Cuba’s Cases and Deaths Go Up After Being Inoculated

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Cuba didn’t start inoculation of its population for covid until June the 8tth.  Cuba currently has over 85% coverage:

But, oh no!

Someone could ask, “Why did Cuba get an outbreak after having over 85% experimental drug coverage?”  Good question!



Part 18: Covid-19: Part 1 of multiple episodes about the biggest medical scam of all times.
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Journalists Aim to Expose Covid Censorship

From PFC volunteer Roger:

Journalists Aim to Expose Covid Censorship


By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge


Covid-19 jabs are killing thousands and permanently disabling tens of thousands more – and that’s official.

Figures reported through the UK’s Yellow Card scheme, VAERS in the US and EudraVigilance in Europe indicate that the experimental injections have already killed more people in a few months than more than 70 other vaccines put together over the previous 30 years.

According to Dr Joseph Mercola, writing in the August-September 2021 Nexus Magazine, the statistics mean the Covid jabs are about 500 times as deadly as the seasonal flu vaccine and seven times more dangerous than the H1N1 jab.

Yet the scary stats remain largely unreported to the public.

Why? Because censorship and propaganda are causing mainstream media to present a one-sided picture to their audiences.

SAGE, the scientific advisory group, specifically advised the UK government in March 2020 to “use media to increase sense of personal threat” among the public.


See page 6 of this link

And that’s why a group of British journalists have launched Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship. And they are keen to invite others to join them in the fight.

Their aim is to help restore balance to the Covid/vaccine debate and educate fellow journalists and the wider public about the facts, figures and scientific opinions that are being censored across the mainstream.

A spokesperson for Holding the Line said: “If you look behind the curtain of propaganda, it soon becomes obvious that virtually nothing has been fully and accurately reported.

“An early example is the reporting of so-called Covid deaths.

“As most people now know, these are not necessarily Covid deaths at all but deaths of people who tested positive in the previous 28 days mostly using a PCR test that doctors, scientists and even the World Health Organisation say produces false positives.

“Law courts in Portugal and Austria have already declared PCR tests unreliable yet they were the basis of worldwide lockdowns and crackdowns on personal freedom.

“Forced to provide verified mortality data, a Portuguese court ruled that of 17,000 alleged ‘covid deaths’ between January 2020 and April 2021, only 152 were actually from Covid.

“The other 16,848 embraced a whole range of death causes including accidents.”

The spokesperson stressed that the group’s aims did not include “having a go” at fellow journalists.

He said: “Many journalists are being misled like everyone else and even those that are aware often find their hands tied by publishers and editors who are following the official agenda.

“We know freelancers who have been blacklisted by media outlets for seeking to write balanced stories that challenge Covid narratives that have been established in the mainstream media through constant repetition rather than being built on scientific data.

“Others have been warned that they could be in breach of contract if they cross the line.

“One of our members received an official warning from her newspaper.

“Another was taken off air by his radio station for being too ‘controversial’.

“A third has been branded as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for putting forward a story that questioned the safety of the Covid injections.”

The spokesperson said there was a popular myth that anything that failed to tie in with the governmental narrative was social media “disinformation” from so-called anti-vaxxers.

“That is plain wrong,” he said.

“Hundreds of doctors, virologists, bacteriologists and other scientists are seeing their posts removed from the internet on a daily basis simply because their studies and views disagree with the official narrative.

“Many are leaders in their fields – people like Dr Robert Malone, celebrated as the inventor of the mRNA technology now being used in the Pfizer and Moderna jabs.”

In a podcast interview in June 2021, Malone warned that the spike protein in the jabs was not behaving as expected.

Instead of staying near the injection site, it was biologically active and leading to blood clots, bleeding disorders, heart problems and neurological damage as well as accumulating in women’s ovaries.

Within two days the interview on Bret Weinstein’s podcast was pulled by YouTube and Weinstein given a warning.

Malone’s lauded contribution to the development of the mRNA vaccine was then excised from the Wikipedia entry.

Watch group spokesperson Sonia Elijah’s interview Dr Robert Malone here

More on Dr Robert Malone censorship

Two-part interview with Dr Robert Malone that the tech giants don’t want you to hear

The spokesperson said: “This is typical of what’s going on. We could provide numerous other examples.

“Governments claim to be led by science but in reality they are being led by Big Pharma and the so-called fact-checkers and Big Tech algorithms that censor on a grand scale.”

Past or present journalists interested in joining Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship should email Anonymity will be respected if required.

Note to editors:

For interview requests or more information please contact:

Or feel free to contact any of our group spokespersons:

Sonia Elijah        

Tony Gosling     

Roger Guttridge

How to claim your rights when travelling. About Dolores Cahill and Freedom

Interesting perspectives put together by PFC member Devon:

I’m presenting an initiative that involves the freedom of airway travelling, with Dolores Cahill among other “flight-officers” and “crew members”.
The first link is the video I’ve found where Dolores Cahill shares her experience at the airport, not signing the passenger locator form and not wearing a facemask, while leaving and returning to the UK:
Here’s the first Freedom Talk interview where Tara and Dolores discuss the experience Dolores had in Ireland, where she was involved in an election and where she was refused to enter the count-venue by the members of Irish law and enforcement.
Here’s Dolores Cahill’s website with a series of Facebook posts with footage of what happened in Ireland with Dolores Cahill, discussed in the freedom talk in the link above
Best wishes, Devon.

Full Knowledge of Ascension is Humanity’s Birthright

From our friend

In our solar system:

Earth is Mother/Matter.

Sol is Father.

Sentient beings/species are prodigal children destined for ascension.

Planets that sustain life provide a childhood for beings/species destined for ascension. Earth is called “Mother Earth” as an actual mother who raises these beings/species. When these beings/species are ‘old enough,’ they ‘leave the nest’ by colonizing space. All beings/species destined for ascension are supposed to go out and explore the vastness of space. Eventually, when the physical universe is mastered/perfected by beings/species destined for ascension, they ‘ascend to higher realms.’

Sol develops the ‘light of the soul.’ Sol develops soul. Sol is the light that sustains all life on Earth, and thus also the ‘light within.’

Both Mother/Matter and Father are of course necessary for life.

Ascension is the birthright of humanity. This birthright has been violated by other beings who are on paths of devolution. The primary task of beings on the path of devolution is to block the ascension of others, bringing as many others as possible into the path of devolution.

A vast amount of humanity has gone down the path of devolution on Earth, but this path is not yet irreversible. There is still time. Mother Earth and Father Sol can heal and nurture most of humanity.

Within humanity, there are three main categories:

– Humans who are on a path of evolution.

– Humans who are on a path of reversible devolution.

– Humans who are on a path of irreversible devolution.

The word “human” first starts with “hue.” Humans on the path of evolution can embody all the hues of the spectrum. Humans on the path of reversible devolution are missing certain hues, so they vampire off the hues of others. These humans can still return to the path of evolution. Humans on the path of irreversible devolution are so mutated and distorted that their only fate is to be returned to the Galactic Central Sun to restart evolution from the very beginning. Absolutely nothing of what they are and ever were will remain.

“Man” is from “Manu.” Perhaps Manu can mean “Body.” “Hue” is the spectrum of light. Thus, Hue Manu could be called “Light Body.” “Light Body” may be a familiar term to some. The entire universe is Light interacting with Matter. Matter and Light are perhaps supposed to become as one to ascend.

It may also be possible to only need to master the ‘world within’ to ascend. Regarding the world within, various religious texts have useful knowledge. However, there are many missing pieces and distortions from these texts. These missing pieces and distortions were of course the result of those on the path of devolution.

Full knowledge of ascension has not yet been revealed to modern day humanity. Humanity needs full knowledge of ascension, as this is humanity’s birthright.

(This post was my attempt to describe ascension, and is by no means complete, nor may it be completely accurate.)

Beyond “My Body, My Choice”

From our friend

Rebelling against covid and experimental drug tyranny needs to come from a different place of “My body, my choice.”  The rebellion needs to be from a place of recognizing that hospitals are committing mass murder by suppressing covid cures.  There are countless cures, but far too often, hospitals just want hook people up to ventilators instead of implementing protocols to drastically strengthen their immune systems.

When people shout, “My body, my choice,” they make themselves appear selfish, because in the news, the public are seeing a massive number of people dying from covid.  A considerable portion of the public strongly believe that it’s the unvaccinated portion of the population that are responsible for the delta variant, and thus, deaths from the delta variant.  So, “My body, my choice” becomes “These people need to die to preserve my freedoms!”  When someone tries to lay a guilt trip on someone else who is unvaccinated, instead of “My body, my choice,” it needs to be, “The vaccines were never necessary in the first place.  Hospitals are committing mass murder by giving improper treatments.”

Again, even if the unvaccinated portion of the public are responsible for the delta variant, the experimental drugs were never necessary in the first place if hospitals actually gave proper treatment, which would drastically reduce deaths.  I’m not a doctor, but there is a significant amount of evidence suggesting this is the case, and there are a significant number of doctors stating this.  Also, in the case of people believing that if everyone got the experimental drugs there would be no variants, it would probably be logistically impossible to inoculate the globe in time even if everyone cooperated.  Plus, there is the possibility of Wuhan labs engineering variants, and vaccines being responsible for variants.  Whatever the case may be, it’s inevitable that variants would exist.

Most hospital employees are not in on some kind of conspiracy to commit mass murder.  Most hospital employees are just doing their jobs, and don’t give a second thought to suggesting alternative ways for treating covid patients.  Yet, reality shows that hospitals are more often than not, places where people go to die.

People who strongly believe the experimental drug narrative have a superficial perception of reality.  These people take too much of what they are exposed to at face value.  They need to look deeper in order to see what’s really going on.  Reality can be slowed down, but it cannot be stopped.  One way or another, ugly truths will be revealed.

Here is some additional information to consider:

“Dr Peter McCullough and the Suppression of Early Covid Outpatient Treatment”

“Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease”

“Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus”

For those who say covid doesn’t exist because it’s never been isolated, there is evidence suggesting that it has.  There are countless instances of the mainstream media purposely promoting false information, but this has also become the case with the alternative media:

Thich Nhat Hanh’s 95th birthday – October 11 2021

Article by Guest Author Devon:

To me, Thich Nhat Hanh, or simply “Thay”, is one of Earth’s beloved children who has understood the meaning of “inter-are”.

The nature of a cloud, a raindrop falling in the well, where the tea kettle is filled, and tea is poured into cups, held by hands that bring this cup to the mouth that drinks… this cloud. I believe that our interconnectedness is a comfort to behold, once we dare to surrender to that state of being, that is equal to a compassionate state of being I believe, and feels like the opposite of a survival mode,
And a survival mode has raged, or is still raging, over our planet, lately, don’t you think? It’s for Thay’s 95th birthday, and the publication of his latest book “Zen and the Art of saving the Planet” which might be his last book, that I’d love to share this with the visitors and members of Prepare for Change.
Here’s a small part of what’s in the link above:
‘Since the early 1970’s, Thay has been a pioneer of ecological justice,organizing Buddhists, scientists, and local communities to care for and protect Mother Earth. Thay teaches us that the first step to taking care of ourselves and our planet is to practice deep listening – a revolutionary act, in our often noisy world. In the latest book of Thay’s powerful Earth teachings, Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet (published this October), Thay calls on us all to practice deep listening to help heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet”.
Thank you again, and best wishes from Devon.

Further Proof that the Experimental Drugs Don’t Work

Followup from our friend starlight432.blogspot:

Sorry to pick on Israel, but Israel is one of highest vaccinated countries for covid in the world:





Yet, here are the cases for Israel to the current date:


And, here are the deaths for Israel to the current date:



There’s far too much experimental drug coverage in Israel to just blame these recent spikes in daily cases and deaths on citizens who are not inoculated.  Obviously, the experimental drugs don’t work.  That’s why Israel’s media is saying people need to get booster shots, and fourth shots, and…  Why not just get shots in perpetuity?  Why not, unlike flu shots, make this mandatory?  That’s the plan.  Say “No!”

Fortunately, this ‘whole thing’ might be fizzling out.  Global cases and deaths are now on the decline.  Without their precious numbers, the negative elites don’t have much to work with.  They must be getting even more desperate than before.  Never underestimate a cornered animal.


Can a Bridge be Built Between Worlds?

From our friend

There are many people who believe the experimental drugs (so-called vaccines) work, who have well-meaning beliefs in advances in science and technology.  They believe that most elected officials, although not perfect, are inherently good-natured.  They refuse to believe that prominent members of society, such as public health authorities and so forth, would ever betray them.  This is why others who find serious flaws and true conspiracies in many of the inner workings of the corporate government and media are seen as being inferior in both intellect and character.

I understand these well-meaning people.  I know where they come from.  It’s tempting to have the same kinds of beliefs, because then the world doesn’t seem so backwards.  But I couldn’t deny what I found.  I couldn’t just turn a blind eye to all the very real and very rampant corruption.  I’m not a rebel because I want to be ‘special.’  I’m a rebel because I do not filter out the darkness I see.  I’m a rebel because I know that if I and others who are similar do not rebel, evil people will get away with betraying humanity, and will even be heralded as heroes for doing so.

There needs to be a bridge between truthers and the well-meaning believers of the status quo.  This is why when I debunked the experimental drugs, I did so with officially accepted numbers and graphs from mainstream sources, such as John Hopkins University of Medicine.  I proved my case on their own playing field.  That way, what I found could not be dismissed as some crazy conspiracy theory.  The well-meaning would have to acknowledge my findings.  The only problem is reaching them though.  My findings need to be posted on the mainstream media to truly have an impact.  Perhaps there are those who can make this happen, somehow.

Regarding bridges, a bridge cannot be built by, for example, showing them Alex Jones videos and so forth.  They are not receptive to that sort of material.  I myself am not receptive to much of that material because much of the alternative media, just like much of the mainstream media, is also disinformation.  The bridge must be carefully built by being relatable; not alien.  They need to know that people like me are also well-meaning, but have some findings that need to be seen.

The other way to reach them is to just let horrible things happen to them as a natural consequence of believing the mainstream media’s disinformation and obeying those who have betrayed humanity.  This has already happened to a great extent.  Although this way can be very harsh, sometimes this is the only way for some to wake up from the lies they are repeatedly told.

A bridge can be provided, but if this doesn’t work, reality asserts itself.  Reality cannot be escaped.  Sooner or later, reality catches up with everyone.