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  By Anna Von Reitz

As many of you know, I began my life as a mathematics junkie. I loved science, especially cutting-edge science, too.
So, it is perhaps predictable that throughout my life, despite the ups and downs of having a family, a business, and an unsought-for addiction to studying history, law, and government out of necessity—I have continued to be interested in scientific advancements and, yes, I have a fondness for quirky geniuses like Buckminster Fuller.
“Bucky”, as he was known to friends, died in 1983 –and is best remembered by the public as the inventor and promoter of the geodesic dome. That was far from his only contribution to modern architecture, science, and thought…. and that brings us to the subject of “Fullerenes” also known as “BuckyBalls”.
Fullerenes are carbon structures shaped like various kinds of balls– footballs, soccer balls, or basketballs. Take your pick. There are also tube structures made of pure carbon. The initial discovery of these pure carbon matrices existing in nature caused some consternation, but Bucky was undeterred. If they existed naturally, they couldn’t be bad…. not in any essential sense of “bad”. In fact, they might be good. Even very good.
We always owe it to ourselves to discover.
So the push was on. Fifty-six years later, Buckminster’s students have discovered some amazing things about BuckyBalls. For one thing, they are among the world’s finest and most efficient antioxidants. The cage-like structure of carbon atoms presented by the carbon “balls” serves to trap free-radicals by the boatload — or should I say “ball load”? — and transport the toxins out of the body very efficiently.
Research has indicated that BuckyBalls are efficient traps for other kinds of waste and foreign matter, too — bacteria, viruses, foreign nanotech, heavy metal ions, what-have-you — get enmeshed in or attached to the carbon matrix and flushed out of the body.
Some initial studies with rats have shown that regular ingestion of high quality Carbon – 60 suspended in olive oil almost doubled their lifespan.
One of the possible beneficial interactions postulated is that BuckyBalls trap otherwise poisonous Aluminum ions which in turn attract up to three Free Radical molecules, each, and then bundle the whole mob out the door, like a nano-scale Bouncer. If so, the same effect may be observed with Boron ions.
What presents itself is a “scavenger system” with the Buckyballs acting as the garbage truck and the metallic ions that would otherwise be troublemakers gainfully employed as the garbage collectors. And that theory does fit the experimental results.
Now, a rat is closer biologically to a cat or a dog, than a man, but all share basic mammalian physiology, so it should come as no surprise that a substance that dramatically prolongs the lifespan of a rat has similar function-enhancing and toxicity-reducing effects on our pets.
I recently used cutting edge “Detoxifiber” (which traps toxins more efficiently in the gut and keeps them from being recycled through the liver again and again, causing damage with each pass) and SES Carbon-60 in olive oil to save my dog who suffered an adverse reaction to the drug carprofen, otherwise known by the brand name “rimadyl” — and was twice given up for dead.
Veterinarians, like doctors, have been trained to throw drugs at everything, whether appropriate or not, in a shotgun approach. They appear to just throw things at the wall and hope something sticks.
When I asked why my dog was given a strong anti-inflammatory drug commonly prescribed for arthritis, even though he has no sign of arthritis at all, the vet hemmed and hawed and finally admitted that it was because of his age…. they just assumed that a dog his age had arthritis, until they took x-rays….and found no sign of arthritis.
Let this be a warning to the rest of us about the quality of our medical professionals.
Their solution to the problem they had caused was to put my dog down.
Oh, and charge me $2,600.00 for the privilege of hearing that they could do nothing to reverse the damage done.
And this is a top-rated veterinary clinic, one of the best in Alaska.
So I thanked them for rehydrating him with a saline solution that probably costs $1.60 a gallon, and took my poor puppy home, drooling, blind, disoriented, unable to keep his footing, unable to keep food down.
About one in a hundred dogs has this reaction to carprofen, and mine would be the one in a hundred. Still, with a vet practice that probably sees 7,000 dogs in a year and prescribes rimadyl routinely for perhaps half of them, that’s over thirty animals either killed outright or damaged and left for dead with no sane veterinary plan for treatment in place.
If it’s your dog, believe me, that “trivial” one-percent group does matter.
So I took him home, determined to flush the poisonous drug out of him, and he’s back up to steam, thanks to Garden of Life Detoxifiber and SES C-60.
My very limited faith in modern medical professionals has taken yet another nose-dive, but my faith in logic and common sense remains.
In an environment where we are constantly and often purposefully exposed to noxious chemicals, poisons, drugs, and pollutants — including harmful nanotechnology spread by aerial spraying and injections — we all need to take detoxification seriously. Very seriously.
One of the proven benefits of Carbon-60 is protection of the liver (in rats, again, but go figure) which again seems to underscore the ability of C-60 to act as a nano-scale garbage collector, thereby relieving the liver of constant toxic overload.
Another benefit (to the rats) was an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving arthritis and joint/ligament pain. Many people have reported experiencing similar relief. Even though my dog didn’t have arthritis in any case, treatment with C-60 would have harmlessly provided relief without the use of dangerous carprofen.
An extra little irony for me to chew on.
People suffering from alcoholism and various kinds of drug addiction have experienced and testified that C-60 reduced their cravings and improved their mood — which makes total sense, to the extent that C-60 may stop the alcohol or the drug from being recycled repeatedly through the liver and moderate the overall toxicity involved.
Five milliliters of C-60 a day may not keep the doctor away, but it helps. And judging from the quality of medical “care” available to both people and canines, we’d better do all that we can for ourselves.
C-60 in olive oil isn’t inexpensive — about $70 per month. But if it keeps your engine running cleanly, lubricates your joints, and detoxifies your whole system —which it appears to do — it’s money well-spent on preventive maintenance. Go to for more information and to order. Ancient rats can’t be all wrong.
Many of us Oldsters also need fiber in our diets to keep things moving, so why not use more efficient fiber, too? Garden of Life “Detoxifiber” keeps the gunk in your gut, ready to offload, instead of letting it recycle into your bloodstream and go back through your liver, again and again and again.
And no, neither Garden of Life nor paid me a penny to say any of this. This is pure Grandma advice for you and your pets. You can take DeTox to the next level; I am, my dog is, and we recommend doing so to you, too.
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Shades of 1913

 By Anna Von Reitz

For those who are unaware of such things, we are in the middle of a brutal energy storm. Just imagine that you are a little kid, and the wind is tearing and gusting all around the house, and rain is thundering on the roof and against the windows….and you are tucked in bed, safe and warm.
The first time in modern history that this particular set of storm conditions existed was in 1913. It was caused by the failure of the bankruptcy process that was contrived to release our gold and silver resources back into the world markets—without our knowledge or consent.
The Federal Reserve bankers came up with the idea to enslave everyone and capitalize on the labor resources of this country (and several others) and then use the Blood Money to slake the investors; but, the Kaiser was a moral man, and he stuck to his guns. Such debts were always paid in gold, on time, and on demand. WWI commenced anyway.
That hideous conflagration just caused more debts and more destruction, and the enslavement program continued — now needed more than ever to backstop the lack of available precious metal commodities being rigged by the London commodity boards.
Note—they’ve done the same thing again in the commercial paper markets, by choke-pointing and licensing the companies that can issue “Medium Term Notes” for corporations.
The guilty parties tried successfully to blame the victims, their Priority Creditors from Germany, and foisted off an unbelievably unjust peace settlement that would have reduced Germany and the German people to abject poverty for over a hundred years.
All to pay war reparations for a war that wouldn’t exist, if the debtors had made a good faith effort to pay in the first place.
That, of course, didn’t play well and didn’t pay the bills, either.
So, enter the 1930-33 world bankruptcy and Ponzi scheme, with Herr Hitler pushing the envelope and World War II close on his heels. More death and destruction —- and debt. Don’t forget the debt.
Every time there is a melt down, there is more debt, and more dead creditors.
You would think that people would observe the nature of what they are doing to themselves and to each other and just stop, but no.
Here we are again.
At a first dash we find out that, hey, this is not only a debt from the past 150 years in the western world; oh, no, this is a debt that goes back 800 years to the last time there was an actual Golden Jubilee.
All the Blood Money has been carried forward as unpaid pre-paid credit since then.
Think of it — 800 years of this.
The thinking ones among us had already (and swiftly) concluded that it was impossible to rack up either a pentillion (or as it is also called, a quintillion) dollar credit or debt, even over the course of a 150 years. There simply isn’t that much debt or credit generated worldwide year by year, even if you throw in the interest.
But go back 800 years and add in the value of the purloined gold, silver, jewels, art treasures, land sales, titles, fees, rents, lease-purchase agreements, stocks, bonds, debentures, taxes, tariffs, payments in lieu of taxes, patents, copyrights, trademarks, commodities on hand, national currencies, insurance and pension plans — and then it isn’t hard to come up with a quintillion dollars in credit. Or debt.
So long as someone is stubbornly refusing to pay their side of it, that is.
As long as one Party doesn’t pay and the other Party doesn’t object, it’s perfectly legal to just go on and on and on like this, with a humongous debt piling up on one side of the ledger, and an equally obscene credit looming on the other.
Then the Kaiser objects…..And Uncle Adolph objects….And the King of England objects…. And we object….
And thus far, it comes down to the same thing. Death for living people and profit for corporations. No payment on the debt is made, but more debt is accrued, and there are no punishments for the Perpetrators.
The Zionists stopped following the commandments of the True God eight hundred years ago when they stopped honoring the Jubilees, and have been thumbing their noses ever since.
Until finally we come to the absurdity of the situation. The corporations — the actual corporations — have accrued more debt than can ever be paid back.
The Trustees of the actual “Legacy Trusts” — more than 5,000 such trusts, holding all the world’s gold and silver and other precious things, have been confused by the dishonesty of the bankers ignoring their deposit receipts and guarantees.
But the banks can’t return their deposits, because they have used those assets to spool up the debt being held against the living people. They, and especially the World Bank, have had themselves a “Parr–tee!” and sponsored all sorts of Private Trading Platforms that are supposed to generate funding for philanthropic projects…..
That, lo, and behold — don’t exist.
So far as I can ascertain, not a penny has come off those platforms since this current round of idiocy and corruption began in 1946, with the various banks of the world all divided into eight banking associations with one holding company— the Octagon Group.
Well, hello, James Bond.
The banks that won the war (though everyone actually lost) got the choice bits, the gold in the Swiss banks, the off-ledger accounts, the lease liability investments….. while at the other end of the spectrum, we have dear old Deutsche Bank (or Douche Bank as some snarky rats called it after the war) holding nearly the entire burden of all the phantasmagorical Derivatives.
Derivatives are the franchises and subsidiaries and spin-offs of already imaginary corporations that exist only as shelf corporations housing laundered money, pension plan payouts owed two centuries from now, and similar assets.
Accounting and romance novel writing are surprisingly similar occupations. One can imagine Georgette Heyer in the attic of some gloomy Scottish castle looking at a sheet of Lincoln’s 10/40 Bonds….
Will the present-day High Priest of Baal succumb at last?
What is going to happen next in a world gone completely stark-raving, but quietly, mad?
I wish I could make this stuff up, folks, but I couldn’t in my wildest dreams.
Here’s Joe Dumb Bunny, estimating his net worth at $300,000.00 and thinking that, all things being equal and given where he started out in life, he did pretty good. Now he obediently signs his financial statement and rolls up his sleeve….
Unknown to him he’s worth $52 billion. His heirs get $300,000.00. The corporations responsible for his death get the rest as unclaimed, abandoned property. I am deadly serious.
Get off your couches, people. It’s your lives and your fortunes at risk. Make up your minds that you are going to enforce your will against these criminal corporations. No matter what it takes.
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Why Do They Hate Mary Magdalene?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Put simply — Mary Magdalene was the High Priestess of Baal. She was converted from evil to good.
Her conversion broke the power of the Satanic religion that we are now confronting once again.
Her act anointing Joshua before his crucifixion conferred the Office of the High Priest of Baal on him, and made him Accursed.
And that is the guise and role in which he suffered, literally as the guilty one responsible for all the evil in the world, the one responsible for the gross sins of Baphomet.
Yet, he was innocent.
A miracle was required, something so contrary, so anti-intuitive, so above-and-beyond our reckoning, that our Lord took on the Highest Office of the Satanists, and let all their guilt be heaped on him.
And she’s the one who anointed him into that office.
No wonder she was weeping.
To those present who knew what was happening, there were plenty of reasons to hate Mary Magdalene.
If she and her followers hadn’t committed such horrible atrocities, there would be no need for such terrible atonement.
And who was she, that he should suffer for her? He owed her and her followers less than nothing at all.
The Other Side hated her, too — for completely different reasons; their entire religion was nullified by her conversion. They lost the bloodline of the High Priestess and have never been able to re-establish it again.
Thousands of years later, this dimension of the Passion of Christ has been papered over. The hatred of Mary Magdalene endures, but the reasons for it are not well-known outside the High Church.
So now, in the midst of the final denouement, you understand how poignant and painful it is, his love for Mary Magdalene.
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Paper Mills and Clarification

 By Anna Von Reitz

The latest tempest in a teapot has been caused by individual people in three States recording improper versions of four of our documents on the Land Recording System. These are individual unknown people.
Our best guess is that these tweaked versions of our documents came from a “paper mill” — one of those several organizations that are selling people “freedom packages” and helping themselves to our forms (which are available for free at and via the State Assemblies (at —and then messing with them to create their own versions.
These plagiarized and altered documents are dangerous because they do the exact opposite of what our documents are designed to do.
So, we have put out the message to be aware of these things and to compare any paperwork you have recently received or submitted to be sure it conforms to the verbiage of the Article 928 templates found at
I wish to stress that these altered forms have been submitted by individual people using the LRS — not via the State Recording Secretaries.
The chief problem with these altered forms is that they misunderstand the context of the Expatriation and Act of State and Certificate of Assumed Name, all of which work together to expatriate the foreign corporations operating under our NAMES/Names and serve to bring them back under our Public Law. They also fail to recognize the context of the Reconveyance we use to put the American Lawful Person back on the land.
Many Newbies have mistakenly thought that these forms applied to them as living people —that they were expatriating themselves, for example— and didn’t grasp the fact that these forms are not about living people at all. These forms are about foreign “persons” being expatriated from foreign jurisdictions and brought back under State control.
My best advice to all concerned is that if you want to be recognizable as an American and have control of your assets, use the templates available from our websites.
And meantime, Recording Secretaries — be alert. These hijacked forms are out there.
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No Arguments Needed — Try This Yourself

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are some things that are simply too important not to share, things that impact life on this planet, and our own daily lives, too.
You were given a great gift, and then, evil men snatched it. They couldn’t use it themselves, but they didn’t want you to have it, either. Part of the mission here in this day and age is to let you know the truth about who you are, what you are owed, and also, about the Gift.
You’ve already learned about the misuse and abuse of “persons” to misrepresent both who and what you are. You now know that when you see your name in all capital letters, a Municipal PERSON is being addressed, and you are getting their mail. It’s literally misaddressed mail.
The same people, the Liars who perpetuated this scheme, have promoted other such schemes in other venues, too.
Throughout the Bible you hear the constant condemnation of the Liars. Among those set aside specifically for the Pit are the Liars. Time and again, we are told that perdition is set aside for “all Liars”. We are told specifically that God the Father hates gossiping and liars. Both.
What’s this focus on liars about? They are following the Father of All Lies.
Every lie you speak is giving Satan a voice.
Every lie you knowingly tell is giving him an inroad to your soul.
This is why liars are condemned — they have given their allegiance to The Father of All Lies, and every day they seal their doom by continuing to lie, lie, lie— whether they are newscasters casting spells on the half-sleeping audience, or preachers thundering nonsense from pulpits unknowingly consecrated to Baal.
It should really come as no surprise that the same characters have conspired to cheat you out of the greatest Gift ever given. They can never inherit it themselves, because of the choices they make on a daily basis, but they are so mean-spirited, that they contrive to keep you from receiving what has been set aside for you —- and they use the same means that they use to impersonate you and misrepresent you as a foreign citizen in your own country. They lie.
The actual name of our Beloved Teacher and Savior in English is: Joshua. Not Jesus. So how can you pray in his name, if you don’t know his name?
Nice trick, no? Cripple his followers by teaching them to pray in the wrong name.
Imagine the grim amusement of all the followers of Baal, listening to millions of “Christians” aimlessly praying to “an unknown god”.
Of course, our Father knows your heart, but how lame is this, that we are deluded into using a Roman nickname? A “nickname” refers to Old Nick — Satan — and it is a False Name by definition.
So if you are still calling out in “the name of Jesus” — guess what?
Now I can anticipate the floodgates of consternation and the piles of learned papers written by experts that will be dumped on my desk, but Grandma is Grandma— and to me, the proof is always in the pudding. Something is or is not. A carrot is not an apple.
So let’s cut to the chase. Try it out for yourself.
Say your prayers in Joshua’s name for a week and see what happens.
If you are a purist and want to try to say his name in Hebrew, it sounds like “Yahushuah” with the “hush” hushed a bit.
But use his name, not the Roman Nickname. See what happens when you turn your heart to him and speak his name and pray in his name.
I can already tell you what happens. Miracles happen.
But no need to argue about it. Test drive this for yourself. See for yourself.
The same thing applies to the use of the words “Christ” and “Christian”.
The word “Christ” means “anointed one”, but it doesn’t say which anointed one, does it? This same word applies to the High Priest and High Priestess of Baal. Just like the word “Amen” means “truth” in Hebrew, but is also the name of the Egyptian sun god, Amen-Ra.
Are you willing to drink from a polluted stream?
Why, then, would you call yourselves by an ambiguous name like “Christian”?
Why would you address your prayers to an Egyptian idol, and expect a response from your Father in Heaven?
It’s not just the history and structure of your temporal government that you’ve been misled about— and again, there’s no point in arguing with me. Just take the information in and begin praying in this new way. See for yourselves.
Pray in the name of Joshua and don’t “seal” your prayer with anything but your love. Just send it “in the name of Joshua, your Son.”
Now that you are set free of self-defeating words, your prayers will be heard and answered. The old black magic of deceit and substitution won’t work anymore. The intent of your heart will flow freely to Heaven, unobstructed— and just as freely flow back to you.
If anything be troubling you, any evil of this world, any illness, any loss, any addiction, any cross — pray as I have taught you and you will be answered. Kindness will enter your life. Compassion will find you. Wisdom will come. Healing will attend you.
The answers you receive may surprise you, because our Father doesn’t think as we think and is not limited as we are, but the answers will be present as he is present; and you will be comforted.
And as you are comforted and as your miracles abound, and as you come to know that the veil of deceit has finally been removed, teach others as freely as I have taught you. Don’t hoard this up as a secret just for you or for your friends or the members of your church.
Tell everyone who will hear you. Teach them. Let them discover the power and freedom that comes to them when they connect to the True God and when they pray — not “in Jesus’ name” — but in the name of Joshua.
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Border Collapse: Secret Flights, Secret Centers, and more

Alex Jones joins Owen Shroyer and the Infowars crew on the southern border in McAllen, Texas to reveal more pieces of the illegal immigration pipeline from South and Central America through Mexico into the United States, including secret flights out of a private airport, hidden holding centers for illegal immigrants, and much more.

Instruction On The Second Sunday After Easter

 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine’s

The Church’s Year

Because of the joyous Resurrection of Christ, and the graces flowing to us on account of it, the Church sings at the Introit of the Mass:

INTROIT The earth is full of the mercy of the Lord, alleluia; by the word of the Lord the heavens were established, alleluia, alleluia. Rejoice in the Lord, ye just: praise becometh the upright. (Ps. XXII.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

COLLECT O God, who in the humility of Thy Son hast raised up a fallen world; grant to Thy faithful a perpetual joyfulness; that whereas Thou hast rescued them from the perils of eternal death, Thou mayest bring them to the fruition of everlasting joy. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.

EPISTLE (I Pet II. 21?25.) Dearly beloved, Christ suffered for us, leaving you an example that you should follow his steps. Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth. Who, when he was reviled, did not revile; when he suffered, he threatened not; but delivered himself to him that judged him unjustly; who his own self bore our sins in his body upon the tree, that we being dead to sins, should live to justice: by whose stripes you were healed. For you were as sheep going astray: but you are now converted to the shepherd and bishop of your souls.

EXPLANATION St. Peter teaches the Christians patience in misery and afflictions, even in unjust persecution, and for this purpose places before them the example of Christ who, though most innocent, suffered most terribly and most patiently. Are we true sheep of the good Shepherd if at the smallest cross, at every word, we become angry and impatient?

ASPIRATION O Lord Jesus! grant me the grace to follow Thee, my good Shepherd, and not to complain and make threats whenever I am reprimanded, reviled or persecuted for justice sake.

GOSPEL (John X. 11-16.) At that time, Jesus said to the Pharisees: I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep. But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and flieth; and the wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep: and the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling, and he bath no care for the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and I know mine, and mine know me. As the Father knoweth me, and I know the Father, and I lay down my life for my sheep. And other sheep I have, that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.

How has Christ proved Himself a good Shepherd?

By sacrificing His life even for His enemies, for those who did not yet love Him, (I John IV. 10; Rom. V. 8.) and could not reward Him. He has besides given Himself to us for our food.

How are we to know if we are among the sheep of Christ, that is, His chosen ones?

If we listen willingly to the voice of the Shepherd in sermons and instructions, in spiritual books and conversations; are obedient to it, and especially give ear and follow the rules of the Church through which the Good Shepherd speaks to us, (Luke X. 16.) “for he,” says St. Augustine, “who has not the Church for his mother, will not have God for his father;” if we gladly receive the food of the Good Shepherd, that is, His sacred Body and Blood in holy Communion; if we are patient and meek as a lamb, freely forgiving our enemies; if we love all men from our heart, do good to them, and seek to bring them to Jesus.

Who are the other sheep of Christ?

The Gentiles who were not of the fold of Israel, whom Christ sought to bring by His disciples, and now by their successors; into His fold. To these sheep we also belonged by our ancestors. O how grateful we should be to God, that He has brought us into the fold of His Church, and how diligently should we conduct ourselves as good sheep!

When will there be but one fold and one shepherd?

When, by the prayers of the Church and by her missionaries, all nations shall be converted to the only saving Church, constituting then one Church under one head. Let us pray that this may soon come to pass.

PRAYER O Lord Jesus! Thou Good Shepherd who on the cross didst give Thy life for Thy sheep, grant us, we beseech Thee, by Thy death, the grace to be faithful to Thy voice and teachings like obedient lambs that we may one day be numbered among Thy chosen ones in heaven.

I lay down my life for my sheep. (John X. 15.)

What has Christ obtained for us by His death?

The remission of our sins, the grace to lead a life pleasing to God in this world, and eternal happiness in the next, for which we now firmly hope, with secure confidence may now expect, and most assuredly will obtain, if we do not fail on our part.

In what does eternal happiness consist?

In the beatific vision of God, which includes the most perfect love of Him, by which those who are saved become, as it were, one with Him, possessing in this union everything that they can possibly desire.

What are the necessary means of obtaining eternal happiness?

The grace of God, that is, His continual assistance; the practice of the three divine virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity; the keeping of God’s commandments; the frequent use of the holy Sacraments, and constant prayer. These means must be diligently employed, for “God who”, as St. Augustine says, created us without us, will not save us without us,” that is, without our cooperation.

What may especially enable us to hope for eternal happiness?

The infinite mercy and goodness of God, who from all eternity has loved us more than an earthly mother, and. because of this love did not even spare His only-begotten Son, but gave Him up, for our sake, to the most bitter death. Will He then deny us heaven, He who in giving us His Son, has given us more than heaven itself? The fidelity of God: He has so often promised us eternal happiness, and in so many texts of Scripture so clearly explained that He wishes us to be saved, that He must keep His promise, for He is eternal truth and cannot deceive. (Heb. VI. 18.) He says not yes today, and no tomorrow, there is no change in Him, nor shadow of alteration. (James I, 17.) The omnipotence of God, who can do all that He pleases, whom no one can oppose or prevent from doing what He will; if we have confidence in a rich and honest man who assures us he will assist us in need, how much more should we hope in the goodness, fidelity, and omnipotence of God!

When should we make an act of Hope?

As soon as we come to the use of reason and, are sufficiently instructed concerning this virtue and its motives; in time of trouble or of severe temptation against this virtue; when receiving the holy Sacraments; every morning and evening, and especially at the hour of death.

The same thing is to be observed in regard to acts of Faith and Love.

The Seriousness of the Hour — Message for All Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

It pains me and inconveniences our work in the international forums to have to take time to explain certain things over and over and over again, so I am issuing a message to all State Assemblies and all State Coordinators:
1. We are entered into very challenging times and the seriousness and importance of the work set before us cannot be overstated. The safety of the Assembly members and the standing of the Assembly depends on the correct paperwork being recorded for each and every member and the correct structures established for each Assembly. This isn’t a party. It isn’t a private club. Your individual opinions about how best to accomplish these aims are limited to the framework you have to follow to get to the desired results.
2. It has come to our attention that some Coordinators have been operating the Assembly as a private club, and attempting to exclude some people from reclaiming their birthright status and from participation in the Assembly. Let’s make this loud and clear for everyone. This is your government. It’s public, not private. No Assembly has the power to exclude an American from reclaiming their birthright.
No Assembly has the right to deny participation in any public function of the Assembly except that: (1) State Citizens are the only ones allowed to conduct business in the International Business Assembly; (2) the only reason any otherwise eligible member may be excluded from a public function is if they are causing a significant disruption that obstructs the Assembly from conducting its business. We are talking about people getting drunk and disorderly, people trying to commandeer public meetings to talk about their personal problems for hours, and similar behavior that is obviously detrimental to and outside the given purposes of the Assembly functions.
3. It has come to our attention that certain people involved in the Illinois, Florida and Michigan Assemblies have made detrimental and ignorant changes to four of the primary documents in the 928 Package available at and have altered the content of these forms in such a way as to nullify their effect. As a result, these altered documents are not providing the intended changes and are in fact leaving people unprotected and “stateless”. If the paperwork you submitted is substantially different in any respect from the published templates, you will have to go back and do it again.
Please pay attention! This work is too serious to muck up!
4. Nobody is advised to renounce “US Citizenship” — particularly Federal workers. There is a long history of ignorant patriots marching into consulate offices and “renouncing US Citizenship” only to come whining and crying when they want to come home to this country. And I get stuck having to work with these idiots to bring them home again. We, Americans, are State Nationals and State Citizens of The United States, and any blanket renunciation of “United States Citizenship” throws the baby out with the bathwater, because there is no distinction made between WHICH “United States” you are talking about. So stop making assumptions that you are not competent to make about processes, laws, and legal standing issues that you are unfamiliar with.
5. Everyone needs to take this whole process very, very seriously. Whether you have been aware of it or not, your butts have been in the crosshairs of a vicious and long-standing commercial war. And if you think that commercial wars are a lark— remember Vietnam, which was also a “mercenary conflict”. You’ve got the Viet Cong coming at you from one side and the “U.S. Forces” coming at you from the other. Now are you finally all sobered up enough to think straight about the position you are in?
This is deadly serious stuff, just as serious as driving your car on the right side of the road.
6. The purpose of the Reconveyance is to bring your “Person” back to the land and soil jurisdiction, because your Territorial Employees have removed you from your natural position and standing on the land and soil of this country by registering you as a Ward of their State of State organization. If you have a Birth Certificate that document places you at sea, not on the land. Your Good Name has been latched upon and shanghaied, so yes, it is necessary for you to take action to reconvey it back to the States. The Reconveyance repatriates you to your original political status and standing.
7. The purpose of the Expatriation and Act of State paperwork is to reflag and re-domicile the foreign PERSONS/Persons that have been created and named after you. That language is all precise and precisely what it needs to be to remove these PERSONS/Persons from their native foreign jurisdiction and place them under the Public Law of the States. These documents have nothing whatsoever to do with you— the living man or woman — they are entirely about fictional entities that have been created and operating “in your name” by foreign governments. So stop thinking that you are Expatriating yourself — you are Expatriating these foreign entities —THEM/Them — from their foreign status, so that they have to be administered under our Public Law.
8. Similarly, the Certificate of Assumed NAME(S)/Names has to do with our government allowing those Expatriated PERSONS/Persons that have been named after you to do business in this country, and establishes the fact that you own those Names/NAMES and that you — not a State of State Black Robe — are the one in control of them.
9. Everything that has been developed by us has been thoroughly tested for correctness and legal effect. The only time that this paperwork “fails” is when the Judge isn’t convinced that you are who you are and that you know your butts from buttercups. This is a matter of educating the courts — and first educating yourselves— so that you are no longer being trespassed upon by your own employees. If you don’t understand what the paperwork does or why you have to complete it, ask your Coordinator, and if you stump your Coordinator, he or she can certainly ask me.
We don’t ask anyone to take anything on faith or to trust blindly, but neither do we take responsibility for people who strike off on their own.
10. I have spent too much time this past week extracting people from situations that they got themselves into by meddling with processes and paperwork that was already set up for them, because they thought they knew better…. take heed. You don’t know what you don’t know. Do this process once. Do it correctly, using the verbiage given. Don’t add to it. Don’t detract from it. Just play it straight and stay in your lane. It’s the only safe way for you and your Assemblies to gain and keep your standing.
11. Anyone who thinks that an Assembly is a social club and nexus for gossiping needs to go home and stay there. In this country, at this time, an Assembly is a place of refuge for Americans — a place to take shelter from the horrendous mercenary “war” that has been raging on our shores for decades. It is a place where Americans can get organized and prepared to exert the political and economic and legal effort required to put an end to the shameless pillaging and plundering that has gone on in this country— and bring peace to our shores.
This is serious-minded work in a serious situation. Pass the word and everyone discipline yourselves accordingly. Don’t waste time wrestling with skunks. Don’t gossip. Don’t meddle. Don’t change the forms. Don’t do anything but plug onward as fast as you can and spread the word. Bring home as many Americans as you possibly can, and work hard to educate yourselves.
If you have troublemakers in your midst, deal with them one on one. If they disrupt meetings, throw them out. If you suspect hostile infiltrators, use the Bevins Declaration. If you just don’t like someone — get over it.
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A Spiritual War

 By Anna Von Reitz

So now we know what we are up against: a war of the spirit, with The Spirit of Truth arrayed against The Spirit of Untruth, the actual pitted against the fictional.
Time and again, we are told in ancient scriptures, that Our Father is a spirit, just as the Holy Spirit is a spirit. We can’t normally see a spirit. They come and go like the wind— unseen, but present.
Confirmation of this is seen throughout the Bible, both in the sayings attributed to God the Father throughout the Old Testament, and in the sayings and circumstances of the New Testament, also.
Notice how throughout the Old Testament, God says he will bring some particular army or nation against another to reprove and correct the evil being promoted by the offender?
He pits one nation against another nation to rebuke the offender, not to reward the “sword” in his hand.
Those who cause terror in the Land of the Living go down among those consigned to the pit, but the peacemakers are adopted as the Sons of God.
Read the Book of Ezekiel paying attention to how many times the Living God rebukes nations and uses other nations to physically enforce his will. You will find this same scenario throughout the Bible.
Notice how at the end of the crucifixion, our Beloved Teacher cries out— “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Only Yahushuah knew he was present and was able to sense his sudden absence.
All of this great battle, this War of the Spirit, occurs in the Unseen Realm– where the great battles are being fought for your heart and mind and the fate of our species as a whole.
The Spirit of Falsehood is here. The Spirit of Truth is here.
The idol of Ashtoreth is here, the image of the Great Abomination which brings Desolation is standing where it should not stand, in New York Harbor.
We should return it to France and the Freemasons who sent it.
The table is set.
Those who think that it is their business to bring the prophecies to fulfillment are hard at work, trying to get hideous wars started in the Ukraine, in Iran, and in China.
Those who are clueless are stumbling around like sleepwalkers.
And where are you, at this great turning point, where men are called to know the Truth?
Now, more than ever, we need Prayer Warriors and Soldiers of Peace, those who will turn from lies and selfishness and war, and find the narrow path that leads to life—-abundant life.
I was asked yesterday what more could be done and what I would have people do and before I could speak, my companion blurted out, “Pray!”
I would add — pray that we can be forgiven for our ignorance. We were misled about what the “Statue of Liberty” was and what it actually represented. We didn’t know that a foreign and profane theocracy was at the heart of the trouble we have been suffering.
Pray that those who yearn for peace and righteousness will be fulfilled, their cups running over.
Pray that we may be delivered from the swarms of evil men who cluster in every dark corner, plotting theft and murder against the innocent.
Pray that we may simply awaken and find them gone, like morning mist swept away.
Pray that the great battles may remain in the spirit realm and pass away from us like distant clouds on the horizon.
Pray that our confession and repentance can be enough, that our acts in defense of the innocent can be enough, that our common sense can be enough.
Pray that we learn how to love our unseen Creator and how to love each other.
Pray that the ugly image of Baphomet and all the sacraments of his death cult can forever pass away.
Pray that we wake up and are given back our discernment and our power to heal.
Pray that the power of the Living God can be in the hands and minds of good men and women, full of the Holy Spirit, those who are unconquerable.
Pray that those who have contrived the death of the nations may be intercepted and left cut off from every avenue of power.
Pray that the terror cast forth into the Land of the Living can be set aside and never come to us.
Pray that it can be as it was said, that not one hair on our heads will be harmed.
Pray, now, for a great shortening of the time, so that the will of our Father is made manifest — that not one should be lost, even among those who have fallen away.
Pray for the Earth and for the plants and for the animals, too.
And when you pray, don’t say “Amen”. Seal your prayers with the love in your heart. Let that be your soul’s signature, and your prayers’ silent address.
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