October 4, 2022: Step One-The Threats

October 4, 2022: Step One-The Threats

From Starship Earth – The Big Picture

Well, it has begun. The colourful yarns they are spinning to enable the Earth Alliance to covertly get troops into position to make the mass arrests and awaken the general populace of the planet have been kicked off like the fall football season and the situation has gone nuclear.

The world has been presented with real threats.

North Korea reportedly sent missiles flying on Monday and air raid sirens were going off in Japan while emergency meetings took place.

BREAKING: Air raid sirens sounding in Japan following reports of North Korea missile fire, missile reportedly overflew the country and landed into Pacific Ocean

UPDATES: https://insiderpaper.com/north-korea-missile-likely-flew-over-japan-pms-office/

Under the guise of an orchestrated WWIII scenario, Planet Earth/Terra is going to undergo a revolution, a mass awakening, a series of carefully engineered events culminating in the unmistakable pitcher of ice water which, when dumped on Humanity will wake up all but the most hopelessly mind controlled.

MAD VLAD PUTS FINGER ON BUTTON: Russia Reportedly Planning Nuclear Weapons Tests

A vegetable market in Dhaka during the blackout, Oct. 4 | (MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/Getty)

Bangladesh plunged into darkness as power grid buckles amid gas shortages

Good Dog’s posts today are hints, I think. Link to Telegram for the text of JFK speech excerpt.


Followed by this “PSA” which is a ‘public service announcement’, so consider this your heads up. Link to Telegram.

Benjamin Fulford’s update we shared yesterday left nothing to the imagination and confirmed that the White Hats have the evil cabal in their sights and if they refuse to capitulate and stand down, they will be eliminated. Poof! It’s on them. Child sacrifice to Satan is not acceptable to Humans and it’s going to stop.

I find this news around imposter VP Kamala Harris today very interesting. I doubt it ends here and is probably a thread they’ve pulled in the sweater of DC coup accomplices that will lead to more unravelling. Very creative. Will she suffer a concussion, brain aneurysm… use your imagination. She has to be removed somehow, some way, some day.



An SUV @VP Kamala Harris was riding in Monday morning on her way to the White House overcorrected and crashed into a curb. @SecretSvcSpox tells me out of an abundance of caution, Harris was transferred to another vehicle & the motorcade continued on.

Guess what we have for you, Hitlary…

We have discussed how this entire big picture operation will be conducted lawfully and with as little bloodshed as possible. While Trump was in office a great deal of unravelling of the cabal’s system took place. New laws, executive orders, etc. were drafted and sealed and the military’s Law of War manual was updated as well, as previously discussed. All the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” crossed.

Ezra Cohen works within that tight circle and posted the following on Twitter.

Read the full conversation on Twitter

If what Rose tells us is true and we need to curtail our use of the NWO system, we do need to stop supporting them financially by being the consumers they want us to be. She says now, when we are exiting, it is very important not to make big purchases or buy luxury items, etc. and to keep it basic. She is very explicit about why.

She also says we need to prepare emotionally for the reunion with our families. It will be a highly charged event when we see them all again, when we go “home”.

What has Trump been saying? He said “We’re coming home”. And then he said we’re back or something to that effect.

At times Trump speaks in terms of different timelines, as he did when he said he caught the swamp. He caught ’em all. We believe that is because he either visited or viewed the timeline where that had come to fruition.

What about now? Is he speaking only about coming home to the White House, or could it also refer to coming home to our true families on another timeline after our exit? Just the wild musings of a died-in-the-wool conspiracy analyst.

Rose says we will finally meet The One, and I happened to see this on Trump’s Truth Social page. Qincidence? Crazy? I have wondered for awhile if Trump is One, because he certainly seems to love us. He is fighting for all Humans on the planet and is loved worldwide. Check out this article Trump referenced.

Read the rest of the article from Starship Earth: The Big Picture here.

In other news –

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Global Financial Crisis:

Breaking News –

One America News Secures the Television Premiere of Election Integrity Film “2000 Mules”

OAN to Debut “2000 Mules” on October 15th with Encore Airings through Midterm Elections

SAN DIEGOOct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One America News Network (“OAN”), announced today that it has secured the exclusive debut television rights to 2000 Mules.  OAN will debut the election integrity film beginning Saturday, October 15th with multiple encore presentations through November 8th.  The film will be available on television via the OAN channel and featured on OAN’s live streaming app available at www.oann.com.

Unable to view the image, Please provide a valid URL.

According to Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of OAN, “It’s time to allow all Americans to view this film and judge for themselves the level of concerns raised by this documentary.”  A Rasmussen Reports reveals widespread awareness of the documentary, including 50% of Republicans, 36% of Democrats, and 38% of unaffiliated voters saying they were aware of the film as of June 2022.  OAN will further broaden the viewership of 2000 Mules.

2000 Mules, produced by highly popular author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, garnered more than 1 million viewers within two weeks of its initial early summer release, making it one of the most successful political documentaries of all time.  “I’m thrilled that OAN is helping to get this important film out to the widest possible audience.  It’s impossible to have an intelligent discussion about the 2020 election without seeing the documentary,” stated D’Souza.

The documentary analyzes advanced cellular tracking data and highlights unusual traffic patterns of human “mules” dropping off batches of ballots into numerous drop boxes.  The film relies on data and analysis provided by True the Vote, a voters’ rights organization founded in 2009 by Catherine Engelbrecht.

If you have not seen 2000 Mules, you can watch it in a previous article we posted on May 9, 2022 – 2000 Mules Documentary Exposes 2020 Election Fraud

While we wait for the next premier…. Click the link below to listen to the hearing.


In a recent Brian Cates article, he gives an in depth analysis of just how deep the voter fraud and election fraud goes.
If True The Vote Has The Evidence It Claims It Does, It’s Game Over

For more than a year and a half since the November 2020 election, debate has raged over exactly how the Democrats pulled off the rigging of the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Very early on in the discussion of how this happened, people like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne and others seized and held attention for months as they focused much of the population’s attention like a laser on the Chinese hacking theory.

Lindell spent almost 8 months crafting a narrative in which he was going to definitively prove that hackers stole the election by electronically manipulating the vote totals in all 50 states and most counties. He made a series of boastful videos with names like “Absolute Proof” and “Absolutely 9-0” [which advanced the claim that when the Supreme Court saw the evidence he was going to present to it, all nine Justices would vote to overturn the 2020 election].

All that activity culminated in two embarrassing fiascos: a Cyber Symposium where an audience was lured into attendance based on finally being able to see the much vaunted PCAPs [they were never produced] and supposed Supreme Court filing with multiple states Attorneys General signing on to challenge the 2020 election [the filing was never made].

It may be that instead of relying on electronic manipulation of vote totals by hackers in China or some other foreign venue to steal it for Joe Biden, the Democrats relied on the old tried and true method that has served them so well in the past: good old-fashioned ballot box stuffing. But done on a level never seen before the 2020 election.

This is going to be a painful admission for many like me to make after having spent over a year chasing the rainbow of PCAPs and server images and supposed absolute proof of electronic vote totals being manipulated.

The plan to flip MSM
by katisthesea3

There is a plan.

To infiltrate & FLIP the MSM & Soc. Media,
which is why POTUS is suing CNN
& will also sue other Media outlets,
& why Elon Musk is exposing Twitter
& why Space Force took down Zuck’s DARPAbook
in order to LEGALLY remove
the deep state demon Boards of Directors,
owners & broadcasters.

It has been suggested
that when QTeam begins the deep state reveal
of the horrific crimes, the Tribunals & executions,
people will find it easier to accept the information
from their accustomed sources —
cnn, msnbc, fox, NewYorkTimes, etc.,
which will have been totally cleaned by the White Hats.


Could 2000 Mules aired on Mainstream Media be a catalyst for an even greater awakening?
It’s gonna be a red hot October before the midterms which will probably NOT happen.  I know of some people that would like to avoid an election they are certaim to lose.

Fear or Love. Learn to be Limitless

Fear or Love – Learn to be limitless!

You are only constrained by the limits of your fear or the vastness of love and your imagination.

There is so much in the world that seeks to grab your attention.  A lot of it is dark and negative, and we’re told “you need to see it and be aware of it”.  But at what point have you saturated you soul enough, that you feel you can change these circumstances, or give in to despair and feeling like a victim?

This is the challenge I’ve been trying to get people to see from a higher vantage point and be that person who sits on the fence and watches without judgment, or fear.  It can be daunting because there are those in power, right now, who seek only to bring you the worst news, while overlooking positive changes, innovations, and what I see as a rise in consciousness taking place around the world.

What you focus your attention on expands.  What do you wish to feed in this fight for your attention?

Despite what religion, governments, and media will try and tell you, you are not a victim of life.  You are a participant.  Life experiences don’t happen to you, they happen for you, so you can learn from them.  They is only good or evil from your perspective and your life experiences that add filters to make the lessons easier to handle.  But the ultimate person who accepts or rejects the information, and the lessons, is you.

I’d like you to try and “think outside the box” that has been imposed on us.  Be “free range” thinkers.  You can observe or research to your hearts content… You don’t need to be told.  Share your god given right to discuss new ideas, discover or create new ways to change the world, to imagine local sustainable farming, or local governance by community cooperation rather than competition or control by a central world government.

You’ve heard this before but indulge me as I repeat it….  You are a soul having a human experience.  You are eternal and powerful creators, because you have the spark of the creative Source within you.  If you can dream it, you can create it.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. - William Arthur Ward

Life is like a roller coaster.  It’s full of twists and turns, ups, and downs.  It can be scary or thrilling depending on your perspective.  You can choose to jump off, but what’s the fun in that?

All we experience is for our education as well as our entertainment.  Our souls are here to learn.  And that’s the purpose of Earth as a training ground… a Univers-ity (ity=quality state or degree) for the soul.

While you’re going through this universal training, do your best to let go of fear, anger, resentment, and the concept of divisiveness that some in the world want you to experience. They are the negative emotions that keep you in the box but they also provide a source of nurishement and amusment for the darker forces working behind the scenes. Love is greater than fear and I hope you will choose it whenever you find yourself slipping into that darkness.  Love vs Fear: A Scientific Look

I wanted to include this wonderful motivational speech made by Jim Carrey (I know, right?)  It was the commencement speech given at the Maharishi International University in 2014.  This particular version has been edited to add music and images to highlight the best statements he made that day and it’s very inspirational.

You can watch his full speech, with all the usual humor, posted by the MIU here.

As you go through your struggles and triumphs each day, I encourage you to embrace your true and eternal nature.

Be love.  Be light.  Be limitless!


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This Week at a Glance – October 2 through October 8, 2022

Welcome to this week’s schedule of Public Events
October 2 through October 8, 2022

Be sure to check the previous weeks calendar to check for recorded sessions you missed!

Tuesday, Oct 2 – Ascension Connection
6 pm UTC/GMT, 7 pm London / 8 pm Paris
11am PST, 1pm CTR/Canada, 2pm ESTChanging the Mindset
With Matt Bell & Paul Le Clere
Thurs., Oct 4 – Ascension Connection
10 am Pacific, 12pm Chicago, 1pm Eastern
5pm UTC, 6pm London / 7pm BrusselsThe FaQe Awakening 
Saturday, Oct 8 – Media Group
10 am Pacific, 12pm Chicago, 1pm Eastern
5pm UTC, 6pm London / 7pm Brussels
Topic to be advised…
Sunday, October 9 – Nature Group
10 am Pacific, 12pm Chicago, 1pm Eastern
5pm UTC, 6pm London / 7pm BrusselsOpen Topic day. What’s on your mind?
Let’s chat!

We hope to see you there! 

Have you got mad skills you’d like to share with Prepare for Change?  We’re looking for folks who love to organize meetings, take notes from time to time, help find guest speakers or, even speak on a topic.  Are you passionate on a subject?  Become a volunteer and share your knowledge!

We’ve been helping people Prepare for Change since 2013.  It’s time to Be the Change!  Can you talk on subjects of:

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Fair Trade & Barter or other systems of exchange in a cashless society
  • Bringing back hidden techniques of healing, alchemy, astrology, numerolgy
  • Technology the world should know about (Tesla energy), electro-gravitics, etc…

If so, we’de love to  hear from you!  Come check out our free zoom meetings to get a feel for the groups.  We would love to hear some fresh new ideas from our members and those considering joining.




Ascension Connection Public Call – Changing the Mindset – Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022

The Ascension Connection Invites You to a Public Call 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
6pm GMT, 7pm London, 8pm Paris
11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm EST

Changing the Mindset
With Matt Bell & Paul Le Clere

By PFC volunteer Roger Guttridge

There’s a modern parable about a boulder that’s blocking the road and everyone stops and complains about it. One person comes along and suggests moving it. Beneath the boulder he finds a bag of gold left there by the king as a reward for the person who changed the mindset and moved it.

As society moves through the transition from the outgoing age of top-down structures to a new community-based ‘golden age’, changing people’s mindset is one of the biggest challenges. And that’s what Matt Bell (left) and Paul le Clère aim to tackle in their Changing the Mindset presentation, which will be given during the Prepare for Change Ascension Connection Call on Tuesday October 4 at 7pm UK time (see below for other time zones).

Partly inspired by the launch of the People’s Health Alliance earlier this year, Matt and Paul are developing a series of presentations aimed at assisting members of community action groups and assemblies through the transition to different ways of thinking, sensing and being.

‘It’s not dogmatic or dictatorial,’ Matt told me. ‘It’s basically about helping to shift people’s psychology to get them to come out of that complaint-type situation, where there is a lot of division and ego, and bring them to a forward-looking perspective to see what they can create.

‘We are done with chaos, corruption, and death. Let’s try a different way. It’s about trying to get people’s minds into a kind of unity and working from the heart.’

Matt, an artist and graphic designer, stresses that the heart-based economy is nothing new. He cites the example from times past where a house burnt down and the rest of the village rallied round and rebuilt it for no reward.

‘It’s about trying to get back to those principles of looking out for each other and working in harmony,’ he said.

‘In terms of timing, we are in that transition period where the so-called globalists and elitists are crumbling their systems to bring in a new world order. But the white hats are using that playbook to bring about a golden age.’

Paul, a freelance business consultant, who has worked to help large and small businesses worldwide bring about change, said: ‘I am now blending those experiences with 5D insights and intuitive guidance to co-create new solutions for and with our communities of the future.

‘Through these presentations, Matt and I are aiming to facilitate and nurture the rapid evolution of new community groups, so that the men and women involved are ready, willing and able to release their innate wisdom and express their most fulfilling heart’s desires and passions as a community in harmony with itself.’

He added: ‘New means of liberating our true divine power and authority from within are being manifested alongside the collapse of the old, external controlling systems. This 5D liberation process starts and finishes with each of us taking 100 per cent responsibility for ourselves, from the inside out, and saying goodbye to fear, uncertainty and doubt.’

  • Prepare for Change’s October 4 Ascension Connection Call will begin promptly at 6pm UTC/GMT, 7pm London, 8pm Paris, 11am US Pacific, 2pm US Eastern, but those who wish can show up 15 minutes early for an informal chat before starting. To make it easier to determine the time (and date) in your area, we’ve provided this time converter link for your convenience.

Zoom Link:

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Meeting ID: 838 7511 8791
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdfRyB7ypk

The purpose of the Ascension Connection call is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals.  The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are intended to empower people to create a new, harmonious society with love, well-being, unity, and balance.

To fulfil that purpose, we ask that you adhere to our zoom guidelines during the meeting:

Keep your mics on mute to prevent background noise from disturbing the speaker.  Hold your questions and comments until the speaker or host invite conversation from the viewers.  Use the raise hand feature and wait till you are asked to speak. Do not speak out of turn or interrupt someone who has been asked to speak.

Please be courteous and show up appropriately clothed if your camera will be on.  Turn it off when taking care of personal business such as bathroom breaks, getting dressed and if you are moving about.  It’s quite distracting and occasionally embarrassing!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sometimes You Just Need to Sweat it Out

Sometimes You Just Need to Sweat it Out

By Rev. Kat

Life is like that, right?  There’s that feeling of satisfaction when you’ve accomplished a task, chore or work-out and sweated it out to completion.

In this case, I’m talking about the physical sweat that cleanses our body of toxins.  You know how good you feel after a workout with your skin glistening.  Men sweat, women glow, LOL!  (Don’t kid yourself, we ladies sweat too!)

Feeling good after exercising is caused by the release of hormones called endorphins.  But you don’t have to hit the gym to get the same rush and the healing effects.  More on that…

Native Americans brought us the ceremonial sweat lodge to purify the body and to connect with the great power of Wanka Tanka (Sacred Mystery) or great spirit.  Native American tribes utilize them to offer gratitude, heal, seek knowledge, and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.  I have participated in the Inipi or sweat lodge ceremony and it’s wonderful but can be daunting for the uninitiated.

One enters the womb (lodge) a small round tent or dome of branches covered in tarps and skins to hold in the heat.  Some are covered in earth or even built underground for that purpose. Participants sit on the earth in a circle around a pit of hot rocks surrounded in smoky darkness and heat.

Large rocks are heated for hours in a special ceremonial pit facing the East doorway of the lodge, then brought inside glowing hot, and placed in the center of the circle.  There may be drumming, prayers and chanting.  But once the tent flap is closed, and the Shaman, Elder or spiritual leader of the ceremony, pours water over the rocks, and you are blasted with hot steam and sitting in nearly complete blackness.

Herbs are used within the sweat lodge: sage for purification and sweet grass to bring in good spirits.  Other herbs are used in the lodges, as well.  The herbs honor the living plants of the earth.  Water is poured on the heated rocks.  The science aspect is, as the water turns into steam, it releases negative ions that are physically healing.  If you’re curious about setting up a traditional Lakota sweat lodge, I included a link at the end of this article.

Many believe it was the Nordics who brought the world the Sauna.  However, ‘sweat baths’ in Europe alone can be traced back to early Greek-Roman, Arabic, Scandinavian, Slavic, and Irish cultures.  There is no single place of origin and sauna use spread across Europe from multiple independent origins.

An ancient Greek steam bath was called a Laconia.  It was usually a circular room with a large, conical domed roof.  It was heated either by fires underneath the floor, or by rocks heated in a fire, which were then brought into the bath with pitchforks and placed into a central tray.  Water was then poured onto the hot rocks to create steam.  Sometimes, the leaves or branches of Bay Laurel, Fir, Pine, or Juniper were added for their therapeutic essences.  Or the infusions or essential oils of these plants were used.

The sweating process could be enhanced by first massaging the body with oils medicated with these or other essences, or by downing a cup of hot diaphoretic herb tea like Peppermint or Elder flowers before entering the steam bath.  This was designed to open the pores of the skin to release toxins. As you can see from the image above, Greco-Roman bath houses were popular and crowded with less shame of the naked body in those ancient days.

Toxins are stored in our fat and brain tissue, which lingers in the body and can heavily impact all our essential systems that are meant to protect our immune systems and naturally detox our bodies.

While sweating (especially using infrared heat) is an iconic way to eliminate toxins, adding a niacin detox takes your ability to rid your body of chemicals and waste to a higher level. Sweating can remove:

  • Mercury, manganese, lead, aluminum, cadmium
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Formaldehyde, chlorines
  • Food preservatives
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Anesthetics
  • Plastics

No matter how you get your sweat on, it can be enhanced with the natural vasodilating effects of the vitamin, Niacin.  I’ve attached the article below.

Whether you’re working out, indulging in a sauna or ceremonial sweat lodge, it’s important to purge yourself of toxins, including toxic thoughts and toxic news.  Everything we see and hear leaves its mark on our psyche.  Those who are addicted to finding every truth or conspiracy theory run the risk of emotional or even physical breakdown at some point. Take time to look for the good news and events happening in the world!

Please treat your body, mind, and spirit like a temple.  Nurture it with wholesome goodness as often as you can by getting into nature, meditating, singing, dancing, exercising, or having safe sex with someone you love.  All these practices release endorphins which are essential to healing and feeling good.  Let go of those things which do not serve your highest good.

Feed your body and soul with spiritual sustenance.  And…. don’t sweat the small stuff!

Sources for a deeper dive:

Inipi: The Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony of Purification

Native American Sweat Lodge Construction and Ceremony: A Personal Account

5 fun and easy ways to release more endorphins and boost your mood

The Greco-Roman Bath


I was listening to this beautiful music while preparing this article: Native American Flutes Relaxing Music – 3HR Long Indigenous American Indian Flute Music



Healing Group Public Call – Sacred Space in Daily Life – Oct. 1, 2022

The Healing Group Invites you to a Public Event on Zoom

Saturday, October 1, 2022
In the US: 8 am Pacific, 10 am Central, US/Canada, 11 am Eastern
In the UK: 4 pm London, 5 pm Paris

Sacred Space in Daily Life

What does creating a sacred space even mean?    Let’s not put too many labels on this one…Creating Sacred Spaces in Daily Living could look differently for each of us.  One thing’s for sure, it’s about the unique experiences we all experience along our journey.

This offering will blend into an open discussion with respect to how we can go about our daily lives embodying the highest vibration we can hold.   What results come from “clearing, re-calibrating, and setting up your inner and outer space”? How do we go about doing this on a daily basis?

Let’s enjoy an opening clearing meditation to begin, and share other techniques and ways each of us set up our own sacred temple and environments for success.

As you command it, it will be!

On behalf of the healing team, we look forward to sharing space with you on Saturday.

Sincerest blessings,

Rev. Danielle Dufour

Building Your Personal Altar - Original Products Botanica | Original Products Botanica

Please join our Healing Group on Telegram: https://t.me/HealingwithPrepareforChange

And, we have linked our Group to a Public Chat: https://t.me/HealingwithPrepareforChangeChat

Find the time in your area here – worldtimebuddy.com

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 889 5716 1938
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Meeting ID: 889 5716 1938
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kcJ1B6svpn

Prepare for Change (PFC) was formed to serve others in loving and peaceful support towards a new and prosperous society. All actions and commitments will be pursued with the Laws of God, the Laws of Creation, and the Galactic Codex as our supreme guidance.

We are charged with organizing Light Leaders who work at this etheric level to bring about change and assist others through the Event. 

 General Format of our Public Healing Offerings 

  • Greeting – Meeting Etiquette / Logistics
  • Opening Prayer/Meditation / Healing Technique
  • Topic of Discussion, or Presentation
  • Group Discussion as appropriate
  • Closing Prayer/Meditation/Healing Technique

Zoom Call Guidelines

The purpose of our public calls is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals. The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are intended to empower people to create a new, harmonious society with love, well-being, unity, and balance.

To fulfil that purpose, we ask that you adhere to our zoom guidelines during the meeting. Please keep your microphone on mute to prevent background noise from disturbing those speaking. Hold your questions and comments until the speaker or host invites conversation from the viewers. Use the raise hand feature and wait until the host has called on you to speak.

Please be courteous in your communication, and how you show up on these public calls.  Please turn your camera off when taking care of personal business such as: bathroom breaks or moving about.  Your cooperation is appreciated, as it can be distracting to the call.

Recording and your Privacy: Prepare for Change strives to protect the privacy and security of all participants in our zoom calls.  Most of our meetings are not recorded.  However, from time to time, we may have a guest speaker or a topic that we wish to record and post on the site for the benefit of our members.  You will always be notified in advance of such an event.  If you do not wish to be recorded on the zoom call, simply turn off your video.  You also have the option to change your name as it appears on screen or to use only a first name.