Mongoose: Swiss Neutrality Demolished by Complicity in CIA-Controlled Encryption Company

CIA-owned encryption company jeopardised Swiss neutrality: report Investigators concluded that Swiss authorities were aware of, and at times complicit in, an elaborate espionage operation in which the CIA covertly owned and controlled a Swiss company, Crypto AG, that secretly sold rigged encryption systems to foreign governments. Read full article. ROBERT STEELE: The Argentines lost the …

Phil Giraldi: American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel While US Embassy Covers the Atrocities Up? Zionist Strike #55

American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?

No one is ever held accountable

What the U.S. Embassy under Friedman will not do is put any real pressure on the Israeli government if its security forces or rampaging settlers kill, beat, maim or torture an American citizen, especially if said citizen happens to be of Palestinian descent.

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Phi Beta Iota: This is Zionist Strike #55.

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SPECIAL: General Mike Flynn, USA (Ret) for Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

ROBERT STEELE: There is only one person who is both totally committed to President Donald Trump and who has the brains and the balls to be the next Director of National Intelligence. His name is Mike Flynn. The time has come for him to come back into the fight.

Here are the five reforms he can implement in service to the President with results well in time to impact on the 2020 election:

01 Begin reducing all secret agencies by up to 70% with “soft landings” for those dismissed and the savings used for education-intelligence-research initiatives in each of the 50 states [this allows intelligence reform to be job and revenue neutral from state to state and avoids legitimate Senate concerns]

02 Consolidate the remnants in a reconstituted (Central) Classified Intelligence Agency in which all the disciplines support each other (today NSA does not provide SIGINT support for clandestine operations overseas or counterintelligence operations at home)

03 Create the Open Source Agency as the gold standard for decision support to the President, the Cabinet, and front line commanders who get “at best” 4% of what they need from the secret world today — with the yuge advantage that this open decision-support can be shared with the public, Congress, and the media — 80% of the solution

04 Move the National Intelligence Council into EOP with National Economic Council — with OSA help, they can start doing trade intelligence and more that the President and Cabinet are not getting now

05 Create a Presidential Counterintelligence Task Force under a military flag officer, one that can do what the FBI has refused to do: take on the traitors, pedophiles, and white collar criminals, including judges and prosecutors licensed to lie — and offer them presidential pardons conditional on full confessions including giving up their CIA, FBI, NSA, and Mossad blackmailers.

It’s that simple.

I am ready to support General Flynn — or whomever the President nominates — but I for one cannot think of anyone more qualified that General Mike Flynn to fill this job and be effective from day one. If he were to make Bill Binney his deputy and allow me the honor of creating the OSA that CIA has fought against for 30 years, we will empower the President — and lift America — beyond imagination.

Steele Sends.


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MEMORANDUM FOR THE PRESIDENT: Eradicating Fake News and False Intelligence with an Open Source Agency That Also Supports Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce (D3C) Innovation to Stabilize World

Robert Steele: Intelligence at a Cross Roads: To Be Or Not To Be… Review of Principled Spying by David Omand and Mark Phythian

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Mongoose: Theresa May FIRED for Act of War Against USA? — Queen Next?


Why Theresa May Really Resigned

We’ve touched on the topic of our Very British Coup d’État in the past but not often enough.

As the DECLAS unfolds, we’ll be hearing more about how the American Nightmare we’ve been living is actually the product of fevered British imaginations consumed with the Great Game.

Before the dodgy work-product commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign became known as the “Pee-Pee Dossier” or as the “Steel Dossier”, it was referred to within the FBI as the “Crown material”. Why, one might ask?

Vincent Vendetta tells us, “Maybe it’s because Operation Crossfire hurricane, which is what they named the operation to take down a duly elected American president mostly occurred on UK soil…I think it’s important to understand that Operation Crossfire Hurricane was a UK state project, a cross-party project, meaning they were all involved [and] Theresa May is guilty of committing an Act of War against the United States, by order of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Privy Council…The declassification of these documents will show how the UK Corporation risked all our lives in order to cover up their crimes.

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Phi Beta Iota: There is no question about the British culpability for interfering in the US election.  May might have survived it without Brexit, but Brexit sealed her fate. In France Le Pen has put Macron down.  Merkel, traitor to her people, is next.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton — reported to the FBI by Robert Steele for treason, pedophilia, charity fraud, and electoral fraud — co-conspired with the British crown (making Clinton an agent of a foreign power — an undeclared unregistered agent of a foreign power) as did John Brennan, James Comey, and from the ethical sidelines, James Clapper.  Mike Hayden gets a special cell at Guantanamo for enabling mass warrantless surveillance at NSA and then rendition, torture, and drone assassination at CIA.\

The Crown would be well-served by skipping Prince Charles — an alleged pedophile of epic stature among the pedophile elite in Europe — and going directly to Prince William.  There should no longer be a “special relationship” between the UK and the US, and at the same time people like Mike Pompeo that were all too eager to betray the President and join the “liars club” that is led by the UK, should be put down.  We need to reboot.