Alien Abductions and High-Strangeness

(Nick Redfern) Daryl Collins, like me, lives in the Lone Star State. He has had more than a few strange and bizarre experiences of the UFO-themed type, and which date back to the 1940s. I have interviewed Daryl a few times and I’m sharing with you some of the highlights of those experiences. There is a specific reason why. Namely, because Daryl’s encounters demonstrate the sheer level of weirdness that surrounds the UFO phenomenon. He told me:

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Conspiracy Theorist Supposedly Abducted by Aliens Claims Extraterrestrials Live Underwater

(Nirmal Narayanan) Conspiracy theory channel ‘Paranormal Elite’ has released a new video, showing a self-proclaimed alien abductee sharing his experiences of meeting extraterrestrial life forms. The man whose name has been kept under the wraps assures that he was abducted by aliens, was inside a UFO spaceship face-to-face with extraterrestrial entities. He also made it clear that aliens are living with us, but most of the time, they will be hidden in the depths of oceans.

The post Conspiracy Theorist Supposedly Abducted by Aliens Claims Extraterrestrials Live Underwater appeared on Stillness in the Storm.

Cosmic Disclosure: Staged Alien Abductions — Season 9, Episode 8

(Sphere Being AllianceDavid: So in our previous episode, we started to talk about these genetic programs that have been done, including this idea of synthetic cells, synthetic biology. And you mentioned something that I think . . . It seems to come very easily to you, but it was probably difficult for a lot of people to really grasp: this idea that . . . it sounds like, from what you're saying, a very large number of clones could be manufactured by various processes.
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Alien Abductees and Government Spying – More

(Nick Redfern) Well, my most recent article here at Mysterious Universe – “Are UFO Abductees Being Secretly Watched?” – provoked some interesting Facebook comments and messages – and emails, too. Some people were supportive of the theory that there is clandestine and widespread surveillance of alien abductees. Some even shared their stories with me on their own experiences. Others, meanwhile, considered the whole thing to be a bunch of nonsense born out of hoaxing and fantasizing. But, that latter category of people forget something important. In fact, they forget something very important. Or, maybe, they’re not even aware of what I’m about to state now.
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