WhiteHouse.gov 4-12-19… “President Trump Delivers Remarks on United States 5G Deployment” (and a Jordan Sather ‘response’ to 5G)

The first video I watched to see if there were any mentions of safety of 5G and/or questions about safety. There were none.

In Jordan’s video (at about 9:42) he addresses the 5G deal, and points out that this may be a step in the direction of bringing out alternate quantum technology for this (you know that DJT’s family has connections to Tesla). We shall see. Personally, I am making no evaluations and/or “judgements” about this.



Published on Apr 13, 2019

NSA Tweet: https://bit.ly/2DddUZU
OnWithLogic Tweet: https://bit.ly/2Derk87
Trump Threatens To Dump Migrants In Sanctuary Cities: https://bit.ly/2UTCB7N
FBI Records Vault – Argentina DECLAS: https://bit.ly/2v3O4Dq
Trump Says U.S. ‘Must Win’ Race to Develop 5G Infrastructure: https://bloom.bg/2KLl6D9
Anti-vaxers are winning the war on social media. What’s the CDC going to do about it?: https://cnn.it/2G8MtBn
ATSDR Report Confirms Glyphosate Cancer Risks: https://on.nrdc.org/2vaTs7X


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Simon Parkes 4-6-19… “Connecting Consciousness” (and he notes, “5G in the U.S. will be safe”)

Click image to go to the 6:40 mark where he talks about 5G.

Thanks to Elana for alerting me to this. I listened to the first few minutes of this, and at 6:40 is that with all the negative talk about 5G networks, Simon says that there is a back story to all this 5G business. “I’ve got far less concerns for American citizens regarding 5G… Something is being to done to reduce and/or knock out the harmful effects of 5G…”

This aligns with what I have “received” about all of this “5G is the devil” type of fear hype. I’ve got that we are being protected from a variety of “higher tech” technologies (Galactics, anyone?), and personally, I have released any fear about it.

This Simon Parkes message also goes along very well with an earlier (2-22-19) SB2 article (related Kp blog post). Below I post a couple of relevant highlights from that article:

““The Wall” is more than just a single physical barrier on the southern US border with Mexico. It is “an integrated set of protections to shield us from the various types of threats that were identified.

“He [DJT] tweeted about the wall R=18 minutes after talking about 5G. Why? Because it’s Related! BOOM! The bomb has just exploded: the wall is also about protecting America from the harm of 5G!

“The wall is about protecting us from ALL TYPES OF WEAPONS AND ARMIES FROM ALL DIMENSIONNS that were gathered by our former treasonous political leaders in order to weaken us, enslave us and invade us.”

Simon also mentions a video he did with Sacha Stone (I’ve not listened to that one yet).