Seeing Babies Or Pregnancy In Your Dreams? Here’s What It May Symbolize

A friend of mine recently asked me for some help interpreting her dreams, as she and her friends seemed to all be dreaming about babies. Babies, as like many things in dreams, do not represent exactly what you might think they would.

Rarely can we interpret things in our dreams literally, and so it is always wise to parse out the dream on a personal basis to find out the true meaning behind the appearance of babies in your dreams.

A baby in dream analysis is basically a clean slate, a new beginning or start of a new phase in your life. Dream babies symbolize an “untouched” program. In dream speak we often refer to our original self as the person we were before we began to adjust to those around us, particularly our family members and more specifically our mothers.

Everyone in our lives leaves their “fingerprints” on our unconscious minds. We unconsciously and continuously adjust our original self to fit into our environment. These adjustments are seen as programs or alternative components of ourselves who show up in our dreams as other people. Everyone in your dream is you, only when it’s not.

I should clarify: most dreams are progressive, which means that the dream is all about you and your unconscious mind communicating. Your unconscious mind is said to have an IQ of 10,000 because it knows everything that you know and things you don’t even know you know. Thus your UM can present literally ANYTHING in your dream, but it is trying to tell you something important about what it is processing at this time in your life. If you are dreaming about babies, things in your life are blossoming, unfolding, about to be born.

If you dream your friend or someone you don’t even know is pregnant or has a baby, you would then think of three characteristics or traits that that person brings to mind if you had to describe them to a stranger. Your unconscious mind is using these traits to show you that this part of you is preparing or pregnant with a new beginning. If the person is generous, giving, and open, these are the parts of yourself that are multiplying, growing, and preparing to awaken in you.

If you are pregnant then your core self is preparing for a new stage of your life. Take notice of how you feel about the pregnancy or baby. Are you surprised, aghast, overjoyed, or simply puzzled? The emotion you have in your dream is the biggest indicator of how you are reacting to this impending change in your life.

Babies everywhere? You have a baby, your friend is pregnant, and you are in a maternity ward? Then you are experiencing a lot of new changes in your life. Your life is bursting with new possibilities.

Also keep in mind that there is a certain phase in life, for women in particular, when you start considering the actuality of becoming a mother or a parent, and this may factor into your dreams. When your friends are getting married and having kids, you will naturally be adjusting your social and personal life to those realities. Babies in your dreams at this point might mean that you are simply considering when and if you want to begin thinking about having a family of your own.

Then there’s the “only when it’s not” scenario I mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you are pregnant in real life then we may actually be talking about an exchange of information between two different unconscious minds: Yourself and your unborn baby. We know that nutrients are exchanged, and that DNA, even genetic memory, can be passed from mother to unborn child. Emotions of the mother are often received and reacted upon by the baby.

I knew of a woman whose mother and father would study from the time the father got home at 1 am until 5 or 6 am so he could pass an exam which would lead to more financial security. All her life she could not fall asleep until 5 or 6 am no matter what she tried. Finally, a hypnotherapy session allowed her to understand that her in utero “hard wiring” had been the root cause of her insomnia.

Then there is the more metaphysical aspect of a baby in your dream. As a shamanic hypnotherapist, I can tell you that sometimes a soul will reach out to its future mother as a gentle “hello” to help prepare her for the conception and acceptance of this new being into her body and life. This is an example one of the more rare d41quP98cKOL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_reams, which we call precognitive — showing a future event that will take place in real time. It may also be shamanic, if the message is not coming from the person’s unconscious mind but rather from some outside source.

Look at your life situation, which of what I just mentioned “speaks” to your dream baby. Most likely it is just a new beginning in your life, not a real baby. (Though of course, a baby is a real life beginning!) You can find most of your questions answered in my book Dream Analysis Handbook or you can schedule a personal consultation by contacting me at .

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How I Connect With ETs & How You Can Too

There seems to be a lot of interest these days in “Alien” sightings, kidnappings, alien body remains, etc. Of course we are not talking about Canadians or people elsewhere on the earth. The term refers to extraterrestrial beings, which are, of course, beings from other places in space. While my experiences may not fit in to the typical expectations, they are quite valid to me.

First of all, I’m the primary hypnotherapist at Aloha Healing Women, which now specializes in grief. I created a hypnotherapy session that expanded on two way communications with another person’s consciousness, to include conversations with conscious beings that were no longer living in a body. This allows one to converse with a loved one who has “walked the rainbow”, as we say in Hawaii. Such dialogs can be invaluable to those who are overcome with immense hurt from missing those who have passed on. It also helps to find answers to difficult questions, such as “why were you so angry with me?”, or “why did you want to leave us? How are you doing?”, and all of the “whys” to conflicts so that resolutions can be worked out in real time. At the end of all these sessions we do a ceremony of healing called Ho’oponopono, which actually means to make things right by letting the past go.

This could in a sense be called an alien encounter as these beings no longer have bodies and most of them do not retain earthbound energy. Those who do are more likely to be called ghosts, which can also be dealt with by helping them understand their present situation and aide them in moving on toward their spiritual journey.

In preparation for each and every session I do with anybody for any reason, there is a part whereby we engage a beneficial spiritual guide for the person’s highest guide to join them in their session to give them strength, support and guidance. This entity may be someone they know or knew, or an animal, an angel, a force of energy such as light, a god or goddess, or a force of nature such as wind or water. These beings have usually been at one time an earth bound being, even if they are divinely appointed. These conversations with “Alien” beings are for me quite common, but nonetheless, quite remarkable for their assistance and insights.

Then there are these personal tales.

My ET Experience

When I was in massage school in 1989, I had a friend that had close friends who had been overtaken by “Walk Ins”. So, this is a third person tale, but one I found interesting because of a later encounter with a being similar to it. My friend said her friend’s personalities, their uniqueness, and their human qualities had just disappeared and had been replaced by these very aloof beings who had tremendous healing qualities that they would use on humans by scanning people’s bodies with their combined hands and body energies. They would envelope a person and do a healing that was amazing and indescribable, but my friend who had experienced couldn’t explain to me the particulars. She said that she tried telling these “Walk Ins” that what they were doing to her friends was very unfair to the human’s friends and family because they were missed. They responded that it was really no concern to them; this was a temporary status and her friends were not being harmed in any way. She was impressed by their lack of empathy toward her and her friends. They were matter of fact that this is what they did and nothing she could do would interfere with their “mission”. She lost contact with her friends and never realized the conclusion of that encounter.

My first encounter with what most people would perceive as an alien encounter was when I was helping a client to get her beneficial spirit guide, who turned out to be from another galaxy. Which one? It said it didn’t matter. I asked why it was coming to the session and it said to me “We are just checking in on you…” “Me?” I asked. “Yes, we are interested in both of you and (my client’s name) progress. I asked if it was female or male and it replied “neither”. I asked it to describe itself and it replied in the best human terms to think of it as a vast smoky quartz crystal with energy and knowledge beyond our comprehension. Since we had to attend to the rest of the purpose of the session, I thanked it and continued our quest.

As a hypnotherapist I am usually engaged in very serious therapy and don’t often get the chance to “play” with journeys. At one point a person volunteered to do a session where we progressed them into a future time. I have done this for therapeutic reasons often but never when we weren’t in search of some kind of information. My subject found themselves in a nonhuman form, a giant blue chubaka would be an estimate of their physical and emotional condition. This creature was on a planet that had three moons and it was very depressed as it was alone because its species had died out and it was no longer in contact with other living beings. Knowing the outcome and the wait seemed unbearable… pardon the pun, as this wasn’t the feel good experience for which we had come. I simply asked if there was anything we could do to help this creature and it sighed and said “no”, so we left this alternative reality.

How I Help Others Connect With ETs

At Aloha Healing Women we include in our retreats a modality called Complete Body and Mind Alignments where you go into a trance and, with the beneficial spirits, you call upon help to heal an aspect of your life- physical, emotional or spiritual. In one very rare session the subject seemed to be stretched out uncomfortably, which is highly unusual. CBMA’s can be awkward, but they are never actually painful. My observations led me to ask if the guide was from another space and time, and the reply was affirmative. I then remembered my friends’ tale of the Walk Ins, they being focused on the outcome and not being empathetic to the human condition. I asked the being to be gentler, that the healing could be accomplished without so much force. I had to repeat this about two more times and the session ended with the subject flabbergasted, amazed and just a little bit frightened.

I have worked with many non-living beings, spirits, ghosts, etc., and to me that is the due course of my hypnotherapy. A few years ago I got a call from someone I had actually trained with in hypnotherapy in 1992. She asked if I was still into crystals, and, after mining about a ton of crystals, literally, from Arkansas and hauling them back to Hawaii, I, of course, said yes and asked her why she was asking. She is the niece of a local personality named Uncle Robert. He had experienced an encounter at his Kalapana home with what he called an alien and wanted to create a “Landing Portal of Aloha” for extra-terrestrials and had been told he needed to put crystals there to bring forth a light energy. I was called upon and I donated about 150 crystals-large, small, perfect, shards, enough to surround the circle area that was proposed to build a wall around. There was one condition on my part – I wanted to meet with Uncle Robert myself and with my friend Donna. Uncle Robert was declining in health but he explained that he wanted this Hawaiian Star Visitor Center to be open to all visitors – not only humans but, more importantly, those from beyond our planet Earth. I said I thought he was crazy and explained that, to open a portal to any and all, even with the intent of the good nature of all that is ALOHA, it was like opening up a Ouiji board and not being specific in whom you wish to make contact. Besides, I continued, this is Puna, Hawaii, where we have travellers from around the world who are seekers of the strange, and who are experimenting with mind altering drugs; to just say to the universe “Come on Down” was a bit reckless, in my opinion. It was then arranged that the Women of the Womb and I Reverend, Keala Alohakeahua Noel, would participate in the dedication ceremony.

At the ceremony I invoked all of my fourteen Reiki guides to bless and protect this venture and only allow those entities that could understand and respect the human condition of ALOHA enter that circle. The building that would protect the crystals were never built, and the crystals have since disappeared. Although Uncle Robert has since passed, you can visit the Hawaiian Star Visitors’ Center any time you want in beautiful Kalapana. Have people encountered aliens there? I don’t know. I hear reports of experiences of spiritual encounters, yet they sound more of the kind of that I have had in hypnotherapy.

There are more tales but that is all for now. If you want to speak to an extraterrestrial, that can be arranged, but with the caveat that it will be for your highest good and beneficial to your well being. The same guidelines apply for every session I do. I will also be training people online to do this journey work in a safe and responsible KaLaNa method.

If interested in a personal phone or Skype session you can contact me at or

Aloha and safe shamanic journeys to you.