Session with Loie 2/18/2017 — A.O.L. Antarctic Base at 74 Degrees South, 164 Degrees East… PART 2

Terran note: this viewing I believe to be the same base in part 1, the flow sometimes goes where it will based on what I need to see, but I have no reason to believe this is not the same base.  I entered this work very skeptical of my own abilities but have seen in retrosect that they are often quite accurate since December 2014.   My conversation on Facebook with Dani lead me to investigate this further, she also saw people inside the base now.    I was not sure in the last viewing whether I was viewing the base as it was or as it is now.

Terran to Denice: Dani has also been viewing the base also saw with Loie in Antarctica and saw people in it

Terran: Nabrac who are the people inside the old Andromedan/Lyran/Orian base?

Denice: Working on [personal family details redacted] ….. Will transmit asap when I have a quiet minute. was walking down to the river with my niece. The wind picked up and I felt NABRAC.

Terran: I thought I had a conversation with him last night felt so much energy in my head during it


Terran: ?

Terran: Are they out of time matrix?


Terran: Getting “my crew” also seeing a curved very futuristic room with colored buttons and some screens, either a lab or monitoring station

Terran: I’m getting they know me very well

Terran: Walls of the room are white but everything is ergonomic and very advanced


Terran: In another room feels like a power unit dark grey rubber looking things on corners and at intervals silverish metal grid behind some red accents

Terran: Maybe Loie can help boost

Loie: Here I am, Bill!  Boosting, love!

Terran: Dani also saw the people

Loie: Yes, love!

Terran: What is this a bridge to?


Terran: Seeing some triangular exit points (concrete) looks mountainous or alpine feeling for where this is

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: The energy is very sweet here

Terran: Don’t know if it is the New Complete Earth of if it is some other Unidynamic…

Terran: Huge expanses of land

Loie: Feel it love.

Loie: Feel all of it.

Terran: I get “HOME”

Loie: Perfect, love.

Terran: I don’t see or feel people

Terran: Some others came out of the triangles in the hill. There’s 3 or 4 exit points

Terran: They have civilian alpine jackets on (seeing blue and orange jackets)

Terran: [this area] Might be above the tree line no snow feels like early spring

Terran: No smog, no pollution, no chemtrails or planes… ??

Terran: The air is sweet on the lungs you want to breathe deep

Loie: Perfect love. Feel it. Share it. Loie.

Terran: Is this how everyone gets there?

Denice: (Energies are flowing here. Really amazing. Especially considering the day we have had 🙂  )

Terran: I’m getting it’s for the early ones…

Loie: Bill there are more bridges. As flows. Loie.

Terran: I will assume they flow into my focus as needed

Loie: As all flows, love.

Terran: It’s gotta be the complete earth  although this section is treeless but I’m assuming that’s climate or altitude. Everything is an early spring meadow not yet blossomed

Terran: Reminds me of the Rifugios above Champorcher  [this region seemed very alpine]

A refugio in the mountains near Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy.
Similar kind of vegetation to I saw outside the base bridge exit points to the New Complete Earth.

Terran: Perhaps this is the new earth counterpart to Antarctica?

Terran: Can see for hundreds of miles pristine land

Terran: There is some minor snow on the highest peaks

Terran: Very peaceful here… can I stay? lol

Terran: What a difference in frequency!!!!

Terran: You just want to smile

Terran: [ruminations] ….Okay the folks in the base work with this bridge. They know me.

Terran: Is this a recent crew Nabrac?


Terran: Same location as Operation Santa Claus?


Terran: I feel like I’m at the part of the movie where the credits start rolling [the drama is over and the music starts playing]

The base I saw [in part 1] that looked like large propane tanks linked together on the snow  RF [Russian Federation]  or US [United States]?

Nabrac: US. NABRAC.

Terran: Looked like something Lockheed Martin or Boeing built

Terran: I guess that answers the questions of the moment, thank you Nabrac and Loie!

Session with Loie 2/17/2017 — A.O.L. Antarctic Base at 74 Degrees South, 164 Degrees East… PART 1

Terran note: thought I’d get this out, as part 1, there’s more data to be posted separately after this, and I will try to update this with some sketches, as crude as my art ability is when it comes to drawing….  I have other posts to come but have been really wacked hard with these new frequencies and am still assimilating them best I can. Finding I’m having to wear my “readers” to even see the computer screen!  I haven’t had to wear them in a good 18 months.  Perhaps that Italian pasta sauce in Italy gave my eyes lots of Lutein! LOL… 

Sesssion with Loie 2/17/2017 — A.O.L. Base [Andromedan/Orian (pre-Draco invasion Orions)/Lyran] base at 74 Degrees South, 164 Degrees East…

[2/17/17, 11:00:51 AM]

Denice: (getting a “you hoo” (wave) )

Terran: Loie?

Denice: Loie is here (inlove)

Denice D: (nod)

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill, I am here and I am with you.

Loie: All is perfect and perfectly done.  Ready to feel a frequency love?

Terran: Sure!

Loie: Sending, dear!

Terran: Will I conk out for 8 hrs again? (rofl)

Loie: Let’s hope not, love!

Loie: (giggling)

Loie: Ready?

Terran: Ready dear!

Loie: A frequency of rejuvenation. For all!

Loie: But for you first… Savor it, dear!

Terran: Oh sounds good I can use some of that myself!

Terran: The wheels on this cart are creaking

Loie: Sending, love!

Terran: Has a cool breeze feel… now I know what that frequency is!  

Loie: Perfect love!

Terran: Been wondering what that was!

Loie: Ready for one more, dear?

Terran: Sure, all ways and always!

Loie: Here you go, love!

Loie: Sending, now!

Loie: Feel me, dear?

Terran: Yes

Terran: Sending to all amplified

Loie: Perfect, love!

Loie: Would you like to visit the flow of all and see what you see?

Terran: Always!

Loie: Sending frequencies now, love.

Terran: I see some kind of smaller ice capable ship (small icebreaker?) unloading cargo down some ramps to an icy shore

Loie: Boosting love.

Terran: There’s two berthed sideways to each other using the closest one as the unloading point

Terran: Portable ramps between them… calm seas

Terran: There is also a small Kevlar hulled boat with 10-12 men on it returning to the ship. Seems specially constructed to resist ice damage

Terran: Looks like bulk food stocks and blankets that kind of thing on sled like aluminum pallets

Terran: There’s a new camp [base], obviously Antarctica… the habitats are shaped a bit like very large propane tanks connected at the ends, front view looks U shaped but more connected in behind the bottom of the facing U shape

Terran: They are white in color, presumably to blend in with the snow

Terran: On stilts

Terran: They are on rock not the ice sheet

Terran: Legs have radiator fins so as not to melt frozen soil (so it doesn’t sink) via radiated heat from the habitat

Terran: There are snow mobiles and smaller snow cats something like an ATV but more like treads

Terran: Also huskies for dog sleds

Terran: There is a red helicopter with pontoons

Terran: And a red drone like thing that is maybe 3-4 ft across has a helicopter type top and a red donut underneath (fuel? Battery?) looks to be for exploration… red so it can be seen if it lands in the snow… Coast Guard red color

Terran: The big ice cave is near by

Terran: This is near the galactic base

Terran: There’s a surprising amount of rock showing. It’s melted more than I expected I can see a rocky ridge above the cave

Terran: Taking a look inside the cave

Terran: There’s a metallic arch liner  [kind of like a quanset hut]

Terran: Adaptive flexible bracing for any soil shifting kind of like bent Xs connected to each other middle of the Xs bowed inward towards tunnel

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: Seeing a white cylinder perpendicular to my view, there’s a glass hatch door that is semicircle simply rotates up

Terran: Base looks drilled or bored into rock?  White cylinder is somewhat the shape of what’s outside

Terran: There is a palm plate on the right of the door

Terran: I put my hand there it opens [essence frequency lock/latch]

Terran: A yellow light comes on

Terran: There are hanging cold weather gear in this compartment

Terran: Kind of reminds of space movie depictions where the space suits are near the exit hatch/airlock except no airlock…

Terran: Makes sense

Terran: Don’t know why the yellow lighting

Terran: Next compartment has white lighting gray metal doors with raised ridges for reinforcement

Terran: Another palm plate this time it has a hand outline where the one outside just looks like a blank metal plate

Terran: Door opens

Terran: Next compartment has walls that slope inwards at the top, center work table white, white walls every space consists of storage lockers maybe 2 foot by 2-1/2 feet tall, there’s a center rotating latch to them floor is light grey

Terran: Hallway at the end (perpindicular) goes two directions

Terran: There are some emergency metal or maybe polymer stretchers (black) along the wall recessed also some defensive rifles of some sort?  Reminds me of search and rescue equipment

Terran: Hallway seems to end with some kind of rail transport/shuttle? No pod here. Only track and a tunnel that is sloped upwards for a bit. Going back the other way.

Loie: Boosting love!

Terran: Images are even clearer

Terran: There’s a room full of some kind of vehicles  of high visibility red color. Compartment lights are off there is another handplate on the wall.

Terran: The wall is rock

Terran: There’s some vehicles that look kind of like those things that did land speed record breaking on the bonneville salt flats. Not exactly an aircraft more a high speed low altitude craft

Terran: Narrow and long 1-2 men from the looks of it. Another variety more car like but no wheels sits 6-8?  Not sure how these things get out of this base

Terran: Maybe a dozen in here

Terran: There is a sliding panel opening at the end of the room in the rock. Looks like rock.

Terran: This maybe be a later cold weather adaptation to the base after it froze down here????

Terran: Going to see if I can figure out how to call the pod (I go back to the track location)

Terran: There’s a silvery circle on the wall for different destinations

Terran: Inside that are circle palm pads, you spin the circle until you get the one you want and then put your palm on it

Loie: Boosting love!

Terran: The lettering is not one I recognize

Terran: I’ll just pick one

Terran: One has bigger letters I’ll try that

Loie: Boosting, love. I am with you!

Terran: A short cylindrical pod arrives it’s of white metal and glass side glass seems to be darker to lessen travel vertigo roughly cylinder shape you enter and exit from the ends of the cylinder glass doors open benches on each side plus wide floor space could fit maybe 20 at a time?

Terran: About the size of an airport shuttle train. Except you don’t exit the sides

Terran: It’s moving feels a bit like amusement park log ride

Terran: Going up

Terran: Once it levels out moves very fast

Terran: Doors open and there’s people here!!! I didn’t expect that!

Terran: Looks like a dining area and meeting area has acoustics like a mall so it’s fairly big. Decor is white. Grey accent panels yellow stripes here and there… cheery

Terran: I don’t know if they see me [later learn they are very used to seeing me!]

Terran: Seeing a medical bay

Terran: Some kind of full body scanners very adnanced, a man stands on a platform, his internal organs are projected in front of him in 3d holgraphic form and recorded.  Walls are shiny black.

Terran: Get that it can also display energy body

Terran: There are some side bays kind of like medical beds? Lots of equipment a woman in a white uniform pushing a small cart of equipment (very hospital like moment).

Terran: There’s a whole lot of stuff here beyond what I know

Loie: Boosting, love! Feel your way. It is all within you Dear!

Terran: There’s these glass spiral purple pipes near the ceiling I get it’s something to do with energy plasma feels more like a feed to what ever healing devices they have… unlike anything on this planet I’ve ever seen!

Terran: Maybe plasma flows in a spiral??? Or lol someone just liked the look?

Terran: Seeing some people on beds in purple jump suits but they remind me of kids PJs with feet. Looks like either exercise training, flexibility training or maybe physical therapy?

Terran: There’s women in white uniforms make people move in various ways. Pushing their knees up, stretching them.  Kind of like Thai masssage (which is like having yoga done to you…).

Terran: Seeing some workstations, somewhat high like barstools with backs there’s a kind of computer or data port. Short black dividers between people for privacy.  Kind of a cross between a computer workstation and and airport payphone spot

Terran: Fairly large screens square about 30 inches

Terran: Looks like something Steve Jobs would design

Terran: They can fold back into the wall if needed. Presumably for either security reasons or another use for the room

Terran: They tip backwards, and disappear into the wall.

Terran: Moving on

Terran: There’s a zero G room for exercise, therapy? or amusement?

Terran: Open on one end the grey metal with white lighted circles around the inside

Terran: I think that’s all I can do for now having trouble holding the flow

Loie: Boosting, dear. I am with you.

Terran: New scene

Terran: Don’t know I got here from there

Loie: Perfect, love! You are magnificent, dear!

Terran: Hallway sides are flat bottomed V shaped bulkheads (flat end pointing out)

Terran: White

Terran: These look like smaller sleeping compartments but not as small as those things the Japanese sleep in in Tokyo

Terran: Ceiling has either natural light window or a very good imitation of it… rounded rectangles of light