A Final Public Declaration

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight, I was answering correspondence as best I may in all my spare time, and someone said something that left my mouth agape. I mean, literally, jaw dropped, staring into space, eyes rolling upward. You are all, hereby, called to be our Witnesses.
This may come as Big News, but right here in America, there were numerous persons who did not support the Revolutionary War effort, didn’t approve of it, didn’t fight in it, and in many cases tried to undermine its success.
They were called “British Tories” — the same Conservative, Monarchist, pro-Queen, pro-Status Quo British Citizenry that populate seats in the House of Commons to this day. They lived here, were born here, had homes and estates and businesses here, in America.
What do you think happened to all those people once the fighting ceased and a Peace Treaty was drawn up?
They did not just disappear.
Some of them moved or were removed to Nova Scotia, but the bulk were allowed to stay here as “permanent residents” and “inhabitants” separate from the American population, but also allowed to keep their homes and lands and businesses going as tenants. And allowed to keep their own separate political status as subjects of the King and Queen, too, so long as they dwell peacefully among us.
In the same vein, there were also Papists who were born here, lived here, and had made their homes here. There were even entire states founded by Catholic colonists. Why do you think they called it Maryland? –After the Virgin Mary! Many of these Roman Catholics felt that they owed their allegiance to the Pope and to Rome, and maintained their religious objections to be drafted or used by either side of the Revolutionary War conflict.
They, too, were allowed to keep their private holdings, their homes, jobs, farms, and businesses — as “permanent residents” among us, but they were never again part of the general populace unless they declined their allegiance to the Pope and Rome. Theocracy is a government — a foreign government with respect to this country.
These people have continued to live here among us, generations of their children, too, and if you don’t stand up and identify yourself as an American and don’t act as an American State Citizen —- you are “presumed” to be a British Subject or a Vassal of the Pope. Simple as that.
U.S. Citizen = Citizen of the British Territorial United States, a Subject of the Queen.
Citizen of the United States = Municipal Citizen, Subject of the Pope.
It does not seem possible to me that people are still confused about this state of affairs after more than 200 years, but apparently there are Americans who forgot or never knew.
However that may be:
From the moment our zygotes first formed in this country, of and from its land and its soil, my husband and I declare and publish before the entire world that we are Americans, known as Wisconsinites and Washingtonians, respectively, and we affirm that we willfully and with prejudice renounce allegiance to any king or prince, or any other State or Government. We do this in respect of the Naturalization Act of July 1779, and we take exception to any presumption that we are Foreigners in our own country, or that we have ever knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily pledged ourselves to any foreign sovereign or separated ourselves from our birthright political status. We further declare, publish, and affirm under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of The United States of America and from without the United States and without the United States of America, that our ancestors have been here in these United States as Free Men and by their own Free Will since 1608 and 1752, respectively, and there is no authority, reason or excuse for presuming that we have any other allegiances apart from our own sovereignty, nation, State, home, and country. We affirm under these aforementioned penalties that we are Lawful Inheritors, Landlords, Keepers, Guardians, and Deputies of the Rightful and Lawful Government of this country, acting with Full Right, Authority, and Honor, in the Public Offices vested in us, now and always while our tenure on Earth shall last. So delivered to the White House, the Queen, the Pope, and all other interested Principals and Parties, this 19th day of February 2020.
Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.


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