Request for Light Workers on Maui for a “Completion of the Lion’s Gate” Mission, on 8-26-19

[Kp add-on note: this is the last 8-8 (2+6 = 8) of this month. And I do believe that the connection with the Haleakala Solar Portal is important (whatever that might mean).]

This was something I was shown that would be very helpful for the opening up of Light Portals on the planet. It showed up in my consciousness maybe 1-1.5 weeks ago, and I had “planned” to go to Maui myself, and do what needed to be done.

However, a number of things came up, that were “mine” to address (take care of), and they are occupying that date. I must stay here on Big Island on that day.

The Universe knows what it is doing, and I’m sure there are reasons I am “being prevented” from being there. Very likely, it is not my mission, but rather for those on Maui. So there we are.

Any of the readers of this blog who live on Maui, if they feel so drawn, are invited to partake in this. Each may determine if their own participation would be helpful (and/or “required”).

Follow Higher Inner Guidance as to the place(s) on Maui island for ceremony, etc.

Those who live elsewhere are also free to “tune in” and see if their participation would be helpful. Follow that Higher Guidance, baby!!

Optimum times, from my own Higher Discernment (for maximum effect), appear to be 8:08 AM and 8:08 PM.

Anyway, follow the Guidance, and feel free to share your experiences (via FaceBook/Twitter), should that be something you wish to do.

Aloha, Kp