Cosmic Empress 12-10-19… “12 12 Portal / Pleiadian Council of Light Ascension Message”

This was very resonant for my BEing. I’ve always felt connected to the Pleiadeans since moving to the islands, and still feel connected to them, strongly, today. Very important message, particularly as connected to this article (related Kp blog post).

Published December 10, 2019
The 12/12 Full moon in Gemini Portal is one of the most significant Ascension Portals of the century! The Pleiadian Forces of light came through with a beautiful message for you, starseeds and lightworker!

Kp Message 12-12-2019… “Yes, it’s a 12-12-12” (2+0+1+9=12)

There’s a lot going on on this date, energetically. Although I’ve been extremely occupied 3D-wise the last few days, I am aware of this 12-12-12, and very likely, at 12:12 our time, ceremony (or something like that) will be carried out.

I’m not surmising what this 12-112-12 will open up, but it does “feel” important. I’m not recommending any particular “thing” to do, but perhaps, it is a matter of BEing in the moment.

So, to start this day off, I’m posting this at 0012 on the 12-12-12.

Enjoy the moment… Enjoy the day.

Aloha, Kp