10 Reasons Why I Chose To Have A Natural Childbirth

When I became preggers, I instantly knew I wanted it all natural, no doctor, no medical equipment. I shared the idea with my husband and oh glory! He was 100% on the same page with me. I felt super supported and protected in my decision, and set out on my journey of natural pregnancy and natural childbirth. Here are my main reasons why I chose to do it this way:

1. Because I knew what I did not want.

And that is how media is portraying childbirth as some sort of war-apocalypse event when a thousand machines are hooked up to you, needles stuck in you, 10 strangers in the room, the doctor is screaming at you to push, and then, when the baby comes out, it is taken somewhere, and you see it only to feed it. None of it seemed acceptable to me. First off, I hate being poked by needles and other doctorly devices, secondly why should I be surrounded by strangers at the most vulnerable (in all my life possibly) moment. And lastly, I did not want to be separated from my newborn at all. Especially right after birth. All that just seemed so counter-intuitive and forced.

2. I did not want drugs.

I was never a fan of drugs throughout my life and tried to avoid them as much as I could. When it came to pregnancy and birth, I was firm on a non-drug approach from the start. Especially after I read up on effects of epidurals on mother and child during birth. Turned out, not only did it make mother disconnected from her body and from the experience of birth (yes, I mean pain, and the process of surrendering to nature taking its course), but it was also affecting the baby. As soon as mother received drugs in epidural, baby received them as well, and as a result baby was disoriented and disconnected, which could affect  (and in most cases did) the natural latch-on process, and consequently the success of breastfeeding. Here is an in-depth article on this subject.

3. I did not want to be diagnosed.

When I thought of an image of a doctor, I thought of his invincible desire to give me a diagnosis, to label me in a way, to fit some sort of box of symptoms he saw in me. That’s what repulsed me from the idea of a doctor. Don’t get me wrong, I know, there are amazing doctors out there, and doctors who take a very natural and holistic approach. At the time, I did not know any of those in my area, but I did have an amazing midwife, and the idea of having her help me deliver my baby warmed my heart. I was healthy, my blood work came back perfect, and every test my midwife ever did came back perfect. Even without meat in my diet, even without eggs and milk, not even protein powder. Explain that to the doctor.

4. It felt good.

This one was huge for me. I base a lot of my decisions on how they feel to me. Instead of taking a long logical route or weighing pros and cons, I see how the probable decisions would feel to me. And the idea of delivering my baby at home, with my husband and my midwife by my side, felt right. It felt warm and comfortable. On the other hand, the idea of delivering in a hospital with doctors and nurses and wires hooked up to me made me shrink and want to crawl in a hole, and made my stomach contract in fear. I definitely did not want that to be my experience of birthing my daughter. I was lucky to not be in the “high risk” pregnancy category (although if I went to the doctor I would probably end up on that list due to two miscarriages prior), and I was able to base my decision on solely my feeling. And yes, it did feel good in the end.

5. I trusted.

I trusted nature and trusted God / Universe / The Creator / The Higher Power – however you want to call it. I trusted that my body was made perfectly to create and birth a child. That all that it took from me was to maintain my physical and emotional health. I trusted that me eating raw fruit and vegetables gave my body and the forming body of my baby all the life force and nutrients we needed to be healthy and full of energy. I trusted, that nature knows better than us humans how to create a healthy happy child, and will assist me as long as I allow and not stand in the way. And I dearly trusted that God / Universe / Aliens (lol) will make my vision come to life. And they did.

Now 6 months postpartum I look back at it with a smile and pride. Pride for myself honoring my feelings and desires, for following nature and following my intuition. I had an amazing joyful pregnancy and easy natural home birth, and given a chance I would do it all over again.

Did you have a natural pregnancy or birthed your child(ren) without drugs or medical interventions ( or even assistance)? Why did you choose to do so ? Share with me in the comments below! I would LOVE to hear your stories.