Advice About Home Invaders From a Police Commissioner

By Anna Von Reitz

(1) Don’t mess around with home invaders.  Anyone motivated to invade your home without hailing you and making their identity and intentions clear is up to no good.  

(2) Don’t err on the side of mercy, because chances are, if it is a home invader, you will get none. 

(3) Feel free to use deadly force if such invaders are inside your house, attempting to get into your house, and are threatening you.  If you see a gun or knife in their hand, fire and ask questions later.  Shoot to kill.  Don’t try to strategically wound home invaders.  

(4) If you catch an invader entering your house through a door or window, wait to fire until they are actually inside the house. Give them a verbal warning if you can do so without unduly endangering yourself or your family. 

(5) Nobody wants to fire on anyone, ever, and you should not be overly paranoid or nervous, but home invasion is a reality and it is necessary to keep doors and windows secure and homes properly guarded. Your safety and that of your family comes first. 


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