Creating new life in the lab: DONE. What’s next?

Tiny technology at work:

Not bot, not beast: Scientists create first ever living, programmable organism (Jan 20, 2020)

This week, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their recipe for making a new lifeform called xenobots from stem cells. The term “xeno” comes from the frog cells (Xenopus laevis) used to make them.

One of the researchers described the creation as “neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal”, but a “new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism”.

Xenobots are less than 1mm long and made of 500-1000 living cells. They have various simple shapes, including some with squat “legs”. They can propel themselves in linear or circular directions, join together to act collectively, and move small objects. Using their own cellular energy, they can live up to 10 days.

While these “reconfigurable biomachines” could vastly improve human, animal, and environmental health, they raise legal and ethical concerns.

After the selection of the most promising designs, the scientists attempted to replicate the virtual models with frog skin or heart cells, which were manually joined using microsurgery tools. The heart cells in these bespoke assemblies contract and relax, giving the organisms motion.

The creation of xenobots is groundbreaking.

Despite being described as “programmable living robots”, they are actually completely organic and made of living tissue. The term “robot” has been used because xenobots can be configured into different forms and shapes, and “programmed” to target certain objects—which they then unwittingly seek.

They can also repair themselves after being damaged.

Xenobots may have great value.

Some speculate they could be used to clean our polluted oceans by collecting microplastics.

…Xenobots designed with carefully shaped ‘pouches’ might be able to carry drugs into human bodies…

Well, well. The clock strikes thirteen.

These articles never seem to mention MILITARY LABS.

Like the labs at DARPA, the technology branch of the Pentagon. Or, say, Chinese labs.

The entire technology of RNA COVID vaccines is based on the injection of nanoparticles

Nanoparticle: “A particle that is smaller than 100 nanometers (one-billionth of a meter).” A human hair is about 80,000 to 100,000 nanometers wide.


Nanoid robotics, or for short, nanorobotics or nanobotics, is an emerging technology field creating machines or robots whose components are at or near the scale of a nanometer (10 [to the minus 9] meters). More specifically, nanorobotics (as opposed to microrobotics) refers to the nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and building nanorobots with devices ranging in size from 0.1 to 10 micrometres and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. The terms nanobot, nanoid, nanite, nanomachine and nanomite have also been used to describe such devices currently under research and development.


Molecular engineering is highly interdisciplinary by nature, encompassing aspects of chemical engineering, materials science, bioengineering, electrical engineering, physics, mechanical engineering, and chemistry. There is also considerable overlap with nanotechnology, in that both are concerned with the behavior of materials on the scale of nanometers or smaller. Given the highly fundamental nature of molecular interactions, there are a plethora of potential application areas, limited perhaps only by one’s imagination and the laws of physics. However, some of the early successes of molecular engineering have come in the fields of immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and printable electronics (see molecular engineering applications) […]


Synthetic Biology:

  • CRISPR — Faster and more efficient gene editing technique

  • Gene delivery/gene therapy — Designing molecules to deliver modified or new genes into cells of live organisms to cure genetic disorders

  • Metabolic engineering — Modifying metabolism of organisms to optimize production of chemicals (e.g. synthetic genomics)

  • Protein engineering — Altering structure of existing proteins to enable specific new functions, or the creation of fully artificial proteins

  • DNA-functionalized materials — 3D assemblies of DNA-conjugated nanoparticle lattices


Graphene-based materials have been explored extensively for their antimicrobial potentials. Reported studies provided evidence about the broad-spectrum inhibition activity of graphene oxide and its derivatives against bacteria and fungi. In 2014, Sametband et al. reported the antiviral properties of GO and partially reduced sulfonated GO against Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 (HSV-1) through competitive inhibition mechanism. Similar to cell surface receptor heparan sulfate, GO and rGO-SO3 contain multiple negatively charged groups and thus both moieties compete with each other in binding with HSV-1. Blocking of the virus binding sites with the nanomaterial was the main inhibitory factor to safeguard Vero cells from infection. Ye et al. have compared the antiviral potency of GO, rGO, GO-polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) composite, GO-poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (PDDA) composite with precursors graphite (Gt), and graphite oxide (GtO). The study revealed broad-spectrum antiviral activity of GO against Pseudorabies virus (PRV, a DNA virus) and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus […]

What does mainstream research say about nanoparticle DANGERS? A startling idea, right? Look at the open literature.

The first thing you notice while reading published papers on nanotechnology: the language is very dense and very technical. Meaning the public is at a very great distance from what is going on.

This is not a cause for celebration.

The Pfizer exec who confessed to Project Veritas now tells me the whole truth

Last Saturday, I woke up to the sounds of my pigs squealing out on the land. My wolves were herding them back into their pens.

I struggled out of bed and plowed through the 16 messages on my cell. FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. They somehow knew I was on to The One, and they were clamoring and pleading for an exclusive.

No dice.

My agent and lawyer, Gloria Torquemada, showed up as I as was downing my 4th cup of coffee. Her CIA contacts had located Jordan Walker, the suddenly infamous Pfizer exec. He was now waiting in Mick Flaherty’s bar 16 miles away from my farm. I called Tucker and told him to hold on, I’d get back to him by nightfall.

I donned my white coat, hung a stethoscope around my neck, pinned an old Blockbuster member card to my chest pocket (“Jon Rappoport, MD”), and we were off in the Bentley.

An hour later, Jordan and I were sitting in Mick’s back room. We had a few drinks and chatted. Maybe more than a few.

Then this is what followed:

What about the virus, Jordan?

What about it?

The isolation problem.



You get right down to it, Jon.

Time is money.

Of course. Well, you have to promise, first, that none of what I tell you in this conversation will go public. This is on background only.

Of course. I would never reveal your comments.

OK, good. So, the virus. Well, scientists never actually FIND a new virus. They INFER its existence.

Infer it from what?

A bunch of presumptions about their own lab procedures.

What they’re doing in the lab—

Is really just a hodge-podge of mumbo-jumbo. They don’t isolate anything. And then, using computer programs, they stitch together genetic sequences for “the virus.” These sequences are metaphors.


Mythical science.

So there is no proof SARS-CoV-2 exists.

No more proof than, say, “demonstrating” there is a bath house on Mars. Or a gay caballero is roaming the galaxy singing Country and Western.


But we need these metaphors. They satisfy so many interests.

Not least of all, vaccine manufacturers.

Right. If there are no viruses, why would we produce and sell vaccines?

Then all this talk about Pfizer intentionally mutating the virus and giving it more power…which is what you told Project Veritas…is sheer nonsense?

No, not nonsense. High level bullshit.


It’s simple. 99.999 percent of virologists in the world believe their own bullshit. They really think they’re discovering new viruses. They really think they can increase the power of those viruses. They’re actually doing METAPHOR, but they think they’re doing LITERAL.

My, my.

Yes. It’s a WOW. And it works brilliantly. No one wants to rock that boat. Too many people are making too much money and exerting too much political power.

So there is no need for a COVID vaccine.

No. And it’s not actually a vaccine. It’s a shot of nanoparticles. They supposedly instructs cells of the body to produce a spike protein. The nanos contain RNA, which does the instructing. So I’m told.

A lot of rigmarole.


So why is the injection injuring and killing so many people all over the world?

I don’t know. There are all kinds of theories. The point is, when you screw around with the human body, forcing unnatural processes on it, with genetic material [RNA], there is a ripple effect down the line. Things happen.

Unpredictable things.

Yes. The processes of the body are interlocking. Disturb one process, and you get bad reverberations.

Does Pfizer understand this?

All legitimate researchers realize it. It’s not a secret. The COVID injection is experimental. The open medical literature is very frank about the dangers of putting nanoparticles in humans.

In a sense, Pfizer is a marketing firm.

I would call it a PR firm that is also injuring and killing huge numbers of people. We front for an operation that aims at political control of populations. Hence the lockdowns. The lockdowns were a prime political objective. The fake science—which Pfizer peddles—was the cover story.

So you’re personally corrupt.

Of course.

You don’t care?

I’m just trying to make a good living.

With no conscience.

Having no conscience helps.

It occurs to me that this claim Pfizer is doing gain of function research on the virus could send people up a blind alley.

Well, sure. Because legally, Pfizer can quite probably get off the hook. They can say they’re protecting the public by mutating the virus and developing new vaccines that prevent these more dangerous variants from harming everybody. Whereas, a real court case that attacks the VACCINE for the harm it’s causing…that would be a jackpot. A verdict against Pfizer THERE would be devastating. If you could ever get the case into court…

Then why did you tell Project Veritas about Pfizer mutating the virus?

I was speaking metaphorically.

In what sense?

I was telling Veritas what Pfizer is doing with an imaginary virus. Think of it this way. This is a rough analogy: At the end of World War Two, an exec at a major American corporation tells the New York Times his corporation supplied badly built weapons to US troops in Europe. There is no truth to that, because his company didn’t make weapons—but the real story is, his corporation was supplying vital parts to the US AND Germany. Parts used in factories that manufactured planes. Making money from both sides. But the exec says nothing about THAT.

He pointed the finger at his own company. But for the wrong reason.


And that’s what you did when you talked to Project Veritas.

Sort of. Yes.


I was pissed off about a few things at work I don’t want to go into. And I might have been a little high.

On drugs?

Absolutely not. On one drug. Maybe.

You fucked up.


So what are you going to do now?

I think the question is, what are they going to do to me?

Will you testify in front of Congress?

I doubt they’ll invite me. Pfizer has a lot of clout. And several hundred Congressional legislators and other federal officials don’t want me in public under oath. But if I had to appear, I’d lie. I’d say my comments to Project Veritas were misinterpreted, with no context.

You’d try to bullshit your way out of trouble.

Yes. It’s a time-honored tradition. And think of how many journalists would come to my aid.

Pfizer is evil.

I thought we’d already established that.

Why do so many people work there? Some of them must know it’s a nest of evil.

They have bills to pay. They want to live a comfortable life.

It’s that simple?

For most people, it always is. Look, there’s a guy at Pfizer. He knows everything I’ve been telling you here today. He makes about 700K a year. He snitched to the head of security about a woman in his department who was about to go all whistleblower. He snitched because he wanted to protect Pfizer, the cash cow, who hands him his paycheck every month. That was the long and short of it for him. His paycheck. His standard of living.

The truth, the facts, the crimes meant nothing to him.

Less than nothing.

Were you always corrupt?

I’d say I went through three stages. As a child, I was pretty much like other children. After I went to work for Pfizer and gradually saw what was really happening there, I was troubled. But when I was promoted and got a substantial raise, I settled in. I experienced the perks of my new life.

“The banality of evil.”

Yes. Hannah Arendt’s phrase. To describe the Nazi bureaucrat, Adolph Eichmann.

Didn’t Arendt say Eichmann was unaware, detached? He was following orders in order to advance his career. You’re aware.

I am, but it doesn’t SINK IN. I’m like a researcher who’s designing a death ray shot from space, but focuses on the MATH problems in front of him. In a sense, he knows what he’s doing, but it doesn’t bite him.

The vaccine. It’s a killer.

Yes. But you have to remember, it’s the first vaccine given to so MANY people. I dare say if this was, say, the HPV [Human Papilloma Virus] vaccine, the results would be even worse.

If nobody from the company goes to prison—

We never do. We’re aliens.

Excuse me?

When you settle into one of the big pharmaceutical companies and work there for a decade or more, you’re not quite human anymore.

Is it cold in here? I just felt a chill.

You’re not the first person I’ve talked to who’s told me that.

— Jon Rappoport

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Measuring the stealth nano-culture that surrounds and infiltrates us

This is a follow-up to my latest podcast, The Age of Nanotechnology.

Imagine this: Tony Fauci or Bill Gates or Joe Biden or Xi Jinping is reduced down to…two billionths of his present physical size…

And then has millions of times more influence on the population and the course of human events.

That’s nano.

You put 80,000 nanoparticles should to shoulder and collectively they add up to the width of ONE human hair.

The devastating RNA COVID vaccines are composed of nanoparticles.

People are trusting researchers and manufacturers to produce these nanoparticles.

Current news: Nanoparticles delivered past the Blood Brain Barrier

The circus is coming to town. Your brain is the circus, and the town is the lab.

The nanoparticle elephants and lions and clowns they want to put in your brain are only a billionth of a meter in size. That’s right. If you stack 80,000 of the particles side by side, they add up to the width of a human hair.

But don’t worry. The scientists know what they’re doing. They have to. No one else does.

You’ll feel fine. Better than ever.

Because this is medical. And medical always works.

Ask a person over the age of 65 who was diagnosed with COVID after a phony useless test and sedated and put on a breathing ventilator in a hospital. You’ll have to reach into the afterlife to talk to him because the treatment killed him.

But that’s OK. Everything is OK.

New Podcast: We Are Living In the Era of Nanotechnology, Science Beyond Our Control

“Nanoparticle: A particle that is smaller than 100 nanometers (1 nanometer is one-billionth of a meter).”

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This is one of the most vital investigations I’ve ever done.

Largely out of view of the public, massive research, production, and use of invisible nanoparticles is transforming our world.

This podcast will feature commentary on Elon Musk and his Neuralink project, nano-robots, gene therapy, manipulated DNA, medical uses of graphene, and the open literature on the dangers of nanoparticles.

In case you’ve forgotten, the massively destructive RNA COVID vaccines ARE deploying injected nanoparticles. That is what the vaccines consist of.

What does the open literature say about the risks and dangers of nanoparticles? I’ll present the evidence.

If you picked out three vast areas of human civilization in 2023—industry, medical production, and scientific lab research—you would find nanotechnology everywhere.

It’s not only the “latest thing.” It has no expiration date. Its tentacles reach far into the future.

But who is controlling the technology?

Who is deciding how far it should go?

Answer: For the most part, the scientists doing the work, because almost no one else understands the technological details.

The fox is minding the hen house.

And the fox is turning human life, and what it means to be human, into something else; something strange, ominous, and EXTERNALLY CONTROLLED.

Controlled, not by large machines clanking their way down Main Street, but by particles no one can see.

I’m going to give you the big picture, and the details, the evidence. And the IMPLICATIONS.

I’m going to make it understandable.

“Understandable” has been my commitment since I started investigating medical science in 1987.

Join me in this vital presentation.

— Jon Rappoport