Dr. Sherri Tenpenny VIDEO 3-21-21… “A Shot in the Dark”

This video was the first thing I watched today (found somewhere on somewhere from somewhere), and I know others may have sent this to me, but I very much got more clarity about how these vaqs operate. She does point out that the mrna vaqs do indeed “mark” the dna systems of those taking it, for life (according to her). I like that Dr. Tenpenny explains things very clearly and simply.

I’m placing this video here for possible future reference.


“Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shares some important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous attempts of coronavirus vaccines has been a persistent problem. All is well for awhile, until the animals are exposed to the wild mutated virus.

“Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists have forecast that millions may die, and it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID, making an argument for even more deadly vaccines.”