Review: Open Your Mind Change – A Guidebook to The Great Awakening

6 Stars – Mind-Altering Book for Good of Humanity I wrote the Foreword, which you can read at the book’s original post (it is also offered free online at the author’s website but I have ordered the hard copy as a collector’s item and recommend you do as well). Martin Geddes, whom I have interviewed …

Joachim Hagopian: Print Edition of Pedophilia & Empire Book 1 Now on Sale

The Print Edition in Five Volumes Each volume is 8.5 x 11 full page size, with the footnotes displayed on the pages rather than as endnotes. Each book has its own index. This is a PhD-level reference work highly relevant to the campaign to take down  the Deep State and the Satanists, Pedophiles, & Secret …

Review: Ireland 1845-1850 – The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It “Perfect” (the British) by Chris Fogarty

6 Star — Pioneering Work Overcomes 200 Years of Lies by British, Catholic Church, and USA This book is the full equivalent of Ernst Zundel’s work disputing the British-Zionist holocaust myth, but in the opposite direction. Or it could be compared to the cover-up of how the Allies murdered 11 million Germans AFTER they surrendered. …

Review: Not in His Image – Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief by John Lamb Lash

6 Star Healing Soul-Opening Book I am rushing this partial review into publication to honor Young Pharaoh as well as  David Ray Griffin and make the point that the main religions in the USA today are corrupt to the bone, patriarchial to the point of relegating women to whoredom, playing the victim card, and totally …

Review: Mary Magdalene Revealed – The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven’t Tried Yet by Meggan Watterson

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Six Stars — Christianity as It Should Be, Rooted in Love, Respecting the Feminine, Self as Jesus

This is one of those books that changes everything.  If it were to be appreciated world-wide the Vatican and the Catholic Church in its present form would be burned at the stake, and from the ashes a new church formed in which women have equal in not greater voice.

The bottom line is that ego is power over, while love is power with — love is without beginning or end, without limit.

Below are my notes.

Mary Magdalene is Mary the companion to Jesus (and First Apostle) not his mother, Mary of Nazareth.

1st Power of Ego: Darkness

  • Notice the unnoticed Earth
  • Heart within is the Altar
  • Mary is the Lord, the Heart within
  • Union of Christ & Mary under-appreciated

2nd Power of Ego: Craving

  • Power is inherent in women
  • They are equal to and should not be dependent on men
  • Go against expectations, baptize yourself

QUOTE (44): When Christ says, “Acquire my peace within yourselves,” in the Gospel of Mary, I hear this as a directive to focus not on worshipping him but on becoming like him.

  • Bible is a mandated narrative that excludes women and key gospels
  • Council of Nicea assassinated women, excluded women, defamed women

QUOTE (47): If we hadn’t silenced women and asked them to leave the altar from the start, I wonder what the world would be like now.

We are a body, a mind, a heart, a soul with active imagination

You have to ask, envision, state intention

3rd Power of Ego: Ignorance

  • Death is existing elsewhere
  • Love is the start not the end
  • Gospel of Mary validates women and overturns centuries of patriarchy
  • God the Good is not God the “Father”
  • There is no such thing as sin.
  • Integration & unity matter — must integrate and unite early and always
  • Humans are a bridge between the material and the spiritual
  • Souls are not sexed
  • Man is ration, linear; women are cyclical, beyond rational
  • Church has sought to destroy the Christ WITHIN each person
  • Church teaches dogma, external idolization instead of internal transformation

QUOTE (79): Salvation is waking up, become even more alive.

  • Connect with the divine by bringing consciousness into one’s heart

PAGES 102-103: Most extraordinary articulation of the process and pain of childbirth — a truly unique rendition that alone makes the book priceless.

QUOTE (110): . . . truth is a phoenix, and can never be burned; truth will always emerge from the ashes and find its way to the surface of our consciousness.

  • Could Christ have needed Mary’s love to resurrect?
  • Is love both human and divine?
  • Fear and ego bind, love and soul liberate
  • Humanity is meant to move the divine story forward
  • What is excluded in excluding women is the legacy and potential of love

4th Power of Ego: Craving for Death

To walk with me is to walk as me.

5th Power of Ego: Enslavement to Physical Body

  • Give for the sake of giving — 10,000 fold return on investment
  • Mercy returns us to the heart
  • Druids nurtured Mary for her last 30 years, two serious caves
  • Rest in silence; love is a bridge

6th Power of Ego: False Peace of the Flesh

  • You can always begin again
  • There is no hierarchy in the spiritual world
  • Imbalance of power between men and women is a barrier
  • Men – ego – unbalanced = un-unified
  • Love has already won even if you are not seeing it or feeling it

7th Power of Ego: Compulsion of Race

  • Oil annointment is transition from human to divine
  • Soul is forevere
  • Ego is power OVER; love is power WITH
  • Complete is a better goal than perfect
  • Love is without limit; no beginning, no end.

I put this book down with three strong feelings:

CONFIRMED:  It is time to put women back in charge (from the earliest days of Mother Earth and matriarchy as the organizing principle.

CONFIRMED: Paternal churches with dogma are  the enemy of Christ and divinity and have no claim on being divine intermediaries. You do not need a priest to be baptized or to be one with Christ or divinity.

CONFIRMED: We are at the beginning of a new era that may have begun in 2012, a 1,000 years of peace and prosperity in which compassion and  truth and reconciliation will be decisive across all boundaries, and women will be central to our progress from today onwards.

The first book to inspire me along these lines is below:

Review: Mapping the Moral Domain: A Contribution of Women’s Thinking to Psychological Theory and Education

I have no doubt that our future is now in the hands of the divine feminine.

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Yoda: Ascension Christianity — Next Big Thing?

Review: The Christian Gospel for Americans – A Systematic Theology by David Ray Griffin

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Review: OBLIVION – America At The Brink

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6 Stars For Provocation & Graphics

The books of Thomas Bearden, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and also a PhD intelligence analyst assigned the Soviet escoteric weapons target in the 1970’s and 1980’s, were brought to my attention by John Petersen, founder of The Arlington Institute still today one of America’s foremost futurist networks with DEEP knowledge of escoteric matters including weapons.

This book, one of his more recent first published in 2005, is unique because the bulk of the book is a very long briefing, two graphics per page, that he created for a single wealthy customer.

I have done my best to get through it, mindful that I am not a scientist and a wave for me will always be something you surf.  On balance I am deeply impressed and I find the material on the intersection of biology, earth sciences (including earthquakes and volcano eruptions causable by electromagnetics), and the entire electromagnetic spectrum which is vastly more complicated than I ever imagined, to be completely credible and certainly worthy of deep investment by both open and secret programs.

There are aspects of the book that do cause me to wonder if the author has been alarmist or mistaken.

01 He believes the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo in Japan to be agents of the Soviet Union (today Russia) and particularly very hard line elements that are opposed to President Vladimir Putin and dedicated to the destruction of the USA.

02 He believes that Israel and Israel alone has the capabilities to neutralize these scalar and energetics weapons all over the world, and that Israel has saved the USA on multiple occasions — and possibly without the knowledge of key US leaders.

I find both of these aspects implausible.  I am not, however, at all ready to discount the multiple works of this author because of my doubts on these two points.

There is enough here for me conclude, if I were the President, to demand a full briefing on what we have and what we know, and to drop at least $5 billion in new money against this area of inquiry. Indeed, if Measurements and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) turns out to be doing this stuff instead of what I have long called “farts in a storm” intelligence, then color me embarrassed, because energetics and scalar are absolutely worthy of our best and brightest and every dollar we can afford to direct on  this topic.

Of all of Col Dr Bearden’s books, this is the one I recommend for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities.

Review: Gravitobiology – A New Biophysics by Thomas Bearden

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6 Stars — Balances All Lies by Existing Authorities – We Have a Need to Know!

I am not a scientist, I cannot comprehend mathematics, and I found much of this book too escoteric for a word by word reading.

Having said that, I am persuaded that the author,  a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and PhD with long experience in technical intelligence focused on the Soviet target, is sharing core knowledge on the intersection between biology and electromagnetics that we have a need to know.

QUOTE (1): Gravitobiology is the application of a unified field theory conception of electromagnetics (EM) and gravitation (G) to the total energetics exchanges (1) between a living organism and its external environment (interexchanges) and (2) inside the living organism and between, within, and among its parts and its whole (intra-exchanges).

Several things about this book impress me:

01 If Einstein was right and everything is energy, this this author is illuminating absolutely critical concerns with respect to how electromagnetic pollution translates into biological hazard.

02 His approach to energy, the vacuum, quantum everything, the soul, and the future of humanity is for me gripping.

03 He appears to document — certainly to my satisfaction if I were a program manage thinking about where to put the next billion — that the Soviets (today the Russians) are far ahead of us in this area, with the NOTEWORTHY observation that the Russians have DEFENSIVE capabilities that can defeat biological warfare as well as electromagnetic warfare attacks with there mature displine of “energetics.”

All of this is relevant to the fake pandemic (Bill Gates’ coronavirus perhaps unleashed by the Zionists and the Germans and the French) and to the growing public realization that 5G and satellite microwaves produce radiation sickness and are both genocidal and econcidal.

I have the impression that the US has slmilar capabilities in its inventory but I am concerned that they are controlled by the Deep State (through the military-industrial complex) and are not responsive to a Presidential chain of command.

I own two of his other books that I will review over time: Excalibur Briefing Explaining Paranormal Phenomena: The interaction of mind and matter; and OBLIVION: America at the Brink.

On a positive note, completely apart from the fake pandemic (which could turn into a real pandemic if we allow the Zionists and the Germans and the French to spread actual malignant biological warfare samples), I have a sense that many forms of positive energy are convergent, and a generally optimistic view of our future.

Review: Hitler’s War by David Irving

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David Irving

6 Star — Truthful History That Exposes Zionist-Controlled Lies Across Academia & Publishing

I “woke up” to the reality of my government lying about everything when 9/11 went down and it was immediately obvious to me that this was a false flag event, no airplanes, all pre-planned.

Then I encountered the work of Ernst Zundel and found his work — including his legal victory against Zionists defamers and liars in Canada — to be totally compelling. I added to my already extensive reading a new thread, seeking the truth on Zionism, Palestine, and — after reading Peter Dale Scott and David Ray Griffin — the Deep State.

In 2017, with the best of intentions, I sponsored #UNRIG, was joined by Cynthia McKinney, and in passing declared that America First means not Israel First. I was immediately destroyed six ways in ninety days, a story I tell at “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, 7 November 2017. My federal trial against the three major attackers who led in turn over 400 cyber-stalkers, is scheduled for May 2020.

It was within the above context, and inspired to some extent by Jeff Rense and others, that I acquired this book (and its companion, Churchill’s War: The Struggle for Power).

Bottom line up front: Hitler never wanted to wage war on Britain, nor did he order (or allow) any kind of holocaust against the Jews. His plan was to expel them from Germany to Madagascar.  I have only glanced through the companion volume, but there  too the bottom line is clear: Winston Churchill was a drunken hack who was bribed by the Zionists to force a war with Germany. The Zionists, not to be confused or conflated with Jews, ever, declared war on Hitler, and bribed and blackmailed both British and US leaders into World War II.

Additional context is provided by my Holocaust Inquiry series of posts.

I am perhaps unique as a former spy who also has fought CIA for 30 years with respect to the need for an Open Source Agency (which would include, within its Information Bureau, a History Division). It is now clear that most of what we are taught and told by academia, corporations, government, the media, is a lie. No one is doing holistic analytics and true cost economics, and no one is committed to the truth in public interest. That is, in my view, both the central battle of the 21st Century, and the only means by which we can create a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all.

It is my view that Zionism and the invented Russian-criminal apartheid genocidal State of Israel, are destined to be eradicated in the next decade. They over-played their hand. Within the USA, from the USS Liberty to 9/11 to the Epstein pedophilia debacle, to the 27 states bribed and blackmailed into making it a felony to criticize Israel by calling for Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), these criminal psychopathic scum have self-destructed in their arrogance and unbridled greed.

Among all the books I have read, this one book is perhaps the most difficult because one could spend an entire year reading it and reflecting on its sources, but this one book, and its companion, are the definitive stake in the heart of the Zionist octopus that lies about everything. That makes this book a treasure.

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Review: The Landscape of History–How Historians Map the Past

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