About Their Attempts to Form a "Government"

By Anna Von Reitz

As you can pick up from reading between the lines, there are a lot of desperate attempts being made to preserve the established world order, at least to the extent of hauling essential chestnuts out of the fire.

Some of you are rightly concerned because you see all sorts of foreign and domestic corporations operating under different names, “offering” to step in and replace the bankrupt governmental services corporations and their banks and other “institutional artifices” with their own.

However, that isn’t possible. The States of America have to be rebuilt — “reconstructed” and they can only be reconstructed by the States. States give rise to States of States. They can’t arise like mushrooms overnight, all by themselves, despite what corporations operating “as” States of States might think.

I understand Mr. Trump’s dilemma, but the fact is that our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America is the source of all Delegations of Power, and when the Federal Subcontractors– however they are organized or named, fail due to incompetence, such as bankruptcy, all the Delegated Powers return to us by Operation of Law.

Those Powers don’t just hang around in the ethersphere waiting for some new Tom, Dick or Harry governmental services corporation to form. They have to form a viable corporation, if they wish to operate as corporations, and they have to come to us as the Source, and receive our agreement for them to act as Successors to the Constitutional Agreements.

Otherwise, they have no “powers” delegated to them, no contract or authority in evidence. It all slides right back into our laps and we get to tell them what to do, if they want to continue their jobs. Which is what we have been doing for many months with mixed results.

We’ve already seen Crown Colony of the United States and Unity States of America and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and United States of North America come and go, and nobody seems to “get it” when we say that they “can’t get there from here”.

Because they worked this sleight of hand and got away with it in the past, they think they can just continue on in the same vein, spin another round, and continue to skate on our ticket.

However, we have raised our hands and the wheels are in motion that prevent them from just booting up another corporation somewhere, calling it by some deceptively similar name, and taking over operations here.

We have our own government and that government has been successfully called into Session. It’s the difference between dealing with a hibernating bear and a bear that is fully awake.

No new governmental services corporation, foreign or domestic, may “assume” any service contract of any kind with us without our explicit consent. Mr. Trump, individually and personally, has a contract. Nobody else does, so they had better keep him alive and well and smiling.

His contract is limited by the standing Constitutional agreements, but he doesn’t object to that.
That said, he and the Generals advising him don’t appear to fully understand why they can’t just boot up another commercial corporation, inherit the farm, and continue on.

To put it simply, the Landlords have come home. The actual Inheritors are here. Our employees and foreign subcontractors can no longer assume control and propose to represent us or inherit any contract to do so absent our consent.

Imagine it this way — you hire a housekeeping service, and you empower them to do certain things for you. They can have a key to the house, for example. They are authorized to buy cleaning supplies “on ticket”.

But their bosses are dishonest and incompetent, and so, the company providing the housekeeping services eventually goes bankrupt despite being very well-paid and despite stealing as much as they can from their employer.

The same bosses think, oh, well, we jettisoned that debt and discharged everything we owed our employers. Guess we will just boot up a new corporation, call it by some deceptively similar name, assume that our old contract is still ours and what ho, carry on.

They actually got away with that in the past while we were asleep, so they don’t understand why they can’t just do it again now.

The reason is— we’ve objected, officially, and now, they have to deal directly with us and “re-up” under our terms and conditions, or stand down.

That goes for all the various entities trying to claim contracts or rights related in any way to The United States and The United States of America.

This has yet to be resolved, along with the hash they have made of the commercial credit and banking system.

Stand by.


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