and its illegal ties to Big Pharma during the false Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 or Big Pharma immunity from prosecution or Baxter International almost killed thousands. Or when Donald Rumsfeld pocketed $5 million in gains from selling shares of his stock in Tamiflu. Obama was at the helm when all this occurred. In fact, he declared H1N1 a pandemic while few of us were even aware that there was an exceptionally bad flu going around.

If you think men in white coats who call themselves scientists or doctors are incapable of lying, then let me tell you about every regulatory agency in Washington. How any American could ever trust the WHO, the CDC, Anthony Fauci, or your governmental, state, and local officials including police departments and MSM ever again is beyond me.

Now I see a fever-pitched panic, far beyond anything I saw with 911 and terrorism. COVID-19 and media have hyped this thing into a worldwide lockdown, all due to a relatively minor flu. IMO these guys should all be in prison. In all states, an emergency was declared that gave the governor’s dictatorial powers to violate several freedoms that have been guaranteed by the constitution which they signed an oath to follow. They should be dangling from their danglies.

Now I cannot work, hug a friend or my child, invite people over for food and drink, travel freely, watch a sunset in the park, go to a restaurant, a sporting or music event, shop at most stores. I cannot assemble in protest, date, or dance. I have been placed in solitary confinement in my own home which I keep perpetually cleaned with disinfectants which I am also now discovering is actually bad for my immune system.

The economy is being totally destroyed. According to CNBC, 47 million people could be losing their jobs. Even though the CDC updated their mask provisions on April 3, hoards of white-masked automatons are marching around the streets here convinced that I am some sort of angel of death for not wearing one.

In my state (Vermont) this is all happening because 53 people have died as of May 14

How many people would have died normally? Are more dying because of COVID? How old were they when they died, what other diseases did they have and where did they die? All these questions rarely get asked or answered and are almost impossible to get research data on, as detailed deaths statistics, from the state or the CDC pass through CDC/COVID-19 filters and controversial information is always purged.

After utilizing Google and DuckDuck search engines for over an hour I could not get a clear answer to this basic question.

How many people have died by month, in 2028, 2019 and so far in 2020?

I think you know what the problem is here.

There is no statistical evidence to support the claim that a new plague-like virus is killing any more people than would have died of old age or some other illness anyway.

There is no emergency that would give governors anything close to the dictatorial powers they have used to economically destroy their states, the people who elected them and abandon constitutionally guaranteed freedoms that they pledged to protect.

The flat out truth is THERE IS NO EMERGENCY IN VERMONT and I would suspect in most states. Perhaps some occasional pockets but nothing that would justify statewide shutdowns.

And then there is this strange anomaly. Don’t you ?nd it a little puzzling that it is not just the sick that are being quarantined but that the healthy and entire economies are being shut down as well? And how will living in isolation in a clean sterile environment strengthen my immune system? Everything I read says the exact opposite.

The COVID death count per-capita is absurdly low. In Vermont as of 5/14 it is 53 dead (53/628,000) or an .008% chance of dying from COVID. Consequently the VT Dept. of Health is reviewing deaths certificates of dead people to see if there is any way the COVID death counts can be increased. Sound familiar?

All the governors are now ordering thousands of COVID tests which have registered false-positive results up to 75% of the time, These faulty tests will be the primary instrument used by teams of new “brown shirts” that will be hired to play COVID ‘gotcha’ games. They call it Contact Tracing and the states are getting set to employ thousands of contact tracers with salaries from $51,000 up to 97,000. Look at the characters in this article. The Clinton Cabal are you kidding? It could not be more obvious.

Let me see … if I tested positive my life could be ruined by a test that 75% of the time could register a false positive. A child could be ripped from their home based on the results from the same faulty test. Does anyone else see the absurdity? We will track down these stealth flu abusers and prove that they belong in lockdown by administering this test to them that maybe be wrong, 75% of the time. Again all from a mild flu that is relatively harmless for 80% of the population.


HOW CAN WE MAKE POLICY DECISIONS and prove that ?u villains are on the loose with tests that are not accurate?

VT Digger on April 22 reported 40 Vermonters had died from COVID at that time. Of these 29 were 80 years old (72%) and all 40 were su?ering from other long term illnesses. This is about weakened immune systems, old age, and at worst a mild ?u.

Further let us not forget that Iowa and four other states — North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Arkansas — have no shutdown orders. Also seven states — Wyoming, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama and South Carolina have but one city with shelter-in-place rules and none are su?ering from higher ?u rates.

The real emergency here is for EVIL. There are not enough dead people. Hard to convince all those that are watching that everybody on the planet should be in lockdown when hardly anyone is dying from what WebMD, characterizes to be a mild flu with recover rates between 95 – 97%.

Every medical person who takes their oath seriously, every journalists who purports to be about truth, and every state and local police person needs to look at themselves and their children or their grandchildren and remember the oath that they have taken and ask why am I doing this? Some sheriffs are saying no to these draconian lockdown measures.

I refer you now to the following COVID death chart by county that was compiled on May 14 by Vt Digger for the State of Vermont. Total COVID deaths as of 5/14 were 53

Chittenden 37
Franklin 5
Windham 3
Addison 2
Rutland 1
Bennington 1
Windsor 2
Washington 1
Lamoille 1

As we look at the distribution of these Vermont stats, 37 of 53 total COVID deaths occurred in one county — Chittenden. This County has a population of 163,000 people or 26% of the total state population of 628,000, yet almost 70% of the total COVID deaths (37) occurred here.

As you can see in every other county were cellular infrastructure is minimal almost no one died and if they did chances are they were old and also ?ghting o? other illnesses. Could it be?

Further, we know from our amazing n-perf cellular rollout map, (use it to drill-down anywhere in the USA), that AT&T had a communication facility not far from the Burlington Health and Rehab Center where four people died from COVID. Further on an international scale COVID hots spots correlated with 5G rollouts that have been veri?ed by the World Foundation for Natural Science and several others.

In my opinion, this picture tells the story. The WHO (World Health Organization) is the problem. This organization owns and controls the entire planet. It is dark, it is evil, it is fear-based, sinister and soulless. It makes money by sickening and killing people.

These rulers come from old evil family bloodlines of multigenerational psychopaths and pedophiles who have been in charge for hundreds of years — likely with some o?-planetary help.

They believe in a master race of AI-augmented humanoids (genetically engineered people) and they will use 5G technology to usher in this new world order of things and will weaponize 5G as necessary to control the masses. The last thing they want is a clean tank.

Their rule is dependent on armies of faceless, soulless and nonquestioning state and local employee/rule-followers and a media-trained to engineer non stop messages of fear and propaganda — we must have war, we must kill to protect our interests, censorship is really free speech and massive surveillance and eavesdropping on our phone calls and emails — is to protect us from terrorism.

The WHO knows that if they intend to take over — they can wait no longer. Way too many people are waking up to their existence, even their vast media holdings are having di?culties continuing this deception. Human consciousness is advancing far too quickly for them to maintain this charade much longer. The time for the real “lockdown” is now.

They’ve got-to-go for it. The entire world is now imprisoned and in a total state of panic and the rest of the pieces are in place. Governors will calm them down over the warm summer months and prepare them for a huge second wave of COVID on the fall and winter and then bang! The full union of COVID-19 and 5G will occur as the ?u season returns and the 5G switches get ?icked on.

People will start dropping like ?ies as the second wave of Corona hits us with a vengeance. The governors will present like they have no choice but to put the people back in their cages as sickness and death counts start climbing again.

This is when hell really begins as sickness and death skyrocket, lockdowns continue and food distribution becomes a?ected. Eventually Martial law will be declared as more and more people get sick and die from blankets of radiation, over a year of lockdown and now food shortages. How long this manufactured Satanic su?ering will continue is anyone’s guess.

Eventually the herd will be culled of anyone with a weak immune system especially the elderly and the in?rm. This is when forced vaccinations and chipping will be presented as the only solution the only way out. Bill Gates will lead these desperate survivors to a new promised land where one new and fair world government with its own new digital currency assumes control.

Our new masters will then start stepping out of the shadows with promises of abundance. These liars will sow initial seeds of hope to secure positions of authority in this new world government. A government that that will likely be some sort of UN hybrid. Gone will be the elderly their memories of social justice and freedom, their questions and their need for social security. Gone will be the in?rm. The wealth where it exists will get transferred to a strong group of younger workers who have survived this radiation invasion and who are convinced that technology will solve any problem that humanity may face.

This race of humans will be further equipped with bionics and AI as people become trans-humanoids and will fully embrace the Internet of Things as this new world of the dead things takes precedent over the world of living things. The I of T will be packaged and sold as the next Industrial Revolution.

The WHO is convinced that half-crazed and half-starved people will sign up for new world government in a heartbeat — especially if they think it will end their misery. The WHO sees what fear and greed have already done with parents that now radiate their children in their cribs and in the classroom while letting their mothers and fathers die alone. They can be counted on to march in step with Lockstep, Event 201 and Agenda 21 now 30. They are a sure bet — they will not resist.

This is 4th Reich stu? and it is happening right now. The elderly now die alone while the young go willingly into their invisible 5G cages. And the nightmare is far from over. Your Governors are ordering these faulty test kits and have plans of hiring armies of investigators to administer bogus tests to flu fugitives. If you need more convincing of a growing police state look here at H.R.666 which has passed the house.

Until global consciousness happens

I will develop one for myself
I will stand for who I am and what I believe
while I envision a new world of light, love and happiness

Until I am arrested

I will hug a friend
I will travel when and where I want.
I will not wear a mask,
I will assemble with others for food, for drink, for discussion and camaraderie, for mediation, for love and in protest
I will not let anyone I love die alone
I do not consent to any mandatory COVID vaccine


I refuse to be part of any COVID testing investigation
the results of every COVID test that I am aware of — are not reliable

The fact that I have to say these words and may face prison for hugging someone is a horrible indictment of my country. For anybody who feels compelled to arrest me for these violations I can only say find a conscience and Remember Nuremberg.

Original PDF: Covid 6_14

More in this video by Chris: The Invisible Threat

Infographic – What you need to know about TOR

The iceberg metaphor may be overused, but it’s the best one we’ve got. The internet we usually surf is just the tip, and vast amounts of data is being stored below the surface.

The Deep web is 500 times larger than the regular old internet of Google and Facebook. It’s where all the protected and encrypted data travels – banking information, usernames and passwords, transactional data, among other things.

A subset of the Deep web is the Dark web. The scariest part of the internet, it’s the communication channel of thieves, assassins, drug dealers and all other forms of villains and criminals. They thrive on the anonymity that comes with the Deep web.

So, what if, just out of curiosity, you wanted to see what goes on in the dark corridors of the internet? What’s the scuba gear and oxygen mask you need to take a deep dive in the deep end?

It’s simple – you just install TOR (The Onion Router) and you’ll be able to cruise the hidden, below surface traffic in no time.

We’ve made an infographic that neatly and succinctly describes everything you need to know about how TOR works, how to install and use it. For whatever you may need.



6 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress and Anxiety


6 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress and Anxiety

This is a guest written article provided by Mollie:

It’s only recently that society as a whole has started to become more aware and educated regarding mental health. While we, as a society, still have a long way to go towards completely destigmatizing mental health ailments, we have, in fact, come a long way from where we once were 20 years ago. 20 years ago, many people wouldn’t be caught dead walking into a therapist’s office, now, however, it’s more normalized and even encouraged in some areas. Even though having and going to a therapist is no longer a hushed and negatively viewed affair, many times people don’t wish to take that step unless things become unbearable; be it, lack of time, energy, money, or simply not determining their own mental health to be that severe yet, there are quite a few methods you can try before taking the step of speaking with a therapist. If you’re looking to better your mental health, relieve stress, and naturally, reduce anxiety, try one of these great natural tips.

1.     Get Moving
This one probably the tip people hear the most often, but that’s only because it’s so true! Exercise is one of the best natural stress relievers and can really help those with high stress and anxiety. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore either, it can be something simple, or even something you like to do. You don’t need to be a major Crossfitter to reap the benefits of exercise. If you’re experiencing high stress or anxiety and don’t currently exercise, try simply implementing a twenty to thirty-minute walk into your routine. The natural endorphins released will boost your mood and reduce your stress for hours to come.

2.     Try Essential Oils
Essential oils have been around for hundreds of thousands of years in a variety of forms and have been touted to cure different ailments depending on which essential oil you’re using. Today, there are tons of different ways to utilize essential oils, from burning incense to using a diffuser and even to simply dabbing some on your wrists, many different oils have relaxing properties that will instill a feeling of calm and peace. If you’re specifically struggling with high stress try lavender, rose, or sage. If you’re especially struggling with anxiety try lavender (again), jasmine, or sweet basil. You can find the right way to use your essential oils here.

3.     Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Space
Having somewhere specifically designated where you can relax and unwind is of the utmost importance. We know that logically your whole home should be that sanctuary for you, however, for some that is not always the case. And even if it is, it’s not always a matter of having space but instead, it’s a matter of specifically designating said space for unwinding. That way, when you go into that room, relaxing and destressing is the only thing your mind wants to do because you’ve trained it to associate that specific room with relaxation and destressing. Some of the best things to have in your relaxation room in order to optimize the comfort level. Fuzzy blankets, over-sized pillows, a heater, candles, and maybe even a small fan or noise machine!

4.     Book a Massage!
While this may not be in the budget for everyone, if it is in yours, it’s one of the best ways to treat yourself and practice self-care. Not only is a massage great for relaxing, reducing anxiety, and distressing, it’s also good for your body physically as well. You’ll get rid of knots, built-up stress, and kinks that have been sitting in your back for ages causing you grief and stress without you even realizing it! If you can’t justify paying full price for a massage right now, try looking for coupons on Retail-Me-Not. And if you can’t swing that, you can still implement this tip! Offer to trade massages with your spouse or significant other! You’ll get some of the great effects and you’ll get to spend quality time with a loved one!

5.     Watch What you Put in Your Body to Get Good Out.
This simply means that what you’re putting into your body is affecting the results of what you get out and how you’re feeling every single day. If you’re struggling with high stress or anxiety, try keeping a food and feelings journal. Track the foods you’re eating throughout the day and then also regularly log how you’re feeling throughout the day as well and pay special attention to when your stress or anxiety is spiking. Is it after a night of drinks? Or maybe it’s a few minutes after your morning coffee? Alcohol, caffeine, and greasy foods with trans-fat are known to exacerbate high stress and anxiety and make them worse so be on the lookout for typical triggers in your daily diet.

6.     Get More Sleep.
Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes and chief exacerbators of poor health. Without enough sleep, you’ll feel sluggish, unmotivated and get sick more often. This is the same for high stress and anxiety. This is especially true if it’s something you’re already prone to. Lack of sleep makes any minor irritation a full-blown problem. Make getting enough sleep and getting quality sleep a top priority! If you’re not sure how to, start by tracking your sleep cycle. This will allow you to see how much sleep you’re getting and what quality. From there you can make adjustments to your sleeping habits and try different methods in order to improve your quality of sleep.
No matter how mundane you may feel your high stress and anxiety, if you can’t seem to pin down the problem or find ways to curtail it, it’s always best to see a licensed professional. In the meantime, we hope some of these top tips help to lessen your stress and anxiety.

We encourage readers to submit articles or writings that help or uplift humanity.  You can go here to learn how: Write An Article


Astonishing Facts and Stats About Global Indebtedness – Infographic

By I. Mitic

Imagine if one day your debt piled so high you owed more than three times your income.

For an individual, it’s a nightmare scenario. Unimaginable. For countries, it’s simply how the economy works. Financial obligations are stacking higher each year, and global debt history shows us a worrying statistic — the world’s nations owe three times more money than they spend in a single year.

Governments, households, and companies have contributed to the current debt of more than $243 trillion, and consumerism appears to be the driving force. We’re encouraged to spend more. And why not? Spending keeps money moving through the system, encouraging a healthy economy – and sometimes tax cuts and increased government spending are the only way to get a country out of recession.

It’s impossible to look at global debt stats & facts, or a single country’s national debt, in complete isolation. Most often, it’s not a mark of how well a country is doing — after all, the world’s richest nations, the countries with the steadiest economies, are also the most indebted.

There are many factors to examine if you want to understand the impact of global debt on the economy. That’s exactly why we made this infographic. It provides a clear-cut analysis of important global data, and it shows you the specifics of how much different countries of the world owe compared to their GDP. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it gives you everything you need to know.