Fascinating @3Days3Nights 9-6-19 Twitter thread about #Dorian… Was someone trying to cause a nuclear incident?

This thread is putting out a hypothetical theory here, but it makes a lot of data connections that I found very fascinating. This was mentioned in the latest iPOT video (related Kp blog post).

The Twitter thread is from @3Days3Nights, who went through a lot of details and caught a few things, like that it appears Dorian could have been generated by the deep state, schedule it to cause a hurricane/nuclear disaster at Port St. Lucie, JUST before the 7 hour Democrat “climate change debates”. Didn’t happen, and the data indicates the “good guys” took over the hurricane and sent it to a China port.

Last week I spoke to someone about Dorian, and how I “sensed” that it was created by the “deep state”, but had been taken over by the Alliance, and used against the deep state. The person I spoke with felt the same way.

Anyway, enjoy the thread.