It’s time to Co-create The New Era

By Vanessa López De la O

It is time…

Humanity is at its most critical crossroad in known history.  In global terms, it basically has two scenarios to choose from.

One consists of deepening differences and divisions by focusing on:

  • The material and the technological,
  • Hierarchies and competition,
  • Being in service to self -or a single group or nation.

The second one is to imagine a reality that equals us in dignity and rights by focusing on:

  • The intangible and the spiritual,
  • Human relations and collaboration,
  • Working in service to others and universal justice.

Granted, technology indicates progress.  But spirituality is also a measure of civilizational growth.

Technology without humanism and wisdom is void of meaning.

We should ask ourselves, what motivates us to develop in every area of our lives?

Is it profit-making and the accumulation of material things for the few, or is it the thrill of creating and contributing to satisfy unmet needs for the many?

What goes first, ethics or profits?

Why not imagine a future where profits are practically irrelevant; where only ethics, rights and universal satisfaction of human -and the rest of life- needs matter?

A truly evolved society like the one depicted in Star Trek. Where we can aspire to peacefully explore the Universe and Consciousness, once we have solved the essential problems in our home: planet Earth and the Solar System. Namely, the differences in dignity and rights.

Where food, clothing, housing, energy, transportation, communication, knowledge, and healthcare are basically free and accessible to all… And where we all contribute with our work to the general well-being, and at the same time, to the satisfaction of our individual self-realization.

It is time to decide.

Either we head for the maelstrom of the technological singularity / transhumanist agenda, or we ascend to a universal fraternity where values govern as the compass of progress in all areas of our lives.

The creation of a New Era is your choice, as well as our collective choice.

It is born out of our God-given free will and consciousness.

The time to co-create the future is here and now…

Choose wisely,

Vanessa López De la O



Piecing the Puzzle Pieces Together When in a Maze

Every single source of information online has a mixture of truth and deception.  It’s up to the truther to put as many pieces of truth together as possible to have the best possible knowledge of what is really going on.

Many so-called ‘truthers’ simply regurgitate other alternative online sources of intel without formulating their own conclusions.  These so-called ‘truthers’ have very little independent thought of their own, but instead mostly default on claims from the alternative media.  This isn’t to single such people out, but to provide greater awareness to not be this way anymore.  I myself have been a so-called ‘truther’ in the past.  The only shame exists in not evolving beyond this.

Real truthers (this is the term I will use at least for now) look at many different sources of information, even including mainstream sources.  For example, this mainstream news article further confirms that Covid may actually be radiation sickness.  The article doesn’t say this of course, but the symptoms described are some of the same symptoms for radiation sickness:

New Study Confirms Link Between COVID and Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo

New Study Confirms Link Between COVID and Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo

Then compare the above article with this one:

Tinnitus and cell phones: the role of electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation

So, at least regarding radiation and Covid, Benjamin Fulford may be correct.  It’s entirely possible that 5G is causing these kinds of symptoms.  A truther only has at best, probability to work with.  Most of the time definite conclusions cannot be made because there is intel that cannot be found anywhere on the internet.  With most online sources of information, I can only go on their word.  For example, I don’t have a laboratory to confirm or deny what’s being said regarding Covid.  Or, as with other matters in the news, I wasn’t there myself, so I can’t truly know what happened.  That’s why many times a real truther can only deal with possibility.  Probability is preferred, and certainty is akin to ‘striking gold.’

Here’s my latest speculation:

Maybe the vaccines were originally intended to work along with 5G to genocide the surface population, but the light forces hijacked the vaccines to be protective against 5G.  Reasons for this speculation: The light forces are not stopping the vaccine and there was a study showing that people who had permanent post-covid symptoms had their symptoms disappear after getting the Covid vaccine.

Action should not be taken if it’s just speculation though.  There needs to be a high probability in order to make a decision.  Someone who knows someone else who died from the vaccine would understandably become very upset with the above speculation.  I’m not denying that side-effects from the vaccine will cause a small percentage of deaths, with the elderly being the most vulnerable.  Maybe a portion of the vaccines have been hijacked by the light forces, and/or the vaccines have been replaced with placebos and the real reason there is a decrease in Covid cases and deaths in particular regions is because 5G is being systematically disabled by the light forces.  This is why probability is preferred, because speculation can become endless.

The closer someone gets to certainty, the greater the ability to make real decisions.  There is no real choice when the choice is based on false information.

Wake Up World

To whom it may concern,


We have to be blind or brainwashed not  to see the massive tons of evidence around the world now from thousands of highly qualified doctors, scientists, nurses, microbiologists, etc. who are clearly trying to tell us we are not being given the truth about the virus. And 99.9% of what they are trying to tell us is NOT being passed on via the main media. Then only ones giving us the truth are the alternative media (growing massive by the minute) with a tiny bit contributed on occasion by Sky and Fox news. The statistics now of deaths and severe side effects are legion, all over the world.

At best, C19 it is a new strain of flu. deliberately portrayed in a massively fearful way by the main media (all controlled by 6 companies – i.e. 6 people) across the world. Its intention is to get humanity obedient and under control. And if you think that is a conspiracy, there are multi millions who know its not, because they actually bothered to find out!  It is all available and not hard to find.

And for people who ‘believe’ whatever they are told by those they consider ‘authorities,’ – which for some strange reason seems to include TV and papers media (what a joke) – without bothering to be responsible and research the truth, but instead are willing to let this be perpetrated onto their families, kids and the world, they are setting up a life that is totally dictated. You are told you HAVE to stay apart, no hugging, wear masks, curfew, kids can’t go to school or play with friends, can’t visit dying parents and friends, can’t go to funerals, have weddings, can’t visit the elderly – the sick or the dying, can’t go to cafes, pubs, many shops or facilities, can’t go to games, can’t kiss and hug, can’t travel, can’t cross a border or move outside your border bubble and can’t go outside in the sun (which heals it incidentally). So many have just ‘bought’ it and dutifully, through fear and blind obedience, become instant slaves. DO YOU BELIEVE YOURSELVES?? Would you have ever thought a year ago you would let yourself be ordered around like this without even checking if it was all true!! Yet you just did it. You rolled over and said ‘Yes Sir, three bags full, Sir!’ Millions blindly had the invasive, damaging, tracking test (which contains some nasty ingredients in the actual vac) and can reach neurological area in the head. Then they informed you that you MUST have an injection – something that was raced through in a few months trial instead of the required years of research, full of chemicals and DNA altering material (Google it and Bill Gates) that has NONE of any actual virus in it (such as the old vaccines had that helped our bodies create anti bodies.) Then we have the tracking and the passports and that you won’t be allowed to eat in restaurants, go to work, shop, fly, travel, move, breath!! unless you have been jabbed. They have the passports ready!

Do you know how many people, including kids, who now have mental issues, depression or who just died from fear, loneliness, sadness, lack of love, not being ‘allowed’ out (even for exercise and when it is allowed, no more than 1 hour! WHAT!!) not seeing family – friends – grandkids – familiar faces, not able to speak with neighbours, go to shops to get food (not everyone likes to ask for help!), no positive outlook for them to see families again and with seemingly with no end to it – as they are told – unless the whole world is vaccinated!!

Do you know how many small businesses have gone under (deliberately done) – to allow BIG business to take over and control everything you buy. Do you realize the Govt PAYOUTS are to bring you under control – RELYING on those handouts to survive!

Do you know how many elderly have died after getting this! Have you looked?    Have you checked around the world and the amount of real nursing home deaths? Which the ‘Fact checkers’ attempt to debunk – all being employed by social platforms to debunk truth. Have you read any official govt reports?  How deaths are calculated?  There are several different facets to that one! Just one –

Do you know the requirement is continually changing? Two doses, now 3 and boosters or if it is a new strain, you’ll need different ones.

With so many people mucking up their immune system by getting previous flu vaccines, taking tons of antibiotics and medicine drugs; getting MRI’s and scans (=radiation); plus eating a diet of chemical supermarket food and using chemicals to clean their houses – that they have nearly wiped out their immune system?. It is not surprising some human bodies can’t take the dangerous concoction of chemicals that are in the C – vaccine. Do you know what is in it? Have you BOTHERED to look! Have you gone to the trouble of checking out what each ingredient actually does? I mean the ones that you can find listed. Even investigative journalists have said they can’t find the secret ones, such as the nano particles. But listen to Bill Gates admit many times–they have nano particles and they change our DNA. And incidentally this DNA change can NEVER be reversed. Or listen to Facebook’s Zuckerberg.

Have you acted responsibility in the best interests of your family and the world? This is your kid’s future we are talking about! The UK Govt has officially stated no one with any allergy should have the C vaccine.  Did you know that? Did you bother to look? Do you know many people have allergies they are unaware of? What about them? Have you read the scientists (even the Pfizer creator) say it can create sterilization? That means no kids. Have you read the amount of people dying after receiving this vaccine?

Are you taking charge of your life or happy to be a robot under control, letting others decide your life you. To become so entrenched and accept this as a way of life that your kids will never know any different and will never live a free life? Much like the Chinese now really. You think that can’t happen? IT ALREADY DID. YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO.

ALL the main social platforms (youtube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) are now censoring every word and blocking hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are trying to tell the unawakened the truth, including thousands of doctors. They are getting blocked because they are daring to tell the truth.

Thanks heavens there are millions who are awake and trying their best to tell you. They are fighting mass media control determined to keep you in the dark, all following instructions from their bosses. There are world wide protest demonstrations in most countries with many thousands, even millions attending, but that is not what you are shown. I attended one yesterday and there were over 5,000 one (country wide it was millions). Some of the main media even managed to report it (very unusual) but said it was attended by a maximum of a thousand ‘ignorant any vaxers’. We were lucky actually, they usually say a couple of hundred!

Yes, I am mad about this. But I am not mad with the people pushing the control of humanity. That’s happened throughout Earth’s history. There has always been a dark manipulating force at work. Unless you live under a rock, you have to know that! I am mad at the sheep – the people who are failing to take any responsibility for the freedom of the human race and for each other. Allowing themselves to be dictated to and losing every ounce of freedom they had. Most think they are free as they sweat to work pay taxes, crippling mortgages and interest and live in the illusion of freedom because they can go to the beach for a swim.

And don’t think it will just all go away. It will stay until you are all under full control and are obediently doing what you are told. Massive laws in many countries have been slipped in now under the pretext of this ‘pandemic’. You are going to be controlled like never before. You are proving every day that can so easily be achieved. It only took a few short months and you were willing to abandon your freedom – just because someone convinced you a flu strain was deadly. Who told you? The WHO (World Health organisation). Have you checked them out? Have you wondered why President Trump stopped funding them? And then your politician (and we know they can be trusted, right?)  say – you had better comply or you will be fined or jailed and if you don’t wear a mask you will contaminate people and are being selfish to your fellow man. Guilt trips work really well. Thousands of doctors and medical experts are trying to tell you they don’t work and are dangerous. Fresh air heals us! Breathing in chemical mask particles and your own carbon dioxide does not!

Yes, there is a conspiracy – it is just not the one you are being told about.

All people need to stand together against tyranny and darkness.

Together, we can create the world we want – one of harmony and love and care for each other, unified in our intent to create the best world we can for us and our children.




Sandy Stevenson

February 22nd 2021



We are experiencing a miracle! What a change has occurred in such a short space of time. Who would have thought, even a year ago, that millions of people around the world would now be awake, and not only awake but taking effective, loving action together globally to protect their freedom?

The Divine Plan is in full play. We are bringing the Earth up to the frequency of 5D to join the other 5D planets in this sector of the galaxy. Now the world is turning on its head, whether people realise it or not. It really is all happening. The light is removing the dark, bringing all up to the surface to be seen. Even though Lightworkers knew all dense energy on Earth had to be removed before humanity could reach higher vibrations, many wondered if it was ever going to happen. Even knowing the corruption had to surface before being taken down, many of us are surprised at the spectacular way this is unfolding. We don’t know exactly how this will continue to unfold, but it has certainly been exciting so far.

It’s been a long journey in 3D for many Lightworkers. Well, our wait is over. We have finally reached the designated time for 3D Earth to evolve into 5D Earth and nothing in the universe can stop it. Throughout the dimensions, the Light Force on all levels is busy organising the entire collapse and dismantling of all dense, controlling, corrupt Earth systems, along with the people involved in them. We are seeing the darkness rise, but only to crumble. The world we know is disappearing faster than we can imagine.

People who rely on mainstream TV and newspapers for their truth are going to find it hard to connect the dots. And that may include some family and friends. People will be shocked when they discover organizations and people they trusted are found to be false, corrupt and not serving the people at all. And criminal activity will apply to most areas of life, whether judicial, government, medical, mainstream media and the entertainment industry. A lot of compassion, understanding and healing will be needed to help people get past all these revelations. Be ready.

Unfortunately, the entire mainstream news system; all TV, radio, papers and magazine are owned by just 6 companies. That means 6 CEO’s dictate what the media must say and cannot say. Because they are part of the cover up, they hide evidence of global corruption (existed for centuries) and that it is now ending. They dismiss things as conspiracy theories. Incidentally, all conspiracies are theories until proven, just as are all scientific propositions.

So, because we can’t get truth from mainstream media, alternative media has grown exponentially with people determined to get truth out there. New channels and social media are appearing.  There are now over half a billion new active users just on the social truth platform of Telegram. I know 25 million joined in one 72 period and we understand it is growing at a rate of 1.5 million a day. People from all walks of life; doctors, scientists, microbiologists, nurses, thousands who have proof of fraudulent USA and other elections; people reporting on unusual events around the world, are speaking out through these channels.

We know evidence of truth has always reached us from incredibly courageous whistle blowers, whose lives, families and livelihoods are usually destroyed as a result. Unfortunately, many are jailed, as Julian Assange has effectively been since 2012, spending 9 years in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK and a British prison since 2019, where Julian is under threat of life imprisonment if he is extradited to the USA. For decades, the controlled media has spent much of its energy trying to suppress the truth of major events by labelling every whistleblower, a ‘conspiracy theorist’. But those days are coming to an end. Eventually truth does prevail and it is certainly doing so now on Earth.

We are creating the space for the birth of a new world of integrity and harmony. To achieve this, everything corrupt or false is ‘going down’. People who have not looked beyond their nightly viewing of TV, will have no idea what is really happening? Major world wide changes began occurring soon after Trump entered office in 2016 when he began a major clearing of the ‘swamp’ (Deep State). Many corrupt governments have gone down. This information is available on mainstream news if you search for it. It is just not something they want us to know and question why. Are you aware many countries governments have resigned in 20/21? These include the Netherlands (Holland), Poland, Italy, Kuwait, Estonia, Romania, Japan, Mail, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar (Burma) (taken down), Lebanon, France, Israel and Malaysia. The Russian government has also resigned but Putin remains as president. He just cut off the Rothschild’s central banking system into Russia. The Governments of Finland and Bolivia resigned Dec 2019.

Did you know around 1,400 plus CEO’s of major world companies have resigned in the last 18 months or so? These include  McDonalds, Nike,  Google,  Boeing, Nokia, Lockheed Martin, L Brands, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Match, Hulu, Tinder, Credit Suisse, Groupon, Disney, Harley Davidson, Mastercard, Nike,  IBM, The  Gates  Foundation, Wells Fargo, Overstock, Kraft Heinz, HP, United Healthcare, Mozilla, Guess, Bed Bath, Colgate’s EBay, Warner Bros, NY Post, Microsoft, Wikimedia, Amazon, WeWork, Under Armour, MeToo, United  Airlines, Expedia, Alphabet, Samsung, Disney and Merck – to name a few. And in 2019 more CEO’s than ever before resigned in a year. This is extremely unusual. It is all part of the Divine plan to remove dense energy and corruption from Earth. These facts can also be found if you search.

Mainstream media are determined not to tell us. I did find one called Data Driven Investor, asking the hard questions.

There has recently been a spate of deaths of key politicians around the world. There have just been 42 deaths in 10 days. Probably a couple of reasons for this. But one will be that news is spreading around the world of mass arrests occurring of crimes against humanity and these will be made public. I am guessing that will cause quite some suicides.

Massive 2020 US election fraud resulted from foreign interference; deliberately tampered with computer software, complicit actions of the deep state, the subsequent ongoing suppression of truth by main media and the refusal of the USA lower and higher courts to actually hear the evidence. This has assisted greatly to see who the ‘black hats’ are. A million miles of evidence regarding the election fraud will end up being presented to the public. But honestly, the election result is quite small fry, compared to the massive uncovering and handling of the ‘deep state’ taking place right across the globe. That includes the handling of large scale child trafficking.  That was the first area Trump began to handle as soon as he was made president. Freeing children and making arrest globally. I won’t mention figures, because frankly no-one would believe them. Trump is the only president to ever address global child trafficking, something which has been going on for a very long time. It is extreme, extensive, global, unimaginable and evil. People are going to be shocked to the core.

Many millions have now watched evidence of the US election fraud. Thousand of videos, affidavits, cyber experts showing how it was done with foreign interference; postal workers sworn statements they delivered millions of blank ballots in the middle of the night; massive fraud throughout the whole postal ballots area. One tech expert proved how easy it was to get into and change votes in the specific voting machines used. He actually did it; LIVE in December 2020 in the middle of a Public Hearing that was taking place at the same time as the Georgia Senate run off election! Many lawsuits were filed but not one court case has ever taken place in the USA. All were dismissed without hearing any evidence. The deep state protects itself. The judicial system is corrupt from top to bottom. It just so happens that one of the fraudulent moves was caught live on CNN TV during coverage on the night of the Presidential election, clearly showing 20,000 votes being swapped from Trump to Biden. I have the whole footage but here is a clip.

I don’t think it can be too long before the public will be given this information. A lot of us are thinking it may be revealed in the form of a USA Military announcement, called the EAS (Emergency Alert System). This is used when a communication needs to bypass main stream TV broadcasts, to let people know there has been foreign interference or infiltration in the country.

There has been a powerful Deep State control on Earth for a long time. It is being brought down now. Humanity needs this ‘swamp’ to be cleared once and for all. To raise vibration, the truth must be known. Military tribunals are actually taking place now. Many more will be held. Once the information is made public, we will probably be shown arrests, military tribunals and confessions. These military tribunals are currently held in secret so as not to warn other deep state criminals who would try to escape. Court cases are all videoed (in analogue, so it can be seen there is no manipulation.) I believe this information will be presented to the public gradually, with the more extreme details of corruption held back a while. People experiencing extreme shock would create a lot of dense energy, which would not be ideal when we are trying to increase the light.

Those of us aware of the unfolding situation on Earth have been asking the Higher realms to hurry up with this EAS (Emergency Alert System) broadcast, so we can get on with the healing needed. However, I think most of us are learning that a Divine Plan has its own timing and we have to be patient. I think there will be a broadcast, possibly along the lines that ‘due to irrefutable proof of foreign interference in the 2020 USA elections the US military are now in temporary control to complete the investigations’. I expect it will be quite gentle and delivered in a matter of fact manner, so as to avoid fear. We have had enough fear with the Coronavirus, haven’t we?

The announcement may be global or just in the USA, as well as those places in the world that directly receive US broadcasts. We have heard some people in the US have received a test message on their cell phone over the last couple of months saying ‘This is a test. Emergency broadcast.’ Regardless of where the Broadcast reaches, this news will spread rapidly. As we know, all presidential or military broadcasts have the power to override major media in case of war or similar emergencies. I understand that legal documents were presented to all US media corporations within the last months seeking agreement for an emergency broadcast through their stations. As the major media is controlled by just 6 (deep state) corporations, who have repeatedly shown they do not support our basic and vital freedoms, they said no. The fact they did not agree doesn’t matter, it simply shows where they stand. The EAS is designed to override all frequencies and can be sent anyway.

Once people are further awakened, it will be make it a lot easier for Lightworkers who are often ridiculed for speaking their truth  and told they have no idea what they are talking about. And I know that will apply to some family and friends. But we are strong and we can take it. At least once they do find out, we will be able to help them.

Another important point to note is that around 50% of lightworkers (including friends and key people) have been holding an opposing viewpoint (arranged by them in higher planes) to help us all. The reason was that too many of us were seeking truth outside of ourselves, relying on key people we know and trust to tell us how it is. That is not self mastery and it won’t get us into a vibration compatible with 5D. So yes, many have had been shocked to see people we love, trust and know are intelligent, holding a strong opposing view. Guess what, they have really helped. It is working! Their action has caused thousands of lightworkers to stop relying on others and find their own truth!

It has also been particularly interesting to see how many people have been reflecting the emotion of ‘hate’ in connection with Trump. That was the specific emotion Trump agreed to trigger (from a higher perspective) to help release hate on Earth, just as Diana agreed to release grief. People who have never met him and don’t know him personally, accepted years of mainstream lies relentlessly pursuing him since he became a candidate in 2016 and continue to this day. He has survived 3 impeachments, all found to be false, despite millions spent on investigations. Personally, I would be questioning why someone was being so venomously and continually attacked. That would be a red flag to me! I guess many just trust mainstream media to tell them the truth and never check to see who runs the media, so would not discover it is controlled by only 6 people. And most won’t be aware of the Rothschild’s Central bank and Deep State control. What a lot of great learning we get in a 3D realm; such wonderful opportunities for wisdom.

I am going to make a pretty bold statement here. I believe that possibly EVERYTHING taking place on Earth right now may be for just one reason. To increase the light vibration of Earth and all life (humanity, flora, fauna, insects, etc.) Anything that is unable, unwilling or contains too dense an energy to be transmuted to a higher frequency, will vanish (atoms and solid particles). Individuals who choose to stay stuck in old paradigms and dense realities are, in fact, making a choice to continue their 3D learning. I am unsure yet whether a physical 3D Earth will remain to provide that, or whether they will be relocated to other 3D planets to achieve it.

Let me explain something. Regardless of what is occurring anywhere on Earth; whether it is happening to a nation, individual or an industry such as media, financial, business, entertainment or government, we can better understand what is going on if we keep one single datum in mind. The Divine Plan is to increase the light vibration of Earth to the frequency of the 5th dimension. So, we can ask ourselves if what we are seeing fits with that criteria?

The movement of Earth to 5D is offering the opportunity for every living creature to do the same. All that is required is people align with the ever increasing vibration of Earth as it moves to a state of Ascension (5D). Individuals need to awaken sufficiently to shift their reality from a limited 3D view to a broader awareness of consciousness. Awakening can be achieved many ways. Perhaps someone realizes there is more to life than they previously thought, or they decide to let go of old ways or beliefs or they begin to stand up for their rights. These things bring one closer to their spiritual self, expanding consciousness and increasing vibration.

As we know Covid happened to the whole world. No-one was exempt. It has united people by sharing a common experience. No separation of race or creed.

We are aware of the dark agendas to force vaccination to reduce our freedom and bring it under control and of the illness and deaths it is causing. But what if the push to vaccinate also assists the Divine Plan. What if Covid, vaccines, the threats of compulsory vaccinations, passports, lockdowns, testing, tracking and restrictions of freedom in many forms… are all helping push people into standing up for their rights – to produce self mastery and increase personal (and planetary) vibration? If this were the case, it would follow the same learning pattern we all get in life. We know how it works. When we fail to see the life lesson we are being shown, it gets tougher, more frequent and severe. In the case of Covid, the lesson would get tougher to get us to stand up for our rights.

Is there anything more guaranteed to raise individual vibration than people coming together in one united force to achieve something? If it turns out there is a higher reason for it, then I guess as soon as enough people in the world say ‘no’, the whole virus thing would end. Perhaps to just disappear as fast as it came.

Another view to consider is the Covid restrictions has also assisted us. A lot of change is about to happen on Earth. This has the potential to shock. Perhaps us getting used to the huge changes we were presented with by restrictions of our freedom, has helped us prepare for a bigger planetary shift.

The virus may seem to be tough on people and involve a lot of pain and loss and some people die. But lessons are often tough to achieve a higher goal. And we know spiritually each of us agrees to everything that happens to us. Many people are due to leave the Earth plane at this time. And I guess no matter how tough conditions may get before we are angry enough to stand up for ourselves, it is still a lot better than living in world without freedom. Even if we feel Covid may be part of a higher plan, that doesn’t mean we sit back and do nothing! We fight. We take action! People Power.

People are beginning to fight back. Globally, 45 countries (so far) will gather on March 20th to demand freedom. Many countries are holding multiple events. More counties are joining daily, with still a couple of weeks to go.

For those who are unfamiliar with the terms deep state or the cabal, you may have heard of a ‘One world government’ or the ‘Great Reset,’ as being a dark plan with a goal to bring all people less than one government so as to control every aspect of their lives. The EU was part of that plan. Britain recently managed to escape; setting a precedent other countries can and will follow.

There is also a Divine plan of light that unites people as One, but that is a unification of freedom as responsible citizens in control of their own lives and destiny.

The Divine Plan involves everything corrupt to be replaced by new systems born from integrity. To help bring this about, there is a proposed new financial system called ‘Nesara’ which stands for the ‘National economic security and reformation act’. We also have ‘Gesara,’ which is the same, only ‘global. Our current monetary system is corrupt and designed to force people in all countries into heavy debt. In fact, most countries and people are already in debt to the Deep State and being controlled because of it.

We don’t know for sure, but many think there is a good chance this new system of Nesara/Gesara is about to be introduced. Look up Nesara on Wikipedia; it is interesting.  It began with a university graduate called Harvey Francis Barnard who introduced the idea of Nesara in late 80’s, titled ‘Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform’. It was pushed forward by Shaini Goodwin, a student of Ramtha. It apparently was suppressed by the Illuminate, although they did consider it as a way to keep people under control with continual money handouts so people were totally dependant on the government.

Our governments passed laws in the 1930’s, making it illegal for citizens to hold or trade in gold and everyone had to surrender their gold to the government (see Wikipedia). This removed the stable gold standard and since then, there has been no backing for our money. That system can’t continue to sustain itself and it seems it will be replaced with a great new system. The money we already have would be replaced with money backed by gold, silver and other precious and semi precious metals. This is an actual requirement in section 115 of Australia’s Commonwealth constitution. People on Earth won’t lose their existing money. It will be matched dollar for dollar and backed.

Because most financial transactions we have made were born from a grossly inflated, controlling, corrupt, evil system designed to entrap people for life, it is disappearing. A new and honest way to live life will arise.

As I understand Nesara, in order to create a new start for everyone, the things we view as debts will be cancelled; house and business mortgages, car payments, tax debts, etc. We will start with a clean state; to create a new life and new way to live. It is expected an initial sum will be given to each person to provide a sound start. From then on, it would be up to us to create honest work for honest wages. We will be able to buy a house without it taking a lifetime to pay back and there need be no taxes as true governments can create the capital for all major assets. This is what happened when the Australian Commonwealth bank created funding for the national rail line and the national shipping line in Australia, with virtually no debt for the people. Federal income tax didn’t exist before 1915, when it was introduced only to help the war effort.

Did you know the Deep State also attempted to rig the 2016 US elections! Thankfully, something went wrong, possibly a miscalculation of Trumps huge voting in swing states and they were not able to fraudulently rectify them in time. CNN polls the previous night, showed a 99% win for Hilary. Because of the 2016 rigging attempt, Trumps team had a good idea who was behind it, and expected it to happen again in 2020, on a far larger scale. To counter this, President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 that could not be reversed. It is available to read (I have read it). It stated that where there was foreign interference in elections and crimes against humanity, the people involved could be charged with treason which could mean the death penalty or life imprisonment and all their property and goods would be confiscated. There have been arrests and trials held and any property and monies confiscated are being placed in a US government fund to support Nesara/Gesara. It will be part of the wealth used to support positive healing projects such as organic farming, space medical systems (previously suppressed technology) and to pay off people’s debts so they can start afresh. The debts can all be paid out, not just deleted. Where people are honestly owed money, they will be compensated and will not lose anything.

As we move into a world of harmony and higher vibrational light, we need to make people well and whole again. I understand people will be able to submit worthwhile, positive programmes of integrity and good intent for the well being of humanity to receive full and ongoing funding by Nesara. It is expected Nesara will take place in the USA first (signs seem to be it has already begun) and will rapidly move to ‘Gesara’ as it is taken up by other countries. It would not work to have much delay between the two, as all countries need to be on the same page. We have heard that 209 countries have so far signed up to the new system. Presumably all will do so, as it would be hard to function otherwise.

There is much more I could cover. A lot of it will mean nothing at this point or just sound super weird. Some will think I have flipped out. Ha, that is OK. It would sound weird to most. But then much of what I have done in my life will have sounded weird. I recall being with my mum, on tour in Australia, when I got the idea to do the Wembley Om. I rushed to find mum and said ‘I am going to hire Wembley and we are going to do an OM around the world’. She said, ‘Yes of course you are, dear!’ Do you think she may have been humouring me? Ha. I am so excited to see this all finally happening after working for it since Atlantis. I knew it was destined for now. What I have seen unfold in just the last 2 months has been incredible.

People are going to learn things they didn’t know, such as the ‘the United States of America’ was registered as a corporation that used people as goods and chattel and this has recently been deregistered by Trump. We  could talk about the ‘presidency’; the wealth stored by the Vatican (actually 4 quadrillion!) and where that all fits in; JFK Jr; Trump’s declassification and release of thousands of government documents (available on alternative  media); various ET’s (dark and light) and their role; new incredible healing technologies to be available to all; how a desire to be famous overruled the ethics and integrity of many; adrenachrome; body doubles; clones; explosions around the world blowing up trafficking tunnels; Med Beds; the amazing and detailed plan created by 200 ‘white hat’ military generals after the death of President Kennedy in 1963 who became determined to totally remove the ‘deep state’; Epstein’s blackmail perpetrated on many; the CCP; the forthcoming new white house location; why the existing White House in Washington DC will be raised to the ground and how a new entertainment industry based on integrity will rise with talented people.

But for the moment, let’s concentrate on our role on Earth. We need to use our intuition as much as possible. Nothing really works well for us unless we are being intuitive. It saves enormous time and energy. The whole focus now on Earth is a major push for us to go within, for our truth. That also applies to what we read and view. There are millions of extra emails flying around the world. Inboxes are overflowing with news of a new 5D world and how it is unfolding. A friend visited recently and brought their laptop to do some work. They mentioned they had no time to read hundreds of emails from all over the world. I suggested they do it intuitively. I got them to drop into a space of Being and Knowing and fly through the emails, keeping or deleting. They were laughing and thoroughly enjoyed the process. They ended up with about 30 that felt right to keep. Life is so easy when we step into our mastery.

I am finding I’m detaching more and more from 3D stuff. That doesn’t mean I’m leaving, but I’m definitely finding my reality is more in alignment with 5D. For me, the dense stuff is no longer in ‘my’ divine flow. I suppose it’s a distancing from 3D drama. I haven’t switched the TV on for 7 weeks (3 days, 12 hours and three minutes – just joking).

Having lived in England for 38 years, when I moved back to Australia I began buying a weekly paper called the International Express that covers UK news. I have bought it for the past 16 years to keep up with events and people in England, my spiritual home. Having spent so much of my life there, people like Esther Rantzen, Maureen Lipman, Cilla Black and Michael Barrymore are more real to me than well known (to others) personalities in Australia. My ignorance of Australian TV shows, politics, personalities and events is dismal and dismays friends who make comments like ‘what do you mean you don’t know Johnny Farnham?’ By the way, he is a singer, I think! Ha. Anyway 3 weeks ago I realized I wasn’t interested in buying that paper anymore. Just like that, after 16 years I let it all go. (Actually it was expensive at $9, so I may have enough saved soon to buy a new car!) When I add up the pieces I’m seeing in my life, it is painting a clear picture of detachment and movement to 5D. Thank heavens for that. I really am not planning on any more 3D incarnations!! And I think I have had enough lessons now. I have a magnet on my fridge that says ‘Thank you. I don’t need any more life lessons!’

This is just a comment for all of us who are excited and impatient for the broadcast! It all has a Divine Timing. This Plan is massive with a million facets. Perhaps we need to wait for more people have to wake up or stand up for their rights? Maybe the ‘child trafficking’ needs more handling first. And they are more important than us in this moment. Whatever our circumstances (and some may be super tough) we are still not suffering like they are. So let’s chill out, go with the flow, trust the Divine plan and let evolution take its course. It won’t be long.

As an aside, I recall during my 22 years of ascension workshops, one question was constant. Although years have passed and more now understand the ascension process, I’ll just address it quickly in case it still hovers in the minds of some. Ascension is a very conscious decision that happens at a moment chosen by the individual. We are not whisked away, leaving our children and pets to fend for themselves. It all occurs in right timing for everyone concerned.

The truth is coming. A storm rages across Earth, sweeping away all that is not Light. Wherever corruption exists, it will be gone. Governments, people, organizations and media are just some of those falling by the wayside, unable to withstand the huge Force of Truth and Light gathering momentum, moment by moment, pushing itself toward the public domain. The deep state had infiltrated way more than any of us realised, but the light has control now. Lightworkers are working together with Higher Cosmic Realms, the Elohim and Beings from evolved planets to bring it all to a close. It is all in hand.

We are about to enter a new world; the sort of world we have all wished for, of freedom, harmony, creativity and love. Here we go – stepping freely into a world of light where people have rights; respected for their individual values and nationalities; where work is rewarded, fulfilling and appreciated; where spiritual understanding  replaces ignorance and intolerance; where we are not struggling day after day saddled with debt from inflated prices, interest charges and taxes that create pressure in our lives and rifts in our relationships; where honesty and integrity matter and really count for something; where our children are safe and we can all look forward to a world of sharing in mutual harmony, understanding and love.

A Golden Dawn Awaits


Sandy Stevenson

8th March, 2021

The Wonders of the Pineal Gland – A Three Part Study by Rev. Kathleen Carroll

A three-part study
By Reverend Kathleen Carroll AKA, Super Sleuth

The Wonders of the Pineal Gland


The pineal gland is the pine cone shaped gland in the center of your brain. It’s been noted to look very much like the eye of Ra as shown in this photo. This is also known as your third eye and Epiphysis Cerebri. All animals with a spine have this gland and it has a lens, cornea and retina just like your eyes! I happen to love language and the etymology of words. Isn’t it interesting that Epiphysis is so close to the word Epiphany? (A moment of sudden revelation or insight).

An interesting fact about the pineal is there are Calcite Micro Crystals made of calcium, carbon and oxygen. They produce a bioluminescence, a cold light ranging in the blue-green light spectrum. The calcite micro-crystals have their own Piezoelectric effect that responds to electromagnetic energies outside the physical body and can produce its own electromagnetic energy. The word Piezoelectric came from the Greek word Piezo for stress, squeeze or push. So what pressure or push causes the effect in the Pineal Gland from the inside? Meditation!

Crystal are used in electromechanical applications and can be programmed. If we have crystals in our Pineal Gland that perform a similar action, imagine what we could do with our minds if we learn to harness the effect! Meditation and/or prayer seem to be the answer and will be discussed in part III.

The pineal gland is important to mood and the quality and duration of your sleep through the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin by day which is converted to melatonin at night. Darkness is required for this to occur. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD believes that many individuals with sleep disorders have melatonin deficiency because the pineal gland is not getting enough full-spectrum sunlight during the day, or enough darkness during the evening.

The pineal regulates our daily and seasonal circadian rhythm, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance. In conjunction with the adrenal glands, the pineal gland effects skin pigmentation, helps regulate potassium and sodium levels in the body, controls one’s mental stability, and mental and sexual growth. The famous philosopher Descartes described the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the soul” and through it, we have mystical and religious experiences. If you think you need to ingest DMT to have these mystical experiences, think again. It is produced naturally in the body as part of the synthesis of Serotonin and melatonin. How it’s accessed is worthy of another article!


Psychic Abilities

Intuition is one of the psychic abilities of the third eye. It was no doubt an important survival tool from man’s early days to warn us of impending danger or help locate food sources and navigate unknown terrain.

It’s that little voice in your head “did I shut the garage door after I left the house? Maybe you’ve used it to buy winning lotto tickets. Many people have experienced flashes of intuition that made them take a different route to work only to find out later that they missed a terrible accident. Mothers have an innate ability to catch kids doing something they shouldn’t and are said to have eyes in the back of their head but it’s their 3rd eye in the middle of their heads!

The pineal gland is what….

To Read More of Part One click on the link below for the PDF download:

Pineal-Gland-Part-I.pdf (24 downloads)

Stay tuned for
Pineal Gland Calcification and it’s Causes
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
which will be posted in a few days.


Isis Astara

Written By Elaine Buxton



Cobra is the Pleiadian spokesman for the underground Resistance Movement working on liberating humanity on Earth from enslavement.  He is a founding member of  the Prepare For Change organization.  Over the years, he has provided information about ascension and The Event, along with intelligence about the galactic war to remove Dark Forces from our Solar System.  Isis Astara is is his soulmate and possibly Twin Flame.  She accompanied Cobra on his conferences, teaching people about   the beauty and sacredness of the Mysteries of Isis and Goddess Energy.  When she was killed in 2018, Cobra deeply mourned the loss of his soulmate in this lifetime.

Isis Astara and Mystery Schools

Astara was a being from the Sirius star system who took upon herself the task of preserving the Goddess presence on the surface of Earth for the past 26,000 year cycle.  She was known as Aset in ancient Egypt and as Isis in ancient Greece.

The Mysteries of Isis are remnants of original Goddess mysteries brought to Atlantis by the Central Race many millennia years ago.

  • The mysteries were practiced for thousands of years in sacred temples dedicated to the Goddess.
  • Living contact with the Goddess archetype originating directly from Source, was the basis of stability and harmony of society.

History of Isis

Isis, or Egyptian Aset, is one of the most important deities in ancient Egypt.   The name means throne, or seat.  Isis had strong links with Egyptian kingship.  She was often depicted as a beautiful, slim woman wearing a sheath dress and either the hieroglyphic sign of a throne or Hathor’s headdress of a sun disk between cow’s horns on her head.

References to Isis began in the the 5th dynasty (2465-2325 BCE), in which she offers assistance to the dead king. Rulers in Egypt built temples dedicated to her, with reputed magical powers greater than that of all other gods.   Later as the Roman empire grew, the worship of Isis also spread into the Mediterranean world, taking on Greek deity traits such as the invention of marriage and the protection of ships at sea.  As Hellenistic culture was absorbed by Rome in the first century BCE, the cult of Isis became part of Roman religion.  By the second century AD, the Roman writer, Apuleius, glorified her as the “mother of stars, the parent of seasons, and the mistress of all the world.”    Considered a mourner and healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased back to life.  As a mother, she was a role model for all women.  She absorbed characteristics from many other goddesses.  The worship of Isis ended with the rise of Christianity in the fourth through the sixth centuries CE.  Presently, Isis continues to appear in Western culture, often as a personification of nature or the feminine aspect of divinity.

Isis was important to the ancient Egyptians because she has so many different powers.  She was both protector of women, and the bringer of magic.  She was goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic and medicine.   Initially secondary to her husband Osiris, she transformed into the Queen of the Universe  and the embodiment of  cosmic order after thousands of years of worship.  Egyptian temples dedicated to Isis are at Philae, Behbeit-el-Hagar, Menouthis, and Alexandria.  The  temple of Isis on Delos is in Greece.  Italian Isis temples are at Pompeii, inside the Florence courthouse, and in Rome at the Temple of Isis and Serapis.

The Osiris Myth

The priests of Heliopolis developed the myth of Isis, first recorded in the Pyramid Texts.   Isis is part of the Ennead of Heliopolis, a family of nine deities in Egyptian mythology worshiped at Heliopolis. The family descended from the creator god,  Atum or Ra  and their children Shu and Tefnut.   She was the daughter of their children, earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut.  She was sister to Osirus, Set, and Nephthys.  She married  her brother, Osiris, King of Egypt.  She supported her husband fiercely, and taught the women of Egypt how to weave, bake and brew beer.

Set (Seth),  jealous of Osiris, killed him by sealing him in a wooden coffin covered with iron, then throwing it into the Nile River.  Set became king of Egypt with Osiris gone.  Isis searched for her husband and brought his body back to Egypt.  Set was furious and hacked his brother into pieces, which he scattered far and wide.  With her sister, Nephthys, Isis found and reassembled the body parts with the help of Thoth who taught her a spell to do so.  Isis restores breath and life to Osiris’s body for one night and copulates with him.   Set imprisoned Isis, but Thoth helped her to escape.  Funeral texts contain speeches in which Isis expresses her sorrow, her sexual desire for him, and even anger that he has left her.  Finally,  His body was then mummified. Osiris retreated to the underworld, where he became King of the Underworld.   Nine months later Iris bore Osiris a son, named Horus.

Isis hid Horus until he was fully grown.  Isis also raised her sister’s son, Anubis, after Nepthys abandoned him.  Isis traveled around, accompanied by her seven scorpion goddesses.   One day Seth sent a scorpion to sting Horus, but Isis was able to save him. There was some conflict  between Horus and his mother when  Isis took pity on Set.  Horus beheads her at one point, which was reversed later. Eventually Horus challenged Set and reclaimed the kingship.

Here is a link to the beautiful Isis Astara Memorial on You tube in 2018:

Here is a link to the Isis and Cobra Spiral Meditation:



Re-education of the Word Part 2


Article by Paul from TheAllThatIs.One;

I feel it is an apt moment to write a follow up of the (ar)ticle Re-education of the Word I published in 2018. For those who have yet to read this piece the link is (em)bedded in the title. As a brief (re)minder (a)bout the post, i (pre)sented the power and (im)portance of language. I give many (ex)amples of this. On a couple of (oc)casions, I mentioned the concept of a linguistic prison. That we were somehow liberated or (im)prisoned by our use of language. I wrote the (ar)ticle in October 2018 whilst I was living in Cornwall and (dis)covering the great teacher of Syncretism, Santos Bonacci

By the summer of 2019, my (in)tuitive nose followed a thread by Santos to some videos about Quantum Parse Syntax Grammar which lead me to watching :David-Wynn: Miller, who was giving a (pre)sentation (a)bout a mathematically (a)ligned “perfect” grammar language he had created. He states at the (be)ginning of the (pre)sentaion that he (dis)covered that 90% of the (En)glish language and just (a)bout all known languages on Earth, had been (en)gineered to mean nothing. He realized, (a)mong other grammatical (er)rors, our modern language has had (pre)fixes and suffixes (ad)ded to the root meanings of words, which modifies them, known as colouring.

(U)pon these (re)velations, David and his business partner, (an-o)ther student of language and grammar :Russell-Jay: Gould, found a way to write a sentence, using (pre)positional phrases in a (pre)sent tense scenario, bringing themselves into a different jurisdiction to the pantomime past and future tense grammar of our current legal system. It is (in)teresting to me, that this language, (a)ligns with the spiritual principle of the (pre)sent, now space.

To give further context to the reader I will (as)similate a little what I have (al)ready shared and why.

When David (ex)plained, what i am highlighting in brackets, a lot of things began making sense. As you can see, i am bracketing the (pre)fixes. These (pre)fixes, when you look at their meaning in a dictionary, you will see, that all these (pre)fixes are either (ne)gating the root word or a movement away from, towards, (be)fore and (af)ter, bring the meaning out of the now-space. In styles, when words are bracketed, they are (re)moved from the page in meaning. 

I feel, to know and comprehend what these (pre)fixes are, has the potential to unravel, (pre)viously blocked (as)pects of our cognitive capacity and (a)bility to manifest. Currently, using this (in)verted script, we are, in (es)sence, losing our creative power through confusion of meaning. The concept of cognitive (dis)sonance is something that points to this type of mental confusion. A condition where the (sub)conscious mind is (i)gnored by the conscious mind, that thinks its knows its right and that it sees (e)verything, the way it is. Which is true. We only see through the filtered perception of our mind and its (be)liefs. Yet the (sub)conscious mind is an unfiltered (in)dividualised (as)pect of the superconscious mind, that is being overridden by our conscious mind. 

To know that the language has been modified, is enough to what to (re)claim our conscious sovereignty and (em)powerment. Just look at all these bracketed words, like (em)powerment, that without the bracket, means no-powerment.

Look at the global situations (re)garding mandatory mask wearing and potential vaccines. Each and (e)very private company and trader is being forced through (in)surance to comply with these new heath and safety (re)strictions. What is an (in)surance policy when (in)surance means no-surance? What is a no-surance policy? 

Here is a (de)finition of in- as a (pre)fix, to clarify this is not my (o)pinion, from the Cambridge online dictionary.


prefix (before l il-); (before b, m or p im-); (before r ir-)

used to add the meaning “not,” “lacking,” or “the opposite of” to adjectives and to words formed from adjectives:





Each syllable (an)nounces a word forming (e)lement for (ex)ample in-de-pen-dent are the syllables that make up (inde)pendent. I’m bracketing (in-de) as both these (e)lements are (ne)gating (e)lements. What does that mean for the (de)claration of (in-de)pendence in the (U)nited States of (A)merica?

These are genuine questions we can start asking ourselves and our law makers, governments and (in)stitutions. What do they mean by… (In)surance, (In)dependence and (in)stitution? I (en)courage everyone to (be)gin their own (en)quiry as to the meaning and roots of the words we use.. known as (e)tymology.

When this World age is seemingly crumbling (be)fore our eyes, what are we going to do (a)bout it? Act confused? Roll over and comply? Or are we going to start holding these fraudulent (in)stitutions to their words and actions. These no-surance companies are (en)forcing these (re)strictions (a)gainst our human rites and closing down all other viable options. People are told they are not (al)lowed to go into shops without being forced to comply with wearing a mask. Something which, through research, suggests is a global ritual of black magic and potentially far more damaging to our health than this “seasonal flu” as quoted by the (pre)sident of the World Doctors (As)sociation Dr. Dolores Cahill. There is a wealth of (e)vidence by top doctors and (pro)fessors that this pandemic has been falsified and sensationalized to create global (o)benience and (de)stroy (in-de)pendent businesses from trading.

So, if we are to highlight the problem, we must (pre)sent the solution. In the case of laanguage at least, by learning to write in (pre)positional phrases. Currently our (a)bility to write a correct statement or fact is (im)peding us from creating positive contracts of our vessels. By learning about parse and syntax, we can start to state facts and (af)firmations that are written with true meaning and closure and stop & correct fraudulent conveyance of language.

David & Russell (dis)covered that the grammatical structure, that we have all been taught, in fact, creates no closure for the reader or volition of the author. Through learning correct syntaxing, they realized that our current sentence structure fails to state a fact.

Taught to us as (pre)position, (ar)ticle, noun (no-no), now known in the community as a Poisiton, lodial, fact. When we write babble (En)glish, we fail to state a fact(noun). Through the modification of the sentence structure. (ad)verbs (non-tangible words) and particularly (ad)jectives modify (colours) the following words. A modification of a fact is not a fact. Our (ad)verbs, verb,(ad)jectives & (pronoun) as we use them today, modify the meaning and sentence structure which often leaves the reader with no true closure, (es)especially in (re)lation to a statement of a fact.

Take The (U)nited States Of (A)mercia. The is an (ad)verb, (U)nited is a (ad)jetive, States is a (pro)noun, Of being an (ad)verb making (A)merica a verb. Is a country a verb? A country is a Noun, yet the sentence structure, without the use of a lodial (the) creates a dangling passable verb.

The correct way to write it is.. For the (U)nited-States of the (A)merica. Syntax was (re)moved from the (e)ducation systems back in the 60s (a)long side parse and latin. Likely, so they we would not ever know the conscious tricks they were playing on us.

A correct (pre)positional phrase goes like this.. 

For the bridge is over the water


For the water is (un)der the bridge

Reading and writing these sentences can seem jarring at first, yet they follow a very basic structure. We start with.. 

For the claim 

of the facts

is with the correct-sentence-structure-communication-parse-syntax-grammar 

by the claimant :Russell-Jay:



And backwards…

For the claimant :Russell-Jay:


of the correct-sentence-



is with the facts

by this claim.

In total there is, for the, of the, is/are with the, by the, as ways in which to build correctly structured claims that (in)clude a cause, a fact, verb of the thinking (is/are), a possessive/claim and authentication.

This (in)formation, when (re)gonized the (im)plications, can bring a halt to the fraudulent systems that currently have no legal standing when challenged on their (de)finition of language & meaning. Every single contract that has been written using poisoned (pre)fixes and (in)correct use of grammar is null and void. When a contract has found to convey false language, it is terminated.

I (in)vite you to check the language used in your (in)surance claims & contracts as well as your banks and national tax service. Im not suggesting, to not pay them, yet to seek clarification of word terms before any future contracting is made. A vital part of joining this community is creating a Claim of the Life. An (in)dividual claim (with joint witnesses) of live life, in which to begin the process of becoming your own post-master of yourself/vessel. We then use this claim to come into usery with our other documents like passports, drivers licences etc. To know more about the Claim of the Life click the link.. where you will find access to Russell’s authorized website.

We need clarity moving forward if we are to build trust and (ac)countability that we are saying what we mean and mean what we are saying. (af)firmations (be)come (in)finitely more powerful when they are created in a structure that follows a mathematically pure formula. It can be read frontwards and backwards with the same meaning. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

This latest piece of the puzzle, in (re)lation to language, is a fascinating (dis)covery and one that (in)spires me to share it with (o)thers who may feel as surprised as i felt. So much so, that i have (re)written a book of poems and riddles to (in)clude this knowledge. (Pre)sented in brackets like this, to (re)mind us of what we have not known was there to see. There are also (o)ther writings on this blog that further (re)veal facets of this global enslavement system in (re)lation to language, the journeys of David & Russell and the construct they built.

There are still many questions about how the masses will ever cross over to this Quantum Language, seeing its difficulty to comprehend the multitude layers of shipping, postal and law mechanics on top of mastering the language.. One thing is sure, that the modification, of most likely, all known modern and recent past languages, have been purposefully (en)gineered to modify the meaning and likely (in)tention of the root word. It is not for me to get into the who’s and when’s, to know why is of (im)portance, as it may well unlock many keys in the minds of those who have yet to see the (in)tent of those who seeked and still seek our (mis-e)ducation & dispowerment.

This (ar)ticle has been written to (en)courage a deeper (en)quiry into the spelling of the languages and (in)vite those who have knowledge, to reach out, to help spread the word. 

Original article



The Gameboard

The Gameboard

By Angela S. Flint, contributing author to Prepare For Change

March 2, 2021

A Conversation

Still playing on the dark matrix game board?

Questioner:  But how can I survive if I don’t put my game piece (life) on the 3D matrix game board?

I have to work.  I need an income, a place to live, food, etc.

Abracadabra, wave a magic wand and I’m no longer on that 3D dark matrix game board.  C’mon.  Get real.

Answerer:  How can you survive if you do; understanding all the deprivation and violence the dark matrix game board produces.

Imagine another gameboard transposed upon it, made of




perfect health,

friends, and more.

This is the board I put my game piece on, perhaps not visible to the hard core dark matrix players, but that doesn’t matter.

I meet other players on my game board.  In fact, my game board has meshed (synchronized) with many other game boards and has become much more attractive with more light, more abundance, more good health, more joy, more continuous income needed to get by, more provisions…you get the picture.  And I’m still sovereign.

Questioner:  Well, sounds good, but how do you protect     yourself?  There’s a lot of mean people out there.  I’ve been greatly harmed.

Answerer:  A good-well thought out question.  I’m more     aware     of my surroundings while on my game board, as it shines on the dark matrix game board below.  So I can see more of what to avoid and be proactive in protecting myself.

Questioner:  Well good for you, but how do   I     do this?

Answerer:  You already have by asking that question.  Enter… your game board.  And now you’re ready to envision      you     as the master (sovereignty) of your game board, giving yourself the get-out-of jail pass.

The way I see it, your mind can create a better virtual reality than any game producers, because it’s uniquely you; that can be shared with others, if you want to; with no limit of love, goodness, joy, health, wisdom, abundance, generosity and so much more as you receive it in your     heart, and     mind; and     express that.

Millionaire Mindset

There are millionaires who live in extreme poverty of





health, and more.

And there are millionaires with only a buck to their name because they live in





wisdom, and more;

Their beautiful mansion is their mind, unmatched by any man-made building or computer program.

Thank you Science Researcher-Journalist Harald Kautz who greatly inspired me on this topic.


Harald Kautz-Vella talking about the Drama-Triangle and how it ties into hierarchies of this world!

Harald Kautz-Vella talking about MONEY!

Harald Kautz-Vella on all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed.

Texas False Flag Event, February 2021

Written By  Elaine Buxton, PFC Volunteer, Nurse and writer


The state of Texas, in southwestern United States, was battered by a rare polar vortex of freezing temperatures and snow from Feb 13th through February 20, 2021. Snow and ice made roads impassible and the state’s power and electric grid left over 4 million people without lights, heat and water for up to a week. Even after power was gradually restored, water shortages, empty grocery store shelves, broken pipes causing flooding and collapsed ceilings in buildings continued the trauma. Multiple car crashes occurred, including a pileup of over 100 vehicles on a freeway. Electric rates soared with new charges for a few days of coverage, rising into the thousands of dollars.

As the blaming begins, there is plausible reason to believe that the events are not just a simple, natural act of God. This article chronicles the sequence of events leading up to and during the storm of cold and suffering. The suspicious evidence includes Biden Executive Orders rolling back Trump policies effecting Texas on Inauguration Day and the Department Of Energy decision not to allow Texas to ramp up its power supply in advance on the oncoming storm. Lawmakers and regulators, including the Texas PUC, and the industry-friendly Texas Railroad Commission that regulates oil and gas, have repeatedly ignored, dismissed or watered down efforts to address the electric grid weaknesses. Weather manipulation and control technology, such as HAARP, is well known by the alternative news community. HAARP is the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program utilized by the US military, University of Alaska and DARPA for transmitting ionospheric frequency beams into the upper atmosphere.

Polar Vortex

Texas is known for its heatwaves, so why was it devastated by an Arctic storm with temperatures down to zero degrees Fahrenheit? According to the US National Weather Service, the cold air “outbreak” originated in the North Pole and Arctic Ocean region, spreading south through Canada to a wide region along the US Gulf Coast and elsewhere around the globe. Wind chills in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin reached -40 to -60 degrees F. It snowed in Saudia Arabia, and the Middle East on Feb 17th. More than two-thirds of the US population was under some kind of winter weather alert. This is the kind of cold that happens once in a century.

According to Jeff Berardelli, a meteorologist and climate specialist for CBS News, the extreme weather pattern is called a Sudden Stratospheric Warming, or SSW. Small SSWs occur every couple of years around the Northern Hemisphere. In late December and early January, temperatures in the atmosphere high above the North Pole warmed by 100 degrees F, from -110 degrees F to -10 degrees. When Arctic air warms rapidly, it disrupts a spinning mass of cold air called a polar vortex. Normally jet stream winds keep cold air trapped, but this time the warming weakened and elongated the jet stream, forcing the cold air southward.

Geopolitical Changes Before Polar Event

Lack of winterizing

Texas energy companies failed to winterize its grid in spite of known vulnerability after a cold freeze in January 2014 that crippled generators, bringing the grid to the brink of collapse. That followed earlier failures related to a 2011 storm. The Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) sought changes requiring energy companies to address potential failure points, including weather related events, but nothing was done. In the end , PUC relented in its demands for upgrades. On Feb. 17, 2021, one of the STP nuclear reactors near Houston, not winterized, automatically shut down when a feed-water pump that serves the reactor was disrupted. Gas plants shut down due to frozen gas pipes carrying fuel to the facilities.

Biden Executive Orders on January 20, 2021.

Biden’s Executive Order on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2021 suspended President Trump’s EO 13920 on May 1, 2020 for 100 days, regarding the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Furthermore, it lifted the security on the power grid ordered by Trump, thereby allowing China to have access for changes to the grid for up to 100 days. In total, it suspended 12 of Trump’s EO’s, plus a number of Trump era regulations. In this way, Biden, on his first day in office, opened up the American electrical grid to China. Three weeks later, almost 5 million Americans were without power in freezing temperatures, causing the deaths of at least 86 people and many animals.

Chinese power equipment is known to be embedded with software and hardware that can be remotely controlled. Trump’s EO on 5/1/2020, stated that the US should no longer purchase transformers and other electric grid equipment from China for national security reasons. Trump’s concern was based on a 2014 study finding that the US had only 6 transformer manufacturers, whereas China had 30 manufacturers in the US. Prior to 2009, there were no transformers in the US manufactured by China. From 2009-2019, China had manufactured 200 of our transformers, supplying 60% of the US power grid. Green energy wind turbines are also built by China and placed on land purchased by China. China owns two wind turbine farms in Texas, (Rattlesnake Wind Farm and The Heart of Texas Project).

Biden’s Executive Order (EO) on 1/20/2021, is named Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. It revoked the March 2019 Permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline granted to TransCanada Keystone Pipeline L.P. to “construct, connect, operate, and maintain pipeline facilities at the international border of the United States and Canada…” As explained in Section 6 (b) “In 2015 the Department of State and the President determined the Keystone XL Pipeline would not serve the U.S. national interest” and the US “… must prioritize the development of a clean energy economy…” Section 6(c) states that “Extreme weather events and other climate-related effects have harmed the health, safety, and security of the American people and have increased the urgency for combating climate change and accelerating the transition toward a clean energy economy.”

Immigration Regulation Changes

Texas refused to comply with immigration changes ordered by Biden on his first day in office to suspend deportations and the “Remain in Mexico Policy” (Migrant Protection Protocols) for asylum seekers. Two significant policy changes were announced by the Department of Homeland Security along with EO’s. The moratorium is part of enforcement policies within Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Currently the Biden administration has opened up the detention centers for children who arrive without parents that were condemned by Democrats during the Trump administration. It is unclear how many undocumented immigrants were released in the southern border states with no COVID tests, holds on criminals and sex offenders or without known housing.

Ken Paxton, Texas AG, filed a lawsuit on Jan 22rd, challenging the Biden administration on the 100 day moratorium on deportations. Paxton claimed the moratorium violates the US Constitution and various federal and administrative laws, as well as an agreement between Texas and DHS. A higher number of illegal aliens leads to significant financial costs in terms of education and health care at a time of economy downturns from the pandemic lock-downs.

Department of Energy Order 202-21-1

On Feb. 12th, two days before the unprecedented vortex reached Texas, ERCOT filed a Request for Emergency Order Under Section 202(c) of the Federal Power Act with the Biden Administration’s Department of Energy (DOE) for an EPA waiver allowing power generation facilities to operate at full capacity from Feb. 14th through Feb 20th. It was expected by both ERCOT and the DOE that environmental standards would be exceeded during that period and rotating blackouts would be insufficient to maintain the electric grid. The DOE determines how much energy Texas is allowed to produce, keeping a low cap in order to fight “global warming” and “climate change.”

DOE Order 202-21-1 was signed on Feb 14, 2021 by acting Secretary of Energy David Huizenga. ERGOT was permitted to increase power generation only after all available reserves and resources of natural gas, coal and oil were exhausted. Furthermore, units generated beyond environmental limits could only be offered at a price to customers no lower than $1,500 MWh. The order did not waive ERCOT’s obligation to purchase emission allowances that occur during the emergency conditions or to use other geographic generators. It was impossible for ERGOT to comply with those restrictions and fines would be levied against them if they just went ahead and ramped up power ahead of the expect demand surge.

Power and Electrical Grid System in Texas

Texas is the only state with an independent power grid. Retail electric deregulation in Texas began in 2002. There are three main grids in the lower 48 states – The Eastern, the Western and the Texas Interconnections. The Texas grid is managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), founded in 1970. ERCOT is one of 10 regional councils in North America. It is a membership-based, non-profit organization governed by a board of directors and subject to oversight by the Public Utility Commission and the Texas Legislature. It manages 90% of the power delivered in Texas. Austin Energy is an ERCOT member. The chairwoman (now resigned), Sally Talberg, lives in Michigan. She is a former Michigan Public Utility Commissioner from 2013 to 2020 and has sat on multiple state, regional and national boards and committees involving electricity, natural gas, oil, infrastructure and telecommunication issues.

ERCOT administers and is responsible for the reliability of the power grid, managing the flow of electric power to customers. It schedules power on the grid with more than 46,500 miles of transmission lines and 680+ generation units. It facilitates the financial settlements of the retail competitive market.

There are two nuclear reactors in Texas that produce 10% of the state’s electricity: Comanche Peak in Glen Rose and STP Nuclear in Bay City. STP has twin reactors and went online in August 1988 and June 1989. CP went online in 1990 and 1993 and was acquired by Luminant in 2004, now the largest electricity generator in Texas. Nuclear energy produces 11% of the electricity; two wind farms produce 19% of electricity; and 163 natural gas plants produce 45% of Texas electricity as of 2018. Natural gas, wind and solar energy has been replacing coal generators since 2010. Three coal plants were shut down in 2018, then totaling 24% of electrical generation in Texas.

Essential Utilities Lost During Storm

Demand for electricity far exceeded storage capacity over the weekend. Natural gas pipes and wind turbines began to freeze. Natural gas plants rely on the constant flow of gas through pipes that run across the state. The nuclear reactor in Bay City was shut down due to the cold.

On the storm’s third day, Monday, Feb. 15 at 1:25 am, ERCOT implemented rolling blackouts, which extended into days for millions of customers. By Tuesday, Feb.16th, 46 gigawatts of power were offline – 16 gigawatts of renewable energy sources, mostly wind and some solar and 30 gigawatts of thermal sources, including gas, coal and nuclear energy. At least 4.5 million customers were without power at that point.

By Feb. 23rd, 7.9 million Texans were still grappling with water disruption. Over 1200 public water systems were disrupted for half the state’s population, leading to Boil Water Notices. In addition, wastewater treatment facilities became non-operational. Thousands of residents in Houston lined up for hours in freezing temperatures at a food distribution center to get drinkable water. The Texas National Guard and Texas Air Guard distributed water.

Grocery store shelves were emptied, as thousands of people stood in food lines with freezing temperatures.

By weeks end, over 120 car accidents were reported, most notably a 100 + vehicle pileup on a Fort Worth freeway. Travel, including air flights, came to a near standstill.

By Feb 25th, according to the Austin American Statesman, 86 people had died as a result of the frigid weather and its aftermath between Feb 13 to Feb 20th , although the full death toll could take months to determine. Deaths were caused by hypothermia, exposure to the elements, carbon monoxide poisoning trying to stay warm, house fires, or killed in auto wrecks on icy roads.

Exorbitant, insane electric bills were sent to residential customers, despite blackouts during the storm. The spike related, in part, to variable rather than fixed customer rates, which offer protection from market price swings. The Department of Energy also demanded price increases.

Aftermath Responses

Biden initially declared only 77 counties in large urban areas a major disaster for FEMA relief, even though Gov. Abbott requested a disaster declaration for all 254 counties. Since then, Biden has gradually added 54 more counties to the declaration for rural counties.

Power was restored to all but 60,000 customers by Wednesday, Feb 17th

Governor Abbott demanded and obtained resignations of 5 ERCOT board members on Feb 14th. On Feb 16th, he convened an emergency meeting with state lawmakers, calling for the state legislature to investigate the “unacceptable blackouts”. On Feb 25th, he temporally banned energy companies from billing Texans charged thousands of dollars for a few days of power.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against ERCOT, although multiple players played a role in the catastrophe.

Conclusion and Desire for Social Change.

In light of all the complexities leading up to what happened in Texas, it is clear that the Texas event is much more than just a “Natural Act of God.” This is why it qualifies as a False Flag. If we are truly committed to preventing this from happening again, we must examine all the factions, elements, motivations, responsibilities and ethics of the interconnected parts. WE ARE ALL ONE. At least 5 million people suffered trauma with uncountable loss of animals and plants. If we want to create social change, it is crucial that we do not forget and demand full disclosure about false flags like the JFK assassination, 911, and the Texas Polar Vortex events.


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