RT Video 2-10-18… “American tells RT why he waved Russian flag at PyeongChang”

This is quite an excellent video which shows that a few people know that the Olympic Spirit bans NO ONE from the Olympic games. Two highlights in my view:

1. A Unified Korea team and flag.
2. An American man holds the Russian flag up when the OAR (Olympic Athletes of Russia) enter the stadium.


The Russian team was banned because of supposed doping (although there appears to be little evidence). See the video below.

You know, this whole “anti-Russia” West paradigm is exactly that. It’s a “West cabal only” paradigm. Brainwashing. The West can’t stand Russia because they will not support any WWIII scenarios, actually combat terrorism, and absolutely guaranteed, did NOT interfere in the 2016 US President election. Guaranteed. Yet they are the Great Balancer of this planet, and they are doing a remarkable job. And they are being blamed (by the West, and in the US, primarily by the so-called “Democrat” party (and a few Republican dark ones)) for everything.

Hold the Light for Russia, is my view.


Some links to articles about the Russian team being banned because of doping are below the “Read more”.