I got a phone call yesterday from Heather that there was a flood in Heather’s cell yesterday, which I assumed was a plumbing leak.  She and her cell mate were moved from the minimal/medium security “A POD” to maximum security “D POD”.

In Tennessee the “D POD” is where the most violent Inmates are placed and where new Inmates come in for “classification” based on the violent or non-violent nature of the alledged crime, and other needs like medical needs. “D POD” has very little freedoms and very few unlocked moments.

This turn of events today is very concerning.  This post will be updated as more information is available.

To: William Ferguson
Subject: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 12:50:41 PM


TO: Francis Lloyd, Esquire
FROM Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

A suspect incident involving the officers, supervisors, Mental Health (“MH”) Department, or MH official, presiding at RDWDF, occurred today.

The purpose of this email is to keep you and all teams informed, documentation/record of events, actions, and inactions regarding human rights abuse operations, and identification of said operations and perpatrators, for further appropriate actions under applicable executive orders and universal laws

Yesterday, the toilet in our cell, RDWDF 2A/111, floooded our room. It appeared to be from an incoming pipe and not an outgoing pipe leakage. However, I did call the emergency in on the cell intercoms. Officer Stringer responded immediately, to assess and officially take action. Eventually, an unidentified official made the decision to move us to RDWDF 2D/110 (Max/disciplinary pod), until it was fixed or we were reassigned to a different open pod. My roommate and I were not moved to D-POD due to any bad behavior or disciplinary action.

When we arrived in D-POD, we were not allowed an hour out, due to the fact we had had time out in our previous POD. Nor were we able to get cleaning supplies to clean the cell prior to or after moving. I received a roll of toilet paper upon entrance.

Today, I unexpectedly received my period, approximately two weeks in advance of its usual timing. I did not have any feminine hygene products due to the move. I bled through my uniform, and I expected to bleed through the second and last uniform in my possession if I was not immediately given feminine hygene products. I first used normal course methods to gain the pod officer’s attention that was on duty. She could not hear or see me with the disciplinary inmates that were out for their hour. I used the cell intercom to notify them of the emergency of bleeding through my uniforms, requesting pads immediately to avoid bleeding through my last uniform, and the pod officer could not hear or see me so that I could get them. The officer (WARREN) on the cell intercom responded, “ok, ok”.

Approximately no more than five minutes later, Sgt. Wolf showed up at the POD officer’s desk, and then pod-officer CHOW opened the cell door and said I was called to Medical. I indicated the stained clothes piled on the floor that I had just hand washed, why I had used the cell intercom to request the pads, as described above, and that I did not request medical or a sick call. I stated there has been a misunderstanding, and that I obviously did not make a request for medical. I was told that I would have to go to medical to refuse it. I responded I would go to Medical and explain it to them, with a non-consnt/refusal if they insisted or charged me for services not requested.

It was after that, Officer Chow told me it was actually mental health I was being called for. I asked how a “bleed-through” and request for pads gets confused for a call to see a Mental Health official. (Important note, I have personally observed other inmates request said, and it took between 4-6 weeks for a purported mental health official to meet with them.) I told Officer Chow that I did not request to see Medical or a Mental Health official. Officer Chow responded, that she didn’t know what was going on, just to go to the slider.

Officer Chow informed us that RDWDF 2C/208 had similar toilet breakage after we did… those inmates did not get moved to D-POD.

Sgt. Wolf escorted me into the slider from thepod. I opened and held the slider door open for the Sgt. as she pushed packs of toilet paper, and a large box of pads into the hall. Sgt. asked Officer Warren if she was ready for me, and Offficer Warren yelled back, “Not yet”, or similar to that affect. Sgt. Wolf left me in the slider… without pads. During the approximately no more than 5 minutes in the slider, I asked Officers Warrn and Chow for pads, and was not given any at that time.

Officer Warren opened the door and I spoke with her at the central desk, in the main hall., in front of 15+ waiting inmates. I immediately explained to Officer Warren what had happened, each specific and particular detail, as summarized abve, and requested to be given pads immediately, again, due to current soiling of my last uniform. I also informed her that I did not request to see medical or a mental health official.

Officer Warren reponded she didn’t know anything, and told me to go into the room down the hall and at my left, whose door was open, and talk to mental health. I said that I would do an official refusal and explanation there, because I could not fathom how a “bleed-through” and reasonable request for pads turns into any comptent individual thinking I requested to see a Mental Health official… or worse, ordering me to see one, without my due consent

I have never requested to see medical or a mental health official.
I have never consented for a mental health official, specialist, or otherwise licensed indvidual to meet with me.

After I gave said notifications, and was walkd down the hall to the opened office door, Officer Warren told me just to go the slider. I requested clarification, whether I was to lodge an official explantion and refusal with the purported mental health official in that office first, before going to the slider. Officer Warren clarified I was to go directly to the slider.

I passed and saw the purported Mental Health offical sitting at a desk, listening. An inmate hall worker, that witnessd the conversation, handed me four pads as I entered the slider, and Officer Chow gave me two more

——-end report———

Bill, get this to the teams… track… familiar and old patterns… cancled. <3 br="">

From: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 12:59:04 PM Purchase a Gold Pass for HEATHER TUCCI-JARRAF
Message relayed to Francis and support people.

I had a feeling that flood was not accidental…. sheesh. A way to get you in MAX D POD?


From: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 1:09:19 PM

How public do you want to make this? Only support group for now?


To: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 1:26:32 PM



pattern familar and old… tracking in past, has uncovered bribes, or other monetary benefits to participating facilities, agents in/managing those facilities, etc.


D-POD…typical fed res tactic… is to remove comm abilities…we still have not been let out since move… they did not expect me to have access to a fully charged tablet and being able to cmmunicate with you, francis, and all teams observing these comms, all that is happening/being done 🙂

track until i am moved back to open pod or notice from Adrian

call u asap
<3 br="">

From: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 1:43:09 PM



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From: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 2:27:28



William Ferguson
RE: message for francis
4/13/2018 4:35:29 PM

thank you, all <3 p="">

From: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: message for francis
Date: 4/13/2018 4:36:55 PM

ALL says “Preggo!” ;). [Italian for you’re welcome!]

The Elephant in the Room

Denice found this HERE, thanks to Justin for archiving it.  I am revising it slightly, have more data now.. and learned a lot since 2013.  Still learning…  -Terran
The Elephant in the Room

By American Kabuki

December 17, 2013
Revised April 10, 2018

We are in an amazing time of transition. Nothing is staying static, not you, your relationships, your interests. Even your very body is changing and in transition. The old ways of being, class, “knowing your place”, acceptance of abuse as just part of life, is not being tolerated.  Its is rapidly being seen as the mental programming it always was that separated your mind from your heart. You were taught to distrust your heart. And that shut down your connection to Source and pure love.

The awakening journey is a highly personal one. How it begins is different for all of us. So is the ending, its all tailored specific for your journey. How The Event, the amazing conclusion of duality happens to you, will be perfectly tailored for you. There are no mistakes. Only learning and experience. There is no retribution for “mistakes”. Only love and a welcome home.

You were taught you were worthless, value-less, except that which the planetary control systems miserly begrudgingly parceled out to you for your compliance. Protocols, rules, procedures, beliefs and customs not even of your creation, were handed to you from birth and you told comply or else.

Social ostracism is a painful and powerful thing to experience, but you show me any spiritual seeker and I will show someone who has been booted out of at least one organized religion or another. Friends and family connections lost, for as simple a thing as seeking answers by asking questions. Forbidden questions.

In the past, if you wanted to learn about things spiritual, you sought the preacher, or the guru, priest or monk. You were afraid of God. Afraid of his displeasure. Afraid of making a wrong move. And they told you such fear was consistent with a loving God. Fear equals love? Fear of God equals love of God? What kind of messed up masochistic thinking is that? Somehow the loving Creator of all behaved more like an alcoholic male deity in a white wife beater undershirt. Yahweh or my way… as Stephen Colbert jokes. They’d teach you anything but to turn inwards and pull from inside what is available from Source via your heart, all ways and always.

Whatever faith or discipline you had, you had a sacred book that you were told to read, if not learn by heart. I say heart loosely because if you read those books by heart, you would not blindly follow them, you would have chosen what resonated with you and what did not. But such diversity was not tolerated. To do so was to be the heretic. The back slider. The jack Mormon. The Jew who lost his ethnic identity.  The one who lacked zeal for the truth in whatever brightly colored labeled container they put it in. The mind was meant, in their world view, to control the heart, not the other way around. Which is really strange when you think about it because most them do teach God speaks to you and through your heart, so why the emphasis on mental conditioning? They knew how to program the mind but could not program the heart. They laid down the rails your caboose was supposed to travel. Anything else was a mental derailment the thought police were quick to correct. [and now its automated with the AI engines of Google, Twitter, Facebook…]

I don’t remember where I first heard it but one of the words I learned early on after my departure from mind prison of my fundamentalist Christian origins was the term “higher self”. Its not a concept from Churchianity, they have the “trinity” and you ain’t in it. The higher self is an interesting idea. Its very common in “light worker” or “new age” circles and everyone seems to know what it means, this vague part of you that can’t fit into your body (or was frequency incompatible until now).

At first I took it mean simply God. Later I came to see via the ways its used, as the stuff that won’t fit into a human. I always wondered why someone didn’t invent a higher self shoe horn? I mean women fit into shoes all the time that are not the right size for their feet. Middle age men try to fit into pants their tummy is way too big for. Why not a belt line expander for the soul? After all Eternal Essence is LIFE itself!

I remember my first encounter with Law of One series, its an interesting read. Most of my readers will have read parts of it one time or another, especially if you are a David Wilcock fan. I read it long before I knew of David Wilcock. Love David by the way, not making fun of him.

Coming from the computer training I have had, I like specifics, and that book is full of them. Specifics make me feel cozy (an illusion of course) but when you spent a good half or your life programming and working with information processing, specifics are your bread and butter. You can’t program a computer what to do without them, but humans are much more flexible.

The Law of One book is a channeling by Ra, an entity that purportedly interacted with Egypt during its hay day. According to the law of One channeling (and I am paraphrasing here – I was never good at quoting bible scriptures verbatim either so don’t expect me to do any better on new age ones) Ra got in trouble karma-wise for letting the people of Egypt think he was a god. How divine of Ra! So part of his working off that divine Karma (according to the story) was to provide this information to some very psychic people in California during the 1970s who liked to drop a bid of LSD to kick start their pineal.

The book truly is remarkable, if you don’t mind the fact that it reads like HAL 9000 wrote it… “I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that..”. The precision of wording is truly somewhat unnerving. Its machine like. I think if Ra had just one chapter entitled “How I fucked up Egypt and the Middle East and then had do all these channelings…” I would feel a bit better. Humanize Ra a bit. But it does give some decent background information on what ETs call the various realms of energetic density (sometimes incorrectly referred to as dimensions), and its got them neatly carved up into onion layers of existence.  To the Blue Avians its kind of a bible. I call it the Russian doll model of the universe and of course those in the inner layers are assumed to be closer to the Creator Source…by implication of the model and its hierarchy of earned rank.

And that loosely coincides with another book “the partners in contrast” (aka “The Cabal”) love, the Urantia book. Oh the bankers live by that book! My friend GW Hardin describes the Urantia book as “the Orion perspective of the universe”, he points out very carefully “its a perspective, not necessarily how it is”.  In GW’s view it’s the bible of the “power consciousness” but it is not the perspective of the Christ consciousness.  GW maintaines there are three consciousnesses in this universe, the Power Consciousness, The Christ Consciousness, and the Choir Consciousness (a consensus committee-like time-line-spanding consciousness) Earth has not encountered yet.  I think its simpler than that, there is only Source, and various perceptions of how things work within Source, which have historical and cultural and genetic roots that largely live in the realm of personal and collective belief.

The Orion star system, is of course, home to what people call Orion human hybrid Orion/Dracos which run the western banking systems as proxies for the Chinse/Draco hybrids known as the Dragon family from the Qing Dyansty era.  Europe has always been inherently xenophobic.  The Draco originate in the Draco constellation, were created by a creator being who had a chip on his shoulder and lifted some dinosaur templates from the creation records to create the most predatory beings ever known.  As time went on they have produced genetic hybrids and various forms of themselves, usually forcefully such as Greys (Draco/Zeta hybrids) and their biobots. As humanoid races would instantly rebel at visible reptilian control.  So the form of them changed over eons.  There is even a race known as the Dracomax that look like American Football linebackers (and they want peace). 

The Urantia book held esteemed status as handbook and sacred scripture of the bankers, judges, politicians, illuminists, freemasons and magicians as to the structure of the universe. They work with templates based on the perceived “universal” templates.  They use them over and over again. They are not very creative. The banking/commerce system is a dumb downed version of the off world commerce payment systems. Crytpocurrency/Distributed ledger tech has been used for eons offworld.  Learn one template you know the others when they show up.

Heather learned that fact early on when dealing with the bankers. Richard Hoagland has long pointed out all the Orion symbolism found in the NASA space programs. All that is not by accident. They were the gangstas on the block here on planet earth for the last 6000 years, especially in the middle east and west. They even convinced many people they created humans and the planet is only 6000 years old.  A slightly differrent system of paymasters controlled them in the East.

The neat organizational lines and structures the Law of One and Urantia book describe between realms and the inhabitatns abilities is an illusion. Its a logical construct to explain, but like all metaphors it falls apart when you take it too literally.

The true situation is much more fluid and complex than that. Source has always worked direct through inbodyments of itself, mostly quietly.  The Urantia book believed Source was passive and never intervened or asserted its own collective will. Part of the reason these books exist it to perpetuate a belief in limits and separations. I have no doubt Ra believes its perspective is the true one. And Ra has worked hard to get where it is in the hierarchy. Same goes for the authors of Urantia book. However it does very little good to speak of Oneness and then tell everyone how separate they are from each other.

If am Source and they are Source and its all One… then what truly stops me from doing anything some purported being in a purported higher realm can do? Only the very belief in limits! So if your universe is series of nested Russian dolls, then that’s the universe you will experience.  Belief creates that, especially when a lot of beings believe it at the same time. I’ve spent the last 5 weeks walking, talking and eating with someone who does not have those beliefs and I can tell you she operates without those limits [and even more so in 2018!]. Is she something different than me? Only in current understanding perhaps, but if she is I AM and I AM too…no she’s not different. This moment in time is about empowering YOU. And you will be. When you step into it and accept it.

But suffice it to say, the moment you release limits of perception and choice amazing things happen. BTW you don’t do it by saying “I release limits”, or going to some guru who teaches you how to release so-called “soul contracts” or re-align your chakras.

You do it by loving without reservation or condition YOURSELF,  and ALL of EXISTENCE and its various in-body-ments.  Even the partners in contrast. They are “SOURCE” too. If you have any blood lust for revenge you’re going to find its going to produce an automatic limit on what you can BE and DO. You play by their rules you play on their turf – separation and duality – and they are damn good at it – you take your chances. You play by the rules of “ALL” in pure love and in heart nobody can touch you without your consent.

Its not about raising your vibrations, the higher realms are coming down to join ours, the planet is not going away. Earth is the primal point of creation. What changes here on earth is quantum entangled with everything. That’s why its been fought over so much by every race of ET and “the divines”. But its been energetically separated from the rest of the Universe by design and choice of those who are here for the lessons and wisdom its would bring.

At this point at the end of 2013 [and much more data came since 2015 after I, and many others like Corey Goode, were contacted by various ET beings], we have a wealth of information about ETs compared to what we had 10 years ago. There’s been some very excellent human research and channeled material.

What has not been talked about, until Heather Tucci-Jarraf started talking about it last January 2013, is another group and layer above that, which she refers to as “the divines”, some call them “eternals”, some call them “immortals”…and in times long past when the interacted more openly with humans they were called “gods” of the ancient world (I specifically distinguish this from monotheism’s concept of a Prime Creator). These beings have controlled the banking system through the BIS and the head of the Chinese dragon family, and there has also being ET involvement in that.  The Chinese refer to China as “the kingdom of the divines”.  And many Chinese believe they came from outer space.

We’ve talked in the past at how it was that duality got started, the choice we made to create a hierarchy (which is by definition separation of upper and lower) and who would play what roles. Some chose to go through it largely semi-conscious, others full conscious participation of one side of contrast or the other. What got lost was they were only roles and the beings in the hierarchy started believing they were truly better than other instances of Source operating in the “privacy of perception”. And as each realm of beings created the next realm of beings (’cause that’s just what Source in body does – “plays God” – CREATES – as taboo as that sounds…). Those that created felt they owned those in the next layer below. This of course naturally led to those who objected that idea they were lessor and rebellion and wars resulted. And such is the Galactic history immortalized in religious books as “a war in heaven”. And of course here on planet Earth, things got really out of hand.

I believe its in the Law of One series it mentions that its impossible for “5d” and above beings to lie. Energetically its seen for what it is, a falsehood. That much is true. What is not said in the Law of One series and similar sources is you don’t need to lie to control perceptions, you merely don’t be transparent with all information at your disposal and you rely on the other party’s presumption of the facts (which is common in the legal systems) which is reinforced by their perception of their place, power and situation within the hierarchy. Human lawyers do that all the time. What the divines and the banking systems withheld is the true human value and creative power of humanity when operating in full consciousness. They fear it.

But the true elephant in the room that has emerged lately, is a new aspect of duality that NOBODY knew about Source’s little surprise ending. Its one that was no known to the divines, they thought they were the pinacle of existence in Paradise.  Although they know it now!  Nobody on Earth knew it. 

The higher self you have been told about, the one you may have been even bowing down to and praying to, or in cringing fear of, is one in the same with those operating as the divines and higher (could be on either side of the contrast of duality or the same side) is just another instance of YOU. The lowly human who’s been told he needs to be instructed by his ascended masters and the divines and angels is in fact the same Source in various guises of roles in those different energetic realms.  There are unique quantum signatures, different energetics and roles.  In the former higher realms people were not known by name but by energy signature. If you want to see a good example of quantum energy signatures, rent the movie “Cloud Atlas”. It follows a soul group through the fall of Atlantis to the near future, and the same actors play different roles in each time period. But if you watch the movie closely, the film maker puts a birth mark (a quantum signature) on certain inbodyments and its not always the same actor with the same looks, sometime it is, sometimes its not.

Its these instances of the same being that are being reconciled through the law of neutrality, canceling out the worse parts of their respective frequencies (just as in Physics when two light waves 180 degrees out of phase cancel each other out) into one coherent whole being that can operate in any realm. This coherent whole was the original state of each Being before the separation began and the amnesia set in. And it all begins here on Earth with The Event.  The Event is internal FIRST, then external EVENT is manifested.

So be careful who you despise, you’re just hating yourself. And its going to be YOU who reconciles the energetics. And that is done through pure love. And that shouldn’t surprise anyone really, if THE ALL IS ONE. AND ALL IS LOVE.


Tucker Carlson Tweet

4/6/2018 Me to Heather: Stocks Tumble As China Urges Americans To Rise Up Against “Unscrupulous” President

4/7/2018 Heather: China was the MOST bankrupt “nation” prior to 2012-13 filings… let alone with the ledgerings that began 10-18-17, 9:01 a. m. , est…

Nothing is as it appears… “China” is very aware they could not survive any war, let alone start one… especially an “economic” one… i am grateful to “China” for chosing to “lose face” in order that all embrace and live heart.


All Shifts NOW

The Great Dismal Swamp of the U.S. East Coast

We are in a moment of great change.  If you have been keeping up with the Q Anon posts, the speed of the Earth Alliance operations has greatly picked up pace.  I will caution that many of the followers of Q on 8Chan have a very simplistic view of what’s going on and tend to have a conservative vs liberal bias. Yet when you look at what has been done it has no political, religious, ethnic border.  And its certainly not about Jews, as the New York Times is trying to paint it.  That trite broad stroking of anything anti-Wall Street as antisemitism just doesn’t fly anymore.   There just aren’t enough Jews in the world to even pull what has been done off. Think bigger.  And frankly Jews deserve more respect than that kind of media manipulation of the public. Its not limited to any group. Its a planetary problem.

Conversely the pace of censorship by Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter under pressure of their “investors” and “advertisers” (ahem… CHINA INC).  The big Internet giants, according to Q, are all using the same AI algorithm that was in the hands of Edward Snowden in China, to target free speech they don’t like.   What exactly Snowden’s true role in all this is not exactly clear, double or triple agent or mole perhaps?  It does appear he never went to Russia at all, and that was all a hoax and he has been hiding in Hong Kong.  That story will come out in the wash.

BZ Riger had her web site I-UV.COM web site with all of Heather’s work scrubbed yesterday requiring a complete restoration from backup files.  The IP addresses said Morocco but the attack spoke of a major state actor (most likely China which has always been behind and a partner of Morocco for centuries).   Morocco just doesn’t have that kind of IT talent to do that kind of hack without assistance.  The country can barely keep its internet services operating.

The controllers (eastern “Dragons” and their western proxy burnable villain “cabal” of Rothschilds/Rockefellers and associated families wanted Hillary to be the next President, as did their deep state assets that they spent decades cultivating.   It was about disarming and slicing up America for profit.  Loose immigration policies were not about humanitarian concern, but human trafficking as they ones behind the scenes got upwards of $60,000 per immigrant from the IMF, and had “NGOs” in that immigrant.  “The American Experiment in Democracy” was always seen as threat to the old guard who controlled the planet.  The 2nd Amendment made outside invasion impossible.

Hillary and Bill secretly gifted public U.S. lands to the Chinese, various national parks, the mineral rights to uranium under the Bundy Ranch and other BLM lands as “sovereign Chinese territory” and “free trade zones”.  They also sold Uranium One to the Russians.  The real estate take over has happened in Spain and Italy and other European countries as China begins colonizing Europe.  The bankers know this. There are “free trade zones” in Italy that have huge dormitories of Chinese (with children) turning out designer hand bags so they can be sold as “Made in EU”.  

When the Chinese refer to “interference in Chinese financial affairs” they are referring to a world they believe they own as a “divinely chosen people” of the gods. China calls itself “the kingdom of the divines” or “the middle kingdom” (the proxy of the divines) and they believe they “merit” the power to say who gets what on Earth.  Yet they do not follow their own meritocracy rules and they know it. 
Chinese Dragons are trying to save face, because they know what happens next. Everything they did is seen.

Yet what happens next is a win for them and all, even if they “lose face” temporarily becoming known with all their doings becoming known.  They can’t simultaneously blame the Clinton’s and Rothschild’s when they were Adam Smith’s “unseen hand” as it were behind the financial system.  They can’t have an RV/GCR and put the old gal into a new party dress and pretend they were not running the whole thing all along!

Houston pastor with links to the Bush family selling Chinese “historic bonds”.   Many churches are money laundering operations.   Cash is easy to disguise as donations.

The recent clamp down of Julian Assange’s ability to communicate by Ecuador is brought about by pressure from China on Ecuador . China placed some very difficult financing contracts on Ecuador in the early 2000s.  The reason we know that was Heather the banking lawyer working on a way to make Ecuador self-sufficient and independent and China undercut her work with the President there with side deals to various Ecuadorian politicians.  China always has strings on its “investments” and is not shy about pulling them as it is now doing with Ecuador, Venezuela and other countries.


Today this tweet appeared on Twitter from Zerohedge.com shows the state of panic that China is currently in:


Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton and the Deep State doesn’t it? That’s not an accident.

There’s a saying in banking, owe a little money, you worry.  Owe a lot of money the bank worries. Who better knows that situation than Donald J. Trump and the corporate bankruptcies he’s been through?  Who better to restructure what is essentially the greatest banking fraud ever seen perpetrated on the world in the secret bankruptcy of American in 1871? 

If you want to understand the way Chinese strategy works, learn to play the game of “Go” and read Sun Tzu.  Its about fencing in your opponents choices.  The Chinese are very good at it. Patiently working at it for hundreds of years.  They’ve infiltrated every agency, every institution, every judiciary on the planet.  We in the west can’t conceive of such time scales of planning.  But its a rather two dimensional game that doesn’t factor jumping over fences or conscious quantum tunneling through obstacles and seeming constraints in ways they never dreamed possible.

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is doing doing very well.  Honestly she’s handing her incarceration better than I and others supporting her are.    How that situation exactly resolves I am not sure. This case began in China.  We’ve seen first hand the Chinese and Federal Reserve corruption of the Judiciary so I don’t expect it gets resolved in the same way it happened.  I expect something unusual, whether a pardon by Trump, military intervention, or some other unexpected event… we shall see.  I would be surprised if her confinement last until her slated sentencing in June.

Expect the unexpected!


I-UV.COM is down for the moment, Attack had IP address vectors in Morocco but this move is too sophisticated for Morocco, and those are likely proxy points.  Some indication it has an unusual vector, but I wouldn’t rule out Chinese either. 

Systems being restored but it might be a bit.