Ben Fulford: End of Empire for Davos Crowd as Pandemic Totalitarian Power Grab Implodes

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to regard my subscription to Ben Fulford’s weekly update as priceless. Best $11 a month I could spend. Here is today’s headline and first five paragraphs, register today! End of Empire for Davos Crowd as Pandemic Totalitarian Power Grab Implodes If I was a member of the group of would-be …

Mongoose: Israel Before Court for Crimes Against Humanity

International Criminal Court accepts Israeli government’s Nuremberg Code violation complaint According to an article in Database Italia, the complaint lodged last week in the Hague court accusing the Israeli government of violating the Nuremberg code has been confirmed. A decision is now awaited. Read full article with links.

Yoda: COVIP-19 “Vaccine” Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction

BitChute Home: Covid-19 Vaccines Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Could Wipe Out The Human Race by Dr. Coleman Many interesting additional links below  the fold. Thank you for helping to promote and support, and by simply subscribing and linking to them, and disseminating the informative news, videos, articles, films, books, art, …

Mongoose: “Vaccine” is Fucking Up Software of Life

Moderna’s top scientist: ‘We are actually hacking the software of life’ Here’s why mRNA injections do not meet the legal definition of ‘vaccine’ To understand Biden’s ‘I need you to get vaccinated’ message, follow the money Buried in Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package is $3.5 billion for Bill Gates’ program to ‘vaccinate the world’

Mongoose: How Many Dying from Toxic COVID “Vaccine”?

A superb itemization — Beware the Threat! UPDATED – How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing? Dr. Vernon Coleman, MB ChB DSc See Especially: Video (32:34): Dr. Tenpenny Expains In Simple Terms Some Of The Dangers of The Covid-19 “Vaccine” UPDATED with MD Transcript & Additional Links  

Mongoose: Both Moderna and Pfizer COVID “Vaccines” Killing People

SICKLY JAB: Doctor dies and 36 others ‘develop rare blood disorder after getting Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines’ Phi Beta Iota: Not a vaccine, not tested, not approved, how stupid do you have to be to accept this  murderous bullshit? And the criminals are exempt from all liability? See Especially: Video (32:34): Dr. Tenpenny Expains …