Holy crap! 10-21-20… KpBlog.space views hit 23,168 (a new high!!)… (Something BIG is in the works, I feel)

Okay, I don’t really broadcast too much about views (hits) for the KpBlog.space. Normally, views range from 5,000 to 10,000 per day. But today I noticed that there was a big jump in views, to 23,168!

Now I’m not sure exactly what this means, but often, in the past, I’ve noted that the overall “energetics” of the planet seem to relate to the views. I have absolutely NO proof for any of that. But in this case, I feel something profound is coming through that will change this planetary consciousness, forever… in a very positive, ascension-type, way.

We shall see.

Anyway, thanks to all who follow this blog, and for all who supprot the planetary Ascension Uprising via their Light, works, meditation, and prayers.

We are moving through any “chaotic nodes”, to the Higher Realms. Big time, baby!

Aloha, Kp

PS… as I finish this, there is thunder rolling outside (Thor’s Hammer)!