Scott McKay & Gene DeCode Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases

From Patriot Streetfighter 3 Youtube Channel
January 29, 2021

Gene Decode talks with Scott McKay and Cirsen W about the progress being made with the liberation of children from Deep Underground Military Bases, as well as technologies and procedures used in the DUMBS like adrenochrome harvesting, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic modification. Gene shows maps of DUMBS locations, earthquake activity.

Is “Adreno__rome” the “White Rabbit”?

Several bloggers, video creators, et al., have equated the term “White Rabbit” with Adreno__rome (yes, I’ve left the “ch” out of there on purpose). Here’s a recent WWG1WGA video that points to this. Very insightful. Go to 13:19 to see the image he uses.

The image above left is what he was pointing to (from PubMed).

Why this correlation? Because if you take the Adreno__rome molecule structure and turn it 90 degrees, you have what looks like a “rabbit” on a white background.

The red “O”s at top represent ears of the rabbit and the double lines below them could represent the eyes of the rabbit.

Great video. However…

…the Adreno__rome = white rabbit correlation is true only if you view the chemical structure with a white background.

At first, I thought perhaps Adreno__rome would be a white powder. However, it is NOT white. It is red/brown, in solid form (see this Sigma/Aldrich data sheet), and solutions of it are pink (Wiki ref). Another article describes the pure crystalline material as purple needles.

So feel free to make up your own mind. This AC / white rabbit correlation may very well be right on, but the color of the actual AC material itself does not align with that.

Galactic Connection Tweet 3-16-20… “Corona Virus, Wuhan, Hollywood, and Adrenochrome connections?”

This Tweet by Alexandra presents an image, from an Anon, that shows what might be happening with certain “stars” who are getting the Corona Virus. Whether this is the actual case, is yet to be seen.

Lots of hype going on out there about the CV, but clearly it is some type of a major, very unusual, global operation.

Feel free to practice using one’s “Higher Discernment” abilities on this Tweet.

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