Seeing Babies Or Pregnancy In Your Dreams? Here’s What It May Symbolize

A friend of mine recently asked me for some help interpreting her dreams, as she and her friends seemed to all be dreaming about babies. Babies, as like many things in dreams, do not represent exactly what you might think they would.

Rarely can we interpret things in our dreams literally, and so it is always wise to parse out the dream on a personal basis to find out the true meaning behind the appearance of babies in your dreams.

A baby in dream analysis is basically a clean slate, a new beginning or start of a new phase in your life. Dream babies symbolize an “untouched” program. In dream speak we often refer to our original self as the person we were before we began to adjust to those around us, particularly our family members and more specifically our mothers.

Everyone in our lives leaves their “fingerprints” on our unconscious minds. We unconsciously and continuously adjust our original self to fit into our environment. These adjustments are seen as programs or alternative components of ourselves who show up in our dreams as other people. Everyone in your dream is you, only when it’s not.

I should clarify: most dreams are progressive, which means that the dream is all about you and your unconscious mind communicating. Your unconscious mind is said to have an IQ of 10,000 because it knows everything that you know and things you don’t even know you know. Thus your UM can present literally ANYTHING in your dream, but it is trying to tell you something important about what it is processing at this time in your life. If you are dreaming about babies, things in your life are blossoming, unfolding, about to be born.

If you dream your friend or someone you don’t even know is pregnant or has a baby, you would then think of three characteristics or traits that that person brings to mind if you had to describe them to a stranger. Your unconscious mind is using these traits to show you that this part of you is preparing or pregnant with a new beginning. If the person is generous, giving, and open, these are the parts of yourself that are multiplying, growing, and preparing to awaken in you.

If you are pregnant then your core self is preparing for a new stage of your life. Take notice of how you feel about the pregnancy or baby. Are you surprised, aghast, overjoyed, or simply puzzled? The emotion you have in your dream is the biggest indicator of how you are reacting to this impending change in your life.

Babies everywhere? You have a baby, your friend is pregnant, and you are in a maternity ward? Then you are experiencing a lot of new changes in your life. Your life is bursting with new possibilities.

Also keep in mind that there is a certain phase in life, for women in particular, when you start considering the actuality of becoming a mother or a parent, and this may factor into your dreams. When your friends are getting married and having kids, you will naturally be adjusting your social and personal life to those realities. Babies in your dreams at this point might mean that you are simply considering when and if you want to begin thinking about having a family of your own.

Then there’s the “only when it’s not” scenario I mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you are pregnant in real life then we may actually be talking about an exchange of information between two different unconscious minds: Yourself and your unborn baby. We know that nutrients are exchanged, and that DNA, even genetic memory, can be passed from mother to unborn child. Emotions of the mother are often received and reacted upon by the baby.

I knew of a woman whose mother and father would study from the time the father got home at 1 am until 5 or 6 am so he could pass an exam which would lead to more financial security. All her life she could not fall asleep until 5 or 6 am no matter what she tried. Finally, a hypnotherapy session allowed her to understand that her in utero “hard wiring” had been the root cause of her insomnia.

Then there is the more metaphysical aspect of a baby in your dream. As a shamanic hypnotherapist, I can tell you that sometimes a soul will reach out to its future mother as a gentle “hello” to help prepare her for the conception and acceptance of this new being into her body and life. This is an example one of the more rare d41quP98cKOL._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_reams, which we call precognitive — showing a future event that will take place in real time. It may also be shamanic, if the message is not coming from the person’s unconscious mind but rather from some outside source.

Look at your life situation, which of what I just mentioned “speaks” to your dream baby. Most likely it is just a new beginning in your life, not a real baby. (Though of course, a baby is a real life beginning!) You can find most of your questions answered in my book Dream Analysis Handbook or you can schedule a personal consultation by contacting me at .

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