Kp “Post-Oahu-Journey” Message, 6-27-19… “Points from (and about) the Journey”

No, I do not feel as “bright” as I look in the image, at this moment. But I’m glad I went, and I’m now glad that it is over!

All through this, I felt it was a very definite “completion of something or other” journey, especially for myself. I’ve had a very strong connection (in the past) to many things on Oahu, becoming aware of the many “Sacred spots” there… at least for myself. I lived in Manoa Valley, then in Nanakuli and along the Waianae coast. I learned much about how people actually lived there, and how they saw themselves (many of them, at least) as “Keepers, Caretakers, of the Hawaiian cultural and spiritual ways”.

There were also many personal awakenings, many many many “joy points” for several facets of my life. In particular, it awakened my joy for “BEing in the ocean”, and “BEing at one with the ocean” (in contrast to “being afraid of the ocean”, which many visitors, and locals, are).

As I traveled to several of those “sacred personal points” on Oahu, I continually found myself “encouraged” to release the past “joy points”. They are past “joy points”. I did not try, in any way, shape, or form, to recreate any of those. “Release, release, release”, was the message.

The final “completions” occurred today.

The “old paradigm Oahu” is finished.

And so I felt that an amazingly synchronous culmination of the journey was the appearance of those three Q posts, just as I was at Costco, preparing my car, and myself, to leave. It was almost as if Q were making a point that, no matter what may be “seen” as a purpose for “the mission”, or a purpose for “the journey”, its real point was to lay the groundwork for a “complete completion” of “what was” (aka “old paradigm”), across the entire planet (at least the US). Which would then (at some point) lead to the creation and unfolding of the new planetary paradigm.

Sounds good to me.

I did enjoy the journey, I did clear some “stuff”, and I did enjoy the food, and the mochas, and the rain. Clearly, as I mentioned in a couple videos, the rain, to me, represented a major “washing away” of “old paradigm stuff”, both for myself, and the planet.

What a ride… What a show… So let’s :Enjoy the ride” and “Enjoy the show”.

I carried popcorn with me on the Oahu journey… Do you have yours?

Aloha to all,

[Kp note: on first posting, I neglected to see that a “>” was missing in the image html. So the email of this one had no text. That has been corrected.]