About the Current Monetary System and Situation….

By Anna Von Reitz

The first really urgent and wonderful presentation I want to recommend on YouTube  is Kenneth Storey’s  “The Global Reset Begins”  Youtube presentation.  It is the quickest, simplest, most comprehensive down-to-Earth explanation of the whole banking reform and “reset” situation I have ever run across:  


It’s just over an hour long and connects all the dots so that anyone can understand what is going on. 

The other entire series about money and the monetary system we have been living with is Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money” also on YouTube. 

Of all the subjects that we are never taught anything about, this is The Biggee. 
When you stop and consider the impact that money or lack of money makes on our individual lives, isn’t it about time you “invested” in knowing what money is and what kinds of money there are, and how money works — or fails to work?  

Let me clue you in, you need to know.  

This series has a lot of segments and packs in a lot of information and a lot of that information is counter-intuitive to what people assume about money and the monetary system.  Don’t expect that you are going to get it all the first time around and be prepared to spend several hours over the course of a week or two. But when you are done and you have chewed it all down, you will have an education worth more than gold (and other mediums of exchange).  

See all the videos in Hidden Secrets of Money here:

https://goldsilver.com/hidden-secrets/  Just scroll sideways and start with episode 1.