A Further Note About Copyrights

By Anna Von Reitz

Like most everything else, there are private copyrights and public copyrights, copyrights that apply to businesses, and copyrights issued as patents.

The Continental Congress established the patent copyright of the name The United States of America — the unincorporated version — on September 9, 1776. This is the name of the Federation of the sovereign States of the Union.

The Federation is not a sovereign entity in and of itself, but it acts as a sovereign government in behalf of the States. It is a Holding Company held under sovereign patent.

The Federation naturally operates in the realm of international trade, but can operate just as well in the realm of international commerce.

So in addition to the patent copyright issued in 1776, the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America holds an American Common Law Copyright under the Copyright Act of 1790. Both.

This makes it inexcusable for other countries like Scotland and France to mess around issuing charters to corporations infringing on our name, and it also makes it inexcusable for Keith Livingway and “the State of Delaware” and the Roman Catholic Church to infringe on it so as to promote confusion and identity theft and bogus commercial claims.

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