Kp Message 4-25-19… “About the ‘Mission of the 422’ and connections to other energy ‘things’”

View from “Ceremony 1” location on Haleakala.

While the mission is still on my mind, and now that I have been “de-zonkified” via rest, a mocha, and fixing a leak in my house water supply hose, I am going to write a few things down, in (approximate) chronological order. So here goes.

BTW, all posts about this may be found here and here.

  1. About two weeks prior to 4-22, Got the “movement” to go to Maui on 4-22-19, which was an 8 3 day, or an “11” day… very new beginnings (see this earlier post about that). Something about assisting in bringing in and/or opening the Haleakala portal (stargate) to prepare for the next planetary phase of awakening. This was going to be a 3 day, 2 night trip.
  2. On the flight over from Kona, flew by North side of Maui, and viewed several waterfalls, some with multiple falls. First time I’d every seen that (and several others in the plane had their faces in their iPhones and I’m sure did not see them).
  3. Very challenging arrival energies; had difficulty getting rental car, long line, first car (dark gray) did not work properly, second one was fine (color = silver).
  4. First stop felt like ‘Iao Valley, and connect with the “water energies” there (very unlike prior Maui missions, where I’d go straight to Haleakala), in the mists and the ‘Iao river. Connected with those energies, and then drove on.
  5. Haleakala journey: it became clear I was to stop at 3 locations on the mountain for ceremony. These were connected with a type of “shaping/configuring the vortex” on Haleakala (see this video).
  6. Final ceremony conducted near top of Haleakala (next to silversword area; remember the car I got… Silver color) at 2240 (4-22 at 2240 (see this post again))
  7. “Slept” on Haleakala overnight (“slept” means “almost no sleeping was accomplished”). Woke up and went to Sip Me Makawao for a morning mocha.
  8. Drove over to Kihei to find a beach. Went in water and enjoyed a swim, and visited another coffee place. But energies were beginning to feel intense; felt like I was being “pushed out”.
  9. When went back to ‘Iao (water connection) again, and it became very clear the body felt very tired did not want another night sleeping in the car, and that my time on Maui was done. So called Mokulele and rescheduled my flight to leave that day (4-23-19).
  10. Flew back to Kona, and zonked out for >12 hours.

Now what happened afterward was that I received a communication from another energy worker who wrote this:

“At a specific moment in Our conversation [with a friend] I heard “release”….and I thought, wow something Just shifted. I also was told to let you know that.

“So… letting you know! Not sure if you’re still on Maui or not, but felt a big release… and was reminded my own human Perrin right now is releasing a lot of things…

“There is still water falling in all of this…although may now be rain, but whatever it is the release of water is playing out as helping this move. Whatever you are doing is moving things in a “Watery way”.”

So the “water connection” I experienced by seeing all of the Maui waterfalls on the way over to Maui, certainly connects to this message.

Also, a very special Light Worker Galactic person I know was working with the waters of the Mediterranean at the same time I was on Maui. Very important connection there. The only message received about this was, “Greece aligned.. Done”.

Another part of this process happened on Sunday, the day before I left, and was communicated to me by PP:

Aloha KP – I live on Kauai and last night I felt a galactic pulse of energy, transforming everything. I attend a Sunday evening mediation group – but this was very different than usual. I got the message ‘there is no going back’ after this pulse purified earth.

So all of these things connect with what happened on Maui. And it appears that a TONNE of Clarifying-Illuminating Light energy was released, via the water connections, and topped off with the ceremonies on Haleakala.

We’ll see where all of this goes. Mahalo to all who connected, in their own way.

Aloha, Kp