A Tragic "Misunderstanding" — Number 2

By Anna Von Reitz

The second great error that we are heir to, is thinking that the United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court for the Union States.  It’s not.  It never has been. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania holds that honor — and notice that I said “Supreme Court of Pennsylvania” not “Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania”.  

The United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court for the Federal Government — all three branches: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.  It’s job is to tell the President and the Congress when they have overstepped the limitations imposed by the constitutional agreements.  They are present to “interpret” the Constitutions and render their “opinion”.  

It is important to realize that although these people are presumed to be highly skilled and experienced, at the end of the day, they give their opinions like anyone else.  There is nothing sacrosanct about the whole process nor its end result.  Supreme Court decisions have later been overturned by different Supreme Court opinions.

Whether or not the United States Supreme Court does its job and how well it performs is highly dependent on the temperament and dedication of the Justices as a group.  Some Supreme Court groups are wise and dedicated. Others are petty and incompetent or politically motivated to the point that they no longer serve reason nor justice. 

The retirement of Justice Kennedy has opened up a flurry of controversies and general excitement, as President Trump will have the opportunity to recommend another new Justice. 

We should all be concerned by the flaw in our process which allows a President to choose and a Congress to approve their own judges.  

We should also note that the power of the United States Supreme Court is a negative power.  It offers its opinion and guidance to stop (hopefully) abuses in contradiction to the constitutional agreements, but has no ability to mandate or provide good legislation or appropriate executive orders.  It can only say — yes, this works or no, this doesn’t work — and here’s why.   

Thus, all these rulings of the United States Supreme Court tell the President, the Congress, the Departments and the Agencies what they can and cannot get away with.  They provide direction and guidance for Federal employees in the accomplishment of their duties. 

That said, the United States Supreme Court — especially when acting as the Territorial or Municipal Supreme Court — is totally unable to tell us what to do when we are not acting in the capacity of a Federal employee, dependent, or corporation. 

So long as we properly declare ourselves and the capacity in which we are acting, our private lives remain private.  And so do the affairs of our republics and States.  

Notice again, I said “States” like Vermont —- not “States of States” like the State of Wisconsin  or “STATES OF STATES” like the STATE OF OHIO.  

The States of States and STATES OF STATES are foreign Territorial or Municipal entities with respect to us and our States of the Union Federation, and they are subject to the rulings of the United States Supreme Court because they are operating as state franchises of the Territorial United States and Municipal United States, respectively.  

In this manner, the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government have contrived to extend their power and influence — and the power and influence of United States Supreme Court decisions — down into our daily lives and to secure control over local government via undisclosed proxy. 

This is why United States Supreme Court decisions seem to be so very important and to have such drastic impact — for good or ill.  Rulings that should concern only the Federal Government have usurped into the daily lives of Americans who aren’t even direct Parties to the constitutional agreements allowing the Federal Government to exist.  

Both the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government have gone into business for themselves and set up shop in our States of the Union and have used false advertising and similar names deceits to fool people — passing off the “State of Hawaii” or the “STATE OF HAWAII” as Hawaii —and subjecting Hawaiians (in this example) to laws and powers that are, and are meant to be, totally foreign to them.  

So, all those United States Supreme Court rulings are important, but they are supposed to be important to Federal Employees, Dependents, and Corporations — not to Joe Average American, who is supposed to know and be operating his own court system.  

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