A Plea for Common Sense and Brotherhood

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I got a blazing tabloid article across my desk: “Pope Blames Satan for Exposure of Pedophiles in the Church”.  The “spin” of this article was to accuse the Pope of  protecting pedophilia among the clergy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Francis was observing the obvious.  Of course, Satan is bringing all this to light. Who else knew?  Who placed those men in their positions?  Who tempted and compromised them?  Who decided to pull the plug and sacrifice them to the Cause of tearing down and discrediting the Church? 

Obviously, the head Fallen Angel in charge of the entire effort set this up, and just as obviously, a decision was made to expose the operation at this time.

We are witnessing a pre-planned, long-term, purposeful, predatory attack on the Roman Catholic Church, something that is decades (at least) in the making. 

The bankers did this to insure that if the Church exercised its authority to curtail their operations, they would have “a bomb”– “an insurance policy”–  to employ against the Church.

By 2008 the corruption of the banks had become so apparent that Pope Benedict XVI had to act — and he did.

Within a week, the pedophile accusations began coming in and Benedict himself was blackmailed with accusations of homosexuality.

This was a “tit for tat”—and the deeper the Church delved into the bank corruption, the more the banks unleashed the pedophile scandal.

This “coincidental timing” should tell you all something about the situation — (1) that the Church is being retaliated against by criminal factions in the world banking community; (2) that those same criminal factions pre-planned and infiltrated the Church leadership with their own operatives; (3) that the exposure of these same operatives is deliberate and well-orchestrated to promote chaos within the Church and discredit of the Church at a time when the Church’s authority over corporations needs to be effectively exercised.

Who has the authority to liquidate corporations acting as criminal syndicates?

The Roman Curia and the Pope.


Because the Holy See created the entire concept of corporations — trusts, cooperatives, foundations, limited liability corporations, S-corps, C-corps — you name it, all these business entities and structures were dreamed up by the members of the Curia, and by Maxim of Law, the creator remains responsible for the creation. 

Quite simply, the Corporate World is on the ropes.  They know they have been endlessly corrupt and have over-stepped their bounds and failed to honor the requirement that they function “lawfully” –which is part of the obligation the Church placed upon corporations as a condition for the creation of all corporate entities worldwide.

So the corporations and especially the Big Banks are trying to control and destroy the only power on Earth that can bring them back under control and put a limit on their criminality — and if necessary, liquidate them.

THAT is what is at stake and it has nothing to do with pedophile priests.

Let me suggest that there are laws on the books to deal with pedophiles, vampires, persons engaged in trafficking, and every other crime imaginable, but there is only one Curia responsible for the proper functioning of corporations worldwide.

If the corporations can gain control of the Curia, they can continue to rampage at will with no accountability to the Public.  This includes the “governmental services corporations” that have dis-served us for six generations and which are firmly entrenched and evil to the core.

It’s time to see through all this garbage and the sins of individual men and to rally round the Church and the Roman Curia as it struggles to regain the focus and sense of purpose and strength to deal with the Corporate Evil which will otherwise impact billions of people worldwide.

My roommate in college was Catholic.  I am a Lutheran.  She saved my life.

I was going through “the dark night of the soul”. 

A great many adversities had piled up on my young life: my beloved Father was dying breath by breath from emphysema, my Mother was on the edge of mental and emotional breakdown because of this, and our entire family was horribly impoverished by it. I had one pair of shoes for all occasions and was working my way through school on scholarships and summer jobs.  On top of that, I had lost several long-time childhood friends, some to death and some to other circumstance beyond my control.  My despair was complete.  I felt utterly alone.  

And then, my Catholic roommate who had only known me a few weeks, looked at me and shook her head and laughed.

“Of all the people I have known,” she said, “you are the least helpless.” 

She said it with such complete, utter certainty, with such sincerity, I had to listen.

“Look at yourself,” she continued in her practical, flat-footed way. “God has blessed you with an intelligence I can’t even imagine.  You must believe that there is a reason?  That there is a purpose, even for your suffering?”

And she was right. All that early suffering and deprivation was a proving ground, a place where I learned my own strength, a time when my faith hit rock bottom, where I faced off fear and loss and poverty and loneliness.

My roommate couldn’t begin to grasp all the “devils” I fought with for the next several years.  She couldn’t conceive the questions I asked or the answers I found, but she stuck by me and loyally supported me and shared her own life with me as a loyal friend through it all. 

And she was Catholic.  And I was Lutheran.  And it didn’t matter, because at the heart of our relationship stood the firm love of Yeshuah. 

Let us all get beyond centuries of doctrinal in-fighting and the stupidity and blindness that goes with it. 

Let us all realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences.

Let us, as Followers of the Way, the Truth, and the Life, join together to help the Roman Catholic Church bind up its wounds and celebrate its victory over Evil and recognize its true nature as a Communion of Believers in all that is good and all that is just and all that is right.

Like me all those years ago, the Roman Catholic Church has been beset by evils, weighted down with trials and pain and misfortune on every side, left standing embattled from within and without. 

Let the rest of us be that voice of comfort and certainty in the storm.  Let us stand with the Roman Catholic Church worldwide as Fellow Believers, united and unafraid, resolved to recognize and put an end to the evils of Satanism wherever they are found and no matter what the risk or the cost.  

We are all soldiers and bondsmen of Our Righteous Savior. We have all committed to this fight.  The Watch Fires have been lit at St. Peter’s.  Will we answer the call? 

Let us all pray with one united heart for the leadership and membership of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Let us all pray that the Roman Curia finds the strength, the cohesion, and the determination to address The Mess that the corporations have created, and let us all support them in the tasks that Our Father has set before them. 

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