Will There Be Economic and Employee Shortages in the Future?

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As mandates have been dropping at corporate offices, hospitals, and some higher education institutions, why is it still important to keep fighting? Currently, over 500 colleges across the nation are still mandating students to be injected with the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine – but the issue doesn’t end at stopping mandates. 


Vaccine injuries are rising on campus and disrupting student’s lives, but many students aren’t connecting the health issues they’re experiencing to the vaccine because we’ve been told – or more accurately, manipulated and gaslit – that it’s “safe and effective” by our faculty, our administration, and our government. So why doubt it? 


Ostracization, isolation, and discrimination


Bright students who realize this correlation become troubled when it comes to finding like-minded friends, fearing being outed by their friend group, and facing repercussions to their enrollment or scholarships. This isolating effect creates a barrier preventing students from reaching knowledge and support. Serena Johnson, a university student from Alberta, Canada experienced this effect. Luckily, she found a way to turn her unfortunate situation around for the better. She wrote, “…I was forced to leave. After the shock and disappointment had subsided, I took on a quiet, isolated lifestyle. I didn’t realize at the time that I would reap many benefits from this unexpected turn of events. It inspired me to find my voice by writing articles.” 


Disabilities are Rising, Birth Rates are Falling


As college students are the next emerging workforce, vaccine injuries may likely cause economic impacts as disabilities prevent people from achieving their full potential of productivity and working. If the injury is severe, family and friends may have to be caretakers, which also takes away from contribution to societal advancement. 

US Disability Data Part 3 – Relationship with Vaccine uptake


Ed Dowd, a former Blackrock Portfolio Manager, superimposed the vaccination data on top of rising disability rates of the working age in the US. The regression R2 is close to 90%, evidence for a strong relationship. Even if the vaccine did not cause the rise in disabilities, the pure data suggests our working capacity as a society is falling and disrupted by disabilities. 


Moreover, scientific evidence has shown that the spike protein of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine deposits in male and female reproductive organs. While it is still unknown (due to vaccine manufacturers’ lack of safety testing) if this will cause a lasting impact on fertility, data shows that birthrates have been declining and the countries with the largest impact are ones that are the most vaccinated. When birthrates were relatively consistent in past years and throughout the original Covid-19 variant, in 2021, Australia experienced a 71% decrease in birth rate, Taiwan experienced a 23.24% decrease, Budapest a 22.2% decrease, and Germany a 13% decrease.

“What’s going on with births down under in Australia?” 

Left: “Dramatic Decline in Births in Germany”. Right: “Depopulation of Taiwan”.

Hungary: Highest Vaccinated Counties Have Worst Birth Rate Drops!


Will There Be an Economic Recession? 


If declining birth rates continue and employee shortages arise as a result, the workforce will be burdened with rising workloads. This could cause economic recessions or depressions, market shortages, and company shutdowns.

We have all been sold the ‘American Dream’. Imagine a young 17 or 18 year old, going through the strides of college in hopes of earning a better life, a better job, and better financial ability for his or her future family. Yet, when they decide to try to have children, they suddenly find out that they can’t. Couples struggling with infertility may be more prone to to anxiety and depression. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association writes that “Up to 40% of women experiencing infertility have a psychiatric diagnosis”. Adding economic issues to that crockpot of emotional distress only cooks up more anxiety, depression, and mental health problems. 


It’s critical to be aware of what is happening in college circles. It started with “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, then progressed from lockdowns and masking, to forced vaccinations, forced testing, vaccine passports, and travel restrictions. Unfortunately, some still believe that they are the ones trying to protect everyone else. 


If the college population keeps on being (blindly or begrudgingly) complacent with mandates that have no scientific rationale, this will become a gateway to gaslighting and forcing the next adult generation to submit to irrational rules in the future. 

If you are a student or a parent of one, show your disagreement by refusing to pay tuition to a school that fails to honor your bodily autonomy. If you are an alumni from a school that is still mandating, write to the Board of Trustees/Directors and express your concerns and stop donating to an institution that is not contributing to the health and wellbeing of young people. Even if you have no direct relationship to the college group, you have a relationship to the lives of young people as part of the human race. 


Here are action items you can do: 


Find like-minded people and stand out as a group

Canvas on campus with signs or flyers (Canva.com is a intuitive, free design tool with customizable templates)

Talk to young people (on college campuses, college libraries, popular hangout areas) 

Write letters to colleges (Presidents, Board of Trustees/Directors, Deans, Student Health, etc. Certified letters are a good choice if you want to confirm receipt)

Send Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to colleges 

Call or write to your district representatives

Volunteer with an organization that is fighting to spread truth and transparency

Share DailyClout articles or the VSRF College Edition Show (geared towards college-aged audience) with family and friends

It is no longer the time to hide under blankets and wait for the storm to pass. The storm will not pass unless we tell it to.

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34,270 Deaths And Counting, But at 25 Deaths the Government Pulled the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine


“By the following week I was paralyzed,” said Judy Roberts, who was diagnosed with vaccine-induced guillain-barre syndrome in 1976. Back then, the Swine Flu outbreak had swept the United States and the government urged citizens to “roll up your sleeves, and get a shot of protection,” claiming that the Swine Flu vaccine was “safe, easy to take, and can protect you against flu.” Comparing the timeline of Covid-19 to the 1976 Swine Flu highlights chilling senses of deja vu.


Watch: 60 Minutes Flashback: Exposing 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries


1976 Swine Flu2019 SARS-CoV-2
In January 1976, Fort Dix recruits come down with cases of respiratory disease. 1 recruit, Private David Lewis collapses and dies after leaving his sick bed and making a forced, five-mile, night march.


On Nov 17th, 2019, 1 death was caused by SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan, China.



Samples of the virus are sent to CDC, which identifies this as a swine-influenza virus.On January 23, 2020. The WHO Director-General thanks the People’s Republic of China for “isolating and sequencing the virus very quickly, and has shared that genetic sequence with WHO and the international community.”


Tests failed to achieve suitable antibody levels in children.



Two days later, on January 25, 2020, Corman-Drosten produces Covid-19 PCR Testing Protocol based on in silico (theoretical/computer generated) genetic sequences provided by a lab in China. External peer review reveals 10 major scientific flaws.


FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (211 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification.

(Note: This is on the isolation of the virus from a NATURAL source, and the lack therefore fails Koch’s Postulates. This does not dismiss the illness.)


Later, the 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay was withdrawn by the CDC.

CDC Director David Sencer cited “strong possibility” of swine flu pandemic & initiated mass vaccination campaign


The other 4 Fort Dix recruits recover without the Swine Flu vaccine.


They eventually found that the strain of flu was not a repeat or escalation of the 1918 flu, but ‘the U.S. government was unstoppable”… They had promised a vaccine, so there needed to be a vaccine.’”

With 99% of cases and ALL deaths originating in China, and with only 68 cases constituting 1% of cases globally, a public health emergency of international concern is declared on January 30, 2020 by the WHO. Proposals are made, including proposals to “ accelerate the development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics,” and to “combat the spread of rumors and misinformation.”


The worldwide transmission was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization.


Of all cases recorded over 6 months, only 6% of the deaths were purely caused by Covid-19 virus.

$135 million is presented to President Ford for pandemic planning.$4.7 trillion committed in Federal Reserve Actions, $5.5 trillion in legislative actions, and $800 billion in administrative actions.
Public service advertisements urged citizens to “get a shot of protection”.Public service advertisements urged citizens the vaccine was “safe and effective”, to “get back to normal”, and to “protect loved ones”
One drug company produced 2 million doses with the wrong viral strain.Covid-19 vaccines were not tested and scientifically proven to prevent transmission –  Jennifer Small, Pfizer director.
Due to fast-tracked vaccine development, insurance companies are indemnified and refused coverage “in the case of inevitable adverse reactions”.Pharmaceutical companies are indemnified. The HRSA’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) reports a denial rate of 97%.
Dozens of vaccine recipients were diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndromeFDA releases vaccine safety data following a court response, including: death, myocarditis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, anaphylaxis, and more.
25 people died of vaccine-induced Guillain-Barré syndrome and the government halted the vaccine program on December 16, 1976.34,270 people died of the Covid-19 vaccine and 1,517,779 adverse events are reported on CDC’s VAERS database.


The government has not halted the vaccine program.


Eerily, the context, vaccine rollout, mass-vaccination campaigns, and the government’s response to both pandemics run many parallels. Comparing the 1976 Swine Flu Outbreak vs. Covid-19 timeline, the striking difference really lies in the number of lives harmed.

When 25 deaths of Swine Flu vaccine-induced Guillain-Barré syndrome had been reported, this resulted in the government determining the vaccine no longer beneficial to the public and pulling it from the market. A Midwestern Doctor says, “this vaccine was not safe and I directly know people who developed permanent complications from it that persist to this day, but at the same time, it was much safer than the COVID-19 vaccines.”


VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 2/3/2023.


As of 2/3/2023, 34,270 deaths and 1,517,779 adverse reactions have been reported to VAERS and on top of that, many deleted cases; yet somehow the safety signal has not been triggered and the government has no concern of rising repercussions of the vaccine on American lives.


So what has changed over the last 47 years?


During a 2019 European pandemic think tank, Mr. Marc Ranst detailed how to prepare a pandemic industry using methods and innovations based off of the H1N5 Swine Flu outbreak. This investigative journalist did a brilliant job of distilling the knowledge that this think tank used to promote the business of a pandemic industry.


“One Voice, One Message”

Mr. Ranst highlighted key steps such as how it was critical to get the “One Voice, One Message” right on day one utilizing a non-politician to avoid attacks, as well as being “omnipresent the first day or first few days” to profit off media companies and prevent them from searching for alternative voices.


No Comparisons, Please

Comparisons to previous flus are also not welcome, but hyperfocusing on deaths caused by the specific viral strain is a perfect breeding ground for fear.


Give It A Name

Next, Mr. Ranst discusses how naming of the virus is crucial and straying from the usual nomenclature is part of the pandemic business. The audience giggles and is humored when Mr. Ranst mentioned how he got in trouble with the ambassador of Mexico when the H1N5 virus was named “Mexican Flu”. It makes sense as “Covid-19” sounds a lot more exotic than “SARS-CoV-2”.


Pick Who Gets Vaccinated

He instructs, “Then, you have to pick who gets vaccinated first”. In 5 months, we saw the government widening the door to approve Covid-19 vaccination from the elderly to 12 year old children. In another 12 months, we would see the FDA approve Covid-19 vaccines for infants as young as 6 months old, despite reviewing Pfizer and Moderna fact sheets on increased risks of myo/pericarditis following vaccination. See timeline here.


Celebrity Influence and Endorsements

Then, you use mass celebrity influence to the population because “if this vaccine is so desirable that even the soccer players are this earnest to get the vaccine… okay I can do that”. It had worked great in northern Belgium, but not so well in southern Belgium where “they watched the French media where all kinds of messages were coming across and that was really polluting the vaccination campaign”.

During the 1976 Swine Flu, where 60 Minutes exposed that some celebrity endorsements were never approved and even the celebrities themselves did not get the vaccine! In the current Covid era, we have seen influential people like Michael Phelps, Oprah Winfrey, and Mariah Carey publicly endorse the vaccine.

People Need To Forget History

History is one of the core subjects in grade school… but we never really seem to learn from history, do we? Mr. Ranst shows a graph of public interest on influenza and it peaks during 2009 (H1N5) but drops shortly after and the “interest is scientifically going down”.


Leadership Change Is Good Exercise For Pandemics

“We can always count on them,” Mr. Ranst stated confidently. In this case, they are not just famous celebrities with a mouth, but they are seen as ‘experts’ with an organization underneath them. And if you don’t like what they say, they’re easy, expendable commodities – just reinstate a new leader – as we have seen with the revolving door in leadership positions. And by just “2 or 3” new leaders over time, people will forget.


Make New Conflicting Guidelines

Testing, quarantine, lockdowns, social distancing, and travel restrictions were all not recommended or scientifically proven to be effective deterrents against pandemics, per 2019 WHO Non-pharmaceutical Public Health Measures For Mitigating The Risk And Impact of Epidemic And Pandemic Influenza guidelines. Chatham House suggests to utilize these measures that conflict with the WHO’s guidelines, and we saw them take place in our daily lives early on during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Redefine the Definition

Just a side note… they changed the definition of a vaccine, just like they changed the definition of a pandemic prior to the 2009 H1N5 Swine Flu outbreak!


Before: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. With the increase in global transport and communications, as well as urbanization and overcrowded conditions, epidemics due the new influenza virus are likely to quickly take hold around the world.

After: “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness. With the increase in global transport and communications, as well as urbanization and overcrowded conditions, epidemics due the new influenza virus are likely to quickly take hold around the world.”

The BMJ states that, “If the WHO guidelines in effect at the time that the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus was identified in the USA in April 2009 then it would never have been declared a pandemic as it was not a new sub-type, was not causing enormous numbers of deaths and illness, and a significant number of people had already been exposed to an immunogenically similar virus.

Likewise, the CDC changed the definition of a vaccine. The new definition no longer states how a vaccine provides immunity against a specific disease.



So, are we ever going to learn from the past and will our government finally stand up for American lives? And what will be done to reconcile the irreparable harm 1.5 million Americans and their families have suffered? Effects of physical, psychological, societal, and economic tragedies will be shouldered by citizens until the government and leadership organizations take responsibility for their actions.


To find out more about “the history, current state, and future of the criminal control of information, corruption of science, and coercion of the public in regards to vaccines”, read California’s Misinformation Epidemic Pt. 1 and California’s Misinformation Epidemic Pt. 2.

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