My Soulless Surf Journey

About four years ago, I was in a tragic accident where two of my fingertips were severed on my right hand.  This changed my life forever.  I’ve spent these past few years trying to cope with this extreme trauma, and have struggled greatly attempting to function day-to-day without those two fingertips.  Dealing with the loss of those fingertips has been a nightmare, but what has made it far worse is that parties who bear responsibility for this tragedy have refused to accept any accountability for their actions.  So as I’ve dealt with surgeries, rehab and learning to live with my disability, I’ve also had to fight a legal war that never should have happened in the first place.

On the evening of August 20, 2018, I walked into Toes On The Nose at the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach, known as Surf City and home to the annual US Open of Surfing, to inquire about taking a surf lesson.  I had seen advertisements for surf lessons via their ads and brochures on many occasions.  One particular ad I saw advertised a deal to get a surf lesson with lunch included.  I reviewed their brochure and asked questions about the lesson, specifically, I asked if the Hyatt gym membership discount I had would apply since I was a member.  I was told yes.  The brochure I looked at stated that the surf lesson would include a safety instruction and a surfboard, leash and wetsuit would be provided. I texted my friend, Paul, that night asking him if he’d like to join me for the lesson the next morning and he said yes.  Initially, the store clerk could not find an instructor who was available – all of their regular instructors were booked or busy.  However, she was able to find me an instructor.

The last photo of me before the accident at the surf shop.

That next morning, Paul and I walked into Toes On The Nose. The shop was buzzing with surf instructors and other customers who were also there to take a surf lesson.  I paid for the lesson, and received the Hyatt gym membership discount as promised.  We met our surf instructor, who I will refer to as Spicoli, and were provided our wetsuits.  We put them on and then went to pick out our boards.  My friend had never surfed before so Spicoli grabbed a beginner’s board for him.  I told Spicoli I’d take a beginner’s board as well.  I had surfed before, but I was not good enough to use a shortboard or to surf on my own. Hence, why I was taking the lesson. Plus, it had been at least two years since I had taken my last surf lesson. 

We took the 5-minute walk down to the beach. It was a nice day so there were many other people surfing, swimming and lounging on the beach.  This is typical for Huntington Beach during the summer.  When we got down to the beach, I noticed our two boards did not have leashes.  I had taken several surf lessons since 2010, including in different countries, and in every lesson I was always provided a leash.  So I was a little taken aback and confused as to why these boards did not have leashes.  So I asked Spicoli why there were no leashes on the boards, and specifically asked if something had happened that deemed leashes were no longer safe.  He said yes that something like that had happened.  Paul asked what do we do if we lose our boards, and he said the boards are big and heavy so they won’t go far.  Spicoli assured us not to worry.  When Spicoli informed me something happened that deemed leashes were no longer safe, I had no reason not to believe him.  So I proceeded on with the lesson.

Spicoli gave Paul and I instructions on how to pop up.  He had us practice it only a few times, and then insisted we get into the water.  The rushed lesson on land made Paul uncomfortable since he had never surfed before.  So he asked Spicoli more questions and practiced popping up a few more times before we all got into the water.  We received no safety instruction as promised. 

When we got in the water, Spicoli would scout for the right waves.  When he found a good wave for us, he would alternate pushing one of us into the wave.  My rusty performance amplified that it had been a while since I had surfed last.  I struggled to stand up on many runs, and the times I did get up, I usually fell at some point.  This caused me to lose my board almost every time I attempted to surf a wave.  Since I did not have a leash, I spent most of my lesson swimming and/or running in shallow water to fetch my board. 

Towards the end of the lesson, I was absolutely exhausted from constantly fetching my board.  I had just lost my surfboard again, and had to swim after it.  When I reached my board, I grabbed it and began to turn it around so I could get on top of it and paddle back out to surf another wave.  When I looked behind me, I saw a huge wave breaking over my head.  All I could think in that split second was that I could not lose my board one more time because I did not have the energy to go fetch it again.  If I had a leash, I would not have had to worry about losing my board again nor would I have spent most my lesson swimming to fetch my board.  I saw the board string in my reach, so I instinctively grabbed it with my right two fingers.  This is the moment my life would change forever.

The powerful wave took me underwater, and threw me around like a rag doll.  The board was ripped away from me in a flash.  While I was underwater, I knew something was not right.  When I managed to pop my head up, and stand up, I could feel a sharp pain coming from my right hand.  I thought in my head, or maybe it was wishful thinking, that perhaps I broke a nail. 

There is nothing in the world that could prepare me for what I was about to see next.  I slowly lifted my right hand out of the water, and I saw my middle and index fingers severed, covered with blood and bones sticking out.  This sight looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie.  A thick aura of darkness instantly came over me, and a feeling of sheer terror and panic consumed me.  I quickly covered my right hand with my left hand to stop the blood from pouring out and to cover the gory sight. I refused to look at my hand again till much later in the day because I couldn’t stomach it.

Graphic Warning: Click here for an animated video recreation of my accident.

It’s amazing how many thoughts can hit you all at once during such extreme trauma when you’re in fight or flight mode.  My first thought was that I was going to die.  I truly believed in that moment that I was going to bleed out on the beach, and my life would be over.  I knew this wasn’t rational but this was how I felt.  I had never experienced such a feeling of such sheer terror and fear in my life. It made me think of the work I do exposing child trafficking and the grotesque abuse those kids endure.  I wondered in that moment, is this the horror those poor kids feel? 

I remember crying out to God, and that’s when the darkness began to lift a little.  What happened next is hard to describe; however, I believe it’s similar to accounts of near death experiences where people claim their life flashes before them in an instant.  For me though, it wasn’t my life that flashed before me. Instead, I saw a vision of many different soldiers in combat from different wars through the years.  I saw men get different body parts blown off – arms and legs – and they had to lie there often for long periods of time before they got medical assistance.  I felt God assure me that that would not be the case for me; I would get medical care much more quickly.  Then I saw visions of those same soldiers years later.  They were excelling at life despite their disability. Some of those soldiers went on to run marathons and conquer other kinds of athletic achievements with prosthetics or in wheelchairs.  The last image I saw was that of famed surfer Bethany Hamilton, and how after losing her arm to a shark attack, she recovered and continued to surf and live a full life.  This all came at me in seconds, and it played out like a movie in my head.  I felt like it was God’s way of telling me, this road is not going to be easy, but you too will overcome this tragedy like so many others have.

The feeling of terror I had became less intense after the surreal visions I had, but I was still in a total panic.  I started screaming out for help and shouting: “I lost my fingers!” I remember looking at people on the beach just staring at me with blank looks on their faces including the female lifeguard.  No one moved for what felt like eternity. I couldn’t wrap my head around why no one was coming to help me.  It was like time just stood still.  The people around me froze. 

I slowly made my way to the beach crying as I clenched my right hand, with my left hand, as tight as I possibly could.  When I got to the beach, I just stood there in shock crying and shouting profanities.  The pain felt unbearable, and I could not get the sight of my gory severed fingers out of my head. After what seemed like eternity, the lifeguard finally came to my assistance along with a couple of men who pulled up in a red lifeguard truck.  They proceeded to escort me to the lifeguard stand until the ambulance arrived.  When I attempted to walk, I fainted which caused me to collapse.  My legs had totally given out.  I was too overwhelmed by the trauma to move but I came to within seconds. This is the only time I’ve fainted in my life.  

I have no memory of seeing Spicoli after my accident.  I remember seeing Paul when I was on the beach with the men who came in the truck.  The men insisted I let go of my hand so they could see my injury.  When I finally did, I refused to look, but I remember seeing Paul have a look of sheer horror on his face, and he immediately covered his eyes.  I was crushed.

I truly felt like my life was over.  I now had a deformity and a serious disability – how will I ever write again? Who would ever want to date me? I can’t describe how excruciatingly bad the pit in my stomach was or how severe the physical pain was.  It wasn’t till I got into the ambulance that someone was finally able to calm me down.  At the beach, it was just total chaos and people were panicking especially after they saw my hand.  This caused me to panic more.  However, in the ambulance, a male paramedic was the first person I encountered who was able to calm me down just by speaking positively to me in a soothing manner. I think he managed to even make me laugh.

When I got to the emergency room at the hospital, I was still in an intense amount of pain even though the paramedics had given me painkillers via an IV in the ambulance.  I had thought that my pain could not get any worse but I was dead wrong.  They injected multiple shots into my hands – in-between each knuckle and in various spots on the palm of my hand – in the ER.  I was screaming so loudly from the pain that the nurse had to stuff a washcloth in my mouth to muzzle me.

A few of my friends, including Paul, came to visit me at the hospital.  I was so drugged up and still in shock so most of it was a blur.  I do remember bawling my eyes out to a pastor who came by to pray for me, and the paramedic who first calmed me down, came back to the hospital to check on me.  I’ll never forget how much his kindness gave me the little peace I desperately needed during the darkest moment in my life.  I still think about him often.

Before I arrived at the hospital, Paul went to collect my items on the beach and walked back to the shop with Spicoli.  During their walk, another surf instructor passed them and asked what happened.  They said there had been a surf accident.  Paul told me he was shocked to hear Spicoli downplay my accident stating I was okay.  Paul chimed in and said: “She’s not okay – she just lost her fingers!” That other instructor then asked them if I had put my fingers in the board string.  This statement haunts me to this day.  Why was this surf instructor so quick to come to this conclusion? Did someone else lose his or her fingers in the same way while taking a lesson with Toes On The Nose at the Hyatt Hotel?

When Spicoli got back to the shop, he wrote a statement about the accident. Spicoli wrote that he told me not to put my fingers in the board string during our lesson.  This would be his first bold-faced lie of many to come. He never said this or anything like this to Paul or I.  As he immortalized his lie in writing, I was laying on a gurney in the ambulance in shock and utter despair.  Little did I know then that before the blood had a chance to dry on my hands, the massive cover-up had just begun. 

To be continued…

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REVISITED: Trump, Sex Trafficking & How It Ties To Russia

In light of the events going on between Ukraine and Russia, I want to revisit the topic of President Trump, sex trafficking and Russia. 

In March of 2017, I wrote an article about how Trump and President Vladimir Putin both were fighting against pedophilia and child trafficking.  In that piece, I also analyzed how the Deep State – lead by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – attempted to delegitimize and overthrow President Trump by using Putin and Russia as the scapegoat aka the Russia collusion hoax. It piqued my interest that Trump’s opposition was so hell bent on tying him to Russia with false criminal allegations. But why of all world leaders did they choose Putin as the scapegoat?  So I did some research and began to connect some dots.

In February of 2017, I published an article addressing how the mainstream media was ignoring Trump’s mass sex trafficking arrests.  There was also a media blackout on a press conference Trump gave from the White House that year discussing what he planned to do to combat human trafficking. In this news conference, Trump emphasized it was a top priority for his administration.

Click here to watch my report detailing what Trump’s Administration did to combat human trafficking.

Back then, social media forums were frantically censoring my story and some reporters in the media ruthlessly attacked my coverage. As most of you know, some mainstream media outlets still to this day try to convince the masses that child sex trafficking is not an epidemic. Furthermore, a few have gone a step further and outrageously claim it’s fake.  Look no farther than this recent Atlantic article that claimed: “The Great (Fake) Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic”. 

In a strange twist, one of the few media outlets that did a follow-up on my story was the Russian state-run Sputnik news outlet. The Sputnik article highlighted the uptick in sex trafficking arrests with the new administration and quoted Trump discussing trafficking – something our media refused to report.  The story also called out the media’s silence while noting that the US mainstream media was too busy grilling then Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Trump’s alleged ties to Russian officials without a shred of proof. 

The article went on to report that I wrote at some point our MSM would be forced to cover the horrific epidemic of human trafficking that’s plagued our country for far too long. Sputnik noted: “If that does occur, perhaps the more ridiculous aspects of US media coverage of the Trump presidency – his approval ratings, comedians’ incisive political commentary, and especially the ludicrous ‘ties to Russia’ claims, will die down and take a back seat to the real issues facing their county.”

I found it refreshing to find positive coverage on Trump’s war on human trafficking.  At the same time, I found it highly troublesome that this kind of reporting does not exist in our own media. The fact that a Russian state-controlled news outlet accurately covered this topic at all, when our own media didn’t, should give everyone pause.    

The Sputnik article inspired me to look into what Putin has said about trafficking. Although the Trump-Russia collusion allegation turned out to be a lie, I found a lot of similarities between Putin and Trump. Putin, like Trump, is a Christian, a nationalist, a staunch anti-globalist/NWO and an outspoken critic of pedophilia. During Putin’s 2016 Christmas speech, something you’ll never see in the MSM, he spoke out against the New World Order agenda to promote pedophilia. He stated that Western culture is promoting that “faith in God is equal to faith in Satan”. Putin said this about pedophilia:  “The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.”

Furthermore, in 2011 Russia introduced chemical castration for pedophiles. Then in 2012, Putin signed a law banning Americans from adopting Russian children. A Russian spokesperson said the deaths of 19 Russian-born children adopted by American parents in the past motivated the law. And last year, Putin threatened to ban Twitter if they did not remove child porn.

Putin’s fight against pedophilia and trafficking is similar to Trump’s. In early 2017, it started to become clear to me that Putin and Trump were both keen on taking down the elite pedophile cabal. I believe this is one of the reasons why the Deep State has been so determined to destroy both Trump and Putin.

I’ve continued to follow Russia’s media through the years including RT in addition to Sputnik.  I have found that their political coverage – especially when it comes to Trump – is often more accurate than the majority of our mainstream media’s coverage.  Furthermore, while US media has spent several years slandering me with false allegations and flat out lies, multiple Russia news organizations have given my work fair coverage.

I’ve been shunned by our mainstream media for my work exposing trafficking and over a half a dozen platforms have banned me including all the major Big Tech social media sites.  Many of those same platforms are now banning and vilifying RT and Sputnik.  Meanwhile, our mainstream media has aligned with the likes of George Soros, Joe Biden, Clinton and Obama and other bad Deep State actors by joining them in pushing anti-Russia propaganda. 

Putin is not a perfect leader, but with that said, the media has undoubtedly lied about him the same way they’ve lied about Trump.  Most news outlets are pumping out anti-Russia propaganda and siding with some of America’s most corrupt politicians — many who have financially benefitted from Ukraine and have significant business interests there.  The good news is that the façade is crumbling, and more and more people are starting realize that even some of the more conservative media personalities are not the honest journalists they claim to be. 

Big Tech Protects Pedophiles, Truth Social Doesn’t

President Trump’s Truth Social officially launched this week and it’s already become a beacon of light for anti-trafficking advocates who have been censored and de-platformed by Big Tech.  Many of the big popular social media platforms have enabled pedophiles for years, all while banning hordes of anti-trafficking advocates and censoring content exposing child predators. This is not the case with Truth Social – they’re taking a strong stance against the sexual exploitation of children.

For starters, Truth Social’s site makes it clear they have a “zero-tolerance child sexual exploitation policy” on their platform.  No content that depicts children in a sexually explicit act is allowed including computer-generated depictions.  They also don’t allow links to third-party sites that host child exploitation.  Furthermore, users are not allowed to share fantasies about or promote engagement in child sexual exploitation.  This specific policy is a stark contrast to Twitter’s behavior.

In 2019, Big League Politics reported that a discussion of pedophilia and naked pictures of children would be allowed on Twitter according to their own terms of service.  Their policy accepted discussions related to attraction towards minors.  In a follow-up report, they detailed a twisted conversation between MAPs (minor attracted persons) that transpired on Twitter discussing if they would support sex with kids if it caused physical pain.

By 2019, Twitter had already banned many accounts exposing sex trafficking including mine.  I personally know many people who dedicated their accounts to exposing pedophiles, and these people began to get their accounts disabled as early as 2016.  Twitter not only enables pedophiles and traffickers, they also protect people who encourage violence towards children. 

Chrissy Teigen, who has a history of posting pedophile tweets on Twitter, infamously encouraged Courtney Stodden to kill herself via Twitter posts when Stodden was only 16-years-old.  Teigen’s actions violate Twitter’s own self-harm and suicide policy.  Although Teigen has been canceled from several businesses for her disturbing behavior, she still has her Twitter account with the coveted blue checkmark. Furthermore, Teigen has received no discipline from the Big Tech company. 

There’s many other celebrities who have glorified pedophilia on Twitter, Patton Oswalt and James Gunn to name a few, and they’ve also faced zero consequences from Twitter. Screenshot Trigger Warning: Their tweets are disturbing.

In August of 2021, a California court ruled two young men could proceed with a claim that Twitter benefitted from their sex trafficking.  In their lawsuit, they alleged that they were solicited for sex at age 13 and pressured to provide pornographic images to their trafficker.  The suit claimed Twitter refused to remove these tweets when they were first informed about them. The posts allegedly garnered 167,000 views, according to a Bloomberg report. The plaintiffs argued that the content was illegal and Twitter profited from the sexual abuse of these children.

It’s no secret that Facebook also has pedophile problems.  Authorities recently busted a Meta executive for sexually grooming a 13-year-old boy and trying to arrange a meeting with him in a hotel.  Meta, which is the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, and other powerful forces tried to cover up this story. 

Jeren Miles, the 35-year-old development manager at Meta, tried to lure the 13-year-old child into a Columbus, Ohio hotel room after sending him messages claiming he wants to engage in “naked cuddles”, “suck” him and announced he’d have no restraint around him if he’s “horny”, according to the Daily Mail. Vigilante group Predator Catchers Indianapolis, tasked at hunting pedophiles, set Miles up.

The group busted Miles in the hotel room and convinced him to admit to sending the sexually explicit messages on camera.  The video went viral prompting Meta to fire Miles.  Drew Pusateri, a communications manager for Facebook, released a statement to Tech Crunch reporter Ingrid Lunden about the severity of the situation; however, Pusateri tried to persuade Lunden from covering the story. 

“I’ll point out that Pusateri also tried to talk me out of the newsworthiness of this story over the phone before sending over the statement, noting that other outlets were not covering it,” Lunden wrote in an article.  Furthermore, after the story went viral, Reddit moderators reportedly rushed to censor the story.  Also, a Reddit account was banned for sharing the video and other posts about the incident were labeled “misleading” or “questionable”, according to a tweet posted by Andy Ngo.

In addition to censoring content that exposes pedophilia and sex trafficking, Facebook also has reportedly refused to take down inappropriate images of children posted by pro-pedophile groups. In 2017, the New York Post reported a complaint from a reader that Facebook refused to take down partially naked photos of kids in a boy-lovers group. The reader also wrote in about a photo of a little girl with her arms and mouth duct-taped posted on the platform. 

As if these incidents aren’t bad enough, in 2017 a BBC reporter discovered images of child porn on the social media network.  The journalist sent those images to Facebook.  In an astonishing apparent attempt to punish and gaslight this journalist, Facebook responded by reporting the journalist to the police for the distribution of illegal images, according to Gizmodo.  Overall, the BBC discovered that 100 images violated Facebook’s terms of service for sexualized photos of children.  The BBC report concluded that only 18 of those 100 photos were removed.  In addition, the BBC identified five convicted pedophiles on their site.  Despite Facebook’s policy claiming to forbid pedophiles in the UK from joining the site, Facebook reportedly took no action to remove these predators. 

In August of 2020, Facebook and Instagram temporarily banned the “Save the Children” hashtag.   When you searched the “Save the Children” hashtag it resulted in no posts. Facebook and Instagram claimed that they did this to keep their community “safe”. However, I witnessed them wipe tons of content that accurately and appropriately exposed pedophiles and trafficking. These posts did not exploit children in any way; yet, they still were removed. Over the course of the next few months in 2020, Facebook and Instagram permanently banned an astronomical number of accounts; many of them were exposing child sex trafficking.  According to Forbes, Facebook banned 1.3 billion accounts from October to December of 2020.

It’s no surprise that Trump’s social media platform is taking such a firm stance against the sexual exploitation of children.  His administration declared war on human trafficking shortly after he was sworn in as President in 2017. Trump made this issue one of his top priorities, and he did more to combat sex trafficking than any president in US history.  Unfortunately, the mainstream media refused to cover this.

Click here to watch my report on what the Trump Administration did to combat human trafficking.

Truth Social is already becoming a safe space for many of us who have been banned from other platforms simply for advocating against child trafficking.  Truth Social’s Chief Product Officer, Billy B, made it clear they built this platform for those of us who have been silenced and marginalized.  “We’re building this app for all of you,” Billy B wrote in a Truth Social post.  “For all the people who feel their voices were being silenced.”

I’ve been active on the Truth Social app for a few days now, and I’m encouraged to see many posts exposing child trafficking.  So far, there’s no sign of censorship on content exposing child predators, and I’m happy to report that includes the “Save the Children” hashtag. 

Pizzagate Exposed: Part 3

The term Pizzagate stems from the release of thousands of John Podesta’s e-mails. John was the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and several e-mails between him and his associates contained the use of the word pizza, a known pedophile code word, in a context that does not make sense for them to be referring to the Italian dish.  There were also other words, suspected to be pedophile code words, and questionable content littered in those e-mails that raised eyebrows for anyone who took the time to read them.  Pizzagate was never just about one DC pizza joint and a basement – that was the mainstream media’s spin on it to distract you from the facts I’m exposing in this series.

Please read my first column in this series here if you haven’t yet.  I prove that pizza has been identified by law enforcement as a pedophile code word. This will help give you context for this article. 

In October of 2016, Wikileaks released over 20,000 pages of John’s e-mails in a file on their website titled The Podesta E-mails.  Wikileaks began releasing Podesta’s e-mails on October 7 and continued to release batches regularly – comprised of about a couple thousand e-mails — for several days up until the November 8, 2016 presidential election.  Many of these e-mails include the pedophile code word pizza and other words suspected to be pedophile code.  These words were used in a context that do not make sense; they weren’t used in a context to fit the commonly known definitions of these words.  The improper use of the word pizza and other words to this day has never been explained with any rational explanation.  When someone asked Hillary about the strange use of food words in John’s e-mails, she famously brushed it off with a laugh and said he likes to cook.

The media did report on the inside glimpse the e-mails gave us to the inner workings of Clinton’s campaign.  Aside from Pizzagate, other bombshells exposed in most the e-mails ranged from the expected office drama to blatant political corruption, deceit and media collusion.  There were political aides infighting and even Bill Clinton’s longtime personal aide, Doug Band, wrote that Chelsea Clinton was “acting like a spoiled brat kid”. 

There were revelations that Donna Brazile, who worked as a CNN contributor at the time, fed the Clinton campaign a question Hillary would be asked at a CNN town hall-style event.  The e-mails also revealed an excerpt from one of Hillary’s paid speeches to Wall Street bankers where she admitted to having different political positions in public and private.  The clip stated: “Politics is like sausage being made.  It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be.  But if everybody’s watching, you know, then people get a little nervous to say the least. So, you need both a public and private position.” This excerpt from Hillary’s private speech appropriately describes what the Podesta E-mails revealed – Hillary and many of her associates present themselves differently in private than they do in public.  They lead a double-life that puts Jekyll & Hyde to shame and it makes you wonder if films like Eyes Wide Shut & the Hostel series mirrored reality for some of these elites.

Here and in my next few columns, I’ll analyze relevant e-mails from the Podesta dump, and some from a few other e-mail collections published by Wikileaks, that have code words or questionable statements related to Pizzagate. I’ll reference the e-mails how they were written verbatim so that will include typos.  In this column I’m going to focus on questionable e-mails sent by John’s brother, Tony, that are concerning at best.  

But, before we get into Podesta’s e-mails, I want to acknowledge the first person, to my knowledge, to claim John Podesta worked as an operative to cover up child sex trafficking.  Andrew Breitbart tweeted in 2011:  How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me. 

Breitbart’s claim came more than five years before Podesta’s explosive e-mails were released, and he had the courage to call him out publicly.  The year following Breitbart’s tweet, he died under suspicious circumstances.  Breitbart was walking home from his favorite LA dive bar – Barney’s Beanery in Westwood – when he literally dropped dead on the street.  The cause of death was listed as a heart attack.  More curiously, the coroner who did his autopsy also suspiciously died the day Breitbart’s autopsy results were released.  It’s not uncommon for truthers & whistleblowers exposing Deep State crimes – particularly those exposing elite pedophile rings – to die under suspicious circumstances.

In my last column, I covered John, and his brother, Tony’s, passion for Satanic-themed art that depicts pedophilia, cannibalism and sadistic human torture.  I want to add here too that Tony had a video camera installed inside a toilet in his home.  The camera reportedly allowed users to view their bodily functions from a unique angle. 

Ask yourself – what kind of a sick and perverted person videotapes people using their toilet?  Keep all this in mind when you read their e-mails especially the ones with the pedophile code word pizza. We’ll start with an e-mail from Tony to John.  On Jan. 8, 2014, Tony e-mailed his brother, John, and asked him this: Would love to get pizza for an hour?

Ask yourself – how do you get pizza for an hour? It does not make sense to get pizza for an hour.  This context does not add up unless pizza is a code word for something else.  It’s grammatically incorrect to ask someone if they want to get a specific food for an hour.  What would make sense is asking someone if they want a service for an hour or if they want to engage in an activity for an hour.  You can get a massage for an hour or a prostitute for that matter.   You can go for a run or a walk for an hour.  So what did Tony mean when he sent this e-mail?  Did he mean to say he wants to go eat pizza for an hour or is he talking about something else?  This e-mail alone is suspect but it’s not reasonable to conclude he’s a pedophile based off this one piece of evidence.  You have to look at all the evidence, including what I exposed in my first two columns, and that’s when a very dark picture comes into focus. 

Moving along, on Jan. 31, 2014, Tony sent John and e-mail with “Last night was fun” in the subject and the e-mail read: Still in torture chamber

Now if you had zero foreknowledge of Tony’s art, it’s easy to write off the reference to a “torture chamber” as sarcasm.  However, with the established fact that this man used a known pedophile code word in a context that clearly isn’t defined as pizza in another e-mail – and that he owns art depicting abused children in actual torture chambers – it becomes harder to write off his e-mails as innocent.

This next e-mail written by Tony does not have any pedophile code words in it but it shows that he had an ongoing friendship with a convicted pedophile.  On June 1, 2015, Tony wrote:  Dear Mac Cant believe its almost 50 years since Camp Nose.  I have stayed in touch with denny Hastert and jan ettelt and andy dolan all these years

Dennis Hastert is the former Republican Speaker of the House who was indicted in May of 2015 for paying off hush money to victims he sexually abused as children. Hastert is a serial child rapist.  So based off the date of Tony’s e-mail about Hastert, it’s clear Tony was still in contact and continued to be friends with a violent child predator after he was publicly exposed and indicted.  There are two important details to highlight here.  One: This deranged cult exceeds political party affiliations.  Think back to Hillary’s public and private persona statement.  These people present themselves one way in public and another way in private.  Even though many of them have lead us to believe they’re part of a certain political party and withhold a certain ideology and even practice a certain religion, behind-the-scenes many of them practice the opposite of what they preach and are part of the same club.  Two: This e-mail shows Tony had no shame or remorse about his friendship with a serial child predator.  So, ask yourself – is this normal?  If you found out one of your friends was a serial child rapist – would you continue correspondence and a friendship with that person?  It’s also worth noting that John, Tony and Dennis all went to the same camp in Japan when they were children.  One has to wonder if this camp played a role in grooming them for the powerful political positions they later held in life.

Perhaps one of the most telling e-mails in the entire Podesta dump was from Marina Abramovic to Tony discussing a spirit cooking dinner she had planned for Tony and John at her place.  Marina Abramovic has been described as a high priestess who sometimes uses her art for rituals.  Before the Podesta E-mails were released, she was described as such.  A May 22, 2014 article in Prospect magazine described Abramovic’s work as having “some sorcery” to it.  She’s often photographed with some of the most famous celebrities, like Lady Gaga, and powerful elites at dinners depicting cannibalism.

Also, she’s done work with and/or has been praised by many high-profile predators including convicted traffickers like John of God and Allison Mack.

These connections are important to point out.  It’s reasonable to conclude it’s no accident she’s aligned with multiple known traffickers, so it’s vital to note all of these details.  And again, I ask you to ask yourself questions.  How many known pedophiles and convicted sex traffickers do you have as friends?  It’s important to ask yourself these questions so you can see the consistent abnormal patterns that continue to emerge with these people.

In an e-mail sent on June 28, 2015, Marina Abramovic wrote this to Tony.

Dear Tony,

I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

All of my love, Marina

Let’s explore exactly what spirit cooking is.  On Nov. 4, 2016, Wikileaks tweeted: The Podestas’ “Spirit Cooking” dinner? It’s not what you think. It’s blood, sperm and breast milk. But mostly blood.

Abramovic describes herself as a performance artist.  In 1997, she released a book titled Spirit Cooking.  It’s been reported even in mainstream media that her recipes include bodily fluids such as breast milk, semen, blood and urine and during her dinners she encourages self-harm and mutilation.  After the Podesta E-mails came out, facing mounting backlash over the years, Abramovic has insisted these dinners are just art, not Satanic rituals.  She claims that they’re more about spirituality or art.  She even was quoted saying, in reference to spirit cooking, “we just call things funny names – that’s all”.  However, she’s admitted that if a performance occurs in an art gallery, it’s art, but if it’s performed in private it represents an intimate spiritual ceremony.  So the dinner at Tony’s house, according to Marina’s own words, would therefore be a ritual. 

In a video depicting Abramovic’s spirit cooking, she takes pig’s blood mixed with semen and breast milk and uses it to write on walls statements that encourage self-harm and pours a repulsive concoction over statues that appear to be children.  She writes statements like this on the wall over the blood-covered effigies of children:

“With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the Pain”

“Fresh morning urine. Sprinkle over nightmare dreams.”

“Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk.  Drink on earthquake nights.”

“Sitting on a copper chair. Comb your hair with a clear quartz crystal brush, until your memory is released.”

Abramovic encourages self-harm in her spirit cooking ritual, specifically, for attendees to cut their middle finger. Now take a look at this photo of John where you can see he has a band-aide on his middle finger on his left hand. 

Was there a cut on John’s finger that was the result of his participation in a spirit cooking dinner? Now I want you to ask yourself, have you ever been to a dinner that involves the consumption of human bodily fluids and self-mutilation?   Does this seem normal to you?  Does this seem like an innocent gathering to view art? 

So we have Tony in the possession of demonic, pedophilic & human torture art.  He uses a well-known pedophile code word in a context that doesn’t make sense for it to be food. He boasts about his friendship with a serial child rapist.  And now we have him hosting dinners with a self-proclaimed performance artist who conducts rituals in private and regularly associates with well-known and even convicted child predators.  Is the picture starting to come together?

Abramovic can be found in dozens of photos posing with Satanic symbolism and bloody bones, handling naked children and she’s been frequently photographed at dinners that depict cannibalism.  There’s even a photo of her posing with Lord Jacob Rothschild in front of a painting titled Summoning Satan. 

In another photo, Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix wore a diamond encrusted pizza broach to Abramovic’s play The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic at a theatre in Amsterdam in 2012.  Abramovic and Beatrix posed together for the photo after her performance. 

Do you think a member of a Royal family is buying high-end jewelry of a pizza slice simply because she likes to eat the food pizza? We know that Virginia Giuffre claims she was trafficked to Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein, and she’s currently suing the duke in the United States.  Ironically, part of his initial defense against her allegations was that he was at a pizza parlor named Pizza Express on the day she claims she was forced to have sex with him.  His Pizza Express alibi has since fallen apart. Was his alibi an attempt to make a mockery of Pizzagate?

Tony’s depraved taste in art, his involvement in spirit cooking and his troublesome e-mails are far from his only scandals.  In 2017, Tony’s lobbying firm, The Podesta Group, was under criminal investigation specifically due to work tied with the Ukraine.  In October of that year, he announced his departure from the firm.  However, on September 24, 2019, the Department of Justice reportedly concluded their probe of Tony with no charges.  Earlier this month, it was reported that Tony raked in $1 million for lobbying the Biden White House on behalf of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. 

Despite all of Tony’s shady business dealings, he always seems to escape justice.  Worst of all, I’m not aware of any investigation into Tony for his potential involvement in child sex trafficking.  If law enforcement has been able to bust child predators in the past for using the pedophile code word pizza, with all the circumstantial evidence I’ve laid out so far, is it really too much to ask authorities to open an investigation into Tony and associates for their potential involvement in crimes against children?

Pizzagate Exposed: Part 2

Many elites who are referenced using the pedophile code word “pizza” in the Podesta E-mails, such as Tony Podesta, or who are known child traffickers, like Jeffrey Epstein, have art collections depicting pedophilia, torture and Satanic symbolism and rituals.  I will extensively cover the Podesta E-mails in a future column, but I want to go over the art collections of some of these elites first to give you some background with an emphasis on Tony.

Tony has a taste for art that depicts human torture and child sexual abuse.  An article from The Washington Post in 2004 captured images of some of the disturbing art pieces displayed in Tony’s home.  A gold statute titled The Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois – depicting a gold sculpture of a decapitated human positioned the same way serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer positioned some of his victims – is prominently featured as the focal point in his home. (It should be noted this Washington Post article has been scrubbed from their site.)

In Tony’s living areas, there were pieces by Biljana Djurdjevic that depict distressed children.  One painting features a disheveled little girl in a miniskirt and red shoes. Djurdjevic is known for paintings that depict child victims of torture and sexual abuse. In an interview posted in 2007, Djurdjevic stated that for victims of pedophilia, she doesn’t need any imagination.

Other paintings in Tony’s living room, depict a group of kids laying in a circle. One painting shows two kids laying in a marsh with weeds growing over them as if they’re corpses.

Another Djurdjevic painting that is rumored to be owned by Tony, is of a little boy naked aside from his underwear tied up in a dungeon-like room with bloody feet.

In 2011, Tony loaned a wax statue called Dismembered to the DC College of Arts & Science.  This statue depicts a teen with body parts dismembered. 

In another wall hanging at Tony’s home, there’s allegedly a close-up photograph of a toddler wearing only a diaper above a stairwell that zooms in on the child’s crotch area.  The photographer of this photo could be Katy Grannan.  Grannan is known for taking photos of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes, and it’s been widely reported Tony owns a bunch of her pieces. 

In the 2004 Washington Post article, Tony’s then wife, Heather, was quoted stating that many guests are “horrified” when they see the art in their home, and the journalist noted that Heather gave a creepy smile when she said this. 

A photo of Tony’s bedroom, which was featured in the publication of a June 5, 2015 article in Inside Homes, had stuffed animals laid out on a ledge next to his bed.  That article stated: “If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend super lobbyist Tony Podesta.” 

Recently, it’s been reported that Prince Andrew had a collection of stuffed animals in his bedroom, and his staff was ordered to strategically arrange his collection in a specific order.  Virginia Giuffre is currently suing Prince Andrew on three allegations of sexual assault, and she claims she was trafficked to the duke by Epstein.

Epstein also had stuffed animals in his home and disturbing art and photographs similar to Tony’s collection.  Images from the 2005 police raid of Epstein’s Florida home shed light on his twisted taste in art.  There was a teddy bear placed on a nightstand in one bedroom. 

On one wall, there was a sketch of a baby and a skull. 

There’s several photographs of babies, naked women and even photographs of nude children.  Some of the photographs of children were censored by police including one photograph reportedly of a 6-year-old girl bending over in a short dress. 

Tony’s brother, John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman for both her 2012 and 2016 presidential runs, had a painting in his campaign office depicting cannibalism. When asked about that painting, he told a TIME reporter: “It’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.”

One area the mainstream media has not touched, is the connection between the sexual abuse of children and occult rituals.  Rina Oh, who is one of Epstein’s ex-girlfriends, made a painting that depicted some kind of strange orgy involving adults, a child and cutting. In the painting, a woman’s leg is cut and bleeding. Giuffre tweeted that what’s depicted in that painting is what Oh used to do to her. Giuffre said in her tweet: “This picture that Rina painted with the sliced leg bleeding is exactly what she used to do to me, I have a 6 inch scar on my left leg from her cutting me.”

Not only does the mainstream media refuse to address the occult and blood ritual aspect of the child sexual abuse involved with many of these elite predators, they claim it’s a “debunked conspiracy theory”. It’s not. As time goes on more evidence will come out to expose this, and I will continue to explore this area in future columns in this series.

After reviewing the information I laid out in this column, ask yourself, does any of this strike you as normal?  Do you own any art in your home that depicts the sexual exploitation and torture of children? To understand Pizzagate, it’s important to ask these questions, connect dots and to condition your brain to think critically.

Out Of Shadows: An Introduction To Pizzagate

In the spring of 2020, the Out Of Shadows documentary debuted setting off a nuclear bomb on the Deep State. The film lifted the veil on how the mainstream media and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda through their content. It also exposed the truth about Pizzagate, and how the media not only lied about it, but also how they redefined what Pizzagate is to make it appear less believable. The media, specifically CNN, also discouraged people from doing their own research on Pizzagate citing that it was illegal for anyone, except for those working in media, to read the Podesta E-mails on Wikileaks. This was blatant lie and a scare tactic to intimidate you from seeking the truth on your own.

The film was translated into over two-dozen languages, and after receiving over 100 million views on YouTube and other social media platforms, it was banned. Not only was Out Of Shadows erased from almost all platforms, Big Tech removed the Out Of Shadows and Pizzagate hashtags from multiple platforms. Furthermore, to this day, Instagram and Twitter will not allow you to post or DM a link to the Out Of Shadows website. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Out Of Shadows is an overall amazing red pill film and a great introduction to Pizzagate. It can be a great resource for your friends who are just starting to wake up — so I highly encourage you to share it. The film was directed by Mike Smith, who has had a long and very successful career working in the Hollywood film industry, and it was put out for free. It’s still available here for anyone to view.

You can follow Out Of Shadows on Telegram here.

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