Two 11-4-20 Tweets about the current “Election Process” (including one by David Wilcock (at top))

The first is from DW, the second is from David Burney (thanks to BP of the Midwest for that one). Also check out the comments under David Burney’s Tweet (you may also use this ThreadReaderApp link).

[DW] “We have been extensively advised that all potential outcomes have been considered, and have multiple, very capable solutions and resources with extremely high flexibility and adaptiveness.”

[DB] “Dept of Homeland Security controlled “official ballots” production. Dems print extras, not knowing about non-radioactive isotope watermarks on “official ballots”. Military sting operation.”

Tweet from DW

Please hang tight, everyone.
We have been extensively advised that all potential outcomes have been considered, and have multiple, very capable solutions and resources with extremely high flexibility and adaptiveness.
Please keep your meditations going along with me!

Tweet from David Burney

Consider: Dept of Homeland Security controlled “official ballots” production.
Dems print extras, not knowing about non-radioactive isotope watermarks on “official ballots”.
Military sting operation.
After weeding out all counterfeit ballots, Trump landslide confirmed.

Letter to United Nations Secretary-General, June 23, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

As the legitimate and now only government still standing, The United States of America [Unincorporated] requests to see those Geneva Conventions and G-5, G-7, and G-20 treaties that “the” United States dba UNITED STATES, INC.,  and “the” United States of America dba “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.” have signed in our names, so that we may determine whether or not any of our contracts with these entities and the Principals involved were authorized.

The exact terms and nature of our contracts with these other Principals are well known throughout the world as “The Constitution of the United States” and as “The Constitution of the United States of America”.  It is also generally known that we have not altered nor amended those service contracts since 1819 and that our government has not been called into Session since 1860.

It is self-evident that our trust both in the other Principals and in our Employees has been misplaced and that a great deal of embezzlement, fraud of various kinds, usurpation against the lawful government, and international breach of trust has taken place.

We think it only right and proper that we request to be brought up to date regarding these corporate bankruptcies via treaty which have been taking place “in our names” without any granted authority from us, and that we should be held harmless, and that our guarantees and property interests should be honored not only by the other Principals who are responsible for this grotesque injustice, but by all other governments worldwide.

If it is within the power and knowledge of your office or your Member’s offices, please forward copies of the current treaties and record our exemption and objection to being presumed upon.

Please also note that the Carter Administration had no authority to transfer any of our state offices to the United Nations.  The International Organizations Immunity Act of 1976 is a nullity in that respect. 

Finally, please note that the Carter Administration had no authority to transfer illegally purloined child labor contracts and bonds established under False Presumptions upon Americans to the IMF, and the IMF, equally, had no authority to sell or transfer those bonds to Black Rock, Inc. and its assigns.

The fundamental international Maxim of Law that applies is: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.”  The further fundamental international Maxim of Law that pertains is: “Fraud vitiates all.”

We, the American States and People, have been grossly defrauded in Breach of Trust. We have borne the Lion’s Share of the world’s debts and expenses. We have paid the bulk of the cost of rebuilding the entire world infrastructure since the end of World War II, and we have been repaid with nothing but disservice by our own misdirected employees and our purported Allies.

Let this be a lesson and stand as an example before all the other national governments of the world of exactly how coercive, unaccountable, and criminal incorporated entities by nature are, and the foolishness of allowing any incorporated entity to operate “as” a government, and equally, the foolishness of Principals who abandon their contractual obligations to incorporated entities.

It is not — we repeat — not our intention nor our desire to create panic, nor is there any reason for panic.  There is, however, need for sober reconsideration of the rights and responsibilities of the various nations involved and also a need for negotiated settlement of the issues. 

Most sincerely,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America [Unincorporated]

Email Letter to the United Nations — June 19, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Antonio Gutteres, and M. Bachelet, 

In the next few days the Municipal Government of the United States will cease to be, the corporation holding the Legal Titles to the State and Public Trusts, will return to the Equitable Title Holder, the Territorial Government of the United States of America, another corporation which is also in bankruptcy.  

When that happens and the legal title and equitable come back together, the huge phony Public Charitable Trust and the State Trusts will collapse.  

Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people, is the only legitimate government still standing on the land and soil of this country.  

Our States have assembled and our People have stood up.  
We have claimed the trust assets that are rightfully ours and exposed the fraud which has been promoted on our shores in gross Breach of Trust and Breach of Contract by the governmental services corporations, and ultimately, by the Principals responsible for directing those corporations.  

The World Bank, the IBRD, Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS, Bank of New York Mellon, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, and Bank of Canada as well as the Vatican Bank, Merrill Lynch, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other major institutions including the DTCC are up to their necks in fraud, collusion, and racketeering activities designed to defraud the American States and People, and many other nations around the world, who have suffered unlawful conversion and impersonation. 

This email is being sent to you to give you explicit Notice of these facts and their impact not only on our country, but most other countries throughout the world. 

Massive amounts of innocent private assets have been seized upon by these piratical “service” corporations, which have claimed that all these “legacy trusts” and “Special Deposits” which have been purposefully held “off ledger” and made inaccessible to Depositors for decades have been “abandoned”  and self-interested lies to the effect that the owners are “unknown” or “missing lost at sea” have been told in a vain attempt to validate theft by any other name. 

The aim of all this fraud and graft and manipulation has been to steal the assets of the entire world, undermine all national governments, and attempt to excuse this outrageous criminal scheme. 

The aim is to establish a new form of feudalism —- Corporate Feudalism, based on the enslavement of every living being and every natural resource on this planet by a few crazed megalomaniacs, who are for the most part bankers and billionaire Corporatists, like Bill Gates, who are the scions of the Nineteenth Century Robber Barons.   

The Perpetrators propose to use the United Nations Organization as a new store front, after having been discovered using the Roman Catholic Church for the same purposes for centuries.

I hope that this letter finds you well, and has the desired effect of both fully informing and motivating you to: (1) support the lawful government of this country, which is committed to peace; (2) support the return of the lawful physical assets to the people they belong to; (3) short-circuit attempts to reduce the United Nations Organization to a puppet for Evil, instead of an instrument of Good.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America [Unincorporated] 


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Dear Mr. Trump — March 27, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

SPV = “Special Purpose Vehicle” = “Public Transmitting Utility”, etc., etc., etc., 

So, what the attached (FB Friends go to my website to see the document) run down shows is that the Exchange Stabilization Fund (a giant currency commodity rigging fund) is being used to buy a fictitious first position interest in other fictional entities. 

In this case, the Territorial Government is creating new fictitious “PERSONS”  to convey the assets of other fictitious PERSONS belonging to the Municipal Government (our estates and public transmitting utilities) and offering to use our credit to do it; and all of this is fraud. 

It was fraud in the beginning (1868) and in the middle (1933) and it is still fraud now (2020).  

Obummer did this same schtick during the 2008-2009 bailout and Big Short on Wall Street.  All those “Billing Statements” that used to come to “JOHN MICHAEL DOE” were converted by a similar process to the name “JOHN M DOE” and next, unless I am mistaken, they will attempt to roll that PERSON into a John M. Doe or JOHN DOE or some other variation of “fictional entity” to function as a “Special Purpose Vehicle” — and all of it is fictional conveyance of language, that is, fraud.  

It was fraud to impersonate Americans and create Cestui Que Vie Trusts named after them.  It was fraud to use DOG LATIN to convey those Trusts.  It is still fraud no matter what they do or say.  And they are still trying to victimize the actual owners of the property to do this.  

The actual gold, silver, land, and other assets owed to us, is staggering.  The middlemen armed with nothing but hot air and lies are trying to intervene and cut a “priority creditor status” for themselves out of their own lies and fabric of their constructive fraud.  

The actual asset accounts have been sealed and coded so that they cannot be opened except by the actual living man, Julius Divinagracia.  Instead of expediting his access to the accounts and allowing him to do his job, the Mindless Ones have contrived to render him misidentified and helpless, while they do everything in their power to prevent the re-venue of the actual assets to the actual owners — who are all living people.  Not governments.  Not institutions.  Not corporations.  

Mr. Trump’s advisers are a bit slow on the uptake.  They have been told that Julius Divinagracia has entered the jurisdiction of the States of the Union and is under the protection of The United States of America.  He is fully empowered and set free of any possible claim of Municipal citizenship obligation.  Or Territorial Citizenship obligations.  

It’s time for the Territorial Officers to assist in bringing forward the actual asset accounts, instead of playing stupid games aimed at cashiering those accounts to generate fictional credit for themselves.  

This isn’t about “gold” versus “credit” versus “stocks” versus “bonds” versus “cryptos”.   It isn’t “United States Citizens” versus “U.S. Citizens” versus “citizens of the United States”, either. 

This is about basic ownership and rights to private and public property that has been purloined and abused, about incorporated “governmental services corporations” abusing their Employers in Breach of Trust, about generations of bankers and politicians and military officers acting in Gross Breach of Trust to defraud, impersonate, impoverish, enslave, and prey upon their own Employers, about the Pope playing a two-sided game of fraud and false pretenses and employing schemes to impersonate people and disrespect them as THINGS. 

Dear Mr. Trump…. it’s a sorry business at best.  Don’t make it worse.  

No more “SPVs” being dreamed up by some schmuck in the Treasury Department, Department of Commerce, or DOT.  

We have denounced the Scottish Interloper’s role in 1868 and we denounce its attempts at a repeat performance now.  You may not use our credit to buy yourselves an unearned interest in our assets or seek to replace us as the actual Parties of Interest owed all right, title and interest related to the Municipal Corporations that have been used as a fraudulent fictitious conveyance and bankrupted under conditions of fraud, too. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

You all need to straight up and fly right and expedite the re-venue of our assets to us.  Stop playing this criminal game of deceit and impersonation, identity theft, False Registrations, and color of law governance.  

The cats are back.  The rats have to go.  

The boys in blue have been busted and that’s all there is to it.  Move on.  Do the right thing.  Remove the False Registrations and restore the proper owners to the possession and enjoyment of their own property, free and clear of all debt or encumbrance.  

Do not offer to use our own credit to buy interests in our estates. Re-venue our estates to us.  We are clicking our silver slippers together and saying, “There’s no place like home.”   

The only Special Purpose Vehicle that needs to function is the Treasury Account for the United States of America 1789.  It needs to transfer all associated assets including the valid credit assets back to The United States of America 1776 mercantile account, and from there, to disburse to the individual (former) franchise owners and their States of the Union.  Not the Territorial States of States. 

And, it’s time to come clean and talk to the American States and People in terms of their political status choices.  Everyone has the right to know and to choose.  This should have been done in 1865.  For God’s sake, do it now. 

We have the key to the asset accounts and we know exactly what went on here.  Any attempts to lie to the American People or anyone else about the actual ownership and status of our accounts will only result in more acrimony and present-day accusations of fraud.  Better to lay the blame on FDR than continue this corruption and have nobody to blame but yourself. 


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Mercury Retrograde In Pisces & Aquarius: Contemplating Ideals

Mercury begins its latest retrograde process on February 16th/17th , which will last until March 9th/10th. In the weeks (and especially days) leading up to it we start to notice its influence as Mercury slows down and comes to a stop before moving the other way. This is part of the ‘pre-shadow’ period which began on February 2nd.

If you have read my previous Mercury retrograde articles, the first two sections of this article are nearly the same and you can skip to the third section if you don’t want to re-read all the general themes associated with these periods. The other sections are more specific to this edition of it.

Mercury retrograde is known for the problematic effects it often has on communication technology, transactions, motor vehicles, anything with moving parts, and commuting in general. Some people even get headaches near the beginning of it. We could experience some challenges, misunderstandings, and errors around our communications, numbers/details, and commerce, as well as changes, cancellations, or delays in our schedules. We may also feel more challenged when we are doing excessive analytical work without using our internal guidance.

Mercury Retrograde can also be a good time to revisit or redo tasks, projects, ideas, or anything else that was initiated in the past. It can give us a different perspective or shift in thinking that can help us to approach these things in ways we wouldn’t have done before. This may also be a period of reconnecting with old friends, family, lovers, or others we haven’t seen in a while. When we reconnect with people during a retrograde, it can help to facilitate a shift in the relationship. In some cases, issues from the past can come up which may need to be hashed out.

The Deeper Purpose of Mercury Retrograde

Ultimately, Mercury Retrograde is a time for us to recalibrate and adjust specific areas of our lives as well as how we apply our minds towards these issues. It is a period in which we may receive important insights and see things in a new light. In most cases, it can be mildly transformational, but in some cases it can facilitate more major transformations depending on how it corresponds to your personal astrological chart.

During and following the retrograde, certain areas of our lives can go through changes or shifts, or we can experience a re-orientation of some sort which influences how we proceed over the coming months or in some cases, it can have a more long-term significance. In the three weeks afterwards, known as the ‘post-shadow’ period, we move forward with some sort of new awareness, adjustment, as well as new ideas and thoughts that have been seeded which will develop and become more defined as time progresses.

The things that you have been doing or circumstances in the two weeks leading up to this period could determine how and where this energy plays out. It is also possible that there could have been changes or things that came up at that time which may go through a sorting-out process. There could have been unknown variables, either positive or negative, that were either unseen or hadn’t been conceived yet, which may become apparent over the coming weeks.

The sign(s) and element(s) in which Mercury retrograde travels shows the energy we are re-orienting ourselves with. More importantly, if you are familiar with your natal astrology chart, then your house(s) or any planetary placements being affected will show more specifically what areas of life you will be experiencing its energy in. For the astrologically literate, it begins at 12’53 degrees of Pisces and will retrograde all the way to 28’13 degrees of Aquarius, before turning forward again.

Occurring Mostly In Pisces and Partially In Aquarius, Part of a Series in Water Signs

Mercury Retrograde always happens in primarily one element for 1-2 years. This is the fourth of a series occurring in water signs, with the final one happening in the Fall of 2020. The water element is about emotion, feelings, sensitivity, compassion, intuition, and fluidity. This period is about re-aligning ourselves with these qualities and expressing them in new or revamped ways.

This one is primarily a reorientation around Piscean energies and themes. This sign is mystical, spiritual, divinely inspired, imaginative, idealistic, healing, compassionate, and empathic. Pisces is about the subconscious, dreams, faith, and oneness. It is also associated with large bodies of water and creative outlets such as visual media, music, and poetry.

Negatively, Pisces energy can be delusional, flaky, forgetful, deceptive, evasive, confusing, and can lack direction and understanding of boundaries. Escapism and intoxication are also potential Pisces shadows that could come up during this period.

This retrograde is also partially in Aquarius, and although the Pisces themes are stronger at this time, the qualities of Aquarius can be tied into this period as well. This sign is associated with friends, social networks, the group, the team, humanity, ideals, and what is in the best interest of the collective.

Aquarius is intellectual, objective, and rational. It can be unconventional, innovative, original, inventive, progressive, technological, scientific, reforming, and even revolutionary. Negatively, it is be overly detached, aloof, unemotional, and stubborn about ideas.

Mercury Retrograde Significant Dates

Below are some of the dates and information for some of the major astrological configurations during this retrograde.

*The dates below are based on the Americas. The further East you are located, you may need to consider it as the next day.

Feb 16th-17th Mercury begins its retrograde at 12:54 am Universal Time. Mercury retrograde themes and complications may come up strongly at this time and in recent days leading up to this. You may get some sort of indication of the things that may be playing out for you over the next month based on how you feel or what transpires. It’s possible that things that happen, which may seem insignificant at the time, can somehow be connected to how this retrograde process will affect you.

Feb 19th-20th (Feb 14th-26th) Jupiter Sextile Neptune.  Jupiter in Capricorn is moving towards its first of three sextiles to Neptune in Pisces happening in 2020. This one is strongest from February 14th-26th with it peaking on the 19th and 20th.  This energy accentuates all the Pisces energy that is already occurring.  It can also be expansive, explorative, and ambitious in a creative, spiritual, idealistic, or compassionate way.

Feb 24th-26th Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun in Pisces (Inferior Conjunction), Sextile Mars Conjunct The South Node. This is the halfway point of Mercury retrograde, known as the ‘inferior conjunction,’ which is when it returns to the Sun. This can be a period of increased insights, and the themes or circumstances pertaining to how this retrograde is affecting you may come up more during this period.

Complications and frustrations can also be stronger at this time depending on your circumstances or how you are applying yourself. This may also be a period of ridding yourself of certain thoughts, ideas, perceptions, old interests, expectations, or other things that are not serving you while the potential for new ones may be seeded.

Mars on the South Node may also reflect other types of purging as well. For some people this can be a period of needing to let go of negative expressions of Mars that can be holding us back. This may be connected to anger, aggression, force, competitiveness, or aspects of our sexual behavior or relationships.

March 4th Mercury Retrograde enters Aquarius. As Mercury changes signs, it’s possible that issues pertaining to Aquarius themes (mentioned in previous section) and other areas of life (depending on your natal chart) may come up more strongly in comparison to the previous weeks.

March 9th-12th Mercury transitions from Retrograde to Direct during the Full Moon in Virgo. Mercury will slowly begin to move forward from March 10th onward. The areas of our lives that have been affected by this retrograde will start to become more clear and things will fall into place more easily as we progress into the coming days and weeks. As Mercury gradually picks up speed, we can move forward in the areas of life that have been affected. However, usually the first few days after it ends can still feel like its retrograde, as complications may occur due to Mercury’s stationary position. It’s usually best to wait until at least 3 days afterwards before finalizing decisions, agreements, etc.

A Full Moon in Virgo will also be occurring on March 9th as Mercury transitions, aspecting four planets in Capricorn. With strong Earth energy combined with the direct motion of Mercury, we may feel more productive at this time in comparison to the previous weeks. (I will be writing a separate article on this Full Moon, you can join my mailing list here to get notified when this and other content of mine is published.)

Later on around May 4th and/or in the days following, there may be even more clarity around certain things that have been seeded during this retrograde. From there, things may develop further with a better perception, or circumstances may indicate lack of sufficiency, not what was anticipated, or that something needs to change.

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Dear Mr. Trump — January 4, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

[Please get the word out:
Every actual and factual American needs to send Donald Trump a Registered or First Class Letter addressed to the White House and/or email messages regarding claims made by Phil Hudok. Here’s mine as an example:]
President Donald J. Trump
In care of: The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

It has come to our attention that a few renegade and retired U.S. Citizens have brought suit in arbitration against your Office and against THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and that these same people who were born in this country, but who adopted U.S. Citizenship — apparently knowingly as adults and still maintaining such citizenship — are seeking a monetary return for the loss of their natural interest in the land and soil of this country and the Guarantees of the Constitutions that they would otherwise be owed.

The entire process and proposed “settlement” raised by Phil Hudok does not as they are attempting to claim “affect all Americans” and we object to any presumption or claim that he represents anyone but himself and whatever other individuals care to join him; the rest of us do not accept nor desire this so-called “Arbitration Award” as any settlement of our claims against the British Territorial United States Government or the British Crown. 
We believe this to be another instance of offering trinkets in exchange for Manhattan and taking advantage of people too ignorant to know what the legal language means — for example, “natural person” literally means “corpse” in Probate Law — nor do they have Full Disclosure of what is at stake from those making this offer.

We in no way condone or offer to participate in this Arbitration Award and it should not be touted as any settlement being made for or by Americans in general, nor as any appropriate remedy. Offering people credit that is based on the value of their own assets as payment for those assets is a ridiculous and patently fraudulent offer not worthy of discussion. 
Phil Hudok and his Associates are adoptive Territorial United States Citizens seeking additional payment for their loss of interest in this actual country, their actual Birth State, and its assets.

If they are fools enough to exchange that in return for paper credits issued against the value of these same assets — that is, if they are knowingly willing to sell their birthright for a bowlful of paper porridge — then let them. We won’t regret them exiting from our shores on a permanent basis, but we do ask that they be transported to Nova Scotia or whatever other welcoming and appropriate British Crown Territory may be willing to accept them, as their renunciation of their birthright means that they are no longer even questionably Americans— and as they are not directly employed providing “essential government services” they will no longer have any reason to be here on our shores.

Upon their Final Acceptance of money or credit in settlement of their claims –as indicated by cashing of these so-called “settlement” checks and deposits made in accounts naming them as beneficiaries or authorized representatives– we wish you to pick them up and arrest them and transport them to the designated host country or countries willing to accept them as Paupers. Our doors will be closed to them and their immediate family members. 
We have done our best to provide them with Full Disclosure even though the Municipal United States Government and the members of the United States Supreme Court have failed their duty to do so. We consider that that Public Duty has been done by the Fiduciaries of The United States of America [Unincorporated] and Phil Hudok and the others lined up at the trough have no further excuse or anyone to blame. They do what they do by their own hands and have been given the facts and consequences in advance.

We have also advised those who signed up to participate in this “Settlement Offer” in error— people who simply made a mistake and wish to withdraw from any obligation — contact the Territorial/Municipal Congressional Delegations attached to their States via Registered Mail, asking that their names and addresses be removed from the so-called Arbitration Award. 

 We have also advised them to send copies of their Registered Letters requesting removal of their names and addresses to Secretary of State Pompeo. 
There has been enough self-interested cheating of trusting Americans to last for the next 200 years and we do not want any American to unwittingly sever their birthright claims and lose their homes and recognition of their Natural and Unalienable Rights for a pocketful of paper.

Thank you very much for your assistance and understanding.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake,  Alaska  99652


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Sent to the Pope on January 3, 2020

By Anna Von Reitz

One of Yours….

One of your “Officers” is causing trouble and unnecessary problems for us— the so-called “Governor” of the “Commonwealth of Virginia”. 

Please note this Oath:

_Every person before entering upon the discharge of any function as an
officer of this Commonwealth shall take and subscribe the following
oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the
Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially
discharge all the duties incumbent upon me as ____________________
according to the best of my ability, (so help me God).”_

Notice that this Oath is to what?  “the Constitution of the United States” —- not “The Constitution of the United States”.

He is taking his Oath to the Municipal Corporation, not even the Municipal Government, which is what it would be if he took his Oath to The Constitution of the United States, and frankly, we don’t know what this “Constitution” even says or requires of this man, because it is foreign and private, though it might be available as a Washington, DC Municipality document.

Also note that this man is not acting as any State Governor at all.  He is acting as a Commonwealth “Governor” — an entirely different position, with different citizenry involved. 

So, within his little club calling itself the “Commonwealth of Virginia” he can probably confiscate member’s guns all he wants, but that does not enable him to touch the guns of a single American.

He’s your Officer acting under your Commonwealth auspices and it is your duty to me and to the other people of this country to stand him down and make him accountable to the actual Law and the international treaties involved.

We have reported, fully, on the widespread falsification of political status records in this country, so until that conundrum is sorted out, it is impossible for you or for him to know who is a “citizen of the United States” and who is a United States Citizen and who is an American State Citizen.

This is your NOTICE that you and the Holy See and the Municipality of Rome will be held 100% personally and commercially liable for any violence, any mistaken attacks on Americans, any damage done to us or our country in any way. 

Touch a single American gun “by mistake” and your Officer will be guilty of Treason against the actual Constitution of the United States.


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