The Shanghai Lockdown #JoeImbriano

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okay well anyway i want to talk to you guys today about what’s going on in china

and uh you know everything that’s going on right now is really uh you know it’s a stage

being diverted and distracted and i don’t want to get caught up in the distractions although i have to

occasionally address these distractions and i’ve been laying low for a while just letting things play out you know

i’ve already talked about what’s going on in ukraine you can look up more of that information on my website

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all right without any further ado shall we get right into it

just a word from sponsor jesus christ he does

want you to understand that uh he’s knocking and all you got to do is answer the door he’s waiting all you got to do

is ask him to enter your life and to clean you up and if you can’t clean yourself up

that’s why he came he came to clean you up help you clean up and then make sure that you spent eternity

in paradise that he has prepared for all of us before the foundations of this

earth were laid all right

china is uh where all eyes need to be right now not ukraine folks because uh

what is happening in china is not being talked about or shown

in the media what is happening in ukraine right now is being embellished and overshown in

the media and to be honest with you a lot of what’s going on in ukraine on the media isn’t what’s going on in ukraine a

lot of the footage you’re seeing is not from ukraine okay and a lot of the footage that you’re not

seeing in china is really happening they’re not showing you what’s going on over there okay

china is the model ladies and gentlemen henry kissinger has been running the

casting couch in china for a very long time david rockefeller

made sure that we all understood that china is the model

and china is nothing more than an offshoot of bolshevik marxist communism

that gained a very strong foothold after world war ii

china is the model ladies and gentlemen what’s going on in shanghai right now there’s about 30 million people that

have been put under arrest and they’ve been made prisoners in their own homes

and they’ve lost every semblance of freedom and normality in their lives and

they’re actually now being trained to hate each other if they’ve tested positive for this thing right

you need to understand folks that this whole uh you know virus

uh outbreak uh contain uh epidemic pandemic whatever they want to call this stuff is nowhere near being

over okay china right now is undergoing a second round

of lockdowns in shanghai which is really at this point nothing

more than a very high level drill okay

what they’ve done is they’ve taken close to 30 million people for almost a month and not allowed any of them to leave their

homes there are people in china that are starving to death right now because they don’t have access to food

they’re people dying because they can’t get food some of them can’t get their medicines

that they’ve been forced to be addicted to what is happening is they are claiming

in china and this is a complete operation folks that there is an outbreak of some sort

of alleged contagion some variant if you will is what they’re

calling it and no one’s got any symptoms most of the uh

everybody’s got to get tested weekly in shanghai and if you test positive they come and take you away

on your smartphone lets them know that uh you’re hot so this the goon squad

shows up with the van and plastic white suits and gloves and takes you off to a quarantined center which is literally

nothing more than a prison and people are being chained inside

these places they’re not being told how long they’re going to be there the conditions inside

these places are absolute squalor right they smell the air is bad there’s no

sunlight you know they’re sharing sinks and bathrooms and walking around their bare

feet with you know piss on the floor and these things the food’s terrible

you know and they’re getting wi-fi you know all there’s all kinds of wi-fi in these places god knows what they’ve put

inside these places right but they’re literally picking people up and dragging them out of their homes

they’re also picking people up and dragging them out of their homes make their homes into quarantined

facilities in other words they’re taking people out of their homes kicking them out dragging them out and turning their

homes and apartment buildings into quarantine facilities and this is all

based on a testing program

edged virus that shows no symptoms these people that are testing positive by and

large are what is known as asymptomatic there’s nothing wrong with them the only reason they’re being dragged

away and locked up is because they test positive on a test

now that’s what happens to people when the government takes away your guns

okay because these people have no choice they cannot fight back

now if you’ll notice the way that they’re being treated

by the medical goom squads that are working with the police

are they’re basically total animals they’re being treated like livestock

now as they show you all of these heart-wrenching uh zelensky video game pictures

and i’m not look folks the whole thing in ukraine is a setup all right and you know 90 of what

they’re showing on the on the television is a bunch of bs folks pictures are from

you know other times and other events and you know zielinski’s playing a video game look at the guy he’s got his gaming

shirt on all the time right folks putin’s working for the deniers of jesus

christ he is a bolshevik marxist communist okay think about it

the guy’s on the payroll he’s doing what he’s told

so is north korea so is venezuela so is cuba so is the united states folks you just

don’t realize it yet because the one problem that the bolshevik marxist communists have with the united states

is our ability to say no right that’s because we have the first amendment

which guarantees the freedom to live our lives

and speak our minds because we have a right to a free press freedom of speech right

in this country and then it’s backed up by our ability to defend it with the second amendment

all right that’s a problem for the bolshevik marxist communist that’s why they’re emptying the jails in the united states

no cash bail is here in in in the hoodlumvilles right there’s people roaming the streets

like a bunch of animals robbing people armed with the guns that their stimulus money bought them

you don’t think this is all by design the deniers of jesus christ have placed

district attorneys in positions to empty the jails ladies and gentlemen

they want lawlessness and bedlam in the streets so they can take away all our rights to defend ourselves okay

that’s their plan but it’s not working because every time they have a mass shooting people go out and buy more guns

every time they try to bankrupt the firearms industry with the false flag event

people go and buy more ammunition the united states is a problem and that’s why the united states is going to

be slated for a very very hard lockdown

based on a very scary event that this last

military psyop operation for the past two and a half years was preparing the

well-oiled machinery to conduct and that is an epidemic

of something airborne that is going to cause respiratory distress and hemorrhaging

that is going to warrant the most dystopian transformation of the

united states that its citizens have ever experienced in their lives

and all eyes are on china right now because what is happening in china is what is going to happen here

unless we get out in front of what they’re planning to do which is what i have been doing

for so many years explaining what the weaponry is what the

symptoms of the weaponry is what the excuse me what the symptoms of

the exposure to the weaponry are and what the remedies to the solution are

the snake venom is not going to take away your ability to breathe folks and by the way the reason that people

only die in the hospital is because it doesn’t take much to stop your heart in a hospital okay

it doesn’t take much to kill you in a nursing home it doesn’t take much to kill you when you’re strapped to a gurney and your family can’t see you and

see what’s being done because it doesn’t take much to throw off your electrolytes to throw things

off in your body all right it’s a very very delicate balance

they can hook you up to an iv and they can all of a sudden just sedate you and they can tell you that well you know oh

well it’s time for organ donation right what’s going on in china is a drill for

the model and what they’re doing in china is they’re just seeing how 30 million

people that have no way to defend themselves and say no react to being treated like caged rats before they put

them into the fricking gas chamber because literally folks these people if the government in shanghai wants to

starve these people to death you know what they have to do they have to have a few robot 5g

controlled dogs running the street with drones and five or six policemen

and they could control you know 10 million people and keep them locked in their homes and starve to down you know why because the chinese people have been

worn down so much they’ve got no way to resist okay they’re on a total cashless

uh practically cashless social credit score dystopian orwellian

uh you know total matrix folks where you know if they get out of line criticize government they get dragged away and

they get their they get their cell phone shut off they can’t get on the subway they can’t buy food whatever okay that’s

where we’re heading the united states is the land of the

free in the home of the brave and they’ve been trying to turn us into the land of the pigs and the home

of the slave with the filthy degenerate scum that run the media okay they’ve

been trying to pervert and destroy this nation for a long time ever since they got a foothold after world war ii

over the television news and print media and they were long hard at work before

that in the newspapers and in the educational system and in the religious system and by the way i’m not going to

call today good friday because to be honest with you folks it isn’t a good day unless you’re on the wrong side okay

because what happened to jesus although it may have had to happen it was horrific and brutal and there’s

nothing good about it the only thing good was uh the day that he blasted out of that tomb and uh ever

since then when he started walking through walls and telling everybody they didn’t get me

and i might as well tell you this folks you know uh i as most of you know i was raised

catholic i was i went to catholic school all the way through high school that’s right jesuit trained but i’m not a

jesuit folks although the jesuit order around the schools i went to i didn’t know my parents put me there and god

blessed them for doing what they thought was right it was better than going to these government schools even though i got to

talk the same lies at least it was wrapped in a soft blanket instead of one that was dipped in manure okay

the bottom line is when you go into one of these catholic churches you will see a couple of things that

should lead you to believe that what you’re looking at inside there is the combination of

babylonian sun worship and christianity and paganism all

blended into one and one of the things is the trophy hanging over their altar that’s right that

that thing over the altar shows jesus nailed to a cross that’s the trophy folks that’s the trophy of the deniers of

jesus christ we got him okay that’s their trophy that’s their infiltration of christianity and then

came the schofield reference bible about 130 years ago to finish the job

but it’s not finished folks i don’t want to digress but listen

jesus isn’t dead ladies and gentlemen he’s alive and he reigns forever more and you know although what they did to

him although what was done to him happened

you need to understand that the grave couldn’t hold them the tomb couldn’t hold them the nails although they pierced the

hands they did you know you need to understand we’re eternal we’re eternal beings folks and you know they could

they could kill the body but they can’t kill the soul these people are sick in the head they’re nuts and they immerse us in all this filth

and lies in hopes that we’ll just become animals and lose all our rights because we’ll no longer be capable of having

rights because our constitution although it’s questionable who it was really designed for

was never designed for an immoral people it’s wholly inadequate to govern an immoral people and that’s why

we can lose our rights by basically forsaking our ability to

have those rights based on our behavior and that’s why the media and the movies have been turning us into animals and

the schools have been training us their animals and the government’s been treating us like we’re animals so we’ll accept the fact that we’re animals so

they can get away with doing what they want to us animals but that’s not going to happen

i’m sick of it okay and you should be too and every place you turn for answers is

lying to you look at them seriously folks look at what they’ve done look at china 30

million people trapped in their homes for a month and no one’s sick

they’re gonna do it here they why do you think they’ve got all these cell towers everywhere and all

these wi-fi hotspots everywhere and all these small cells on top of the street lights what do you think they’re doing

folks i mean for crying out loud you’re getting five bars in the basement of the parking structure

who needs all this they do because

their plan is to induce respiratory distress and hemorrhagic

symptoms that will be blamed on a virus

so they can do whatever they want to solve the problem that they create and blame it on

whatever pathogen they want so they can propose and implement any solution they damn well please

including killing off all the food supply and starving us to death

you do you think i’m kidding folks do you realize how much livestock was slaughtered with the mad

cow fraud and all this supposed bird flu stuff folks all they got to do is crank

up these ground-based uh rf systems and they can take the birds out of the sky and they can say it’s an outbreak and

most people will run for the store and buy diapers to put on their butt and their face

they’ll be freaking out [Music]

you know every one of these uh hollywood movies about these contagions and these outbreaks always involve three things

okay number one the existence of an alleged

manufactured uh cartoon character pathogen which is a virus is what they call them

it’s a construct okay and that it what it goes from one

species to another it jumps the species barrier right even though there isn’t

any such thing because there is no such thing and then number three it’s highly transmissible because it’s airborne

and there’s always a bird involved [Music] why is it

that the rats are always blaming the bats well i’ll tell you why folks number one they like to hide the deniers of

jesus christ always have other people do their dirty work for them they don’t get their hands dirty they con people into

shedding innocent blood and doing their filthy deeds right well here’s the deal folks

the goal with the bird deal is the food supply right if they can convince you

that it’s being transmitted by birds the justification to slaughter all the

poultry and livestock in the country will not only be

mandated by the government it will be celebrated by the people [Music]

sound familiar you know what they did in china how many

times where they slaughtered all of the chickens right [Music]

henry kissinger the casting couch director of china i don’t know how that that blob is still

alive but you know god is merciful before he casts that man’s soul into

hell he’s giving him a lot of time to repent and he’s running out of time

henry kisses you said if you control the food you control the people

right if you control the food you control the people

if you control the food you control the people that’s henry kissinger folks those are his words

now why would anyone want to control the food to control the people well that’s bolshevik marxist communist psychotic

psychopathic bloodthirsty murdering intellect for you that’s what it is

because their god requires a continued blood offering right

that’s right why do you think you know these uh these amulets and these little vials

around these hollywood stars necks or you know why do you think they have the red carpet right why do you think it’s

all blood folks it’s all blood and the one who paid it all shed at once

and it’s over it’s finished there will be no more sacrifice

these guys keep trying to run the sacrificial system and it’s never going to be enough well i

got news for all of you folks it is finished it was finished 2 000 years ago

and we’re not having it okay so you know they’re gonna they’re gonna get all the people on some sort of some

form of blood thinner all right uh that that form of blood thinner could be uh the meds i can’t even go into the

list of stuff that things your blood and makes you susceptible to hemorrhaging once they

crank up the microwave frequencies folks

you know it’s amazing how blind people are and you know i get all of these uh

you know these emails for people and it’s like can i tell you something

[Music] why is it that i have to prove anything to you people okay

you know i’m you why are you putting the burden of everything on me right i’m telling you what they’re gonna do and

then you reflexively collapse back into the arms of these psychopathic mind

control agents that have coddled you for so long and it’s almost like

it’s almost like you like their soft little blankie that’s got the the scalpel on your jugular more than

you like getting 200 volts on your backside getting you out of bed because you need to be woken up these

people are laying the groundwork for the most incredibly diabolical plan

to completely con and kill that humanity has ever seen and it’s gonna involve meds and technology

drugs meds and wireless folks and it’s all gonna work at once

do you know how you make someone hemorrhage i’ll go over this again you just get them on thinners whether it’s gonna be things like aspirin

or uh you know some sort of intravenous uh you know medication

folks the meds that are being pushed by the snake oil salesman like uh ivermectin

and hydroxychloroquine folks the the blood thinners your doctors got you on because you’re clotted up from

wearing sunglasses and i’m going to go over that sunglasses thing again folks yeah yeah sure the

king cobra venom here we go right king cobra is a malt liquor come on you guys

they drink it in the hood get off this joke will ya

i mean seriously your eyes take in light

that is that is supposed to be uh the full spectrum you’re supposed to be out in the sun getting sun through your eyes folks and what happens is

when the sun goes through your eyes it triggers a cascade of metabolic processes

that result in an event when you get ultraviolet light through your eyes from the sun

your body begins to convert the cholesterol in your bloodstream into co calciferol which is vitamin d

now if you cover your eyes with sunglasses or contact lenses or glasses or tinted

windows or being inside a building all day your cholesterol levels

your triglycerides okay your long and short fatty acid the

long and short chain fatty acids all the stuff’s going to float around in your bloodstream and it’s not going to get

converted into what it’s supposed to get converted into and then when you go into your shower

and breathe all the chlorine the chloramine the bromine and the fluorosilic acid that’s been put into

the water by the water utility under the guise of disinfecting the water supply

those halide compounds are gaseous and they’re inhaled they’re also absorbed

through your pores because people take hydrosterol compounds in your blood

cause the pitting and the hardening of your arteries that cause

cardiovascular disease sunglasses cause heart attacks folks not

bacon and eggs your body is full of animal fat because animal fat is the

same as human fat and your body makes it your brain’s made out of it your organs need it your hormones depend on it for

formation [Music] what have they done

they’ve taken your sunday now they want to take your breath away folks with the 60 gigahertz y gig right

that’s right they’re gonna put these beam forming wi-fi systems and 5g systems all over

the place so they can lock onto your air pods and put a bull’s-eye over your face and

look up beam forming 60 gigahertz and just look at what happens at 60

gigahertz folks the oxygen molecules absorb at 60 gigahertz

i’m not going to go into an introduction to spin chemistry i’m not going to go into a discussion on the ground state of

the electrons folks i’m not going to go into that i don’t need to they’ve chosen god’s

fresh air frequency to use their weaponry okay they’re going to take your breath away

with these uh radio frequency systems that are going to be called wi-fi y-gig and 5g

they’re going to use these microwave towers these cell towers to induce hemorrhaging because microwaves can cause bleeding folks

and that’s going to be exacerbated by all the the pills people are taking all the meds or people are on

and then they’re gonna say let’s zap the birds out of the air with the

ground-based uh doppler systems and let’s call it

the contagion has arrived how do you protect yourself from this folks you don’t have the weaponry in

your home you get rid of all your wi-fi devices all your wi-fi enabled devices and by the way i’m going to tell you something right now

i’m not going to even go into the mosquitoes that’s a whole nother thing all right there’s so many angles to all this and you could google joe and

brianna mosquitos vector look folks i’ve spoken about all of this publicly

get the weapons out of your house right now you know you got a laptop you’re working on because you’re working from

home from your employer you know every time you turn that on the thing turns on the bluetooth and the wi-fi shut it off

plug in ethernet cable folks get yourself a docking station get yourself hardwired connections in your

house shut you can buy a usb ethernet adapter for 12 bucks on ebay okay

you turn on your computer every day make sure even if it goes to sleep a lot of these

things are programmed to turn on wi-fi and bluetooth double transmission frequencies folks

two point four and five gigahertz some of these systems are using six gigahertz which is the iodine frequency

you understand listen to me

when you turn on your computer in the morning if you’re working from home make sure you shut off your bluetooth and your wi-fi don’t use a wireless headset

okay you need to understand these weapons and

by the time they get everything rolled out they have not perfected the 60 gigahertz oxygen depriving system yet

they’re behind folks you need to understand you cannot wear air pods that triangulate a target a bull’s eye over

your face now i got a bunch of emails from people saying hey how do we stop them from hitting us with these beams

right listen to me you know what a compact disc is

okay you could keep one of these right put this over your mouth okay and you

can breathe through it you move the surrounding bounce the beam back okay if you’re driving a car

have a bigger one in your car folks this is a laser disc these are dielectric surfaces folks these will scramble the

60 gigahertz okay they’ll reflect it all over the place send it back where it came from

but it’ll block if you feel yourself getting short of breath all right put something over your face and get out

of wherever you are you can’t you gotta reflect it back okay

all right as far as getting your blood to thicken

folks i’ll be honest with you every one of you should have a blender and be able to juice a bunch of cabbage

and spinach don’t don’t overdose on oxalates but you know if you start getting bloody noses and stuff you’ve got to get your

vitamin k levels up and i don’t care if you have to juice wheat grass get some chlorophyll in your body

you know you can take chlorella uh you know the greens you’ve got to get your iron levels up too folks and you can you

could do that with blackstrap molasses you can do that with the you know ferrous gluconate in the canned olives

you could do that with rib eye you could do that with organ meats you could do that with vegetables

you you could do it by getting a supplement which you know is the last resort like carbonal iron

okay you know root vegetables anything dark and green is good okay but you can’t

just live on vegetables folks you gotta have animal protein you gotta have animal fat you gotta have fruits you gotta

folks i eat everything i eat flowers i eat leaves i eat roots i eat organs i

eat fish eyeballs i eat everything okay you know why because everything is good for you in moderation all right

shanghai is a beta test for what they’re gonna do once they turn everything on they’re still drilling right now folks

uh china’s fully weaponized folks when they turn the towers on uh you’re gonna see it hit there first just like

everything starts there because that country has been controlled by henry kissinger’s

casting couch uh for a very long time and that’s their beta testing ground

folks all right so you need to understand that they have plans for that here that’s why that’s

why donald trump pushed so hard for the 5g remember trump was racing against china for 5g rollout remember

remember do you remember ladies and gentlemen when donald trump was pushing the 5g

roll out as a race against china do you remember when donald trump was rolling out the warp speed vaccine delivery

system with the military do you remember when donald trump

remember gave us the red flag laws do you remember he said we’re going to take your guns first and sort it out in the

courts later if they declare that you’re a threat to anyone they’re going to go take your guns away right you remember donald

trump said we’re going to have a national id card and he gave us the federal id do you remember

do you remember his biggest donor was sheldon adelson i don’t know to the tunes i don’t know

sheldon adelson threw a hundred million dollars into the election and sheldon adelson made all his money

from ripping people off in his filthy casinos okay that’s right so you know the casino

money parlayed trump’s campaign does that tell you anything

a bunch of phony republican trash right and you know i get such a these guys

these so-called conservatives unbelievable right yeah mar-a-lago doesn’t have trump’s

neighborhood doesn’t have 5g how about that how come my neighborhood can’t get it

all right anyway folks keep your eyes on shanghai not the snake

venom keep your eyes on shanghai not ukraine keep your eyes on shanghai not the gas prices keep your eyes on the

grocery store shelves because i want to tell you something when this happens in the united states the supply chain

will yes i do believe the earth is as flat as a pancake folks just go look at where does how does the water stay on it

you need to keep your eyes on what’s going on folks because i’ll be honest with you you could wake up tomorrow and

the stores could be empty in literally three hours okay you should probably be ready to

withstand at least six months to a year being holed up on your reservation

because it’s good if you’re not self-sufficient you better get self-prepared all right you don’t want

to be in a breadline for a vaccine you don’t want to be in a breadline for uh

you know getting robbed and beat up as soon as you spend seven hours in line and you go to your car and in a bunch of thugs with masks on

pistol whips you with the gun they got from their stimulus money right

don’t starve to death folks it’s totally avoidable do you know in the united states about 80 percent of all the food

ends up in the trash okay did you know that canned goods last far

beyond their expiration as long as they’re kept in a cool dry place did you know that you could take about a

thousand dollars over the course of six months and get enough food stored up to to hold

you out you know you can go to dollar tree or 99 they have stuff for 59 cents a can

all right i s you know what i couldn’t believe this i saw black eyed peas at a grocery outlet for 59 cents a can

all right 59 cents for a can of black eyed peas you know what that is that’s protein

folks you know what that is that’s fiber you know what that is it’s minerals you know what that is that’s got salt in it you know what it is that’s food folks

will keep you alive go out and buy a bunch of tasty sauces

don’t throw away your taco sauce whatever keep all this stuff folks because i’m going to tell you something a can of beans and a little bit of taco

sauce goes a long way you know when you’re hungry i remember you know i

might as well share this little story for you i had a dory skiff it’s one of these flat bottom wooden boats that they used

to use to run up on the beach on a newport where they go out and set their long lines and bring them in and and

pull up through the surf onto the beach i have this 21 foot dory skiff with 100 horsepower outboard on

and i’ll be honest with you folks i used to go out of newport or huntington out of catalina all by myself in the middle

of the night sometimes and i used to just drop anchor off avalon and just sleep on the boat well

uh one time i went out there and a buddy of mine on the marine band fired me up on my radio says hey joe i’m

coming out and he had a boat that he could sleep on and stuff so i stayed an extra night and waited for him

but i didn’t plan on staying out there i didn’t bring any food well he showed up and i couldn’t go

ashore because there weren’t any moorings ashore and the the taxi service wasn’t working

this was back i think in about 1993. anyway so it went on uh i went for

almost two days i had some water i had a pepsi i think and i didn’t have any food and this guy you know he had a can of

pork and beans and he had a little stove on his boat and so he pulled up next to me dropped

his anchor really close to me and i jumped in the water swam over to his boat got on his boat it was about 10 o’clock at night the next day that can

of pork and beans was so delicious okay and yeah there’s bpa in the can

liner you know what fine cans don’t have bpa in it but folks would you rather have a little bpa and a lot of beans or

nothing come on when you were hungry when you go hiking when you go camping you haven’t eaten

for two three days and you have something in a can that you would otherwise under normal circumstances not even touch in your pantry it’s like gold

okay folks come on man take what you’ve got right now and buy what you can right now

while you can buy it okay and look like i’ve said all along god

will protect us but you know he gave us two hands to use he gave us two thumbs

and two index fingers to use he gave us two middle fingers to use sometimes too folks

we’re not supposed to sit around and pray and have him do everything because the last time i checked when i got home

from work i have never seen the roof in my house open up and a rib eye and baked

potatoes with butter and sour cream has never descended on golden ropes onto a plate in front of me

now although someday that may happen when i get to heaven you gotta go and work and run a business

and make money and go hunt and fish or go to the store and prepare for your family and put stuff away for the rainy

day folks all right sardines whatever folks this stuff is

dirt cheap right now and hindsight’s not only going to be 20 20 it’s going to be laser sharp in the days ahead when the

stores are empty do you understand me

and by the way all your soda bottles or water bottles or plastic bottles fill them up with tap

water and stick them in the basement put them in the trunk fill up every single water bottle you

can because you’re going to need water to wash dishes with to cook with and get

yourself a gravity filtration system so you can filter it if something goes down folks

i mean seriously you know i know people that are spending two hundred dollars a month on their

phones okay do you know how much you could buy with 200 bucks at the 99 cent store

i’m just telling you right now you know what’s going on in china right now do you know what’s going on in shanghai right now there’s no food anywhere

you know why because those people have been trained to live for the moment

to live in a worker bee slave hive why because henry kissinger on his casting

couch utters these words if you control the food you control the

people if you control the food you can control

the people he who controls the food controls the people

they control the people because they control the food now

he’s working for the people that control the media that control the school they

control the hospital they control the government they control the banking system

because they print the money and they can buy anything they want all they have to do is print the money

and they can buy a politician they can buy military they can buy real estate they can buy water treatment they can

buy weapons they could buy anything they want because he who controls the printing

press controls everything

do i make myself absolutely clear ladies and gentlemen

well there’s a problem in the united states because the united states is a massive geographic

anomaly for the controllers and it happens to be inhabited by a

bunch of well-armed peasants who still have an attitude problem

and that’s why they’re doing everything they can to get us to self-destruct

they’ve been doing everything they can working overtime trying to pervert and ruin us with the music and the movies

and the magazines you know i guess i’m gonna keep going

i remember when i fell in love with my wife and uh you know they say it’s love at

first sight and well it may not have been love at first sight but when i first laid eyes on her i said boy what a

gal right and i remember the first time we actually went out and i she literally touched my hand

and the night we first kissed i might as well say the truth about this folks from that moment on i never wanted to

leave her side i wanted her with me 24 7. i could not go a day without being

with her okay i was in love it was an amazingly powerful interaction

and a compulsion if you will my wife had a magazine in her car

called cosmopolitan in about a month into the relationship

we were spending every minute possible together before work

after work even during work because we worked together and it got to the point where people

started telling her that it was a very toxic situation and i read this cosmopolitan magazine

and it went into the 10 signs of what to watch out for in a relationship

and every single thing that was near and dear to my heart

was a sign of a dangerous man and a dangerous relationship in the cosmopolitan magazine

when i look back at how that magazine literally tried to flip what god intended for good on its side

and to try to destroy the power of love and and the future family that we’ve created through god’s grace and power

and then i look at the degenerate filth that ran the magazine at the time

and i look at that person today i realize

that they will get what they deserve right and by the way what they will get is

eternal and what we will inherit is eternal

they’ve been working overtime folks trying to turn us into a bunch of

murdering pedophilic psychotic evil greedy bloodthirsty scum like them

and it will never work you want to know why because even though they have infested

the church with their scofield reference bible and their criminal seminaries

cranking out the hireling pickpocket pimps in the pulpit

we are legion folks because the power of jesus christ and the power of the holy spirit lives in us

and gives us wisdom and courage and eyes to see

christ has not entered into the holy places made with hands which are the figures of the true but into heaven

itself now to appear in the presence of god for us nor yet that he should offer himself often as the high priest

entereth into the holy place every year with the blood of others for then must he often have suffered since the

foundation of the world look at the word foundation folks the world has a foundation it’s not spinning by the way

spinning tops don’t have a foundation but once now the end of the once down the end of the world and by the way this

is the book of hebrews talking about the end of the world the world is the word world is age folks the end of the age was at hand back then he appeared to put

away sin by the sacrifice of himself and it is appointed unto man once to die and

after this the judgment folks do not fall into the hands of an

angry god when you die these people

that hate him they would kill him again if they had the chance i mean there’s people out there that say

oh i’d do it again what was her name uh sarah something this comedian she wasn’t

funny i think the video has been removed from the internet i think it was sarah silverstein i think was her name talking

about oh yeah i killed jesus again yeah and she’s laughing about it silverman there you go sarah sullivan

i mean come on that’s horrible right you know what they’ll get it they’ll get it folks don’t worry about it we got to focus on

what they plan on doing to us and how to prepare okay we need to stay focused on how to

protect ourselves folks if someone is hemorrhaging you’ve got to get them out of the electromagnetic field you’ve got

to get them on something they’ll thicken up their blood like you know load them up with a bunch of vitamin k if you have

it it’s a good clot it helps with coagulation if you don’t have access to a hospital folks they’re going to turn on the

towers they’re going to take your breath away and they’re going to make you bleed out and they’re going to call it the ebola and they’re going to lock us down

and they’re going to shut down the supply chain and they’re going to make you prisoners in your homes and they’re gonna try to make us kill each other to

survive if you know that’s what their plan is i

suggest you tell everybody you know what to watch out for and not to turn on each other when that day comes

okay i’m gonna i’m gonna shut this off folks

there’s about eleven hundred of you in this chat i wanna thank you for tuning in right now i wanna ask you all

on this day to please look inward look outward look around you

look out for others and don’t be caught up in all of this sensational hype and diversions and get

ready for what’s coming all eyes on shanghai all hands on deck this is joe

and brianna the fullerton informer po box 4121 fullerton california 92834

joembriano777 coming to you in the name of jesus

christ the name above all names the one who paid it all the one who could not be

held by the grave the one whose sinless sacrifice two thousand years ago makes

inheriting eternal life as easy as that take care folks

see you on the flip side

The Shanghai Lockdown #JoeImbriano
Michelle Marini
You pack a lot of information in your videos. Thank you. It gets me thinking. So, say you have enough food and water for 6 months. That’s if you don’t live in a small apartment in town on disability, yikes, I can’t see being held up safely long where I am. Also, there’s no room for anything extra here, but say I could fight everyone off and stay warm for six months, what then? Things will only increasingly become more hostile and unbearable. Then at that point, anarchy will rule, people close to you will have likely died, or been taken away. Others will be looking for those that have anything. Then at that point you find yourself out of food, water and other supplies, plus now the rulers of this evil world will already have gained power and control. I guess, I am thinking, it’d be better to go out first. I can’t battle chronically ill and mostly alone at my age. If this is what’s coming, I’d rather go home to be where my God and Savior are. And yes the earth is certainly fixed, immovable, flat and enclosed. That’s why these nuckle heads are always trying to break out past the dome. They know God exists and they hate Him and are preparing for war against Him when He returns. My entire life has been battling evil and I take up my cross every single day. Though my health gets worse despite all my efforts to become healthy. Thank you for the part about the sunshine. The Drs told me the sun light is causing my migraines and I’ve been trying to block it out, now, my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have shot way up and I’m being warned of heart attack and stroke. I have ASD with PFO and Long QT abnormalities, with POTS SYNDROME and FYBROMYALGIA. There’s no way I’m going to hold off people trying to get in here. This isn’t a world I want to fight to stay in anyway. I’ll give what I have and try to help others as long as I am able to hold out. “Enduring until then”. Still, I Love all the input and share it with those who have children and family members that depend on them for survival. Thank you. Blessings brother.?

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Half-Life Wife
At times I think I’m listening to Sam Kinnison–regarding the voice if not always the content. But–I don’t think it’s insulting to compare Imbriano to Kinnison.

You need a 5G phone

Sir Frank
I’m praying for you and your house every early morning before sunrise for your peace, prosperity, health and salvation, my brother in Christ Jesus that is our Lord and Savior.

Joe, you are so right! We also need people to get rid of their cellphone tracking. Take a look at Rob Braxman videos.

I love your energy and knowledge you’re giving…thank you, and I never really liked sunglasses, I love the glare?

David Paulk
Great hair Joe!

Josie hedgehog
can we trust that the china info is true? do we have a way to know for sure.? cant trust anything anymore

Vicki Evans
Thank you Joe. God bless you and your family, with wisdom, knowledge understanding in our Lord Jesus Christ, bless all my brothers and sisters Lord Jesus .eet each need I.n Jesus name.

@Kathy Tittle, Spiritual Discernment.

Many Thanks Joe, For Truth. Brilliant presentation

All Life things Harris
Lol so true I use aluminum duck tape and disk to block 5ghz and all WiFi in my room and magnets when I walk


Joe is controlled opposition, elite gender inversion is a sign of the baff ‘oh met religion! Just look at “his” close set eyes. sloping shoulders, large sloping forehead (testosterone abuse), small mouth and small teeth. Joe is a Josephine! Large social media channels are ALL controlled by Satan! You are being deceived!

Michelle Thompson
Have you watched (Watch the Water) on the Stew Peters show ? Very interesting theory. God bless all you do ?

Hopeful 615
What happened to Grindall61? I haven’t seen any videos from him in 8 months now???

Hopeful 615
This is super alarming, last time they did this, the virus came here & then we were locked down, although not as extreme as China, makes me worried that this is what’s coming to America for us in the coming months?It’s a replay of 2020, God help us all ??


🎱 - CHILLY - 🎱
8:30 bullshit if you speak out youll be made into a targeted individual and youll be ostracized, abused, terrorized, entrapped, and then slowly removed from the face of this earth

guru dog
Folks, most blood pressure prescription drugs have been using viper venom like Lisinoprin, etc. for years, which relaxes your blood vessels and causes faintings/seizures like in epileptics !! Another side effect of these venom blood pressure drugs causes dementia aka memoey loss. However, these venom potions are way too slow for mass slaughter. The vile psychopaths want the stupid hellevision animals ASAP to silently wigig mass slaughter each other in millions leading to genocidal wipeout in billions !!

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Allen Lichner
Dude. Have you ever tried Xanax. It may help you stay in the moment. I hear you and agree with almost everything you said. Perhaps they failed to teach you in Catholic school that we win. Why would anyone be upset by what is happening when we already know we have won.

hummer wisdom
Yes. It IS finished. Our King of kings reigns now and is NOT coming back to save anyone. A future coming Messiah/king is the LIE and deception of Judaism/futurism. Meanwhile, a Talmudic World Order is upon us.

hummer wisdom
Church + State = the Beast System which is largely based upon JudaISM of which is CommunISM of which makes for a Talmudic World Order.





Star West
They killed my uncle with blood thinners.


The Winepress of Wrath
I was looking for information on this – can you link the vid and date stamp? Thanks!

Marty D
Joe have you made a video about cryptocurrency? Just wondering what your view is on it … it sounds like the government created it and people who are getting into it .. think it’s decentralized..


wowsah66 blundell
Thanks Joe, great regards from North West Uk..


Hyper Girl
Miss you joe


Nicole Graham
I’ve listen to your video from 3 years ago on the lockdowns and you said it correct on the fact we are are on lockdown all over.


God Bless you and your families, abundantly :))


Ana Rose
God bless you sooo sooo sooo much my dear brother in Christ who glorifies the Spirit of Truth! <3


USN 4 America


Lisa Love Ministry
Christians don’t be a passive lukewarm believer. Be the church be intentional in prayer to be a witness and act. Plant seeds to the strong believer and lukewarm believer. We’re to display our substance of faith in Christ. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life. 1 Peter 3:15 ? Matthew 28:19 Revelation 3:16

Show less


mark mcarthur
Amen to that brother Joe.


Mark Denaro
Yes we are victorious in CHRIST let’s get with it


Candice Alicia
Just love your videos. Keep them going!


MaT Eck
You can protect against 5G using special torsion device cause what harmfull us is not a strikte EMR but left-handed care field generated by any energy source containing spin.




I love you Joe. God bless you and your beautiful family.

Thank God for men like Joe. He’s a hero. We all need to be like him. Jesus will not let us suffer if we speak his truth. God bless you all!

Glenn Parker
Henry Kissinger is good friends with Putin and trump. They all serve the Vatican. The serpent

Olga Limkin
Thank you Joe. Awesome video. Truly inspiring and educational . We love you. Love, Olga?

Angel Fire
Hi Joe ? Thank you for all that you do. Have you heard anything about the brain tumor surge in NJ?! They are saying it is linked to the high school where all these people attended…? I know you have talked about dangers in the schools, so I wondered if you had any input. Thank you, and God Bless ???

Blessing Boston

Justa Awake
thanks …I’m glad I found your channel. I plan to share it with my few friends. you seem to explain things better than I can.?


An American In Russia
“Foundation” does not inherently mean something flat. It means establishment or creation. I hope he’s being sarcastic.


An American In Russia
The accent sounds more Mexican or something Latin than German. God bless him anyway.


Reminds me of movie Songbird

James Busch
I like it when you shout. Really.


Jorge Carlos
So if you have to Die. Whats the big Deal, . This life is like a vapor, and Jesus is comming, rapture. Now you lose all credebility when you said that the earth is flat.

Derek Kerr
You are a good man Joe may god bless you and your family may we all stick together in the days to come and fight this enamy from our land in the name of jesus christ amen.


End Days are HERE- Lisa Anne W
I have about 3 years of food…and water brother the day I got saved 3 yrs ago God showed me what was coming. I fill up every plastic bottle that comes into my home with my tank water and I also bought 4 20 litre water drums filled too. I buy rice , matches , candles ….solar lights etc …


You are so smart. I will use your water suggestion – thank you ?

Where do you keep the big water drums? And do you have to add anything to it to keep it from going bad?

End Days are HERE- Lisa Anne W
Thanks Joe I see and understand all the wickedness going on around us. The truth is always in plain sight. Keep preaching brother preach it ?in Jesus name Amen en Amen


End Days are HERE- Lisa Anne W
All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms; And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice, In fair round belly with good capon lin’d, With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful hose, well sav’d, a world too wide For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion; Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

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eric shestalo
Imbriano…. Thanks for preaching the word and being funny and loveable…. Oh ya and smart. God bless you brother


John K
New constitution coming. It will come on the new economy through block chain. Global world forum and world economic form. Coming soon. Prepare for your mark. You will take it, you will all take it because you are not who you think. You are not known by Jesus. You just say you know him but there is no evidence in your life. Measure it what would you do if it was your last day to get yourself ready for Jesus. Now how does it differ from what you actually do. Do u see your own hypocrisy?

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Diane Ritthaler
So horrific whats going on there


Michael Stephens
God bless you Joe


mahina windstar
Wish I wouldn’t have checked back in with yuh Joe.. I’ve been just fine without the fine details of the near and promised future.. even tho, I’m aware fully, I was trying to take a time out! ARMOR OF GOD….WEAR IT RELIGIOUSLY, NO PUN INTENDED ????????????????

Yeah I’m tired of the just pray and wait crowd. That’s all well and good if that’s what you believe but in the meantime fill your lamps with oil, people.


StateWench 2
He Is Risen! Sitting at the right hand of GOD. Our Savior LORD of LORDS and King of Kings! Forever!


Jacqueline Haggarty
Thanks Joe good to hear from you love your shares of truth the words of our holy father allways grateful to you for all the research you do blessings from my heart to yours with devine love kindness gratitude thanks devine peace& harmony ????????

Jesus on the cross depicts the greatest act of love in the history of the world. Love without suffering and dying to self is not love. Why did Jesus ask Doubting Thomas to put his hand in Jesus side? The cross creates a sense of reverence and gravitas. Your anguish can be united with Jesus sufferings on the cross. Let your roots grow deep so as to be nourished. The catholic church has existed for 2,000 years and has the deep roots.


Lori Smith
Powers and principalities. Not flesh in charge. Amanda Grace just had a prophecy of God about China and the miracles of passover. Pray for China. God bless everyone in this fight. Peace.


Cynthia Galante
May God’s hand be forever on your shoulders.. ?


Erik Eberstein
Joel u nailed it!! Thank u!!!

Margie O
Why isnt America and the un looking into the crimes against humanity that china is doing.

Joe Coreano
Is the water drought in the west coast and south west American really a thing ? I’ve been hearing this for years now


Zhippidy Doodah
500 people can overrun those 20 enforcers, even without gns.


German Chris
Don’t you see it yet, Joe? “Wars and RUMORS OF WAR”, Matthew 24. There will be no pre-trib rapture, because it’s not in the bible. But the tribulation and after that the return of Jesus, that is biblical truth, if we only understand the prophecy correctly – and look around today, what is going on and in which condition mankind and the world is. – Get it right, Joe! This whole thing has nothing to do with what “Calvary Chapel” or whoever teaches. It’s about the biblical truth.

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Michael White
It’s not only a drill. It’s a giant FU to the EU, NATO and US. The 900 pound gorilla threatens the world with sanctions and pours weapons into Ukraine while the Chinese quietly shut down the busiest shipping port in the world for weeks. Wait for it, supply chain disruptions are coming.


Live Free
I will never be locked down!


jay fassett
thank you Lord for blessing this flat earth with people like Joe!


Nesta Cromwell
We are nor all stupid stop being so General ya get rid of your phone lol


Vickie Fellegy
Smoke a joint, smoke a cigg and have a glass of wine you appear uptight! It is a game yet you are making people crazy! Calm down Nancy!

Grace upon Grace
Somebody posted your snake oil video on a telegram channel. I’m listening so far. Who are you?

Your always on point. Speak so much sense. Enjoy your broadcasts immensely. God bless you and your family.

Great words of wisdom as always May God protect us all and strengthen us in body soul mind and spirit against the wickedness and evil of this world ?


laszlo tassy
Thank you once again Joe, bless you and your family.Grettings from Budapest.

Dr. Bill
You should have 100 million viewers by now . You are 100% correct on everything you’ve said for years now . I thank you for saving my family’s lives . I’ve lost a few close friends to the jab to date . God bless you from this lost land of the ignorant maskers and jabbers called ; Canada. ??


Hey! I’m also in CanaDUH ?. What city are you in? I’m in Toronto!

Lori Pouttu
Keep eye on Shanghai


Empress Righteousness
we are immortal souls and have to be martyrs and we must be righteous

Can hear you Joe here in NZ


Michael Pender
covid is real…remdesivir saved my life while in the ICU. I was on deaths door, prayed to Jesus every minute. The good people and nurses at University of Kentucky saved my life. And the University of Kentucky didn’t judge for not getting the jab like other hospitals did. Hospitals are good.

U just got lucky God was watching over you!hospitals r death traps my mom passed at one it was a horrible experience!!she was treated very badly w/un experience doctor &rn !

Fred Smith
If you don’t believe what Mr. Imbriano is saying, then why are you here? Go worship at whatever your altar is. We don’t bother you. Live and let live. Go talk to your “real friends” and laugh and laugh and tell each other how stupid we are. You can’t feel good here, around a bunch of crazies that love Jesus and don’t like where the world is going. You are not among friends here, you could be of course, but you are not until you change your ways. So, until then, go in peace….


Mike D
No worries people most of us will be dead by 2030.

Marshal Davis
I love you in Jesus name brother. Thank you for the heads up boss!

Johnny T
I’ve been noticing lately (past 1-2 months) there’s been a lot of the same issues with transmission issues. Issues like dropped podcasts or vlogs, glitching, buffering, etc. This is happening with tons of vloggers and bloggers from every platform I watch. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the 5G rollouts.








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Narrow Path Traveler
Yes, but Jesus wasn’t one of them, that’s why they murdered Him.

debbie park
They are following the gorgia guidestone and killing of 95 percent of the population

sandy smith
I have to say I was not sad when the founder of Cosmopolitan Magazine died. If that bitch is not in Hell, I will be very surprised.


John Adams
I believe they would have gotten more mileage out of saying it was Tetrodotoxin instead of snake venom which mostly just triggers the christian people… The so-called “ZOMBIE” powder would have kept them more inline with their Zombie Apocalypse and would have targeted more people. Anyway, it’s their Movie, I paid the price to watch it, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.It ain’t like I just “Woke Up This Morning” (Alabama 3) & got myself a Gun… <ARCHAIX>

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I love it Joe! The earth IS flat and I cannot even talk about it. People won’t listen. Thanks for backing me up!


Bill Lumburgh
people listen to me. you need to detox. look into zeolite. use magnesium, msm sulfur, and either nascent iodine or lugols iodine. heavy metals are the root cause of most diseases. you must chelate on a regular basis. kidney and gallstones can be reduce by using the above, as well as chanca piedra, herbs, and the above mentioned .

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Steven Lynch
? You’re All invited to Join FB Group Flat Earth Buffalo NY ?

Steven Lynch
Thanks So Very Much Joe!?and Happy Easter!?

Anthony Barrett


YouTube has shut the video down

Rémy Gingras
75 Bible scriptures of the flat earth.


Lory smith
So what comes first the starvation or the 5g?

Shopping Online
Is anyone else having the same problem; it seems that I have to keep re-subscribing to your channel. Hmmmm…….thanks Joe for your work and may you and your family have a happy easter!


Rémy Gingras
A new meaning to being shangaïed.


Excellent! Be safe

That’s why there’s inflation, it’s not because of some war. It’s not because of oil. Me as well, I was in Catholic school all my life. I saw all those worships in all one just as you explained. Uncomfortable, everyone was brainwashed.

Aydo.Silvi Özdemir
right now the german goverment made a contract whit the vac. producer “biontec” until 2027 for exclusuve vac for germany

Zorica Babic
In Australia,doctors are allowed to jab people during surgery.We are living under one of the most tyrannical regime in the world.

Pendle Lancashire
Truly pleased about Chinese current affairs. They deserve it for torturing ughyurs.

Pendle Lancashire
Umbrella ?? I told you to not stream whilst driving. It’s low quality service and quite annoying.

Thanks Joe…God bless you and yours???


Oso Loco
Stalin’s Chicken. you can abuse a chicken and it will always be loyal to you since it depends on you for food.

Hayden Wright
Joe.. you never seem to mention about the unclean animals God spoke to Noah unclean meat is unhealthy – Genesis 7:2 You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female; two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female. Noah was commanded to take seven pairs (a pair being a male and a female) of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals.

Kyle Belair
Joe said it, i agree.. taco seasoning is the best to cook rice and beans in load up on it


Kyle Belair
They made us lower than animals by mixing us with sub animals, satans army , now satans people have they own holidays, get the majority of tv spots, get affirmative action and constant handouts to set them above us, get their own set of laws to let them off prison while comitting their constant henious crime.. this was comfirmed by the immigration act of 1778 that defines exactly what an american was,

Kyle Belair
2 Peters ?2:12-14? But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption. And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you. Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices.

Read more

Mary May
Thanks for the info but you can keep your advice on eating dead animals & eyeballs YUK BARF !!!

Donna Brady
Thank you Joe for sharing the truth I have learned so much from you !


Megan Jarvis
Yes I do remember. I never agreed Trump about 5G/6G / injection…. yes but don’t fault the man. He’s only man.


Myo Lay
Nice haircut

Megan Jarvis
Joe, what do you do if you have too much Iron in the blood?

lady miss
You need to look at Morley Robbins. Mag, cod liver oil, Liver organs meat , food based Vit C


Megan Jarvis
 @lady miss my doctor tells me to stay away from vitamin c. What to do. Did you get your info from Joe I?

Megan Jarvis
Hi Joe, yes to signal, but comes in and out.

Sue Finn
? thankful for truth !!


How does the quaxx play into all this?

Another amazing video my brother God bless you and your Family


Chris H
The MEGATRON variant might be announced soon.


Have you upgraded your phone since 2009?

Enchanted Forest
The Ukraine President can be found dancing as a gay dancer on YouTube. Very thought provoking.


Seen it he’s a actor!!

Bobby-J Wells
Thanks Joe…we need to take back California, Colorado, New York and soon to be Elon Musk’s Texas (and other states) from these devils that are stealing them. Watching the chilling videos… the only thing the people in Shanghai are armed with are their ball and chain surveillance monitor I-phones… They will use and are using war..famine..plagues…man made “natural disasters”…deviance and deceptions manifold to try to destroy what only God Almighty can create. It’s laid out in the book of Revelation.

Read more

gotta go According to Joe this is fake news … long as Joe notices bugs and bees in his back yard all is ok.

Shannon S
Missed you Joe…this has been hard to see in China…this evil is sad but Jesus will lead us and I want to be surrounded by love and light no evil. How refreshing that would that be.P.S Joe I hope you and your family are well?


Ria Timmermans
Weapons of self destruction stand up by Robin Williams great show. RIP Robin Williams ???????


HY Joe did you see ” THE WATER “

Love Tai
…Yes, sadly Henry Kissenger was at the white house sitting with Trump and he said this is my REALLY good buddy…they are on the same page. He fooled us


Beyond Physical
Joe if you stuck to 90% organs, fish eyeballs and animal proteins and fats, keeping the flowers, roots and herbs down to 10% of your diet your going to live a long healthy life. I think you like to chow down on the herbs in the garden slightly too much. Only 5% of nutrients in all types of vegetables are digested and absorbed within the human body. We don’t process the cellulose molecule, all plant nutrients are within the cellulose. We aren’t cows who have 4 stomachs to break all that fiber down. We are meat eaters because like you said, animals have the same type of fats and proteins as we do. Also the less cooked animal fat and meats the better. The fear of “harmful bacteria” is also a hoax. Raw grass fed liver weekly is essential for maximum health

Read more

Beyond Physical
 @Hail Mary  maybe you should pray to Mary about it

Beyond Physical
 @Hail Mary  I pray to God the Father in the name of the only begotten Son. I don’t pray to dead saints

Hail Mary
 @Beyond Physical  if u pray to God the father and still dont even understand basic concept of him being a God of the living and all being alive to him, youre beyond help. Not even gonna explain the part of the mother of God May he forgive you for insulting a woman so important to him that he chose her to bring his physical body into this world


What about water.

The earth is round. Says so in the bible.


Cloud9 Reality
Isaiah 40:22 – It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain. *A circle is ‘Not’ a globe spinning at 1,666 KPR as Nasa with their ‘Forked Tongue’ logo states.

Hope’n your Eyes Noneyah
I’m a single mother of 2 girls, and I’m trying to prepare for what’s coming so that we can be prepared. Thank you so much for sharing your information with us. I love you and God Bless you so much and your beautiful family! ??


Josh R
Why do you watch this guys videos?


Josiah Moss
grocery outlet bargain market ?

I do realize it.

Josiah Moss
Learn how to do muscle (naet) testing, it can possibly tell you if you’re strong to a nutrient, food, and/ or supplements; for example when the rumour of using horse paste was the talk, well when my wife and i would go to the farm supply store, she would test me to the product and i ended up being week to it; another is iron levels if you’re a woman and it’s that time of the month you might need some extra iron; and muscle testing can possibly tell you how much of a dose you need


Entire world controlled by demons ?

Deb C
Thanks and I appreciate your gems of info


“just a word from our sponsor Jesus Christ” Love you Fullerton! I’ve given up my life to Him and the times we’re living in is unprecedented except the Bible told us so we shouldn’t be surprised but it’s different to actually LIVE the endtimes. You’re such a positive uplifting energy. You make sense. You’re the one you want to talk to when you’re down because you’re down to earth


fitzgerald signs
I heard you slamming people like Mike Adams who shows a ton of written proof! I never see you prove anything!

Love Tai
love Mike Adams..he also love animals!

Cloud9 Reality
Mike Adams is obviously a Mason … The logo on this site is a ‘Pentagram’, so would take what he says with A Boulder of Salt.

meds that thin your blood make you susceptible to 5g? did u get that the correct way round?

Michelle Aspinall
Good to see you speaking out again Joe ??


Jimmy Murphy
Cruisin’ with Joe Way to Go Listen to his Words, People Don’t be Sheeples

Darrell Wiley
check out a video on rumble call watch the water

Darrell Wiley
I saw a report the other day that stated that these people are being starved to death so that the food could be diverted to the giant army that they are moving into serbia, Because they are getting ready to invade europe

john M
Its freaky. Dont think chyna lockdown is a dist. Theyve got 100’s of container ships at port. Monkey werx showed yesterday. We are gonna have the mother of all shortage this summer. And they are limiting the rail service to deliver cattle feed. So there maybe a glut of beef on the market, followed a big shortage.


Bill K
Way to go joe !


Jesus Christ or Yeshua was crucified on Passover not Good Friday. The Antichrist Pope and his little Jesuit minions have got it all wrong. They worship another Jesus.


Dave Fisher
i have to go to hair stylist today.. asking for the IMbriano


Crown of Thorns
We are legion? Like the demons Jesus drove into the pigs?


Sally Ward
Scofield Ref Bible came out right after Civvil War as dud many other events.

Nice one. I have been a big follower from Nigeria ??. Ever since you made videos about 5G and chemtrails


Lisa Price
I was truly following you until you said the world is flat…?


Caitlin Rianna
Lisa pray for discernment. I walked into flat earth 7 years ago and I fought God on it. Be He patiently showed me over and over again the truth. They lie about everything. Why wouldn’t they also lie about the universe…we’re small. We’re irrelevant. We’re floating. We’re a speck in the cosmos. It’s all a lie. He is the most high. He is right above us. It’s so beautiful. We are his creation and he loves us. So many non believers have been brought to faith over finding the truth about the shape of the earth.

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k l
 @Caitlin Rianna  the moon is round, the sun round, why would we be on a floating cracker?:


Susan Ramos
Genesis I:6 explains the flat earth most cogently…. discernment….


Jim Carr
Amen to that!!! Same here.

Lisa Price
Do you really believe the world is flat?

Ronna Althoff
I scroll through my subscription everyday to look for a new video by you, Joe! Today was the day to see you! It’s been to long! So much sense in every video you put out. Much love and prayers to you! Thank you for all you do to keep us in the light! Blessings to you! ???


Noelio Emerald-Isle
…..but who is running the bolshevik Marxist commies ?? ….. I need an answer other than Rothschild etc

Ice Age Farmer on youtube aNd Odysee does a great job investigating the food and agri news, like bird flu, etc. please check his channel for more info.


God bless you Joe. Absolutely love listening to you. ?


the Lord said as long as earth is here we will have seasons, garden can sustain you, Lord can send manna, faith is main ingredient, ty ty ty Joe for delivering unadulterated truth


Jonathan Massachi
They’ll probably try to re-steal the 2024 elections by carrying out another oppressive plandemic!

Tarot Time
If you control the food, you can control the slaves!

Tarot Time
But it is happening….. arm up Americans!

Josh Dekalb
Movie songbird…rings a bell.


Michael Stephens
Yep… 5G Stingers going up on Electric poles everywhere around Fort Worth Texas. It’s plainly printed on the side 15.5 thousand volts and 60 hertz…15.5THOUSAND VOLTS!!!


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kindness Schmidt
Amazing video thank you so much you are so much expiring us just amazing god richly bless you you are a blessing to all. Of us greating ftom. Geemany in my city they declared it as Hotspot not nothing in here

Wow! That’s some serious fear you’re spreading, Joe. Who got to you?


edward sather
Communist Covidocracy. Coming to America in time to promote mail–in ballots for the mid terms. Don’t take a shot. Take a stand.

Cathleen McMahan
There anint no bird involve something weird Happening in Eastern Pennsylvania It’s eating my flesh it’s been going on since May 2021 Went to an ER Now that I think about Said was Dirt To Quick Did not even send down to a Lab True story I don’t go To emergency for Dirt something fishy They have a Metallic Color on side But I to agree it’s Airborne so unfortunately it’s sad I’ll look more into snake venom


Jeffrey Clarke
No… I get it. They tell people they have cancer, and they don’t. They tell people they have hiv, and they don’t. Fire the genocidal allopathic doctors and live. I’ve done it. We’re all special. People have been so dumbed down. They just can’t accept how evil this system is.


He Is The Only Way
My husband is on blood thinners (Eliquis) due to dvt and blood clot he got years ago, and suffers terrible side effects from the drug. He was healthy but went through a very stressful period in his life that caused him to clot. Thing is we don’t know how to get him off them. When he goes one day without them he gets terrible cramps.. what can we do?


Cecelia Naples
Google it. The withdrawals usually last up to five days. You should definitely tell the doctor and gradually lower the dosage and not go cold turkey. He should be monitored and have his blood tested. They might even perscribe another temporary analgesic or muscle relaxer. A medical detox facility is another option. Good luck.


Mystik Vitality
Is this a leftist liberal channel?

This is a non political channel both sides are just wings of the same bird. He just speaks the truth and is not biased.


michael moran
Joe or anyone I’m on blood thinner for life and thought that alkerline diet would dogde the bullet Any help please And thanks Joe GODBLESS All ??????????

I was on synthroid, supposedly for life, took myself off, nothing bad happened. I took myself off all pHARMa pILLS, see how it’s put into the language?


Amateur Gardener
Thank you Joe. God bless you.


Milly McLarkin
Give blood every 8 wks, but not at the “RED CROSS.” This makes the body renew the blood, & it pulls out a bunch of toxins out of your blood. That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time. TRUMP knows how dangerous 5G is because he wouldn’t allow 5G at Maralogo, & DC. He’s a disgusting, filthy man !! Remember TRUMP saying, “I GOT GAVIE.” Also, when he told the story about the lady, & the snake ?, He was telling us, “He was the snake.” Think about that, folks !!! ????????

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Milly McLarkin
The videos are out there. So disgusting, these poor Chinese people who are locked in their homes are jumping off 10 – 15 story buildings. This J A B has the Cobra, & the Krait venomous snake in them. Please see on, “RUMBLE’ The Stew Peters Show. The documentary is called “WATCH THE WATER.”

Milly McLarkin
We must not let these Democrats do this to us !! China is full of EVILISIM !! People have jumped off buildings. Their pets are put in a gunny sack with other dogs, & cats, & then they beat them !! ?? Well, you know what they do with dogs, & cats they eat them. Before the Chinese eat the dogs, & cats they beat them, & most of the time, these evil people will cook them while still alive. I saw a video with a cat. The filthy person put the cat in a wok, & the water was boiling, & the guy was basting the cat with the water. It was so sticking !!

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dj traBBiz Ramage
Belief in heliocentrism is equivalent to wearing the number of the beast on your forehead


Pizza Guy
22 caliber will easily take out cell towers.


High caliber pcp pellet rifle. Silent untraceable and powerful. No I don’t have a bunch of them ?


Think they putting them in light posts now..


Pizza Guy
Cull Kissinger!!!

Spirit Jordan
At the beginning of all this plandemic the Chinese had people dropping like flies on the street, it was the famous Kung-Flu… but it was propaganda, all lies… what makes us think that the images of Shanghai are true? I think is propaganda too


Pizza Guy
Bird Flu is a HOAX!!! Anyone that tries to cull my birds will be culled themselves.


Where did you get this information from? Do you have friends or acquaintances there?


Cha 211
America has a history of Biowarfare from the blanket sent to the native America to the modified bugs flown from the air to Korea because they had enough blankets. They poisoned the water with cancer and they left a train platform with radiation exposed and let the people walk all over it and many got sick. parasites come of the dirt onto the animals that’s how they get infected cause they’re close together in dirt. brits don’t get the sun that’s why we’re bigger. The bug word is divoc dybukk spelt backwards Egyptians spell word backwards.

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k l
but if they can hurt the birds, then they can hurt people regardless of wifi in the home right?


That’s what I always think of. They can cause birds to fall dead out of the sky. So even if you don’t have wifi in your home what about just walking outside.


Jane Parr
They are doing that in Austrailia

Shut The Front Door
We’ve been experiencing generational high triglycerides …. the “treatment” given by healthcare doctors is to prescribe numerous meds in large “recommended ” doses…. and not one can explain the cause, except to blame fat in diet and advise restricting to 10 grams of fat per day! Thank you Joe for the dose of common sense!


Ashkenazi Christian
Joe, We are so often on the same page that sometimes I can’t help but think you’re my much younger brother from another mother. Here’s a video of some of the dire strategies China is using to keep their citizens in their apartments.

Alpha Ebenezer
The truth as bitter as ever!

S Mas
Share good stuff with your neighbors. We will need all the friends we can get.

H H20
Joe what if its a release of Ebola? They have to Scare the people to corral them…People here in the US WILL NOT GO THROUGH THIS BS A SECOND TIME!!!!!