Via RMN 9-21-19… “HOLLYWOOD Insider” 4CHAN: “QANON Has Been Tearing Through Hollywood, It’s Over”…

Happened to notice this at RMN, and checked a bit further into the 4Chan link.

If you search for H/MI4zJY, that, apparently, is “Hollywood Insider” (HI). Fascinating information. It could indicate that the “Q movement” has indeed struck deeply into the Hollywood deep state.

A couple highlights below.

[HI] Take this with a grain of salt but I am seeing and hearing the tide turn. People within the industry are seeing the writing on the wall and are making deals left and right. They are too burnt out to do another election.

Many of us were secretly redpilled the whole time but couldn’t say anything for fear of being blacklisted. Qanon has been tearing through hollywood, the most compelling Whisper Campaign that has ever happened in this town. Because it connected so many dots for so many that work here.

It’s over.

Please treat us with respect and decency as we transition back to your reality, a lot of us never knew how bad it truly was until it was too late.