A Sad Day for OPPT

By Anna Von Reitz

Heather Ann Tucci-Jareff has been sentenced to 57 months in a Federal Prison. Almost five years of her life is being stolen from her and her family and for what?  Attempting to do to the banks what the banks have done to all of us.

What she is really being sentenced for is insubordination.  As a Bar Attorney, also known as a Shipping Clerk in the British Merchant Marine Service, she has no right to sue  those chartering her “vessel for hire”.

She assumed that she had standing to sue, but she didn’t argue it.  She didn’t fall back on the actual Dual Citizenship that applies to her, and she didn’t make preparation to defend her claim on that basis.  She never took my advice.

Like most Bar Attorneys (except Bill and Hillary Clinton) she no doubt thought that she, a registered JD, knew more about the law and about jurisdiction than I did.  It never occurred to her that the registration of her “vessel” as a JD had an undisclosed downside.  It never crossed her mind that she could be in a compromised position and be unable to defend or prosecute a public venue case in her own behalf, and that in fact, so long as she subscribes herself as a Bar Attorney, she has no standing to do any such thing.

I could weep.  There are so many good people out there, on both sides of this fence, who are being railroaded and arrested and harassed and harmed for no good reason, while the real criminals sit fat and happy in Washington, DC, in Paris, in Brussels, in Rome, in Berlin, in Saipan, in Manila, in Tokyo and Beijing.

They hired and pay the Bar Association to protect them and collect their debts. They are in charge of the biggest con game and racketeering scheme under color of law in the history of the planet, and they have gotten away with it for so long, that they imagine that nobody will ever figure it out and come after them.

They laugh at people like Heather, because they know that her JD knowledge has been hand-crafted to be missing certain key facts and information, to be focused almost entirely on procedure and Territorial Case Law.   They took over the American Law Schools over a century ago and jettisoned the “rest of the story” so we really do have the blind leading the blind. 

Most lawyers are innocent as children in their belief that they know the truth and they know how things work and they are right and blessed and lords of the universe — until they wind up busted for doing the right thing, and are left with the ultimate cognitive dissonance staring them in the face. 

I hope by some miracle of fate that Heather made enough of the right arguments to somehow mount a successful appeal.  I hope that she is listening now, and that the rest of the members of the Paradigm Project are listening, too.  Take this to heart:

Your only safety lies in knowing who and what you are and which side of the fence you are standing on—and being able to prove it.  

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