Federal Court Used MY Arguments to Block Draconian Law AB2098

Good news! A California court issued a preliminary injunction, blocking enforcement of California’s AB2098 law, passed to muzzle doctors and prevent them from warning their patients about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines.

Thank you to hero plaintiffs Tracy Beth Hoeg, Aaron Kheriaty, and Children’s Health Defense for undertaking this expensive litigation and presenting incredibly well-worded arguments that led to the California Eastern District federal court agreeing with plaintiffs and blocking this ridiculous law from being enforced across California.

In October, I posted my opinion about this law and how it could be defeated:

Before I proceed, let me state that I am sure the above Substack post played NO role in the actual litigation and that no one of importance read it. What I wrote was relatively trivial and required only modest familiarity with First Amendment precedents, vagueness doctrine, past court rulings, and close reading of AB2098 itself.

Nevertheless, I am glad the court echoed some of my opinions and shut the law down with a preliminary injunction.

Below, I will highlight passages from my post and fragments of the court’s decision, so you can compare them.

The court also realized that the most important sentence of AB2098 is grammatically incorrect gibberish. (scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.) The law states:

 “Misinformation” means false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.

The court realized that, besides being a bad policy, the law made no literal sense and was a grammatical mess.

During the hearings, the state of California’s attorneys attempted to essentially rewrite the law by offering an interpretation that does not follow the text of the law.

The court wisely refused, suggesting that if the law needs a major rewrite, then the legislature must write a new law that actually makes sense.

We all got lucky that a fool, a non-lawyer vaccine fanatic pediatrician Richard Pan of Sacramento, wrote AB2098. Richard Pan has terrible reviews as a doctor, and if I could grade his law-writing skills, I would rate him with zero stars out of 10.

We all got very lucky that AB2098 was so badly written.

I also hope that a Covid quack doctor Richard Pan will not be subject to any “pandemic amnesty.”


Covid Vaccines Killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021, Peer Reviewed Study Finds

A new peer-reviewed study by Skidmore et al. was published in a prestigious journal.

It commissioned a survey that asked people several questions about their Covid and vaccination experience. The survey was conducted during the previous winter, so it is based on 2021 experiences.

It estimated, based on responses provided, that Covid vaccines killed 278,000 Americans:

The authors use a reputable polling company Dynata.

The sample was obtained by Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, and is representative for the US American population [6]. The sampling using Dynata is based on opt-in sampling, respondents deliver high quality data, they are diverse and have community norms of honesty and accuracy [7]. The survey was opened to the Dynata panel until the required number of responses was obtained from each category of the stratification variables age, sex, and income, as required for a balanced response set.

The article demonstrated the authors tried to do a good job and controlled for confounding variables. For example, do political views or vaccination status create a bias in reporting vaccine deaths? It turns out that, indeed, they do:

Estimated nationwide COVID-19 vaccine fatalities based on the Democrat, Republican and Independent subsets are 109,564, 463,444 and 247,867, respectively. With the vaccinated and unvaccinated subgroups, estimated COVID-19 vaccine fatalities are 110,942 and 659,995.

This discrepancy suggests that the estimates of the total number of vaccine fatalities cannot be very precise, and the authors point that out very honestly.

They attempted to control such confounders:

Adjustments were made for the following confounders: age, sex, political affiliation (Democrat, Republican, Independent), degree of urbanization using respondents’ self-assessment of whether they live in urban, suburban or rural areas, race (Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American/Pacific Islander, Other), educational attainment as defined by the US Census [11], sources of information about COVID-19 (mainstream news, alternative news/other, peer-reviewed scientific literature, official government sources), COVID-19 illness problems in social circles, and COVID-19 inoculation problems in social circles.

The authors say: what is the chance that the CDC-reported number of vaccine deaths in VAERS (8,023 at the time the article was written) is the true number, and the much higher number of 278,000 is a product of an accidental statistical error?

They explain that the outcome is 28 standard deviations away, and therefore CDC’s VAERS number is understated. Thus, the CDC’s “null hypothesis” is rejected:

This hypothesis is tested using state-by-state VAERS data on reported COVID-19 vaccine-associated deaths and COVID-19 illness fatalities. The alternative hypothesis (Ha) is: X = CDC Ratio < Survey Ratio. The mean (u) and standard deviation (σ) of the ratio of vaccine fatalities to COVID-19 fatalities from the state-by-state data are u = 0.0136 and σ = 0.0111. The probability that the Survey Ratio > CDC Ratio = X is P(CDC Ratio > 0.345). With P(CDC Ratio > 0.345) = 0 and a Z-score = 28.86; the null hypothesis is rejected.

So, out of 243 million who received Covid vaccines by the end of Dec 2021, the study estimates that 278,000 died due to vaccines. This estimate suggests that one out of 874 persons is killed by Covid vaccines.

I know one such person, my friend’s nephew. He received a J&J vaccine around May 20, 2021, and died suddenly shortly thereafter. His death is NOT in VAERS.

A recent Rasmussen survey shows that 28% of all adults know someone who died due to Covid vaccines.

Steve Kirsch, at the approximate time the above-mentioned study was conducted, posted his own estimate of 388,000 Americans killed:

These are very similar estimates!

Fabian Spieker estimates that one out of 1,642 German vaccine dose recipients were killed:

Assume that by the end of 2021, 1.8 doses per vaccinated person were given. (some had only one dose) This would yield, in the USA, 243,000,000*1.8/1642 = 266,400 dead from Covid vaccines, if Americans die at the same rate as the Germans due to Covid vaccination.

Such an estimate is also not that far from the other two.

That these three outcomes are not wildly different means that the true number of deaths (which nobody knows and nobody will ever know exactly) is somewhere in their vicinity.

This also means that my experience of knowing someone who died from Covid vaccine is not that unusual.

Summary of estimates:

  • Skidmore: 278,000

  • Kirsch: 388,000

  • Fabian Spieker based on the number of american doses: 266,400

Whose estimate is more accurate? Skidmore’s, Kirsch’s, or Fabian Spieker’s?

What do you think?


Know Anyone who #DiedSuddenly? Let’s Crowdsource Information on Sudden Deaths

As you know, excess deaths are at 20-35% of normal, depending on location. People are dying by the thousands, and doctors and health experts are baffled and unconcerned.

The authorities do not care.

I am tired of complaining and decided to do something instead of whining.

I want to ask YOU to step in and help so that WE can contribute to finding out why people are dying suddenly and what the mechanism is that kills them.

If you know a case of “#DiedSuddenly,” that is, a sudden death of a relatively healthy person, please report as much detail as possible.

  • Approximate Date and Country

  • Your relationship with the person

  • Age, Sex, and health info (athlete, couch potato, any notable comorbidities, etc)

  • Vaccine Status (how many and when)

  • Covid status (how many and when)

I want to compile these reports (in the comment section) and analyze them somehow. Most importantly, I do not own your reports and want other smart people to look at them.

If you have your Covid substack, feel free to peruse these reports, use your judgment to pick legitimate ones, make your conclusions and write your articles! (but please mention me and explicitly invite others to take a look also)

We need to get to the bottom of excess mortality and cannot wait for our “authorities” to wake up – the data collection and the collective thought process must begin right now.

So let’s start today.

If someone you know died suddenly, and if you do not know the details I asked for, please talk to their relatives, mention the reason honestly and try to get these details. Vax and Covid status are very important to know.

Again, the below is what I want you to share, but feel free to provide more details. Be specific if you know more than one case.

  • Approximate Date and Country

  • Your relationship with the person (my friend’s aunt etc.)

  • Age, Sex, and health info (athlete, couch potato, any notable comorbidities, etc.)

  • Vaccine Status (how many and when)

  • Covid status (how many and when)

  • Anything else

Your reports may potentially save lives if we figure something out by analyzing your stories. If you have to spend 20 minutes on the phone finding out the details, remember that you are potentially helping people worldwide — so it is worth your while.

You are not just helping me write interesting articles – other substackers and analysts may find your data to be invaluable!

Please forward this post to a few of your friends who may know of any recent sudden deaths.

Go ahead!


Asthma in One Of 71 Kids Receiving Bivalent Vaccine Ruled UNRELATED. FDA Does not Care

The FDA is convening its VRBPAC advisor meeting on Jan 26. They have published meeting materials, which I am perusing. The FDA is trying to decide what to do with Covid vaccines in the future.

Junking the dangerous and non-working mRNA shots and resigning is not an option for the FDA advisors, so they are looking at changing vaccine composition again, half a year after the previous change.

The FDA document refers to Study P306, where 71 children were injected with a bivalent vaccine as the primary dose (mRNA-1273.214 is based on Ba.1 variant, which is long extinct).

The above-mentioned FDA briefing is the only source of information about Moderna study P306 because the clinical trial results were not yet published in peer-reviewed journals.

Injecting bivalent vaccines as primary series is new: in the past, up to now, the first two shots (the primary series) were monovalent, based on a three-year-old, extinct Wuhan variant.

The 71 kids receiving Moderna bivalent shots had plenty of adverse reactions.

Fever >38°C was reported by 8.9% and 13.5% of participants after Dose 1 and Dose 2, respectively. Grade 3 fever (age 6 to ≤ 36 months: 39.6 – 40°C; age 37 months to <6 years: 39 - 40°C) was rare [haha – that’s NOT RARE – I.C.] and reported by 1.1% and 1.4% of participants after Dose 1 and Dose 2, respectively

It gets worse from here:

All were mild to moderate in intensity, except for one serious adverse event of asthma in a 5-year-old participant with onset 13 days after Dose 1, which was assessed as unrelated to study vaccine by the investigator.

When I was young, I had asthma. It is a terrifying illness for a child. I remember being out of breath, scared for my life, and feeling out of control and suffocating.

Should the FDA, and the general public, believe Moderna’s assurance that asthma, developing 13 days after Dose 2, is unrelated to the study vaccine?

Asthma is an inflammatory disease, and it is quite conceivable that it could be triggered by inflammation-causing mRNA vaccination.

Moderna chose to give small children extremely large doses of mRNA vaccines. On a per-pound body weight basis, a small child could receive almost THREE times the amount of mRNA vaccine as adults:

77 reports in VAERS have “asthma” as a symptom for persons 0-18 who took Covid vaccines. Not all of them seem related, but most do. And VAERS is greatly underreported.

A good regulator should scrutinize every serious adverse event if a study has such a tiny number of participants (71 total). Instead, the FDA allows Moderna to dismiss this asthma case without additional research.

So, let me ask: what do you think caused asthma to appear in a 5-year-old 13 days after her vaccination, if not the Covid vaccine?

Global warming, perhaps?

P.S. This article is related to children’s safety, so please share it widely. I normally do not beg to share articles devoted to other topics. Thanks


Jeff Zients, Who Predicted a “Winter of Illness and Death for the Unvaccinated” in 2021, set to become White House Chief of Staff

Remember Jeff Zients? Jeff is the former White House Covid Response Coordinator who famously hoped for a “winter of illness and death for the unvaccinated.” Here’s a video of him making that prediction:

Jeff resigned when the winter of illness and death did not materialize. The latest news is that Jeff is being brought back as the White House Chief of Staff.

I do not care about Jeff, besides remembering how he wished us to die a year ago. Bringing him back to the White House is a nice touch for the Biden administration.

Luckily, Jeff Zients was wrong about the previous winter of 2021-2022. The deaths were somewhat elevated but not catastrophic.

This winter, however, is starting very disturbingly.

  • Aggregated across Europe (see above), deaths for week 52, the last week when complete data is available, are at 35% above normal.

  • Excess mortality in Germany in December is 36% above the 2018-2019 average.

The strange part is that Covid deaths explain only a small part of excess mortality.

For example, Germany saw 18,153 excess deaths in December. (DeStatis understates the excess number by including high-mortality 2020 and 2021 into the “previous years average”) Per Worldometer, Germany experienced 3,356 Covid deaths during the same months.

What explains the remaining 14,797 deaths? What killed almost 15 thousand Germans in December? Since there was nothing significant in the previous two years other than Covid and Covid vaccines, we can only blame these two causes, jointly or separately.

  • We may be undercounting Covid deaths.

  • We may see deaths from Covid vaccines that are NOT related to Covid infections.

  • We may be observing vaccine-enabled reinfections with Covid that make people die at excess rates. The sudden and unexplained deaths occur due to longer Covid illnesses enabled by immune tolerance and the resulting organ damage. Such deaths are NOT recorded as Covid deaths.

My own opinion is that the last explanation is the correct one. For how such deaths happen, using the example of vaccinated and boosted 17-year-old Gwen Casten, who died suddenly following a “mild” Covid infection that went on for a month, read this article:

Whatever is happening is a national emergency in all European countries. The lack of attention from health authorities is stunning. The refrain from rare newspaper articles like this one is, “we have no idea why people are dying, and we do not care, but we are sure it is not the vaccines.” Enjoy this stupid passage:

The article tries to convince the readers that we should only look at the immediate, officially recognized deaths that happen within a few days of vaccination (and were intentionally undercounted).

However, excess mortality of 23% was seen even in the Pfizer trial, where 21 people died in the vaccine arm, and only 17 died in the placebo arm within six months of their vaccinations.

Without individual-level data, which the authorities are refusing to provide or look at, we cannot figure out what is happening. We can only make guesses.

Meanwhile, people are dying.

Nobody seems to care about this besides a few people on Substack and Twitter. The problem is that deaths are increasing instead of decreasing, and excess mortality threatens me, you, and our loved ones.

Too many people see it as a political contest to blame or exonerate their favorite party.

I am appealing to everyone to see it as a threat to ourselves and our families instead of treating it as a blame game. We must address excess mortality out of pure self-preservation.

Do you think our authorities will seriously investigate deaths, or will they try to sweep them under the rug?

Do you think Jeff Zients will help the White House investigate the situation honestly?

Please SHARE this article. We need to make as much noise as possible!


57% of Voters Want CDC Investigated: Rasmussen Survey

Good news! Rasmussen Reports released results of a survey of likely US voters. It turns out that 57% of likely voters want the CDC investigated by Congress on “how the CDC dealt with issues of COVID-19 vaccine safety”.

Thanks to my paid subscribers, I have a $199 platinum subscription to Rasmussen Reports, and because of this subscription, I received a notification and have full access to the demographic details.

Seventy percent (70%) of Republicans, 48% of Democrats and 54% of unaffiliated voters say Congress should investigate how the CDC dealt with issues of COVID-19 vaccine safety. Forty percent (40%) of Democrats, 20% of Republicans and 31% of unaffiliated voters oppose a congressional investigation of the CDC.

Majorities of every racial category – 56% of whites, 51% of black voters and 66% of other minorities – believe Congress should investigate the CDC’s handling of vaccine safety.

Some interesting findings from the platinum-only part:

More males than females have absolute trust in the CDC: 33% of males say it is very likely that “the CDC provided the public with complete safety information,” whereas only 25% of females say so. This may reflect a general tendency of males towards overconfidence rather than a gender-specific opinion on the CDC.

More Democrats than Republicans have absolute trust in the CDC: 44% of Democrats say it is very likely that “the CDC provided the public with complete safety information,” whereas only 25% of Republicans say so.
Again, this may reflect a general tendency of Democrats to trust the administration representing their party vs. the tendency of Republicans not to trust the government controlled by the Democrats.

Being vaccine-skeptic, historically, has not been strongly political.

In any case, the total percentage of people who DO want the CDC to face investigation is 57%. That’s nice!

Paradoxically, rich people do NOT want the CDC to be investigated:

While 73% of conservatives want the CDC investigated, only 34% of liberals want the same.

Do not read too much into this poll.

I would venture to guess that most people who favor the investigation are not very hostile to the CDC. Most of them probably hope to find out what happened and are not driven by feelings of retribution or revenge.

Nevertheless, this is a big finding and victory for those questioning the Covid vaccines. We changed the minds of the majority of the public! Public opinion has changed and now supports investigations. That’s progress.

Will investigations and committees get to the bottom of what happened? Or will they whitewash everything and conclude that “mistakes were made”?

Since Republicans were on the Covid vaccine gravy train and voted for many “Warp Speed” measures, I would guess the investigation will NOT be very thorough.

This is why, in my opinion, we should NOT rush investigations, and it is better to wait. Rushing them will likely sweep the real crimes under the rug. Plus, it is not yet clear what the long-term consequences of Covid vaccination are. It is also not known who created Sars-Cov-2 and why.

After the hurried sham investigations conclude, it would be easier to distract the public with another news cycle story.

What do you think?


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