Kp Message 3-28-19… “Numbers seen today” (So what’s going on with these??)

Today I was “presented” with four significant (to me) numbers, in the order “received”, below.

  1. 333 (the ‘corrected’ price of something I bought at WalMart, after I’d mentioned to them that it seemed too high)
  2. 11 (the total price of everything I bought at WalMart)
  3. 444 (the time I observed on my TV screen)
  4. 555 (appeared twice: 1. the hourly blog hits rate calculated, based on 20 minute period (185; 185 x 3 = 555) 2. the time on an x22 video when he mentioned something that “struck” my Higher Innards)

So as I often do, I checked out the Angel Numbers 101 messages for each of these:

  1. 333: You are completely surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the benevolent ascended masters (p. 89).
  2. 11: Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation (p. 12).
  3. 444: There are angels—they’re everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported, and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear (pp. 113-114).
  4. 555: Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life! To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay centered in prayer and affirmations (p. 138).

So let’s get this straight. Today’s “string of numbers” message is saying:

“You are surrounded by benevolent, loving, Ascended Masters, so stay positive, as your thoughts are materializing rapidly. But don’t worry or fear, because there are angels everywhere around you and you are completely loved, supported, and guided by many Heavenly beings, as Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life!”

And the 555 message came twice, one after the other (within maybe a few minutes).

Well, yes, I’m taking this as a personal message, so I’ll pay attention. But also I feel this may apply to several others (perhaps all who read this). And since we are all participating in the Planetary Ascension process, I feel it applies to the planet as well. In summary,

Ascended Masters are all around us, helping us to Stay positive (nose up attitude), as we are on a “Heavenly”, Angel Guided pathway. Knowing this, and aligning with this, we are completely prepared and easily able to handle the “Huge changes [which] are rumbling throughout your (and the planet’s) life, at this time!”

Feel free to take what is yours from this communication.

Aloha to all, Kp