My Experience with Hoaxtead, a GCHQ Trolling Website with Satanic Roots

Hoaxtead Research is a free wordpress blog that is run by anonymous authors with dozens of anonymous sock puppet account commenters.  They claim that the site has been set up to protect innocent people who live in Hampstead England who have been “wrongfully accused” of hosting a pedophile ring that engages in the satanic ritual […]

#FINISHTHEQEG Vlog Update May 16 2018

In this update Tivon and Naima give an update on the Mini-QEG shipment from China. We also share some new photos of the new circuit put together by one of the QEG builders Xingdou Shi. And we touch on the phenomenon of resonance and a study that Tivon found showing how NASA and Russian Scientists […]

The Phenomenon of Resonance Live Call Sunday May 20th @6PM EST

What do Russian Scientists, NASA and the QEG have in common?  In this live call at the Clean Energy Academy we will be giving a presentation that defines the phenomenon of resonance and digs into the hidden history of how this phenomenon was originally worked on in the 1930’s by Russian scientists and then later […]

New QEG Controller Board Live Call

Sunday April 29 @6 PM EST (UTD-5) This week we will be discussing the new controller board for the QEG. QEG Builder Xingdou from China has already started to build it and Tivon will be discussing details about the controller board and what it is meant to do.   James will be giving an update as […]


It’s clear that there are health effects associated with wireless radiation, and the problem will only get worse with the installation of 5G cell towers dotting our neighborhoods and communities. Our communities had no say as to whether they wanted the cell masts or not, yet the local councils erected them anyway. And not everyone […]

5G EMF Protection With a Heavy Metal Detox.

The missing puzzle piece when discussing the toxic effects high frequency electromagnetic radiation is heavy metal toxicity in the body. Metals in aerosols, water and the food supply has led to slow bio-accumulation. In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity has created a very dangerous mix that puts everyone at risk. In a sea […]