Review: Mary L. Trump, a Cheater in a Cheating Culture, Betrays Her Family & The Republic

2 Star – Cheater Trashes President

Reviewed without Reading by RDS

I am so tired of bottom feeders being bribed or blackmailed to attack our President. Mary L. Trump is such a bottom feeder, and despite her PhD, also myopic, hateful, and uneducated.

President Donald J. Trump matters precisely because he is taking on the Deep State and the Shadow Government that have sold us all out.  He is a pragmatist and a transactional figure who did what he did to get a long within a long-established cheating culture where you cheat or you die.

I will not be reading this book, nor will this book impact on the election.  It will join other books by other bottom feeders (Bolton comes to mind) that will make money and mean nothing.

It merits comment that her own family relations closer to Trump than she is sought to stop this book, which is clearly a maliciously contrived defamatory campaign hit job.

Here are two contextual references followed by my master work that this vindictive gold-digging bottom-feeder cannot comprehend. The President has it right: we are in a culture war, between whites and blacks that love the idea that is America, and losers — both white and black — who hate themselves and their country because they have not learned how to think critically or be part of a larger whole.

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2 Stars — This Book Sucks

Unlike other reviewers who give this book 4.5 stars, I have actually read most past books, which allows me to say with confidence that this book draws heavily on prior sources, is tedious, and does not actually tell a story worth reading. It is particular galling to me that this author manages to avoid the reality that the real oligarchs — the  Rothchilds, Bloombergs, Wexners, Broffmans — consider Trump and Kushner in no way at all “members of the club.”

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Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig

2 Stars — A Shit Book, Literally

Reviewed by Robert David Steele

If I did not care about seeing our President get fair treatment, I would not have bothered to buy and read this book, which is a shit book, quite literally.  It is as if these two scum-bag journalists who appear to be completely lacking in both intelligence and integrity had gone around to everyone President Trump has fired or challenged, wiped their ass, and organized all that used toilet paper into book form.

This book is a media hit job and the authors’ claim to be truth seekers is clearly a lie — the book is out of touch with both the President’s actual accomplishments, and with today’s reality — the Manafort case thrown out on appeal; Flynn about to be exonerated, a nothing burger of a Mueller report, the impeachment farce about to end and in passing, the unification and denuclearization of the Koreas and peace in the Middle East coming soon. Add accomplishments related to family, economy, immigration, and trade and you get everything that is NOT in this book.

I read this book carefully, in part to get a sense of the sources. The sources generally do not actually appear in the endnotes (neither by name nor by referred anonymous interview) but based on my reading I think the sources were, in alphabetical order

  • Bannon
  • Brennan
  • Clapper
  • Conway (Husband)
  • Kelly
  • Mattis
  • McGahn
  • McMaster
  • Mueller
  • Pence
  • Preibus
  • Rosenstein
  • Tillerson
  • Sessions

Kelly, Mattis, and Tillerson strike me as especially attentive to the authors’ search for dirt.  I have no doubt missed a few including the obvious morons in Congress such as Schiff the dick and Nadler the (very large) ass. Schumer is probably in here as well, but not obviously.

I examined the endnotes and the index very carefully, and what I found — given that I follow the news on Trump carefully — is that this book is based mostly on cherry-picked online sources and a pre-conceived outline of the following”mental illness characteristics” that the authors have sought to portray (and carefully index, conveniently revealing their starting point):

  • Abuse of Subordinates
  • Addition to Media
  • Alignment with Authoritarian Leaders
  • Avoiding Payment
  • Belief That He Is Above the Law
  • Childishness
  • Cohen’s Testimony On
  • Competitiveness
  • Exclusive Dependence on Own Ability
  • Hunger for Praise and  Recognition
  • Ignorance
  • Image Focus
  • Impulsivity
  • Insecurity
  • Loyalty Focus
  • Lying
  • Paranoia
  • Racism
  • Rages
  • Reading Difficulty
  • Short Attention Span
  • Solipsism (pretentious word for self-centered)
  • Transgression
  • Tranparency
  • Unwillingness to Take Responsibility

It just makes me sick to see The Washington Post (and The New York Times) respresented by such dishonorable cretins.

Yes, our President has his flaws, including very willful and abrupt with those who do not meet his standards, but given the state of the country when he  took over, I think he has shown restraint and enormous patience.

I must also say that there is a very strong reek of plagarism in this book. I don’t have the time to compare and contrast passages, but I list the other books I have reviewed on Trump below and it is my conclusion that the authors have copied liberally from others — they started with the outline above , the goal being to “frame” the President, cherry picked some online sources, and then filled in with material from selective interviews and relevant books available to them.

I will make just three points in dismissing this shit book:

01 within the book the authors express shock, dismay, angst, and more over the President demanding that South Korea pay the costs of US military systems and personnel, specifically the $10 billion anti-missile defense system. What kind of moron do you have to be to not see the sense of that?

02 the authors do not include either of the following as a reference because it does not fit their despicable defamatory narrative:

Yoda: A List of Accomplishments by President Donald Trump

Robert Steele: Washington Examiner on Trump’s Successes (Vastly Superior to What the White House Communications Team Can Produce)

03 Here are two bits from a book (Team of Vipers) that the authors did NOT copy:

Jack Welch on Donald Trump (132): “They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.”

The author (of Team of Vipers) bottom line on our President Donald Trump:

QUOTE (247): “I marveled at Trump’s willingness to endure a seemingly limitless amount of criticism and never waiver. He was fearless—the rarest of traits among politicians. If he believed he was doing the right thing, he was willing to weather any storm. And yet Trump always remained a walking contradiction. He was the bravest person I’d ever seen in the face of public scrutiny, but resented relatively mild critiques from his aides. He was arguably the toughest political combatant in modern American history, but often shied away from making much-needed staff changes that would cause conflict in private. He was an idealist—a true believer in his populist, nationalist worldview—but pragmatically cut deals with anyone willing to make an interesting offer. He was less afraid to do the right thing—the difficult thing—than anyone I’d ever met but sometimes seemed to lack the guiding principles that could lead him what exactly the ‘right thing’ was.”

Here are other books I have reviewed. All of them, without exception, are better reads than this piece of crap.

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3 Star

Review: FEAR – Trump & The White House

There is much about the current Administration that troubles me, including unkept promises, no arrests yet, bending  to Zionist Israel, and not defending the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments of the Constitution — and not implementing #UNRIG election reform — but on balance I give our President a 4 out of 5 — and a solid 5 given that he is fighting for his life and ours against the Deep State and the Shadow Government that owns the two-party tyranny. The authors are scum. In seeking to portray our president as mentally and emotionally unsuited, they are not only demonstrating that they are scum, they are also challenging the Electoral College and the public majority (once the Google and illegal alien voters are discounted) that elected our President. These two fools probably don’t even know that the Electoral College exists because the President is elected by the STATES, not the public, and the Senate, once we overturn the unratified 17th Amendment, are supposed to represent the STATES, not the public — it is the House that represents the public.

Just shaking my head. The authors will probably get a Pulitzer Prize for this book (one of them got a Pulitzer Prize for getting the Russia Witchhunt wrong) and they will make millions of dollars, all rooted in the deliberate defamation of the President of the United States of America.

Review: The Shadow War – Inside Russia’s and China’s Secret Operations to Defeat America by Jim Sciutto

Amazon Page

Jim Sciutto

2 Star Crap Book, Deep State Party Line

Some books just make me want to puke. This is such a book.  It is a “made for TV” party line crap book that spins the very tired and very false narrative that China and Russia (and Iran and North Korea and Cuba, armed with beaches) are our enemy. This book is explicitly designed to perpetuate the lies that cover up the real enemy: the  Deep State 1% and their agents including the Zionists, the Satanic side of the Vatican, the City of London and Wall Street, Central Banks, and secret societies. This book is disinformation.  It will engage those who have not learned (as my myself have only learned after the age of 60 and after reading over 2,000 non-fiction books reviewed on this blog) that everything we are being told by the government and the media is a lie. This book is a lie.

For a proper appraisal of who our enemy really is, see:

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It merits comment that until the American public understands the degree to which the USA has been the war criminal, committing atrocities around the world in our name and at our expense, it will not be possible to appreciate the restraint shown by China and Russia and others. Certainly they have  taken advantage of us on trade, because that is what the Deep State wanted and that is how US corporate leaders increased bank profits at the expense of the American worker — but in terms of elected wars based on lies, drone assassinations, rendition and torture, election interference and more, it is the USA — and particularly the out of control rogue elements of the FBI and the CIA collaborating with the Mossad, that have been running pedophilia entrapment operations to blackmail US legislators, judges, prosecutors, politicians and others; it is the Zionists, not the Chinese, that have  taken over all our communications and computers; and it is our own American-born traitors, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals, that are the real enemy.


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