Abuses of THEIR Courts

By Anna Von Reitz

Every day I get horrible letters and emails from Americans who are being prosecuted by these foreign carpetbagger courts.  And day after day, I have to answer them, and basically what I have to tell these suffering Americans is: it’s your own fault. 

A recent exchange with a State Assembly Coordinator regarding court issues being suffered by members went like this:

“The most effective way out of their courts is to provide your own Court.  What progress have you made?  Once you have set up your own Court the provisions of Milligan Ex Parte kick in and you can just notify their whole Court System to stand down with respect to you and your membership.”

For some reason people seem totally stymied by the task of rounding up twelve jurors and electing a Sheriff and a Justice of the Peace to address the needs of their own Assembly members.  

Your softball team could function as a court, and you are all sitting there staring into space, crying and griping about how you are being abused by these foreign courts, when your own inaction is what allows these foreign courts to address you.

All you have to worry about is the needs of your Assembly members.  You aren’t being asked to provide court services to thousands of people.  You are being told to service yourselves. Self-Govern.

Once the civilian courts arise to service their own people, the quasi-military courts have to stand down with respect to the civilian authority, and that has already been decided by the Supreme Court in Milligan Ex Parte. 

When you declare your birthright political status and record it and form a State Assembly, there is no more denying the fact that you are the civilian authority.

So — you are being improperly railroaded and hounded and fleeced by foreign courts?  What’s the actual cure?  Get your rumps in gear.  Get motivated.  Declare your political status, record it, join your Assembly, form a Jury Pool to serve your Assembly, elect a Sheriff, elect a Justice of the Peace. 

How difficult is this?  I am serious.  Your Softball Team could staff an American Court.  Why are you all stupidly sitting there putting up with being attacked by foreign courts that you are not naturally subject to? Why are you putting up with this situation at all? 

The essence of Self-Governance is to make your own decisions and deal with the consequences.  You all know the consequences of inaction.  You all know the Ten Commandments.  You all have brains and feet and can talk.  Get yourselves a copy of the Geneva Bible and get moving. 

Name someone in your Assembly as the Court Administrator.  Make it their job to organize the Court and arrange the Jury Pool and manage the election process.

End of story. End of abuses.  But it is in your hands, just as it always has been.  So long as you cling to your chains, nobody can help you.  That includes me. So stop bringing me your sob stories about these Big Bad Courts abusing you and stealing your stuff.  You have the remedy and the authority in your own hands.

Like God told the Israelites coming out of Egypt— I already told you, Moses, what you need to do to deal with the Egyptian Army.  What are you bothering me for?  Walk into the sea and it will part its ways for you. 

But if you don’t walk into the water — guess what?


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