A World of Oxymorons

By Anna Von Reitz

The most prevalent oxymoron I run into is “sovereign citizen” which is an impossibility and contradiction because one cannot be both at the same time. One can act as a “citizen” or one can act as a “sovereign” but never the twain meet.

As egregious and common as the “sovereign citizen” oxymoron is, and as prevalent and as ignorant as its use is by government attorneys and press agents, I am finding an even worse example of insanity and internal contradiction rising to the surface of the vast sea of popular ignorance and misconception: “secular religion”. 

Anyone, even a blind rat clutching a threadbare rope over a thousand foot chasm, should be able to recognize “secular religion” as an impossibility and contradiction.

It is, however, being applied with some fervor and success to the ridiculous practices and sophomoric norms of another oxymoron addition to popular culture— “political correctness”, and most recently to “racial sensitivity”.  

As if anything “political” could ever be “correct”?   As if anything “secular” could be “religious”?  As if anyone or anything possessing “racial” characteristics could be “insensitive”? 

Half the time, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but at the very least, let us learn to recognize that we are being bombarded with BS from the doyens of the press and the politicians and whoever else is coming up with and using all this drivel to pollute our thinking and our language.

We must call them on it. 

Otherwise we will be believing in carnivorous sheep and honest banks and  talking about secular religions and sovereign citizens and political correctness with straight faces and a dumb, vacuous stare.  We could, if we continued on this track, end up among the vampires at a dinner party beyond the Beltway, simply because we allowed our own logic circuits to slip a cog.

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