A billion “black swan” events let loose

If I were writing science fiction now…

About the future of Earth…

I’d start with a representative of a Federation of distant planets standing in a room here, in a major US city, talking to a small group of Globalist heavy hitters.

The rep would be explaining that Earth could someday be a member of that Federation, obtaining many scintillating benefits, but first a very pernicious idea on Earth has to be eliminated.

That idea is FREEDOM.

The independent individual.

Not necessarily because freedom is so vile in and of itself, but because, when the setting is a vast interlocking group of worlds, freedom is unworkable.

The arch principle instead MUST BE…


From the top.

And then I would go from there:

Scottie Scheffler: a golfer of spiritual ecstasy?

“I believe that today’s plans were already laid out many years ago, and I could do nothing to mess up those plans. I have been given a gift of this talent, and I use it for God’s glory.”

Words from Scottie Scheffler, after he won The Masters, at Augusta, last Sunday, on one of the most gorgeous manmade architectural sites in the world.

In today’s cultural sewer, quite refreshing to hear a different kind of statement from a champion.

On the Golf Channel, a commentator remarked that Scheffler doesn’t engage in the sport for money, he has a higher purpose—the joy of playing. The commentator purposely stopped short of saying what Scheffler said. Because commercial television isn’t supposed to touch on religion. It might upset the public.


The overwhelming support for Scheffler among viewers and fans on the course at Augusta makes that notion ridiculous.

Millions of people would like to know—if they don’t know already—that a champion plays to glorify God.

All this reminds me of the vastly popular 1981 film, Chariots of Fire:

A classic science fiction short story and an AI switcheroo

I read it high school, in 1955: “Farewell to the Master.”

The famous sci fi movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” took its inspiration from that story.

In the short story, two aliens come to Earth in a saucer and land in Washington DC. One is a human, the other a metal robot.

At the end of the story, as the aliens (who tried to bring a message of peace to a warring world) depart, a character makes a remark about the robot to the human alien, who says…

No, no, you don’t understand. He (the robot) is the master.


The human alien is the servant.

The metal robot is the master??

Yes. That’s the revelation.

Somehow, we’re supposed to believe the robot is alive and conscious.

It’s a great shocker, and the story is well done.

The only problem, on reflection, is: NOT POSSIBLE.

Robots aren’t conscious.

Readers don’t care. They enjoy feeling the shock.

If I were writing that story, I’d give it a Part 2. On the trip home, the human and the robot would have a long conversation. It would emerge that their real mission involved imparting one STARK idea to Earthlings (and it wasn’t peace.) The idea was: robots can be conscious…

Thus inspiring the people of Earth to work in the direction of creating conscious creatures—an impossibility—


Illegal aliens who rape are…DEPORTED?

I’ve written about this before.1 Because it’s happened before. And it keeps happening.

If you want something to do, raise holy hell.

Here’s the first paragraph from Dan Lyman’s article2 at Infowars: “Federal immigration authorities say they arrested an illegal alien who was released by police in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts after being charged with raping a minor.”

First of all, let’s get this straight. There are no legal sanctuary states. They’re all breaking immigration law which distinguishes legal from illegal immigration. So-called sanctuary states deny that distinction.

A prosecutor in Massachusetts, one of these sanctuary states, charged an illegal alien from Colombia with rape of a minor—and then alien was released. If that isn’t illegal, nothing is.

Finally, federal Immigration agents picked this illegal alien off the street.

Here is another quote from the Infowars article: “[Federal] ERO Boston agents finally took the Colombian off the streets on March 28 and he is now being held in ICE custody pending removal proceedings.”

Pending removal proceedings.

Do you know what “removal” means?


Where is the trial for rape of a minor??

The rape took place in America.

Federal agents are going to deport this man?


He escapes the US and then he can turn around and come back in?

In case there is any doubt, I assure you it is perfectly legal to put a man charged with rape on trial in the US, regardless of whether he is an alien, legal or illegal.

It’s mandatory. If justice is mandatory. If court trials for people charged with rape are mandatory.

There should be no chance of any US law authority substituting deportation for a trial.

But because he’s illegal, he gets off?

He’s sent out of the country?

THAT’S his punishment, when, if guilty, he should be spending the next 30 years in a US prison?

How many of these cases ARE there—happening under our noses, and under the noses of local, state, and federal law enforcement? Aided, abetted, and shepherded by law enforcement?

Thief, rapist, murderer is an illegal alien. First, he’s shielded and released by sanctuary state criminals pretending to be law enforcement. Second, he’s picked up by federal agents, also posing as law enforcement, when…

They, too, are criminals, because they’re going to deport the felon instead of putting him on trial.

“Mr. Rapist, you’re really going to face some heavy consequences. We’re going to send you out of the country!”

Don’t you think…

Career rapists…

Who are illegal aliens…


They can enter the US, travel to a sanctuary state…

Commit rape…

And then, at the very worst, be deported?

And don’t you think all sorts of US law enforcement people, at all levels, know the rapists know this?

And yet do nothing?

Will some Presidential candidate start screaming bloody murder about all this?

Will some immigration non-profit that isn’t fatally compromised investigate, and find out how many cases like the one I just described have been passing into the fog, because instead of trials, convictions, and long prison sentences, the felons have been ushered out of the US by criminal law-enforcement officers—who should themselves be in prison?

— Jon Rappoport

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Science Fiction and AI: the illusions of the writers

A number of famous science fiction writers have deployed technocratic ideas/ideals in their work, when they describe future civilizations:

HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, AE van Vogt, Robert Heinlein, Aldous Huxley.

Many writers present robots equipped with AI brains.

George Lucas (Star Wars) did up his robots to appeal to adults and kiddies who love CUTE.

Maybe the greatest science fiction film ever made—Blade Runner—was far more subtle and slippery. The five or six robots (“replicants”) basically felt they’d been short changed. They yearned to be fully human. They were almost there, but not quite. They were angry about their built-in termination dates.

Blade Runner perfectly embodies the basic illusion you find in most science fiction: “robots are conscious.”

They’re not.

And there’s no way to make them conscious.

AI can’t be made conscious.

If a robot “wants to be human,” that’s just another piece of its programming. It’s added to…

Give humans the IMPRESSION that these ROBOT THINGS are conscious.

I have yet to read or watch a work of science fiction that tried to describe a civilization in which robots made to SEEM conscious were injected wholesale into society.

THAT takes a different version of imagination.

The author can’t rely on, for example: