Clickbait Recovery: How Do You Save Your Friends From The Hopium??


As many of you know, I’m not a fan of influencers who manipulate others for their own personal benefit, especially when they promote clear disinformation to their audiences for fame and money. If we’re going to call out the mainstream media for being propagandists and spreaders of falsehoods, we cannot become the same.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

– Friedrich NietzscheWhile some get upset with me for going after the clickbait and promoters of it, I think it’s important to devote some of my time and energy to that task. There are many people new to waking up and this “truth movement”, and they make easy targets for clickbait connoisseurs. Heck, I myself was once caught up with “NESARA is coming!” and “mass arrests are happening!” narratives back in 2012. I know the emotional roller coaster and psychological stress that can come from believing these sorts of false narratives, and I wish I had someone trying to slap some common sense into me back then. My goal now is to give some tough love assistance to those working to hone their discernment.

A viewer sent a great question to me the other day on Telegram that I want to expound on here.

This is what was asked:

She wanted the truth and didn’t let her feelings cloud her judgement about these subjects. Good. Unfortunately it sounds like her sister is letting her emotional attachments to these ideas affect her critical thinking.

So how can we help people get off of this clickbait “madness”?? I do have a few suggestions here:

1) Question and counter.Continuously question the particular clickbait narratives that they believe. “What is NESARA? Where does it come from? Why do you think the Earth is Flat? What technology do these med beds use? What evidence is there of kids being rescued from tunnels under the White House?”. Keep asking questions in an effort to really get them to clarify what they believe, and more importantly, why they believe it. You can also attempt to counter with truthful information, but this may cause cognitive dissonance in their minds and you could get certain pre-programmed defensive responses, so this may or may not be successful. I find that asking question after rhetorical question can be successful because you can sometimes get them to see (and admit) the ridiculousness of their own beliefs.

2) Ask for sources.”Where did you read that?” and “Who did you hear that from?” Asking for them to provide sources for their narratives is very powerful, often people who latch onto clickbait propaganda will forget where they first acquired the narrative because they are far more focused on the emotional response to the idea than the truthfulness of the claim itself. Asking them for a source, and then the subsequent blank stare you get when they cannot provide it, may help them to realize the error in their judgement. In the chance that they do provide a source, you can then further inquire about this source, asking “what makes you think they are credible”. Getting someone to do some mental gymnastics in an effort to prove disinformation super spreaders like Real Raw News or Charles Ward may help you find success.

3) Challenge them to take a week off social media.

I find that one of the main reasons people get addicted to hopium and clickbait centers around an addiction to the ‘ cult of personalities’. It’s not really about finding the truth to them as much as it’s an emotional comfort zone listening to talking heads and their crazy claims, whether they realize it or not. Ask them to commit to take a week or two off of social media, maybe do the challenge with them because anyone could benefit from normalizing the dopamine levels in their noggin’. They may just realize that their life is a little better without the constant mental stress of needing to know what’s next and hearing the roller coaster of allegations from the social media conspiracy community, and they just realize how addicted to the clickbait they were.

4) Patience.Sometimes all you need to do is wait. A good friend once told me “Bullshit has a shelf life”, and boy does it. I remember when I was caught up with the NESARA stuff, I really did believe the internet blogs that would say “It’s coming this weekend! Next week! Almost here!”. When all of these claims didn’t pan out, I began to realize that I was getting hoodwinked. As your friend or family members continuously gets let down by the claims that don’t come true, eventually they will realized that they themselves are getting hoodwinked by careless influencers.

As the old adage goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. While you can attempt to make the horse realize it’s thirsty and make that water look real good for horsey, at the end of the day it’s up to them to drink it. You can try to help your friends and colleagues realize that they’re getting duped by internet clickbait, but building discernment is an internal, personal process. It’s up to the individual to experience and hone that discernment on their own. While that’s said, do not give up! Never underestimate the power of planting seeds in someone’s consciousness. It’s up to them to build the discernment, but any of us can surely help. Question, challenge, share with them counterpoints and truthful information, over time they will develop a seasoned approach to critically thinking through ‘conspiracy theory’ world.

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Twitch Bans Dozens of Truth Seekers From Their Platform


Welp, no more livestreaming on Twitch for Jordan. They went and nuked my account today! It wasn’t just me, they also took out Redpill78, Woke Societies, M3thods, Kate Awakening, and a few more channels too. Big purge.

This was the message they sent me:

Waitwaitwait… I never said drinking BLEACH cures COVID. I explicitly state chlorine dioxide, and I explicitly state what the bleaching process truly is. The Sun is a bleach. You don’t see channels getting taken down for telling people to go out into the Sun. That’s a massive miscontextualization by Twitch (and of course all of the mainstream media propagandists who have been attacking me for allegedly “promoting drinking bleach”).

Also, I never once ever claimed microchips were in the COVID vaccines. In fact, I worked to debunk disinformation claiming microchips and hydra creatures are in the shots and all sorts of other clickbait regarding the subject. Blatant lie right there.

They called me a “Harmful Misinformation Actor” though. Has a nice ring to it. Maybe I can put that on a business card alongside the “Professional Shit Stirrer” label given to me by Rolling Stone magazine.

Quite frankly I’m surprised that some of us lasted as long on Twitch as we did, seeing as Twitch is owned by Amazon. I guess at the end of the day this is just another notch on the ol’ censorship belt. I have quite a few notches on that belt.

(So far) I’ve been censored off of:











Amazon Affiliates







& the list keeps growing! Badges of honor.

Oh, and I guess we could throw the Gaia streaming platform on there too, because why not, they did censor me. They took down a show I recorded for them off of their website and booted me from their Contact in the Desert conference. Fun story, that one. New Age narcissism is a mind virus.

So for the time being, I am now live-streaming on Dlive, Rumble, and Foxhole. That will get the job done.

I do have some good news to go with the bad news – good news is that my accounts was activated on Truth Social today! Trading Twitch for Truth, I’m good with that.

This is what it looks like:

Pretty sweet! It’s got a few bugs here and there, and still pretty bare bones at the moment, but they’re still developing and growing so patient and understanding must be extended to them. Excited to see how this platform grows.

While some might be saying “Good riddance! We shouldn’t be on Big Tech platforms like Twitch, Facebook or YouTube anyway!”, I do understand this sentiment, but I disagree with it. I think this mindset is a knee jerk reaction and not one formulated with strategic thinking.

While I do understand that we need to migrate off of Big Tech and support the websites building a more decentralized, free internet – at the moment we are in the midst of an information war, and the people who need our perspectives and information the most are the people who are primarily on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. That’s where most people are at. Granted, less people than there used to be, but still most people.

”We do not fight on battlefields of our choosing”

If I could have my accounts on all of those platforms back, I would most definitely start posting there again. But hey, they don’t want my services and if I dared create any new accounts on them, Media Matters would send their goons to mass report and get me banned again, so I’m not going to bother.

That being said, the social media accounts I will currently be posting on are Truth Social, Telegram, and Gab. I will be using Rumble, Dlive, and Foxhole for livestreaming, and Rumble, Odysee, BitChute. GabTV are where pre-recorded videos will be uploaded. It’s a pain in the butt to have to continue to migrate platforms but that’s what we must do in this information war! Oh yes, and my writings will be here on Substack, of course. Thankfully they’ve held strong and have not censored content.

In the meantime I’ll be working on a video review of Truth Social over the weekend, stay tuned for that, and I’ll be livestreaming at some point over the weekend. Check Telegram and Truth Social for announcement on time and day.

Until next time, thank you all for your support!


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Is Putin Trolling the Globalists and Fake News Warmongers?


If the world didn’t already know, it is now getting a crash course in just how blood-thirsty and war-mongery the Fake News Media is.

”Russia is going to invade Ukraine! We are sure of it!”, political puppets in the United States have been screeching for almost a month now.

“U.S. President Joe Biden said Friday that he is “convinced” Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine, including an assault on the capitol”, as per the Associated Press.

“All signs suggest Russia is on the brink of invading Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Sunday”, this one from Reuters.

“The U.S. has intelligence that Russian commanders have received orders to proceed with an invasion of Ukraine, with commanders on the ground making specific plans for how they would maneuver in their sectors of the battlefield” CBS News national security correspondent reported just today.

My, isn’t it incredible how these politicians and anonymous intelligence officials somehow know exactly what’s going on in the head of Putin and Russian commanders? And yet, every claim they make falls through. Lies upon lies.

”Putin could attack Ukraine on Feb. 16, Biden told allies”, Politico reported on February 11th. That…. didn’t happen.

A multitude of both Ukrainian and Russian officials have gone on record debunking the fake news warmongering of the American mainstream press. Hilariously, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova jokingly asked American and British media outlets to release a schedule of Russia’s “upcoming invasions” of Ukraine for the current year so they could “plan their vacations”.

It’s almost as if Putin has no intention of invading and is trolling the Globalists with these military maneuvers to expose them as the disinformation super-spreading hacks they are.

It’s almost as if the Deep State is desperate for a war to distract from the failing COVID narratives, the Durham investigation creeping closer to Hillary and Obama, from the Canadian Freedom Convoy protests spreading worldwide, and every other wall closing in on them.

So desperate, in fact, that they’re openly discussing the concept of false flags in their propagandist media. The media is claiming that Russia are going to be the ones to commit the false flag to start a war, but we know that’s some ass-backwards projection because the CIA would likely be the ones to pull the false flag operation and make it look like a Russian false flag. Like a double false flag. False flag-ception.

In fact, it’s been publicly known for a few years that the CIA has hacking technology that gives them the ability to hack a network and leave a data trail behind making it appear the hack was done by somebody else. The existence of this CIA malware was revealed by Wikileaks in their Vault 7 releases from 2017.

What to watch out for then would be some sort of cyber attack in Russia or Ukraine, the Fake News Media Complex would blame it on Russia and call for international condemnation and military mobilization against Russia, and in reality the whole time it was a CIA false flag.

As early as three years ago people were censored and smeared as conspiracy theorists for discussing about false flags, and now the term is all over the news and radio. I can attest because the first time I lost my YouTube channel in 2018 was because I suggested the Parkland, Florida shooting was a false flag. How times change when our social engineers need to force an agenda!

To conclude, the chances of war in Eastern Europe are slim to none. If any attacks do happen, look to the Deep State and rogue intelligence agencies to be the cause of it. The Media will not stop beating the war drums, but while doing so they’re only exposing themselves as being the Enemy of the People around the world.

We’ll see what the Deep State’s next distraction is going to be once people realize Russia isn’t going to blink. Climate Change? Aliens? How’s Queen Elizabeth feeling?

A Centralized World Order


Through the centralization of societal systems our global Elite have been able to consolidate their power and control humanity for decades, if not centuries (or longer). “Control under a single authority”. That’s why they call it the New World Order. These Elitists have centralized nearly every industry because that’s the easiest way for them to maintain their control and assert it. It’s much easier to use a small handful of groups to spread their domination agenda rather than hundreds – let’s take a look at a few different areas of society they have centralized and how they’ve done it:


In the mid 20th century, there were a variety of companies that ran media operations, from radio stations to local newspapers to major newspapers around the country. Over the last 50 years, what used to be hundreds of businesses has been whittled down to just 5 major corporations that now own over 90% of news media. Many local newspapers are owned by major corporations such as the USA Today Network, NBC, or CBS. The centralization of media has allowed the Deep State to control the propaganda disseminated to the masses with much more ease and effectiveness. You can tell when almost the exact same headline gets printed across dozens of supposedly “independent” media outlets on the same day. Liberal or Conservative, most of these controlled media outlets are controlled by the same masters serving the same dish of disinformation.


This one is fairly self explanatory when you have a “Central Bank” running the finances of nearly every country around the world. About 100 years ago in America, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and a few other wealthy families met on Jekyll Island to draft a resolution creating the Federal Reserve baking system, which is essentially an independent organization within the government. Since then the valuation of the dollar has decreased by 99%, the money printing seems to be endless, we no longer have metal backed money, and the disparity of wealth between the top 1% and the average American has increased exponentially.


The centralization of science and medicine is similar to that of the media, what used to be a fairly diverse scientific community with more open thought has been consolidated greatly. There is what’s called the “Top 5” journals in medicine and general science that almost all peer-reviewed scientific papers are published through. The COVID-19 Scamdemic has proven now more than ever how centralized “Science” is, and that much of the “Science” we see and hear does not follow an honest scientific process, but is simply corporate funded propaganda. This goes for medical science, climate change science, Standard Model physics, really any scientific niche is unfortunately riddled with special interest. An old saying goes something like, “95% of scientists agree with whoever funds them”.


One simple word to prove this point: Monsanto. A good amount of ingredients in our food, or probably better termed “food like product”, is from genetically engineered crops. What a great way to deteriorate the minds of the population that our elite class is trying to control, deteriorate their bodies! Infamous globalist Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”. What a fantastic quote to prove the point of this article.


Speaking of energy, the centralization of energy has been instrumental to the New World Order control for the last century. Many know the story of banker JP Morgan suppressing inventor Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s because of Tesla’s goal of giving free energy to the world. Tesla was not the only free energy inventor suppressed, there have been dozens, if not hundreds of inventors all around the world who tried to bring their devices public only to be censored, ignored, and sometimes even killed because they threatened the hegemony of Big Oil. Decentralized energy systems means we wouldn’t have to hook our homes up to a grid and pay large corporations for electricity. The Deep State can’t have that!

Decentralized Solutions:

Media – Social media provides the ability to share information outside of the normal mainstream media. Of course we have Big Tech censorship (centralized social media), so that’s why alternative platforms are becoming so popular. Granted, you have to be careful of what “truth tellers” you are getting your information from on social media because there are many clickbaiters and grifters selling false stories for fame and money.

Finances – One reason cryptocurrency is becoming so popular is because of the decentralized nature that the blockchain networks they exist on. We must be careful though, as some cryptocurrencies are centralized securities. This is why BitCoin is superior, as there is no central authority controlling it. Also, we do not want a “Central Bank Digital Currency”, that is the speed lane to a social credit system and more totalitarianism.

Science – Social media is also helping with the spread of true scientific information. Many scientists are starting to wake up to how controlled “Science” really is, and they are starting up their own scientific advocacy and research organizations.

Food – Homesteading, community gardens, and farmer’s markets must take precedence. You can pay an extra 10 cents per pound for the food produced by the local farmer. Voting with our dollars is crucial here.

Energy – Learning about how Standard Model physics is built upon many false assumptions is the first step, the next step is learning about the inventors throughout history who have been suppressed for their work like Nikola Tesla, and finally we must understanding how the Elitists are selling us “Green Energy” alternatives like wind and nuclear fusion that are still centralized, and we must call for the research and development of decentralized zero-point and magnetic energy based over-unity systems.

Moving away from the centralized systems we have been herded into by our societal controllers is going to take work. We did not get to where we are at overnight, and unfortunately is was our collective apathy and ignorance that allowed ourselves to get into the place we are at. To decentralize our world and take our power back we must wake our minds up and educate ourselves to how we got here, and then make the effort to promote decentralized solutions. Focus on making better decisions with your family and community, and soon enough that action will make change at a global, collective level. It all starts with you.

Beware of the Maxwell Blackpills


Yesterday in New York federal court, a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five of six counts related to her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of minor girls between 1994 and 2004. She is now going to prison and will be there for a long, long time – as long as she doesn’t get suicided à la her former pal Jeffrey.

A taste of justice is finally being served for Ghislaine and Epstein’s victims.

Nevertheless, the “Nothing is happening!” crowd is louder than ever. Shouts of “This was a cover up!” and “Ghislaine was a fall girl!” and “This was a show trial!” are ringing from the anonymous sock puppet accounts in the back of the room.

But do these arguments stand up to the test of logical questioning?

If the Deep State wanted to, or had the ability to, cover this up – why were Epstein or Ghislaine arrested in the first place? Why did Epstein (supposedly) commit suicide and why did Ghislaine end up convicted instead of being let off with a mistrial or a slap on the wrist? Why was Epstein/Ghislaine associate Jean-Luc Brunel arrested in a Paris airport last year? Why has Epstein/Ghislaine associate Les Wexner been stepping down from various positions of his over the course of this year?

Ah yes, Jean-Luc Brunel. The founder of the MC2 Model Management company where Epstein and Ghislaine allegedly procured some of their underage victims. Some seem to forget that in December of last year, 2020, Jean-Luc Brunel was arrested in a Paris airport while trying to flee the country to Senegal.

Ah yes, Lex Wexner, Ohio billionaire who founded brands like Victoria Secret and helped fund Epstein with a good portion of his money, announced earlier this month that he was stepping down from his position as chair of the Columbia Partnership. Earlier this year, Wexner also announced that he was stepping down from his position on his L Brands Board of Directors. L Brands was the parent company of Wexner’s Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works, among other companies.

And of course we can’t forget how everyone, even the Queen herself, is trying to distance themselves from Prince Andrew.

If “Nothing was happening”, why are these elitists connected to Epstein and Ghislaine still on the run, getting arrested, and stepping down from their prominent chair and board positions? Ghislaine’s trial hardly looks like a show, but one step among many on the path towards greater justice.

Also, why were important details about the Ghislaine’s case sealed by the judge after yesterday’s verdict?

Because, in all likelihood, this is only the beginning of the unraveling of the Epstein/Ghislaine/+ more network of traffickers and disgusting pedophiles. Details remaining sealed probably means there are ongoing criminal investigations related to these matters and we have yet more fish about to fry. Ghislaine’s conviction doesn’t mark the end of the end, but the end of the beginning of this saga.

Will we see another arrest in 2022 of someone within the Epstein/Ghislaine network? Maybe even more than one?

I’m betting we will. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but when they move, they can move mountains.

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The Top 8 Clickbaitiest Topics That “Truthers” Promote


With so many people turning away from the mainstream media knowing that most of the information they release is hot garbage, the social media “Truth Movement”, for lack of a better name, is thriving. Even with the censorship that the Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are conducting on a seemingly exponential growth rate, more and more people are looking for more truthful information in their preferred social apps. The censorship-free platforms like Gab, Telegram, and GETTR are growing even faster.

With people turning to these mainstream media platforms to find information, that means they need to find influencers and brands to get this information from on social media. This has lead to opportunistic influencers (and possibly even intelligence agency assets looking to spread disinformation) with a wide open space to push out content and draw in a fan base. Some of these influencers may be new to the realm of truth seeking and might not realize what they’re sharing is wrong, others may not care and will say anything to simply advance their careers. I think we are dealing with quite a bit of both of those scenarios on social media.

Because of the amount of disinformation making it’s way across the “truth movement” on social media, I will now offer you a list of what I perceive to be the top 10 clickbait topics that influencers use to rope followers in and get their views. This is something that needs to be discussed, even if it’s a hard truth, because the crazy claims are used by the mainstream media to make the whole movement looks stupid and discredit real truth. Not just that, but audiences are led along emotional roller coasters and manipulated with fake conspiracy news. My efforts to warn you about the clickbait is to make you into a more cautious, more discerning human.

Here we go –

Flat Earth

This one is fairly self explanatory. The “flat Earth” theories are used heavily by the mainstream media to make all truth seekers look incredibly stupid, and Big Tech has no problem leaving flat Earth videos on their platforms because of how convenient of a discreditor they are. Flat Earthers themselves will make up a variety of reasons why their theories are legitimate, and every time they fail the logic test. They will take Bible passages out of context, scream “NASA Lies, Space is Fake!”, and concoct all kinds of silly memes to prove their ideas. Meanwhile, there are a variety of basic questions one can ask themselves to see what we are indeed on some sort of spheroid, rotating celestial body. Ask any pilot, ocean navigator, or long range sniper and they’ll tell you they have to take a round planet into account for their work.


With how easy fake news can spread on social media, the “NESARA/GESARA”, “Quantum Financial System”, and “Currency Revaluation” claims have found a resurgence in the last couple years. The basic idea behind this is that a sort of secret “NESARA Act”, or “Quantum System” is being developed in secret by the military or by white hats, and it’s going to be unveiled to humanity to rid us of the Central Bank debt-slave system. While it sounds nice, it’s quite a fantastical fiction story. While the “QFS” aspect of it is only a few years old, scammers have been using the NESARA/RV subject for a couple decades. I first heard of NESARA in 2011, and back then I truly believed the supposed Act was going to get rolled out to humanity and magically dump $100,000 into all of our bank accounts. I kept hearing, “It’s coming tomorrrow! It’s coming next week!”. Over time I finally realized the NESARA theories were bunk. Funny enough, I still hear influencers peddle the NESARA/QFS ideas, insisting to their followers “It’s coming next week!”. Their followers will learn eventually.

Med Beds

”Hopium” as defined by Urban Dictionary (a very credible source, I’ve been told) is “the metaphorical substance that causes people to believe in a false hope.”. While Hopium can be caused by a few topics on this list, none might be more hopium-inducing than the claim of “Med Beds”. Now, I do believe that there are advanced technologies held back from humanity by the Deep State, some of which are likely frequency based medicine, but the “Med Bed” buzzword is often parroted by clickbait peddling influencers with little to no explanation of what it actually means, and it’s claimed that, again, the military or white hats are going to unveil these secret Med Beds to public and save the day. Influencers claim these Med Beds will be able to cure cancers, diseases, and some even claim they are going to regrow limbs. It’s pretty pathetic, seeing as some of their followers buy these claims and then stop taking their medicines, supplements, and trying to make themselves better thinking these “Med Beds” are going to be released and heal all their problems. Some content creators will literally say anything on social media to get some clicks, I suppose.


Gematria is a form of numerology in which the letters of the alphabet are substituted with corresponding numbers and added up. For instance, C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, A is the 1st, T is the 20th, so the numerical value of “cat” would be 1+3+20, or 24. Influencers will take one phrase, find the numerical value, and then try to prove that a theory is true based upon it having the same value. Example of this: “TRUTH REVEALED  = 159”, “Q NESARA GESARA TM = 159”, so they’ll claim NESARA is real because the phrase has the same number as “Truth is Revealed”. I wish I was making this up, but some social media personalities will literally peddle these ideas to their followers. And as you can see, it’s purely subjective. Many people have gotten lost down these arbitrary rabbit holes and confuse themselves with it, believing false ideas because of the numbers phrases will add up to.


The good ol’ “John F. Kennedy Jr. is actually alive and is going to come back!” theories. This topic is another great way to discredit the truth movement, much like flat Earth theories are weaponized by the Mainstream Media for the same reason. The JFK Jr. ideas are weaponized more specifically to attack and undermine the Q movement, and I suppose you could say these theories offer their believers a good amount of hopium as well. It gets fairly comical when influencers will try to prove JFK Jr. is coming back with Gematria. You can imagine what that would look like to people just starting to wake up and figure the truth out, they might just turn around and run away. Maybe that’s the point of some of this clickbait? That’s why I mentioned earlier that we may even have CIA assets undercover as “patriots” and “truthers” on social media spreading ridiculous, baseless theories.

Clones & Deep Staters in GITMO

He’s cloned, she’s cloned, that politician is a clone, this celebrity is already arrested so surely what we’re seeing on stage is a clone. All of these politicians are already arrested and awaiting trial in GITMO!! You’ll find these articles commonly posted on websites like “RealRawNews” and shared around the social media sphere claiming a prominent Deep Stater was arrested, and the clone theories will inevitably follow on social media. Of course, these claims are made with no evidence and then within the next week you’ll see said celebrity or politicians who was supposedly arrested on TV. While it would be nice to get some of these Cabal folks arrested, we need to stick to reality.

”Inside Sources”

This might be one of the griftiest tactics that influencers will use to artificially inflate their reputation to their audiences. To suggest that the military or government white hats would be leaking classified intelligence and information about current operations to a person making YouTube videos from their living room is devoid of reason and common sense. When the claims don’t pan out and the influencer get exposed for promoting fake intel and fake sources, most of them will incredibly double down! Or a common excuse peddled by the influencers is that, “I just report what I’m told, some of it might be disinformation meant to throw the bad guys off”. No, they don’t have any inside sources leaking you intel. That doesn’t stop them from trying, though.

Alien Contactees and “Secret Space Program Whistleblowers”

The last on this list, and very similar to the claim of having “inside sources” is the claim made by individuals that they get messages sent to them, whether telepathically channeled or otherwise, from aliens races and so-called galactic federations. Then you have the claim made by some that they have memories of working on secret space programs for the U.S. government. These claims, like those who say they have secret “insiders” feeding them intel, are typically made with absolutely no support evidence or reason given to believe them. While I do believe that extraterrestrial life exists in the cosmos, and could very well be monitoring the situation on Planet Earth at this very moment, I’m going to need some good reason to believe that John or Jane Doe is getting channeled messages sent to them! Likewise, I’ll need some good evidence to believe the latest super soldier who claims he’s worked for a secret government space program. I find it off that these people are releasing supposedly such sensitive information, yet you can find them on the Big Tech platforms talking about it without getting censored. Seems odd!

That is my by-no-means comprehensive list, but I feel that it’s a decent summarizing of the common rhetoric peddled through the “patriot”, “awakening”, “disclosure”, and “truth” movement subgenres.

It is very important in the act of truth seeking to maintain discernment and keep emotions in check when trying to evaluate information. An ungrounded, emotional individual who is lead by wishful thinking will be easier to manipulate than one who does not let wishful thinking lead their thought processes. It’s good to be open minded, but not so open that our brains fall out.

And with the nature of the social media truth movement having zero oversight, influencers jump into it, grab an audience, and essentially say whatever they want with no accountability. Some are most definitely in this for money and fame over creating valuable content, and some may even be doing what they’re doing for darker agendas.

It is not NEGATIVE to call out disinformation online. Don’t let these narcissistic tactics prevent you from questioning those “within our movement” and “on our team”, because some may not actually be on our team, they might be on their own self-serving team. And no doubt certain three letter Agencies have disinformation assets planted within the truth movement to further the division by promoting lies.

Waking up and honing discernment is a never ending process. No false idols!

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