Recap of last week’s VSRF update: Pfizer whistleblower

Watch Episode 69 with Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa McAtee

We had a remarkable VSRF Update this past Thursday with Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee. Melissa’s insider knowledge was eye-opening and revealed the extent of the corruption within not just Pfizer but the entire Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ project. A few quotes:

“Basically, we’re getting Chinese-made products and putting it in Pfizer vials and slapping a Pfizer [label] on it.”

Something I noticed that if somebody received a batch that started with an E — those had high, high adverse reactions and deaths.”

There is a pressing need for more whistleblowers to come forward and shed light on the corruption, danger, and malpractices prevalent in the institutions that drove Covid policies- from lockdowns, to mandates, to the vaccines. Whistleblowers are often the only ones with the insider knowledge required to expose the harmful practices that dismantled our entire country.  

However, blowing said whistle is not easy, and it takes immense courage to do so. There is an urgent need for more attorneys to step up and represent these whistleblowers. These lawyers play a crucial role in protecting the rights and interests of whistleblowers and ensuring that they are not subjected to retaliation or wrongful termination.  

For Atlanta area lawyers, particularly those who specialize in personal injury law, attending the Covid Litigation Conference will be a game-changer. As Covid-related litigation continues to grow and expand, the demand for lawyers to represent both victims of the Covid policies and whistleblowers is also expected to increase. Attorneys can stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as experts in this new field, creating new opportunities for themselves and their firms.

Register for the Covid Litigation Conference, March 25-26 in Atlanta

Watch New York Civil Rights Attorney Sujata Gibson on why she’s speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference.

Watch Florida Attorney Jeff Childers on why he’s speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference

Jeff will be giving a keynote at the CLC and has been an important legal figure in the fight against Covid policies in the state of Florida and nationally.  I highly recommend his substack Coffee & Covid for the latest news and information on what we are up against. 

Dr. Pierre Kory delivered powerful testimony in Wisconsin against mandating the Meningococcal vaccine for students which resulted in a 6-4 vote win against mandating this vaccine across the state. 

The Japanese government in Parliament was urged to tell the truth about the huge number of vaccine injuries and excess deaths.

Croatian Member of the European Parliament, Mislav Kolakusic, has scathing words for the EU’s Covid-19 vaccine program. “We are burning them because no one wants them!”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul files an appeal in the Quarantine Camp case.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox will be speaking at the Covid Litigation Conference.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough how much our guest, Pfizer whistleblower, Melissa McAtee sacrificed to share the truth about what was happening at Pfizer. She lost a lucrative career and recently had a child.  Please consider supporting Melissa’s effort. You can donate to her via GiveSendGo.

See you LIVE from Atlanta this Thursday, March 23 at 4pm PST! Register here for the call.

UCSF orders their doctors to ignore COVID vaccine injuries

Dr. Josh Adler is executive vice president and chief clinical officer at UCSF Health as well as vice dean for clinical affairs at the UCSF School of Medicine. I wonder if he would like to see these questions answered as well. What do you think?

I sent a list of questions to UCSF media relations on March 20 at 10am PST. I also emailed and called the head of media relations at UCSF to let her know about my questions.

Their response: silence.

You know what that means, don’t you?

  1. The UCSF Chief Medical Officer has issued a verbal directive that medical staff (doctors, nurses, techs, etc.) are specifically instructed NOT to associate the COVID vaccine to any injuries. So even if they believe the vaccine caused the injury they are NOT allowed to talk to the patient about it. Can you explain how this is in a patient’s best interest? World health authorities such as Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Germany for Health, have publicly admitted that the rate of severe vaccine injury is 1 in 10,000 and the V-safe data in the US shows the rate of severe injury (requiring medical care) is actually 100X higher: 8 SEVERE INJURIES per 100 fully vaccinated people. So why is the UCSF medical staff forbidden to make an association??

  2. I’ve been told that the staff are told not to ask if the person was recently vaccinated with the COVID vaccine because that would suggest to the patient that the COVID vaccine might have caused their medical condition. Is this true? So the patient must offer it to the doctor because the doctor isn’t allowed to ask? How does that improve clinical outcomes?

  3. I’ve been told that 70% of the Radiology Department (in Marin specifically) requested and were granted religious exemptions after seeing what they saw in people who received the COVID vaccine. If it wasn’t 70%, what is the number?

  4. I’ve been told that the placentas of a majority of vaccinated women are not normal (calcified, blood clots, etc.). This started happening after the shots rolled out. Can you tell me what percentage was observed and why nobody at the hospital is speaking out to the press about this situation?

  5. Most troubling to me is that I was not able to find anyone who currently works at UCSF (including doctors, nurses, and lab techs) who would talk to me on the record for fear of being fired. Why would these doctors and nurses have such a fear? Can you guarantee that any staff member who speaks out about any of the points above will be protected and not be fired just for speaking out? Have you fired anyone for speaking the truth? Who?

  6. With all the chatter about fear and intimidation tactics, have you issued WRITTEN assurances to the staff that 1) it is OK to ask about COVID vaccine status, 2) that it is OK to write vaccine exemptions when warranted such as allergic reactions, 3) that if they believe the vaccine caused an injury that you are free to talk about it with the patient and 4) that staff members who talk publicly about what they are seeing in the clinic with respect to vaccine-associated injuries/deaths and don’t violate any confidentiality/HIPAA rules will be protected from being fired? I want to know whether TRUE speech is protected and whether UCSF has notified staff of this in WRITING. If not, why not? Do fear and intimidation tactics yield better health outcomes?

  7. My friend Tim Damroth told me he suffered a cardiac arrest 2 minutes after getting the COVID shot. He was in such pain since the shot that the UCSF doctors prescribed a nerve block shot. But in order to get the nerve block shot, UCSF required him to be vaccinated! He asked for a vaccine exemption, but the doctors told him that UCSF doesn’t allow them to write any vaccine exemptions, even for people who almost died after getting the shot. So Tim got another shot in order to get the medical care he needed but this made his pain much worse. Can you confirm whether COVID vaccination is still required to get certain medical care at UCSF? If it isn’t still required, when did the requirement end? Can you explain the rationale for requiring vaccination to give a shot? Do you deny treatment to people with life threatening conditions if they are not fully vaccinated? How fully vaccinated must they be to be treated? I just talked to Tim and he will sign a HIPAA consent to allow UCSF to talk about his case and all his medical records publicly so everyone can learn what happened. Are you proud of the way he was treated?

  8. If you believe that COVID vaccine and masks are effective, why would you subject a patient to have to be vaccinated before receiving medical care? This is nonsensical in light of the Cleveland Clinic study which clearly showed that vaccines increase risk of getting COVID which would seem to put the staff at higher risk? You are clearly ignoring that study. On what basis? Nobody has been able to debunk the study.

  9. How many UCSF staff have died within 6 months of receiving a COVID vaccine shot? Were autopsies done? Did they do the histopathology studies to rule out the COVID vaccine as a cause of death? Can we see the slides?

  10. How many UCSF staff have been seriously injured from the COVID vaccine?

  11. Why didn’t any doctor at UCSF file a VAERS report on the vaccine injuries of , Jan Maisel, and Angela Wulbrecht. This is required by law. was a former Chief Medical Officer at UCSF. Maisel is Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF. Wulbrecht was a top UCSF nurse. All of their injuries were required by law to be reported, yet no VAERS reports were filed. Why not? What are you doing to correct the problem?

  12. UCSF ultrasound technicians with decades of experience have seen an unprecedented number of menstrual irregularities in women who have been vaccinated. Why aren’t any of them warning the public about this?

  13. I talked to one of the funeral homes used by UCSF. They are seeing a 20X higher rate of perinatal deaths after the COVID vaccines rolled out. This is a disaster. Why isn’t anyone saying anything about this? Why did the funeral director decline to be named for fear of being fired? Why not just publish the numbers to warn the community? How does keeping this information secret result in superior clinical outcomes?

  14. Nearly all of the UCSF neurologists know that the COVID vaccines have caused serious injuries to huge numbers of UCSF patients. Can you explain why none of them are speaking out publicly about what they are observing in the clinic?

  15. Why not make public health information from the hospital public? The information can be easily anonymized to protect privacy. Wouldn’t making medical records such as age/admission date/COVID vaccine dates/reason for admission be a huge public service? If the vaccine really works, everyone would know it. If the vaccine doesn’t work, everyone would know it. Why don’t we have data transparency?

  16. How long do you think you can get away with hiding all these injuries from public view?

  17. Is this really in the public interest to keep all this stuff secret? Is there a paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal showing superior patient outcomes when the public is kept in the dark about all the COVID vaccine injuries?

95% of the readers who took the poll wanted to know the answers too:

On March 20 at 9:50pm I sent this email to Dr. Adler and cc’ed his assistant:

These should be easy questions for UCSF to answer, but they are ducking my questions for some reason. I just can’t figure it out. I don’t want to spread misinformation, and I’ve offered to correct any questions if they will supply evidence that I’m wrong, but all I hear is silence.

It’s not just me who wants answers to these questions. Pretty much all my readers want to know the answer too.

More importantly, I’d guess that most of the people who work at UCSF would want to know the answer to these questions as well.

But apparently UCSF management and the mainstream media don’t think any of these questions are important.

I wonder if any members of the UCSF Health Leadership Team are curious about the answer to any of these questions. And if not, why not? Do all of them think secrecy is the best way to go? Which questions do they not want to have answered and why? I’ve emailed Dr. Adler and I hope he will respond.

They can’t keep running from the truth. The longer they avoid answering these questions, the worse they look.

Some day there will be accountability. You can bank on that.


New Zealand’s Medical Regulator admits the risk-benefit of the Pfizer vax is UNCLEAR

An honest medical regulator!?!?! WTF??

Executive summary

New Zealand’s Medical Regulator admitted that the risk-benefit of the Pfizer vax is UNCLEAR. However, the New Zealand government misrepresented this to the public of course.

The Substack

Read this excellent Substack article: Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis.


Medsafe, the New Zealand medical regulator, got it right: you shouldn’t be recommending a vaccine without a very clear benefit/risk ratio.

But the New Zealand government didn’t listen to their own medical regulator.

The vaccines are safe and effective no matter what the data or anyone else says. Get it?

Kylan deGhetaldi’s story: Why YouTube removed all his music videos

Speed of Science can be found on Odysee. Go upvote it and leave him a tip in the tip jar.

Kylan deGhetaldi is an amazingly talented musician.

Over the past 16 years, he’s done hundreds of recordings on this on his YouTube channel with no problem.

Then he posted this video: “The speed of science” (view on Odysee) which is sung to the tune of the MTA song.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yup. YouTube blew him away:

Not only was his one song banned from YouTube, but they removed his entire YouTube channel forever. Hundreds of videos.

Why? Because he dared to do a parody of the MTA song. I guess you don’t mess with the MTA!

This should serve as a warning to anyone posting to YouTube.

If you do ANYTHING they don’t approve of, they will wipe out all your content and cut off your revenue stream in a heartbeat. No questions asked. No appeal.

Ragtime Rising – March 19, 2023 with just 16 people watching. Check it out!

I reached out to Kylan for his story. Here it is:

I grew up listening to the Kingston Trio and that song was always a favorite…I never imagined it would come back into my life like this!

It’s so cool how the parody works even for those who’ve never heard the original before, but it’s especially poignant for those who have! It’s a darn shame that the “folk” music era used to be one that *resisted* the status quo…and yet, where is the resistance among artists today? I’m just trying to fill a role that is being neglected, and not surprisingly, people are *hungry* for this type of art. It’s a release for many, not just for me! That’s why we’re being banned.

My original “Speed of Science” on YouTube was about to hit 100,000 views (WITH suppression, the real count was much higher), and instead of just removing the song they decided to delete my ENTIRE 16-year channel with hundreds of videos.

The crazy thing is 99% of them are RAGTIME piano vids that aren’t remotely controversial. Talk about excessive force.

Since I never developed a Twitter following, I had to essentially start over in January after the ban which was really tough.

But thanks to people like you I really do see the light. I’m serious when I say that you and your colleagues will go down as the great heroes of this dark time.

The fact that I can even feel like I played a small role in this awakening is enough for me to feel an incredible sense of accomplishment that I will cherish always.

I’ve been following you since the beginning! Getting your endorsement means so much to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have several other tunes you might get a kick out of, like maybe this little ditty I wrote for Fauci…thank you again for everything!


Kingston Trio performance

The history of the original song. Note that the politician named in the song was Walter A. O’Brien, but they changed the name when they recorded the song.

Unfortunately, O’Brien lost the election and Charlie is still missing.

People have asked why Charlie’s wife didn’t hand him the money to get off the MTA instead of a sandwich at 2:15pm everyday at the Scollay Square station (now the Government Center station).

That question, as well as Charlie’s fate, is still unknown at this time.

At the second annual Santa Cruz Ragtime Festival, old music is new again describes how Kylan organized a 3 day ragtime festival with over 50 musicians!

The performance

Kylan wrote:

I consider this the toughest 2 minutes and 30 seconds of piano music ever recorded. Art Tatum is the greatest pianist of the 20th century, and this is perhaps his most monstrous work…his Tiger Rag rendition.

To this day, this remains one of the only times I ever memorized and performed an entire Tatum transcription, and one of my greatest claims to fame will be that I could play Tatum’s Tiger Rag by the time I was almost 22. Although this style, and Tatum himself, were both still very new to me, and although this performance leaves much to be desired, especially when compared to the original, the fact that I reached for such heights on my fifth video ever on YouTube speaks to my boundless ambition and confidence as a young, budding musician.

This performance should have put me on the map…and in some ways it did, even though YouTube consistently prevented these videos from getting more popular.

This performance, along with my take on “Handful of Keys” by Fats Waller was seen by the next generation of ragtime pianists that grew up watching YouTube.

Many of them have told me how they were inspired by seeing my Tatum/Waller videos during the early days of YouTube.

Keep in mind, there’s a significant gap of musicians in my generation with respect to this style.

Although ragtime and stride piano saw significant revivals over the years, the last serious one was in the 70’s after the release of the film “The Sting”.

As a result, almost no one was learning and playing ragtime when I grew up in the 90s. There were no teachers, and schools were not interested. But we grew up with Mario music and ragtime finding its way into other video games and TV shows. Because of this generational gap, there are virtually no ragtime pianists in their 30s/40s today (just 50+ and now 20s and younger).

Because of this, I was in precisely the right place at the right time at the birth of YouTube to share this style. I feel honored to have played what I believe to have been an important role in the rebirth of ragtime and early jazz by sharing these videos at the inception of social media. It’s only right that these videos aren’t forgotten, as they are now a piece of musical history!

Click the image:

Here are some links if you want to help Kylan out:

  1. Buy the song:… Name your price!

  2. Support: OR

  3. Videos:

  4. Livestreams: #SpeedofScience #foundring

You can find all his videos on Odysee.


How the “misinformation busters” could be more effective

Misinformation is Killing Us — Rx: The Truth - SFU Public Square - Simon  Fraser University

Misinformation expert Professor Timothy Caufield urges scientists to speak up against misinformation. UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad has done an excellent job calling out the CDC on their flawed advice and studies. His peers in the medical community… well, not so much. Note that Caulfield himself has received millions from the Trudeau Foundation & the government of Canada to promote the “safe and effective” narrative of the globalists.

A recent report written by Etana Hecht at, Meet the “Misinformation Busters”: How They Speak, Who Funds Them & What They Think of You, does an amazing job describing the top organizations that have been created and funded to combat COVID misinformation.

The report concludes that “Despite many millions of dollars pointed toward the effort to keep control over the narrative, the Misinformation Busters are clearly losing.”

That’s unfortunate actually.

So I thought I’d offer all of them some tips on how to be more effective.

  1. Stop lying to people

  2. Call for information transparency as I have done here. Anyone who is not actively and consistently calling out world governments for hiding the health outcome data should not be trusted. In particular, the mainstream media and medical authorities are silent when it comes to data transparency. None of them should be trusted.

  3. Focus all your efforts on the biggest targets, i.e., the real “misinformation spreaders”: US government health officials, the CDC, FDA, etc. Ignore the smaller misinformation spreaders such as Susan Oliver and her dog Cindy (who is still in training to be a scientist).

  4. Make sure you always present both sides of the story to your readers and let them decide between the best argument from both sides.

  5. Engage the biggest misinformation spreaders in a public debate and ask them tough questions. This is the best way to discredit them in full public view. For example, if you get CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to debate you, ask her how hiding the 700+ safety signals from the public for 2 years enhances public health. People would love to hear her answer questions like this instead of the scripted softball questions she normally gets. Or ask her why they lied to the American people about the stroke risk. The FOIA results clearly showed VAERS noted the risk as well (download the spreadsheet), it wasn’t just VSD. But they claimed to the American people it was just in VSD! Or ask her when the DEATH safety signal triggered in VAERS and why they didn’t notify anyone about it. I have tons of other questions you can ask. Just reach out to me and I’ll give you a list. Ask her why, after the Cleveland Clinic study was made public showing that the more you vax, the higher the infection rate, they didn’t say anything about it. Or use the list from my “Why can’t we talk about it?” article or from my Elephant in the Room presentation.

  6. Feel free to reach out to me or any of my colleagues if you need help. We’re just a phone call away. We are happy to advise you on which statements from the CDC, FDA, WHO, etc. are misinformation. However, in general, government organizations such as the CDC and WHO have been very reliable in spreading misinformation; it’s hard to find anything they’ve said about this pandemic that has been correct. All of us are willing to help you out with this at no charge whatsoever.

Doing just those six things would make your efforts to combat misinformation more effective. And I truly hope you are successful. The CDC and others need to be stopped ASAP.

Misinformation is a bad thing.

The good news is that charities are funding many organizations to combat misinformation.

The bad news is that they have been doing a lousy job primarily because they haven’t been given the proper direction.

This article fixes that.

If the “misinformation busters” follow the six simple steps listed in this article, they will be much more effective doing their job.

I sincerely wish them the best of luck.

How to restore trust in the CDC and FDA

There are many ways for the CDC and FDA to regain the trust of Americans. This article lists 20 ways.

I was not asked to speak at the conference, so I thought I’d prepare my list for people who attend.

More details here. You can still register. It is free.

  1. Stop lying to people

  2. Stop ignoring people who disagree with you: Answer questions/engage in meaningful dialog from people who disagree with you

  3. Support data transparency: Show us all the data that you’ve been hiding instead of making us spend millions in lawsuits to release it (v-safe data for example). Don’t force us to use FOIA to have you release the safety signal information. And so on.

  4. Condemn censorship: Instead of encouraging high tech companies to censor scientists, criticize them publicly if they censor alternative views.

  5. Public accountability: Top leadership should accept debate challenges from qualified experts.

  6. Replace the current leadership with people who are committed to the truth and data transparency

  7. Ignore the people you listened to and listen to the people you ignored. Surely someone inside the FDA and CDC got it right. Those are the people you should be listening to.

  8. Acknowledge all the past mistakes that have been made. For example, admit that fluoride in drinking water was a huge mistake, that vaccines cause autism, that thimerosal deposits in your brain, that the COVID vaccines were a disaster, that masks never worked, that you simply made up the 6 foot rule out of thin air, that lockdowns were a huge mistake, that masking kids was idiotic, that vaccinating kids was a grave mistake, that the vaccines cause severe injury and death, that the vaccine injured should be compensated, etc.

  9. Rebuild the organizations from scratch. This may be required to restore trust.

  10. Require solid science before making recommendations. Stop trusting “experts” and look at what the data says, including the anecdotal data. Instead of just trusting papers, double check it out with physicians on the front line to see if it is consistent. Also do polls. Trust but verify.

  11. Replace the outside committee members with people who got it right on the COVID vaccines and who are not afraid to look at data that might be counter to their belief system. You need to get rid of all the current members. There isn’t a single person who got it right about the COVID vaccines, for example.

  12. Establish an oversight commission for each agency. That commission should be headed by people like Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, etc. The oversight committee should have the power to replace any of the top management at any time.

  13. Seek out ideas for improvements on a regular basis from qualified experts who are critical of the organization.

  14. Require that clinical trials be carried out by qualified third party firms and have zero tolerance for protocol violations.

  15. Reward and protect whistleblowers

  16. Eliminate the liability protection for the vaccine manufacturers

  17. Replace the inspector generals with people who realized that the COVID vaccines were a disaster.

  18. Make it a criminal offense for these agency heads to misrepresent health data or make decisions that are not in the best interest of the public.

  19. Make all the public health data publicly accessible to all.

  20. Create special outside committees to recommend sweeping changes to the FDA, CDC, and NIH. These committees should be headed by and populated by experts who were calling these organizations out on their corruption.